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  2. It doesn't. This is a trope. Obamacare increased my medical costs and he's a skinny Grit smoking retard. But you'll believe what the smart peoples in that thar TEE VEE tell you so there's really no point in arguing about it.
  3. I mean...portion sizes are a problem. If you go to any fast food place anymore, the "medium" drink is probably larger than the "extra large" one was ten years ago...just off the top of my head.
  4. 'Bout right the way the defense is playing and the uncertainty surrounding Collin Hill--MRI today, results later this week--though he's still listed as the starter. -6 might just be the number of fans that show up, too.
  5. I’d love to hear your critiques of the line of questioning while you’re at it. You seem to be presupposing an honest and fair process, which not even the people who wanted him shot down for “belligerence” admit wasn’t a reality.
  6. I love the sanctimony given to the Supreme Court Justices, as if they are supposed to be hallowed angels but it doesn’t matter that Kavanaugh already held a lifetime appointment to a court that is almost every bit as important. Yet shading the truth only matters when it’s convenient for you, and by the people it’s convenient to you to overlook. It seemingly makes no difference to you that the processes judge, jury, and supposed investigators, were trotting out outright monstrous fabrications. But because in that environment a man might have downplayed drinking to excess in his teens and early twenties, that itself is disqualifying. Very telling.
  7. No, I don't think that. I simply think he could've (and should've) mounted a defense for himself without a. obfuscating b. utilizing partisan rhetoric It's pretty simple.
  8. So you have never been chukar hunting. This will be a lesson for you. My brother in law is a marathon runner. He doesn't like chukar hunting because it is too hard and is too long a day. Set the day you can make it to Northern Nevada and I will give you that lesson.
  9. Deal, but that's not really exercise. The dog is doing most of the work. I'll only go with you if you promise to be my hound and retrieve my game for me. I'll even pat you on the head and call you a good boy, whatever it takes to motivate you to get some exercise buddy.
  10. He’s supposed to be a dispassionate arbiter when he is in the role of a judge. He was not in the role of a judge. He was in the role of a person accused of heinous acts. No sensible person could deny that’s what the entire hearing was about. Perhaps you think a judge, when not acting in the role of arbiter, should never mount a defense for themselves. I’d say that’s a shame for anyone think, but it’s your own biases, not mine, that have led you there.
  11. The only way you can ruin pizza is to put Pineapple on it. Just gross.
  12. Because the Republican Party is no longer conservative and is xenophobic.
  13. Only emotionally crippled thinking and extreme bias comes to these conclusions. There is no evidence at all he lied or did any "obfuscation", of a degree more than any other nominee. You have always been totally incapable of logical thought, this is just another example.
  14. Well, the fact that you don't hold his fairly apparent obfuscation under oath from him against him is probably indicative of your biases on this. Most objective people would be uncomfortable with a candidate for the highest court in the land doing that. Even if the Democrats had some kind of grand conspiracy to smear him (they probably did), utilizing that kind of partisan rhetoric is not befitting of a Supreme Court judge, period. Yes, it was a trying time for him. Yes, it probably was unfair. But that is not an excuse for his inappropriate behavior during the hearing. He's supposed to be a dispassionate arbiter, not an indignant hack.
  15. One thing stood out to me on these stats, your offense must sucks. The difference in yards gained vs yards given up is in OU’s favor by over 300 yards. Not a good example of stats here.
  16. WIth due respect, although CSU sometimes appeared to have been overrated as a possible candidate for Big12 membership, you're way off base here.
  17. do you think the opposite of shaming someone is telling them they're beautiful and making a list of excuses why it's not their fault?
  18. Only if it’s one of our game of the week against a G5 team. Next week we’ll probably preview BYU at Toledo.
  19. Im sold on Virginia. I think Mendenhall has them in a good spot
  20. Are you also now lecturing others about not "being such an angry person all the time"?
  21. If someone uses it as motivation and truly invites it, sure. Otherwise, it is simply bullying. You don't know if some stranger has a metabolism problem, physical injuries that make it hard to exercise, or has a mental thing that they use food to treat.
  22. I guess i am on the fence as to whether you molested Ford. Same amount of evidence supports that theory.
  23. Dude, it's easy for lots of people. I know. It's easy for me. I am not a fan of sugar and my hobby is exercise. That makes it real easy to be lean. I'm not good at a whole shitload of other things, and I recognize that it's just my natural inclination and life position that makes things easy. Insult your intelligence? Dude you post on the big boy forum about once every six months and get smacked so hard you run away with your tail between your legs. Rinse and repeat. Do you not think that's what happened? Uh, what? Sure it was. Everyone just smoked. Mortality for that was a hell of a lot worse than being fat. Wait wait wait. You're trying to claim that it's fine to be an asshole to randos on the internet because you are a patriot? Furthermore, you also are trying to claim that fat shaming isn't our current cultural approach? What? Do you live in reality? Dude, fat shaming is infinitely more socially acceptable as shaming people who smoke. Fat shaming has been the single most socially acceptable activity during the largest increase of obesity in this country! Are you +++++ing kidding me? A few people on the internet are pushing back against the idea that being a complete asshole is fine and you're throwing a hissy fit? OK, bob, we'll start by restricting your screen time and removing 1 vehicle from your residence.
  24. Why don't you come out and spend a day chukar hunting with me. Lets see who is fat and out of shape. The only fat in this thread is between your ears.
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