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  2. Sean Miller and DeAndre Ayton implicated in FBI wiretap

    It really was too delicious not to post.
  3. Sean Miller and DeAndre Ayton implicated in FBI wiretap

    Funniest part of those tweets was "class and pride of Lute Olsen's era"... lmao
  4. NMSU Baseball

    Holy shit
  5. A fourth place finish in the WCC and sub .500 overall record this season at Pacific isn't going to impress the Arizona folks.
  6. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    And as I read this post, Tirico said they’d be coming back for live coverage on the the NBC mothership at 10:30 Pacific. Hopefully that’s what happens.
  7. Let me explain this to you for the third time. Conspiracy against the United States has to meet one of two criteria. One is conspiracy to defraud the United States and the other is conspiracy to violate a federal law. The tax charges are a federal law so that applies to conspiracy. It's one of the reasons why the charges were changed yesterday. Don't believe me? There are plenty of lawyers in the media that back that up. You were stating conspiracy against the Untied States can be charged with your 4 bogus examples of your collusion fantasy. It can't because the 4 items you listed either never happened or are not illegal. So, no, you can't charge conspiracy against the United States like you said for your examples.
  8. Nevada vs SJSU

    All these injuries are gonna kill me.
  9. Sean Miller and DeAndre Ayton implicated in FBI wiretap

    How's the golf in Tucson? Lon Kruger worthy?
  10. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    Be wary of that if you're looking on a television tv guide because they update the schedule on a whim without it showing on the tv.
  11. They need someone that will run a clean program and has division 1 head coaching experience who is a top notch recruiter. #AZNeedsDaveRice
  12. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    Ledecka with the gold. Two gold medals in two different sports. Cool story.
  13. MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    Fresno loses to Houston Baptist in 11 innings 2-0 SDSU beats Arizona 3-2 in 10 innning UNLV beats Columbia 8-3 Nevada's game with Oral Roberts is postponed SJSU didn't play New Mexico beats Central Michigan 6-0 Air Force baseball loses to Navy 16-1 3-2 on the day
  14. And yet this guy defended Rick Pitino in fact just a few hours ago he tweeted this...
  15. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    Thanks. Looks like they’re delaying us on the West Coast until midnight.
  16. Will UNLV go 0pher?

    Some interesting stats in here. Diong is in 3 of the 5 best lineups, including the best 2 lineups. Diong does not appear in any significant Negative +/- lineup. Mooring, Clyburn, Diong is core of 3 of the 5 best line ups, including the two best +/- line ups. Mooring, Clyburn, Diong do not appear in a single Negative +/- lineup. Diong and McCoy should not play together. Mooring is in 7 of the 8 positive +/- lineups. Juiston and Johnson are next at 6 of 8 positive +/- lineups. Hardy, Clyburn and McCoy are in 5 of 8 positive +/- lineups. Clyburn and Mooring are in 5 of the top 6 +/- lineups. What do you think about these stats?
  17. Nevada vs SJSU

    Looks like it was something at least, Chris Murray tweeting he'll wear a splint the rest of the season and might require surgery after that. Hoping it's mostly precaution, Stephens seems mostly optimistic about it at least.
  18. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    The blue course is running quicker in PGS. It's the one thing I hate about city events, it should be the aggregate of two runs instead of solely head to head.
  19. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    1 o'clock eastern standard last I knew. So like in ten minutes for most of you people.
  20. Arizona is going to find one of their own. Damon Stoudamire is a logical choice.
  21. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    When is this curling final?
  22. Sean Miller and DeAndre Ayton implicated in FBI wiretap

    It kills me when blowhard insiders are always shocked, SHOCKED, when a scandal hits the sport that everyone on the outside widely suspected for years.
  23. MWC Baseball 2018 Edition

    SDSU beats Arizona on a 10th inning walk off wild pitch
  24. Dick Vitale Twitter › DickieV If u r a coach & u have had contact over the past few yrs with CHRISTIAN DAWKINS / u r not sleeping like a baby but probably crying like a baby / do u hear me @APlayersProgram Coach SEAN MILLER? Sorry Sean time to start packing the bags!
  25. OT: 2018 Winter Olympics Discussion

    LeDecka guaranteed a silver medal in PGS.
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