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  1. For you sick gamblers out there, put all your money on the Aggies for the next game.
  2. Paul Weir is a doctor at destroying what was once a great program.
  3. Remember David Wood. This is what has become of him today. David Wood
  4. Grades for all college football teams USA Today article
  5. Remember when he attacked assistant coach Kevin Steele when he played for the Panthers? That was real scary.
  6. Didn't have San Jose State on his ballot. Coaches Poll Ballots
  7. Amazing that San Jose State won every game by double digits.
  8. due to covid concerns at Boise. Unbelievable.
  9. Relax folks. It's only the second game of the season. The Aggies didn't start out to well last season too.
  10. Taking this WR from Logan, Utah. Utah State offered late. I've seen this kid play. Flat out baller. I honestly believe he's better as a DB but don't tell Coach Bohl that. Logan Sargent Article.
  11. in trouble according to this article. USA Today Article
  12. San Jose State might play at Stanford on Saturday.
  13. Utah State starting QB kicked off the team. Dumpster Fire in Logan
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