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  2. Not to mention no one forces them to watch it suffocate in fact they would in normal practice treat the child in a different room to avoid that situation.
  3. My response was specifically to this "and will suffocate after being born. Should the parents have the option to abort? Or should they be forced to have the baby and watch it suffocate to death?" Without trying to sound snarky, at what survival rate do you suggest we allow murder? 82% is pretty damn high, isn't it? The alternative is 0%.
  4. Get on the bike share app, you'll want to be rubbing shoulders with all of the Boise bigwigs on the greenbelt.
  5. Look up how many Democrats voted to impeach Clinton. Already in the Trump administration we have constructionist Republicans rightly voting against Trump on the border wall controversy. Where was something similar during Obama?
  6. If there principals are their party why do racist in the party get a pass? Why do sexual predators in the party get a pass? They have no principals or I should say their principals depend on their emotions that day.
  7. That's why you'll see factions of Republicans holding to a literal word, while Democrats have no such problems. Democrats would not break rank ever for a reason like this. It goes to show their principals are their party.
  8. The living document part refereed to in the 1790's when it was adopted was the fact it could be amended. The democrats ignore the whole part about needing to amend the constitution to change it. They want to just ignore constitutional law. They hate law they can't ignore and inconvenient science but most especially free speech.
  9. Nowhere in the article or in the press release did it mention that there would be monies paid to CUSA. There will be 10 CUSA games played on Saturday afternoons. No doubt this will give CUSA some much needed publicity as sports bars often carry the NFL network but considering how little money they make I would think dollars would be the primary concern for the CUSA schools.
  10. Constructionist Republicans see the Constitution as a set in stone document. Democrats see it as a "living document" the interpretation of which depends on the political whims of the present.
  11. No science allowed in democratic party politics.
  12. Edit: My previous post was snarky, and I don't think it helps. So I deleted it. I will say that this backs up my previous posts about bureaucratic approaches to moral quandaries.
  13. US customary is better for wood construction - dividing evenly by 3 is a lot more useful than by 5. Really, just go metric in base 12.
  14. Listen, you can put lipstick on a pig but it's still a pig.
  15. What is the CDH survival rate? The success of CDH treatment often depends upon whether other anomalies are present and a singular survival rate for CDH is hard to determine. Worldwide, the survival rate for CDH has increased over recent decades from 50% to 70 to 80% according to some research. At Children’s Colorado, our multidisciplinary team has achieved some of the highest congenital diaphragmatic hernia survival rates in the country, particularly given the severity and complexity of cases we treat. The average survival rate for babies with CDH at Children’s Colorado is 82%. https://www.childrenscolorado.org/conditions-and-advice/conditions-and-symptoms/conditions/congenital-diaphragmatic-hernia-cdh/?&gclid=EAIaIQobChMI44mGoZer4gIVmMBkCh073gNxEAAYASAAEgI--fD_BwE
  16. Boise Centre. I won't have a car and do not plan to wander too far away.
  17. Here is the issue, removing a baby by abortion or birth is not making anything easier for the mother in the third trimester. It still is a big thing that has to come out. If it is non-viable, it still has to come out, if it has sever deformities it still has to come out. What is your opposition to it being raised by the state if the family doesn't want the child? You give me your justification for killing it? Taking into consideration you may fit those criteria in your old age? Your family may want to get rid of you because you can't feed yourself and they are tired of changing your diapers.
  18. Is it the birth control or just extended exposure to Bob?
  19. Can you fit the plates in dress shorts?
  20. What about the cases of sever deformities or a non-viable fetus? 3rd Trimester okay in some of those cases? Example: It's discovered at 20 weeks that the fetus has a congenital diaphramatic hernia and will suffocate after being born. Should the parents have the option to abort? Or should they be forced to have the baby and watch it suffocate to death?
  21. That is the difference between republicans and democrats. Republicans will often defy party and do what they think is right. A hypocrite like you and the democratic party blow with the wind and you only ever do whats best for you.
  22. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv/unlv-basketball/unlv-puts-together-challenging-but-winnable-basketball-schedule-1667558/
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