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This board encourages discussion on a wide range of issues relating the Mountain West Conference and college sports.  The mwcboard is not affiliated with the Mountain West Conference and is independently owned and operated.  However, there are some rules that you must agree to, in order to become a member and post on this board.


1.) Do not post another poster's personal information without their permission.  Doing so will result in the post being removed and a warning will be issued.

2.) No Pornography. Please do not post nude or semi nude pictures. If you do post a picture, it must be considered "safe for work".  Keep it tasteful and classy.

3.) Be respectful of others and avoid hateful attacks. This is a sports board and aggressive discussion on sports topics is the norm. However, when the discussion becomes more personal, your account may be suspended or deleted. Please refrain from attacking people based on race, religion, gender, etc.  This site is not intended to be a place to spread hate.  Serious threats of violence and/or cyber-stalking will be taken seriously and will result in an immediate 1 week ban for the first offense.  The second offense will result in a permanent ban.  Threats of violence include suggestions that a member commit suicide.

4.) No nuisance posts. This board does not remove posts or delete fans from other schools or conferences. We welcome any poster to the board to discuss sports.  While this is primarily a MWC sports board, other schools/conferences will be discussed.  Any posts that are considered "spam" will be deleted.  Posting multiple threads in very short period of time in an attempt to troll the board/certain members will result in your account being issued a warning or being suspended.

5.) Use the right board. There are boards for sports talk and non-sports items. Additional boards will be created as needed. Please try to keep combative discussions, such as politics, off the main sports board.  Please do not engage in religion bashing on the sports forum.  Discussions about religion should take place on the non-sports forum.  If you engage in "religion bashing" on the sports forum your post will be deleted.  Continuing to engage in this behavior could lead to you being issued a warning and/or your account being suspended.

6.) No Copyrighted Material. This board is lightly moderated and thus, users must not post any copyrighted material for which they do not own the copyright. A brief description and link to an article is the best way to share this information. Please report any copyrighted material you see posted to ensure the moderators are aware of it.

7.) Profanity.  The board uses a profanity filter.  If the word is filtered please do not try to bypass it.

8.) The moderators have the final word. The goal of the MWCBoard.com is to not strictly manage its members or posts. As you have noticed in the past, there is very little interference by moderators on this board. However, it should be noted that MWCBoard.com and its discussion boards are privately owned and operated. The only First Amendment rights you have here are those granted to you by the moderators. We reserve the right to strike any post at any time.




If you do not follow these rules your account may be suspended. If you continue to violate rules, your account will be banned and deleted. Our goal is to suspend and delete only in the extreme circumstances of users using this board for purposes other than its intended purpose or blatant abuse of the rules.

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