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  1. denali

    UNM to reduce sponsored sports?

    Alabama sponsors 21 varsity sports with their gazillion dollar budget. UNM...? 22. By far the most sports in the MWC. I'm not fan of dropping soccer but girls beach volleyball? And even though we have a a national championship in skiing, i can see that going away too. They already tried to axe that last year. We're a pretty consistent top 25 soccer team and made it to the national championship a few years ago. I'd like to keep that one.
  2. denali

    Media All Conference Selections

    I think they got coach of the year right and i'm a Lobo fan. Weir exceedingly passed everyone's expectations but still didn't really accomplish anything aside from not-sucking, which we're pretty ecstatic about considering that we've been sucking under our previous coach and all the transfers out and new kids in. Muss won the league, top 25, top 25 RPI and a lock to the NCAA....that's what you reward a coach with COY for.
  3. denali

    Musselman COY

    I actually have zero issue with Muss wining the COY. A part of me thinks he even deserves. It's the class you guys are showing that i have problem with. Considering these are more miracle years under a miracle hire than anything else...
  4. denali

    Musselman COY

    oh god...I remember when i had my first beer and won our first championship. Congratulations kiddos. Enjoy it while it lasts...act like you've been there before.
  5. denali

    Musselman COY

    And you still haven't accomplished as much as we have. You need to continue to be successful before you talk
  6. denali

    Musselman COY

    Oh pleeeaaaseee! lol. Been there done that and some. 2 good years and you act like you are the mountain west flagship team of the century. When people talk about the MWC coming back to life, the big 3 that are mentioned are UNM, UNLV and SDSU...with the hope that Nevada can continue this miracle run they are on and be a solid regular contributor. We were a top 25/top 10 team, 4 peat champions, pre-season #1 picks over and over when the league was at it's peak (and a decade before that, and a decade before that and on and on). Accomplish that before you talk...
  7. denali

    Rank them Sunday

    you must be smoking something. More like 2,001 ft.
  8. Luc Longley definitely deserves honorable mention at least. Starter on the best starting 5 in the history of the NBA is something. Kenny Thomas was a beast too. Maybe honorable mention as well. This list got me thinking. Paul George VS Danny Granger in their prime would be a hell of a match up...who you got? Both franchise players for the Pacers in their day, play the same position, both brought the Pacers back from sucking.