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  1. denali

    SDSU @ UNM

    Anyone have a link to this game?
  2. denali

    New Mexico Screwed

    are you effin kidding me?!?! Jesus...
  3. denali

    Arkansas @ CSU

    Nice win Rams...well done!
  4. denali

    UNM to reduce sponsored sports?

    Alabama sponsors 21 varsity sports with their gazillion dollar budget. UNM...? 22. By far the most sports in the MWC. I'm not fan of dropping soccer but girls beach volleyball? And even though we have a a national championship in skiing, i can see that going away too. They already tried to axe that last year. We're a pretty consistent top 25 soccer team and made it to the national championship a few years ago. I'd like to keep that one.