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  2. What are you talking about? Trump literally dismissed American exceptionalism, pooh poohing China and Russia's human rights abuses because that isn't any different than what we are doing.
  3. I think it kicks in when the required number of EC votes sign onto it. It wouldn't take every state. I'm not sure on the specifics but that was my understanding.
  4. I've heard of cases in adults. I think you're right about shingles in adults, but chickenpox does happen.
  5. I think the large states have a legitimate gripe that the small states have an unbalanced amount of power when it comes to the presidential elections. I don't think the doing away with the EC is the way to change it though. I think we need to look at the cap on reps in the house, as weve discussed on here before. That would give the larger states more EC votes aw well. OF course I don't think its fair that in reality the presidential election is decided by a handful of states like Florida and Ohio since we know where states like California and Wyoming are going to vote years before the election so maybe a straight up popular vote would make me feel like my vote actually matters because now it feels like the only votes that matter are in the swing states.
  6. Why any small state would agree to give up their rights, as a state, is kind of mind boggling to me. This "pact" I'm hearing about is more of a handshake than it is a legally binding arrangement right?
  7. It usually turns out to be a pay-to-play, costing the University some cash. But I tend to agree with you. Unless your team is stacked with seniors that won't be back next year, I don't know why a school would turn down the opportunity to get underclassmen some additional playing time vs outside competition.
  8. This week the media is reporting the info in the just released Deloitte 13th annual digital media trends survey. One of the big trends getting reported is growth in streaming vs pay TV. 69% of households now subscribe to a streaming video subscription service vs 65% of households with pay TV (cable or satellite). Live TV streaming is in 29% of households. Deloitte's press release: https://www2.deloitte.com/us/en/pages/about-deloitte/articles/press-releases/digital-media-trends-thirteenth-edition.html
  9. Do you guys know about American Exceptionalism? The previous POTUS didn't know about it, so l it's understandable that others wouldn't. The rest of mankind has been lorded over by tyrants for as long as they've assembled in groups. America is (supposed to be) the EXCEPTION to that. It's important to keep that perspective re: foreign affairs. There isn't any "good" option in the Middle East. It's the Stone Age guys with the beards vs the 19th century dictator trying to keep the Allah dudes in line. The best you can do is not send them pallets full of dark cash, and don't give them the keys to your op Ed page.
  10. John Hartwell @john_hartwell Four schools ranked in Final AP Polls in both Football & Men’s Basketball - LSU, Michigan, Kentucky, and UTAH STATE. Congrats to @USUBasketball & @USUFootball #AggiesAllTheWay This is a SAAAAWWWEEEET FEEELING to have both rolling at the same time.
  11. I've never understood why so many schools turn this down.
  12. It was after Nevada in ‘06. He probably said the same thing after we lost to NMSU in ‘10, as well.
  13. This is Awesome for USU! And it's about time, Aggies have won 17/18 games and been rolling. The West gets no love in these polls.
  14. usu -3 http://www.vegasinsider.com/college-basketball/odds/las-vegas/
  15. i think it was after nevada in 2007 -- i distinctly remember him saying it, but i just thought it was after the nmsu game.
  16. Large states vs small states and checking the power of both have been at the heart of the USA and its government since the beginning. That's why we have a house (large states) and a senate (small states). The electoral college isn't perfect, but it is a vital part of the checks and balances on power.
  17. It's a stupid boutique issue that isn't actually going to change anything, and will only serve to galvanize support on the opposite side. It's absolutely stupid for them to be making such a big deal about this, especially since it would take a Constitutional Amendment for it to change, which is a non-starter. I personally think that the states should all switch to the method that Maine and Nebraska use --- two to the popular vote winner in the state, and the rest by Congressional district.
  18. I'm just glad to see Fran ride off into the sunset at the NCAA tourney...he deserved that.
  19. Per Zimmerman. Just showing what’s out there. 87534578 reason to hire @MikeMiller_13 for UNLV HC - HE. CAN. COACH. I've been in the gym w/him. He speaks the athlete language. In under an hour he made slight adjustments to a shot that was off. % made skyrocketed. Also taught 11 yr old how to shoot from NBA 3pt. Consistently.
  20. I agree...he took the 'outcasts' the C7 didn't want anything to do with and molded us into a better conference that makes more TV money.
  21. It's human psychology to be attracted to watching a giant dumpster filled with flames instead of any other action that stays within the boundaries of normal
  22. Paraphrasing here......"The Pac 12 should have been a 1 to 2 bid league", but they get an automatic 1 bid anyway and got 2 in this year......we do not claim him....
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