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  2. Copied this link from Pac 12 board. The poster helped run campaigns against David Duke in Louisiana for Senate and Governor, and what he learned and believes campaign strategy should be. While Trumps racist remarks and history have not been as overt as Dukes, I agree that this election will swing on turnout and bringing out voters that did not participate in 2016 much moreso than trying to flip Trump voters. Click to view entire Twitter thread, I found it interesting.
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  4. This is what capitalism does. You will notice how flat it became under FDR and Obama the two worst presidents of the last 100 years.
  5. Yup. Pretty much every college media deal is back loaded. If the average is about 7, the deal probably starts around 5.5 and ends around 8.5 However, every deal its being compared to is also back loaded in a similar fashion. Personally, Id have preferred a shorter deal, but if cord cutting continues---who knows? Aresco may look smart if 6 years from now networks suffer a period of disruptive falling revenue due to a lag in streaming subscribers making up for accelerating cord cutters.
  6. I'll be concerned if/when it happens. We're a loooong way from a-half-filled Sonny Lubick Field. I mean Canvas Stadium, which has the second most lucrative naming rights deal in the nation. ¿How much is CSU-Fresno getting for their stadium naming deal?
  7. What has seventy years of diplomacy accomplished? When Trump took office, NK was testing long range vehicles capable of delivering a nuclear warhead. So, to summarize the LAST 70 YEARS. NK is still a belligerent, at war with the west We are still expending blood and treasure defending SK NK has a fully functioning nuclear weapons program NK has developed long range launch vehicles NONE OF THIS HAPPENED UNDER TRUMP ALL OF THIS HAS HAPPENED UNDER THE LAST SEVENTY YEARS OF "DIPLOMACY" I guess you, with your out and out hatred of America, would want the status quo to prevail. The 5th column rides.
  8. This is the exact reason why they are making them is to cash in on nostalgia and bring in the new generation. Lion King is my favorite Disney film, I remember seeing it with my parents when I was 5 years old at the now closed Crest Drive In Theater in Bakersfield. It was a double feature with Lion King being played first for the kids and the second film for adults and teens was Speed! I don't mind them making a remake every now and then, but they are dead set on remaking the entire Renaissance era. Disney needs to give us something interesting! One film that I would love to see have a live action remake would be The Black Cauldron. The Horned King was badass!
  9. I haven't seen any of them, my kids haven't wanted to go and neither have I. Give us some new content instead of rehashes.
  10. My kid isn’t old enough for movies yet so I saw it for purely nostalgic reasons, and yeah, I could have just watched planet earth or something. Hell, Disney could have just re-released the original and probably made a huge profit.
  11. Lion King was her favorite of the 3.
  12. So, the important question for Disney is 'what did your kids think of the movies'?
  13. This is how I gauge it too. The Democrats would be better served pairing down the debates, but if they want these also rans lobbing grenades at their strongest candidates that’s their choice. There’s nothing good that can come from a Castro or Beto landing a punch when a five point bump from it will still leave them as cannon fodder.
  14. You should save your concern for half/less than half filled CSU stadium with another sub .500 season on its way. That stadium debt thunder cloud is looming more and more every year.
  15. I've wondered also why the stadium has not received a naming offer. Or maybe there has been a offer but the campus wanted a higher amount. The arena naming deal at Fresno State was the largest college naming deal at the time. Pepsi purchased the naming rights for $40 million over 20 years which included the exclusive campus soft drink pouring rights. Pepsi then turned around and in a second deal let Save Mart put its name on the arena. But $2 million per year is a significant amount. The arena also had a separate $3 million deal that resulted in naming the Larry Shehadey Clock Tower.
  16. Kent State. @Slapdad gets to let @Warbow know what his last pick will be.
  17. I know it has been slower than people would like but things are happening. The football improvements wouldn’t be possible w/o the naming rights deal for spartan stadium. Basketball should start to pick up soon too.
  18. Not unreasonable expectation. It just depends how ESPN had calculated UConn's value as part of the deal.
  19. I'm hoping as long as Aresco tells ESPN 'we'll do whatever you tell us to do' they won't drop the per team payout and at worst simply removes UConn's share. (6.94 x11 or ~76 million per year average)
  20. Foster Farms is based in the central valley also.
  21. I believe it will be reduced also but I'm not sure of the amount. I'm not saying the current per team amount will take a significant hit. But UConn itself had some value that is now lost: the UConn WBB ratings for games on ESPN were good, UConn would have attracted some number of ESPN+ subscriptions simply for UConn MBB/WBB fans, plus whatever amount ESPN expected for sub-licensing to SNY.
  22. Any sports centic channel needs a product -
  23. looks like some 'Last Chane U' level stuff...the kids even look a little underwhelmed
  24. You would think one of the big Ag companies would have jumped on the opportunity to sponsor bulldog stadium. I just looked up companies based in Fresno, I instantly recognized David Sunflower Seeds (I have a bad in my pantry), Sun-Maid Raisins and Harris Ranch Beef Co. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fresno_County,_California#Economy
  25. I actually agree...I would hope it starts around 6 and works up to the reported 6.94+ honestly I expect ESPN to slightly lower the deal (like my UMass friend rumored) from ~83 to say ~78 million per year simply due to loss of inventory for ESPN+
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