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  2. Really. I’d love to see a reputable source supporting that claim. Not saying it doesn’t exist, just that I saw a post on Facebook and I couldn’t find one to support it. I did learn that the Greeks rolled with that chit and apparently there’s a reference to it in Homer’s Iliad.. or whatever that miserable book/poem is called.
  3. F*cking HUGE. Grill will compete as the floor general w/ Marvin Coleman to join David Jenkins Jr and Bryce Hamilton in what WILL the best backcourt in the country.
  4. Except for in florida, apparently.
  5. A little before the WCC, the Big Sky postponed fall sports. So it's status quo out west with everyone postponing.
  6. It doesn't. Theres been reporting on that already. It's why suddenly Trump made the Florida exception.
  7. Well it turned out elite pedophilia in Hollywood and politics was very, very real.
  8. The kids that played with those are probably of terrorist age now.
  9. Doesn't that give an incentive to those who dont embrace it to make it a partisan issue?
  10. Makes sense the WCC would be the last one out west to postpone, given all the members are private institutions and except for BYU, have small enrollments. Still sad though @#1Stunner , no volleyball or women's soccer for BYU.
  11. Remember the doll that was a secret sharia plot to turn your kids into terrorists? https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/3191347/Talking-Fisher-Price-doll-accused-of-promoting-Islam.html#:~:text=A talking Fisher-Price doll,described as inappropriate by parents.&text=The Fisher-Price Little Mommy,out for its "mama".
  12. You guys are confusing USPS with USPO The latter is part of the government, the former is a private enterprise. Look into how that stuff works.
  13. I have a suggestion. Let's just end this charade by letting Mugtang pull the names of the remaining college teams out of a hat.
  14. Easy to find fact based reporting when you look outside your personal echo chambers... https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-election-vote-by-mail-explainer/explainer-fraud-is-rare-in-us-mail-in-voting-here-are-the-methods-that-prevent-it-idUSKBN2482SA
  15. So you think they will get a fall season in but no spring season. If they are able to get a fall season in I don't see any reason a spring season isn't likely. Unless you are saying their won't be any football fall or spring. That's a possibility but then it didn't matter if we postponed it now or not.
  16. My kid was into these a couple years ago. They’re not what is being portrayed here.
  17. Increasing the flow rate in shower heads... if Trump only gets one term, increasing the flow rate to shower heads made it a successful presidency IMO
  18. Fine then. Three way trade. Mizzou to the B1G, Nebraska to the Big 12, West Virginia to the SEC. You really think Boise State burned the bridge? Go ahead and keep this thread book marked. We will discuss this again early next year. I've said it for months. The MWC is gonna look a little different soon. Ill put my rep and my account on it.
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