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  2. My IQ is showing??? I've never claimed to be a smart person... But seriously, you gotta throw that out there and rub it in my face?!! I'm raising real questions for fraud---I'm surprised how Democrats keep saying the mail ballots are fool proof and cannot be spoofed. You have more confidence than I do in our system.
  3. Come on man....your Q is showing. I know it is nice and cozy inside your echo chamber, but you really should get take a look at the facts that have been provided in this thread by legit, factual sources.
  4. I notice the Russians have named this vaccine Sputnick 5 rather than Valentin Bondarenko 2 or Vladimir Komarov 2.
  5. OK, I don't disagree with you there at all. But China is very sophisticated (Russia, not so much, except when it comes to making Vodka and Fur Hats). Amazon has thousands of counterfeit items for sale on their market, because of the Chinese. I'm still ticked off I got counterfeit spark plugs off amazon (Damn Chinese!!!!) Hell.... I wouldn't be surprised if our official election ballots are printed in China.
  6. Boise State won't do the football only again. They found that out the hard way when dealing with the Big West before the MWC folded this year and agreed to pay the Broncos part of what Boise wanted. (FOX paid the rest.) Boise would do football and men and women's basketball in the AAC and the other sports would be parked elsewhere. Boise State is down to six men's sports. If say, Boise State joined the Big Sky for the other sports Boise State could play a Big Sky school in football every other year and do a home & home against the Big Sky in means and women's hoops yearly. That one pay game every other year in football would make the Big Sky enough cash to make the move worth it to them. Regardless of what anyone thinks. Boise State is the top pick for the AAC right after Army and BYU. Army wants to stay Indy and BYU makes too much on their own. And I promise you teams like UCF, Houston, and Cincy (As well as Tulsa and ECU) don't give two shits what Navy's AD says. All of those school have games with Boise State in the next few years. Their is no grudge there. You guys get pissed because Boise State has options. That's what this is all about.
  7. If you've got crummy shower heads, then get a Delta H20kinetic at 1.75 gpm. People have crummy showers because they buy the cheapest one off the shelf at the box store. That Delta will knock the socks off of any 2.5 gpm 1990s showerhead or any 3.5 gpm showerhead from the 1980s. California has it's own standards of 1.8 gpm showerheads (Texas, Florida, and some other states as well).
  8. It is easier to create fraudulent tax, title and credit documents that look legitimate than it is to create ballots that look legitimate.
  9. I’d be ok with 4x9s. As for the work week, my preference would be a day off in the middle of the week or at least have it floating. Maybe a Wednesday one week and the a Friday the next.
  10. Completely disagree. "Producing a fraudulent document"? What?!?!? Not sure I follow.
  11. Fair point...but there are other means of fraud, that are a lot easier to carry out with mail ballots. What about the liberal, millennial University of Wyoming graduate, who fills out his elderly parents ballots for them, and mails them in? What about that fraud???? Much easier to carry out that fraud, than do it in person. What about Jill Biden, filling out Joe Biden's ballot (Joe has dementia and doesn't have capacity to vote). I doubt Jill would dare do that in person at the voting booth... What about poor people, or college kids, "selling" their ballots" You don't think a guy like @ph90702 would readily exchange his ballot for a "free one" out in Pahrump? (I doubt he'd do this exchange at the polling booth). Beyond the obvious actions of China and Russia, so much potential for fraud.
  12. A photo of CSU women's volleyball was rather popular on this board several years ago until the mother of one of the players complained about Ft. Fun posting it.
  13. There's one reason why Missouri is in the SEC. The Big 10 didnt want them. The reasons why havent changed. And if Nebraska isnt a fit for the B10, then neither are Iowa and Illinois.
  14. I'll tell you how that one happened. Eyeballs. Proximity to NY. Rutgers is a hot mess in athletics but cashed in because of their location.
  15. For the B1G if the $ was similar? Not sure about that. An argument I hear almost constantly is that Missouri really has nothing in common with the rest of the SEC. Its the same argument we hear about Nebraska and the B1G. Would they leave? Don't know. Would Colorado leave the Big 12? Would Maryland leave the ACC? Would A&M leave Texas? Would Rutgers be a P4 school? (Seriously, how in the +++++ did that one happen?) We have seen many strange things...
  16. Your bits are getting a little better on this side of the board. Cheers.
  17. One issue would be what happens to basketball, though I suspect if Boise is doing the fb-only thing again then the American could pitch in a series or two every year in hoops to help out. One issue I would NOT have is with the negotiators as Boise has a different president now. Dr Tromp will be more diplomatic.
  18. Producing the fraudulent document in the first place is where they are incomparable.
  19. Yes, they are. Since 1908. But no, they arent leaving the SEC.
  20. I think the biggest controversy that came out of this incident was Disney's inability to control the situation. Disney's new security policies for a hands off approach came back to bite them in the ass and the friends who I talked to that currently still work for Disney have told me before they closed the crowds were more rowdy than previous years because of the new policies.
  21. Here's one more thing for the disgruntled to ponder. You're pissed because among other things you think the MW decision not to play this fall will put the conference behind the 8-ball compared to the conferences which are going to play. But what if those conferences can't complete their schedules because of (1) too many players getting sick, or (2) player boycotts after some teammates get sick or (3) simply bad pub resulting from doing something that most of the country thinks is placing the almighty dollar above student safety? If that should happen, there is next to no chance those conferences will be able to just shut things down and then pick up the schedule again in the spring. College football isn't the NBA. You can't put football players in a bubble for a few months as the NBA was able to do. OTOH, for the MW and the other conferences which won't play this fall, they could conceivably still have a shortened schedule after the first of the year. Bottom Line: Nobody on this board has been more critical of Craig Thompson and the MWC than me but I think they've gotten THIS right.
  22. There are many safeguards regarding that. From bar codes identifying the ballot to an individual voter. To matching signatures. If there are issues such as signature not matching or multiple ballots from one person they will contact you to make sure you voted and to clear up any issues. It has been done for a long time and they have gotten good at it. Some states are farther along and better at it than other and other states need some catch up but I don't think any state is just going to mail balltos out willy nilly without a process in place to catch fraud.
  23. Comparing Portland to the Chicago 7 ? roflmao Then Chicago 7 were exonerated. The court found that undercover FBI agents did far more to incite violence and rioting than did the defendants. Better check your facts before you post some ignorant chit.
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