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  2. Any and all laws or regulations intended to solve any of those problems will either perpetuate them or make them worse. Mark my words. Fewer laws is the best start.
  3. Did he not violate the law, though? In any case, that's a big supposition, that the current admin's foreign policy stops or can be subverted by other US persons before on say November 10th versus January 21st. Aren't there transition briefings in the weeks before inauguration where the current admin tells the incoming what's up? Not the other way around? How do we even find out of this type of thing is customary or usual?
  4. Yes, let's please go there. We want to hear your thoughts.
  5. Take a bow, you have won the MWCBoard for today.
  6. Daniel is @bornontheblue opening a separate browser to watch Trump's daily briefing.
  7. I wouldn't be surprised if there's more out there like Daniel Holtzclaw, serial police rapist.
  8. I like how you hid it in there. Inventive! I wonder if white-constructed ghettoes, systemic poverty, lack of opportunity, and intense policing in confined urban areas have anything to do with that. What is your opinion on why, in your words, "Black people commit crime at an astonishing rate compared to other races," Bob?
  9. so if you stole 20$ you deserve to die? man your messed up. trump deserves to have his neck stepped on
  10. we need public lynching's again, only for bad cops. that would stop their antics how many good looking women have been pulled over by cops on purpose?????
  11. I'm NOT saying George Floyd deserved to die. The cop IS a murderer. I don't think cops should kill, period. I think if they must shoot at people at all it should be at the legs. Very, very rarely is there a situation that anyone should be killed by a policeman. That's how I feel. Just to clear the air. And I generally don't like them and find them to usually be a certain type of person that I don't usually like Black people are 2.5x more likely to be killed by police. That's sad. Truly. However, people act according to their biases. Black people commit crime at an astonishing rate compared to other races. https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2017/crime-in-the-u.s.-2017/tables/table-43 I'm not saying that this justifies ANYTHING. It doesn't. Change needs to happen in our policing.
  12. hail king Donald and everybody thought Obama was gonna cause chaos to extend his term? trump might really try to do it
  13. This is why even if I agreed with all of his policy positions I wouldn't vote or support Trump. The president's first job is to be leader and he isn't one. Not only is he not a leader at all he has no interest in trying to lead the country. It's beneficial to him to divide us and keep people angry so that's what he does. And his supporters love it. The only policy position they really care about is triggering the libs.
  14. Let's go there, I'd love to see you expose yourself.
  15. This isn’t just a law enforcement issue. It’s a racial issue. Yes, confrontations with police are the most visible and often violent front. But the greater problem can’t just be washed away with fewer laws. Because it’s also the teacher who believes the white kid over the black kid when it is the white kid who is lying. It’s the liberal upper middle woman who calls the cops on the black birder, or clutching her purse when a young black man walks by. It’s laws that say crack is worse than cocaine, and it’s discriminatory lending practices that quietly put the “American Dream” out of reach. It’s the mass distortion of an act of peaceful protest by “thugs,” labeling it as Anti-American, only to wonder why “those thugs” can’t get their point across more peacefully after a city erupts in violence. It’s the belief that reverse racism is the real problem, and politicians who exploit that belief. What is going on this week was sparked by apparent, egregious police abuse. But that is a symptom to a much larger problem.
  16. Not sure you want to go into the hole of "groups and their statistics"
  17. I don’t disagree with anything you have posted here but bad cops will still find a way to do this shit unless they face prosecution themselves. To your point a state wide agency reporting to the Attorney General to oversee the cops is a must.
  18. Today
  19. It would lead to less of these. And qualified immunity is never going away, nor is the inherent difficulty of prosecuting police. End the war on drugs and end all combat training and federal programs that give combat gear to cops. That is the best start imo.
  20. Did we leave @Jackrabbit out of the Trump nut huggers group?
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