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  2. As long as it’s outdoors and they have masks on it’s OK.
  3. Yes. This is an outrageous statement. This isn't war. There's no such thing as a "legitimate target". JFC. If it is war, then the rules of war should apply. The opposing force should be destroyed. At this point, maybe that's what needs to happen.
  4. Getting back on subject, hopefully these last few days will result in state and municipal governments across the country changing their perspective on law enforcement. The country obviously needs better checks and balances in place to ensure that police departments are not in charge of policing their own. Independent entities need to fill that role. We the People must demand more from those who have taken an oath to serve and protect while upholding the constitution. We want justice, accountability, and equality when it comes to protecting our communities, both people and property. No more racial profiling and harsh discrepancies of treatment. No more brushing due process aside. No more brutality. No more unnecessary escalation leading to injuries or fatalities. No more militarization of municipal and state departments. No more qualified immunity. No more thin blue line. @youngrebelfan40 is right, there needs to be some chaos in order to bring about necessary change. Let’s pray this is the start of widespread radical evolution of domestic policing.
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  6. I think transfer if power is very messy in any system. The fact that ours hasn't been messy with very little exceptions, is one of the true wonders of it. Since 1800, almost unobstructed, exiting administrations gave way to entering ones in a generally cooperative manner. Perhaps there have been some things left out in recent years, but I doubt it. There's also not much to compare it to, so if new revelations come to light about recent past administrations I'll be willing to change my mind. There is nothing that even closely resembles a previous administration doing what was done to Flynn in the annals of our documented history. Nixon, at least, had the good sense to hire criminals to do criminal stuff. What happened here has not been the case in America. The lame duck is a term that entered popular conscience because the country changed its mind. You're not supposed to investigate that without evidence, which they did.
  7. https://theathletic.com/1818927/2020/05/20/the-25-most-dominant-college-basketball-teams-of-the-last-50-years/?source=user_shared_article Two UNLV teams made the Top-10 The Athletic’s top 10 1. UCLA, 1971-72 2. Indiana, 1975-76 3. Duke, 1991-92 4. UNLV, 1990-91 5. North Carolina State, 1973-74 6. Kentucky, 1995-96 7. Georgetown, 1983-84 8. UCLA, 1972-73 9. North Carolina, 1981-82 10. UNLV, 1989-90 On the 1990-91 UNLV team, this is what The Athletic wrote: “By the time they reached the Final Four, the Rebels had won 45 straight games, the postseason feeling like a slow procession toward a coronation. And then some upstart program called Duke ruined the whole thing. Such is the glorious, madcap nature of the NCAA Tournament, of course, and it turned out that Duke team was awfully good in its own right. Still, outside of that one night in Indianapolis, this was one of the best college basketball teams to ever take the floor.” On the 1989-91 team: “To this day, (Larry) Johnson and Co. are the last program from outside the power conferences to win a national title. Every outfit that has challenged them since was a surprise, a novelty, the byproduct of a particularly crazy March. UNLV was always the best team in the country. And it wasn’t close.” Bask in our glory, peasants.
  8. My moderation will have to be taken from my cold clinched fist
  9. After the buggallo is over or whenever 5pm comes (whichever comes 1st) - take a moment to bask in the glory of the patriotic endeavor you & boys just underwent - Show your pride, lift up the gun & look satisfyingly into the camera with the knowledge that the Whoshotwho MA militia did a fine few hours work ..............and join the gang down at the Pizza Pig Out for pies & beer !!!
  10. @UNLV2001 — answer the question. Are you going to resign as a moderator?
  11. Now when out in the field away from the buffet...............it's always good to carry your cell phone for those up close & personal messages to loved ones or to call in a pizza delivery Look intently into the camera & always make sure to have your gun in the frame, this shows fellow gun fetishists that your priorities are in order..............then calmly talk into the mic
  12. Now when out fighting the commie fiends, one might need to render assistance to a wounded "patriot" while under fire - Not to worry ! Follow this example of small arms use while covering for your wounded militia mate............just be cautious that if you take a bottle to the noggin your don't fall over & crush your wounded buddy - No one wants to halt the Boogalloo to get a crane & lift you off the wounded "patriot" !!! Again, note the stylish head gear and massive equipment belt that comes in handy for packing that bratwurst for the last 30 yards of the march across the Best Buy parking lot !!!
  13. Mugtang, you picked a good time to leave. The loons have taken over the asylum.
  14. Are you going to man up and resign? Or are you going to continue being a slimy commie +++++?
  15. Of course nothing is more satisfying after a 20 yard march in humid conditions than having a wonderful posed portrait of the guys in the militia before heading off to the local scarf & barf..............strike an imposing pose like this, that's sure to have to commie anitfa pricks crap themselves - Note how the added gear on the belt somewhat hides the 62 inch waistline !!!
  16. Meanwhile...in Atlanta Mug’s gone so this is okay.
  17. Yeah, and I bet you’re a pillar of physical fitness. Resign your mod status.
  18. After a medical episode, I think every precaution should be foremost when joining the boys for some maneuvers & gun totin' - Perhaps this head gear serves to maintain safety from low hanging branches that one can't duck under to the massive waistline - One can take a knock to the noggin & still look sharp sporting the camo and vest !!!
  19. @UNLV2001 should resign his mod status. I mean, if @halfmanhalfbronco and I did it, this worthless piece of commie shit should as well.
  20. If covert gun totin' is your thing, maybe this combo of artistic makeup & svelte physic will catch your eye
  21. Think of the fun when you can join the boys at the local Golden Corral Buffet in Weesuckit MA - The fightin' fit specimen on the left could provide the entire unit cover !!!!
  22. Go +++++ yourself you stupid commie +++++. You’re a waste of oxygen.
  23. Come on man, that's your boy right there !!! Got the guns (very sexy!!!) ..............got the green on to blend in and even smart looking eye protection !!! While your in rehab, feast yer squinties on this sexy view - think he's got everything you need to pass an EKG
  24. You should resign as a moderator. You’re a +++++ing idiot.
  25. Sorry if I hit yer 2nd Amendment nerve / fetish there bud................being away from your dear guns while in recuperation must have been stressful Fear not lad, you'll be up and around in your camo & armaments in no time !!!
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