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  1. Every school whether it's Division one to NAIA 2, there is some kind of financial hardship due to Covid 19.
  2. Nick Starkel followed by Nick Nash and Alec Trujillo.
  3. It was a starter too. FBI Sex Sting
  4. Good god, the Tampa Bay Lightning have more points than Navy. Also, get rid of the electronic whistles. They're horrible.
  5. Texas State was offered membership into the MWC, but said no. That's how San Jose State got in.
  6. Courtesy of Circa Sports. Saturday, September 5 San Jose State at Central Michigan -2, total 63.5 Louisiana Tech -6 at UNLV total 56.5 New Mexico at Mississippi State -28, total 61.5 Nevada at Arkansas -7, total 60.5 Georgia Southern at Boise State -12, total 47.5
  7. Dear Spartan Athletics Fund Members, In the past, there have been times when our "Spartan Up" hand gesture was misinterpreted as an "okay" sign (forefinger and thumb making a circle) and not the proper gesture, which is a flat pinch of the forefinger and thumb. Sometimes the printed gesture looked more like a circle than a pinch. Unfortunately, the "okay" sign gesture has been associated with white supremacy groups. Therefore, I wanted to let you know that due to the confusion, and at times improper use of the gesture, our current "Spartan Up" hand gesture will no l
  8. Wolf Pack Nation, I hope this message finds everyone safe and healthy. Governor Sisolak recently announced our state’s move in to Phase 2 of the recovery plan and University President Marc Johnson announced the move of our campus into Phase 2 of our own re-opening plan beginning earlier this month. While these are important steps, we still have a long road ahead of us. Our team continues to work diligently with our medical staff and other experts to determine our plans and procedures for our return to competition this fall. And to be clear, these plans will continue to
  9. About 55 employees affected. Fresno Bee article
  10. Some highlights from the zoom interview on 6/3. 1. Football players will likely return to campus between July 7-14. 2. Each player will be tested. 3. Still finalizing plans to bring back the players with the CSU chancellor's office. 4. CSU Fresno and CSU San Diego have also not filed plans with the chancellor's office. 5. SJSU lost 1.2 million dollars in funding from not having the NCAA men's basketball tournament being played. Third highest in MWC behind CSU's Fresno and San Diego. 6. No layoffs or cuts yet, unless the university requests more than a 15% a
  11. Road trip to the Poke state. Strip Clubs reopen in Wyoming
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