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  2. You forget that the MW BOD specifically in their meetings in December said that they want a more germane and equal partnership in the conference. Total opposite of what Boise wanted, which was more $$$. The compromise was that they won’t end it immediately and would allow Boise to keep their deal for 6 years but after that it’s equal partnership. We already know two members wanted to immediately terminate that deal, most opted for what I think is the compromise. Boise getting more or wanting to stay with ESPN for a ten/12 year contract isn’t going to happen. I don’t see how Boise works out an agreement with MW presidents that want an equal partnership, in the end I think Boise will leave the conference to save face. The only question is whether the pay the exit fee.
  3. Not a bad thought at least we would face much steeper football competition than what we have seen out of the state of Nevada.
  4. Voting for it it was not necessary for them to provide consent. Voting is an act under the by-laws and not under the reentry agreement If you read the filing completely, you will see that previously Boise confirmed their consent via a letter to the conference not via a vote. In fact the re-entry agreement says that they all they need is mutual consent on the sublicense agreement. It does not specify the vehicle in which mutual agreement would be documented. Boise is implies an ordinary course of dealing argument that since they provided written consent via a letter on the previous deal that such a letter must have been issued this time. But that claim is not actually made, it just notes that they did not provide "informed consent". Reading between the lines, here is what appears to have happened. Thompson went to Boise and outlined the deals to them. Boise liked the terms of the deal and provided some email or verbal agreement to the sublicense agreement. Boise sees the increased fees and feels that they are entitled to more than $1.8M but a proportional increase ontop of the$1.8M. They devise a strategy with Thompson to present and obtain the consent of the MW presidents to have Boise receive more of the pie at the Upcoming BOD meeting. The BOD meeting happens, no option or mention is made of increasing Boise's payout. In fact, the options and payouts are about options to eliminate the $1.8M. Boise at this point, I surmise that, Boise asserts that if they had known that we weren't going to get an increase let alone have the $1.8M they would have not provided approval of the sub license agreement. The lack of material information they are claiming is not knowing the conference distribution would be altered. The problem for them being that conference distribution is not a term in the sublicense agreement that they need to provide mutual consent.
  5. K5, glad to have you back! Miss your posts, I hope everything is alright.
  6. Thompson was lobbying the presidents on behalf of Boise..As is their right, the presidents ignored Thompson's suggestion..
  7. I dare you to sit through this. https://soundcloud.com/the-daily-beast-politics/lev-parnas-audio
  8. I'll be coming to San Diego for TDY for 6-9 months starting around June. I was planning on starting a similar thread but now I don't have to, unless people have recommendations for longer visits. Can't wait to come!
  9. But have you heard that Boise State is leaving?
  10. Actually I walked out the door, started my own business and put them out of business. So now all is good.
  11. Haven't taken contracts since the '90's and it is not my area of expertise, but I can see the MWC arguing that BSU was the one who initially breached the contract when it demanded more $ than the agreed upon $1.8M bonus. This could be viewed as "anticipatory breach" or repudiation. Specifically, in paragraph 29 of the unverified complaint, BSU arguably breaches the ReEntry Agreement Amendment (the $1.8 million bonus provision to BSU) in the 12/19 meeting when Dr. Tromp tells CT that BSU wants more than the $1.8M, given that BSU was the reason the MWC was getting a better deal from CBS/Fox. The language in the BSU complaint goes on to say that the “spirit of the agreement (ReEntry Agreement)” entitles BSU to more than the $1.8M is kind of a red herring. In my reading of the ReEntry Amendment, it specifically lists a dollar amount ($1.8M) for BSU, there is no talk of proportionality in the ReEntry Amendment. The 4-corners of the ReEntry Amendment are the key: BSU agreed to $1.8M and that is that. If proportionality was intended by the parties (BSU specifically) at the time that the ReEntry Amendment was executed, such language should've been included therein. Because it is not, and by BSU asserting it is entitled to more $ than $1.8M, BSU is arguably repudiating the ReEntry Agreement. At this point, the whole thing kind of falls apart. Cooler heads should have prevailed, negotiations occurred, and compromise found. Instead, the BOD approved the CBS/Fox Media Deal and gave BSU the middle-finger. This is where CT falls short, he should've brokered a deal palatable to both sides (give BSU some more $ now, while phasing out the bonus after the CBS/Fox deal expires) given that it seems that the CBS/Fox media deal is really good for the MWC as a whole. But instead, BSU felt it was backed into a corner when no discussions took place and the BOD voted as it did; BSU (rightly/wrongly) felt that they had to act to save face. All of this should've been handled behind the scenes; instead, we've got this fiasco where we all look bad. In my opinion, for the best of all of us in the MWC, CT should probably resign, BSU should dismiss the lawsuit (it can refile later if it needs to), and a new commissioner found to lead the way to a compromise. Given the state of NCAA athletics here in the west, we kind of need each other so we should find a way to make it work for our mutual benefit. BTW: love this board, and I'm glad that I finally got off my a** and joined.
  12. I think that’s Matt Farman on the end?? Watched that kid play at RAL/McQueen. If he stays healthy he’s a solid player. Originally verballed to Cal Poly SLO.
  13. They can take kids who flunk out of school. They can take kids who get kicked out of school. NAIA is the wild-wild west. There’s an NAIA program that just opened in Sacramento-Roseville called William Jessup. There’s another in Phoenix-area that’s new. It’s a branch campus of Emery-Riddle. Like I said, baseball is pay for play. These programs wildly over recruit and then cut or redshirt. Especially at the low-JUCO level. Travel ball has spawned a huge market for colleges to exploit.
  14. I wish that was an option when I went to Australia. It was a very long 18 hour flight with no real leg room. I look forward to taking a comfortable 777 flight someday.
  15. Can someone from the Lobos side break down ur starting lineup an rotation with all the injuries before I bet the game
  16. Coronavirus viewed with an Electron microscope (courtesy of Wikipedia).
  17. Well if it’s any consolation from one who argued endlessly and tirelessly 4 years ago against the awfulness of Trump, we did pretty okay all things considered. The jackboots did not shut down the free press, despite how the media made their best argument in favor of why that was almost reasonable. We did not nuke the world starting with California. Civil war did not erupt. The republic survived, as will conservatism in a slightly altered form. The fourth Reich did not destroy us. I see no reason to believe the new and improved Lenin will be much different. Bread lines will not be a thing. Gulags won’t be a thing (unless I get my way with 125,000 new ones). If the country wants idiots, well we deserve to get them good an hard. Liberal democracy at its best.
  18. After the nightmare that has been the 737 Max, this has to be a relief for Boeing. The 777 is one of my favorite planes and the 777x will be the largest twin engine aircraft in the world
  19. Trump's approval rating has stayed quite steady for a long time now and the only thing that's changed much is a reduction in the number of Americans who have no opinion of him as president: https://projects.fivethirtyeight.com/trump-approval-ratings/?ex_cid=rrpromo Given that and the fact we're now only a little over nine months away from the election, there's little reason to think that anything will have any real impact on people's vote other than who the Dems choose as their candidate. Unfortunately for those of us who are Trump haters, if there is any electoral entity which could hand the election to Mr. Grumpy, it's the Democratic Party.
  20. I fully realize Bernie and Trump are actually born of the same anti-establishment populism, and for the record am very nervous about a possibility of a Sanders presidency with a dem controlled congress, however the nose holding required to defend Trump is orders of magnitude beyond Bernie, or anything typically partisan. Trump's digustingness, incompetence and lying, to this level, are not normal in the presidency.
  21. Wonder if FOX and CBS are gonna make a statement about their new investment? Probably already regret it.
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