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  1. It's a five year deal. Financial terms are still being discussed. He hasn't signed his contract yet.
  2. I thought he said he wasn't leaving the plantation?
  3. Here's my list. If one of these guys gets hired I want a finder's fee. Darian DeVries-Head Coach at Drake University Tony Benford-Assistant Coach at TCU Shantay Legans-Head Coach at Eastern Washington Rod Barnes-Head Coach at Cal State Bakersfield Phil Martelli-Assistant coach at the University of Michigan
  4. What sucks was SJSU was in Denver when they were notified that there was a positive test result. They're now quarantined in a Denver area hotel for the next several days.
  5. Bring them into the MWC if New Mexico gets kicked out or if Boise leaves.
  6. If Ralph Agee is playing for San Jose State, I'll put my money on the Spartans, otherwise pass.
  7. I don't think changing the levels of minor league baseball don't mean anything to the average fan. As long as there is a game, that's all they care about. For Fresno, why I feel sorry for them since their ballpark is suited for Triple-A baseball, as long as they are playing a game, that's all they can hope for now. Things might change again when the pandemic is over.
  8. If I was the UNLV AD, I would have taken four-million from that donation, put it in a bag, and go to Gonzaga Head Coach Mark Few and say, there's more if you come to the Rebels.
  9. Is there going to be an NIT this year?
  10. Does Boise still offer degrees in truck driving?
  11. It's six million until July 1st, then it drops to four million. Alford Contract
  12. Spartans will be back at the Provident Credit Union Event Center in San Jose on February 13th against UNR.
  13. Whoa!!! You say no Air Force but I see Air Force listed under the Mountain Division. Which is it?
  14. Hard to believe this is not the lowest scoring first half of the night. Kansas-TCU was 19-18 at halftime.
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