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  2. They let CSU beat them twice. They’ll be better today.
  3. You need to up your troll game..You aren't any good at it.
  4. Geez, I feel awful that a football season 35 years ago BYU players didn't get enough WAC player of the week awards and that a co-Champion QB was named first team instead of Robbie Bosco. Those admins, (many of whom are not only retired, but dead), clearly have it out for Boise State in 2019. This is a massive conspiracy I tell you. Dick Harmon is one of the most paranoid newspaper writers in America. He wrote an article that Boulder, CO was the home of Rocky Mountain anti-Mormon fervor once as well. https://www.deseretnews.com/article/700122458/Jimmer-Fredette-bashing-column-the-latest-in-a-litany-of-criticism-from-Colorado.html
  5. All the other schools want to break the hierarchy, while Boise wants to enforce and STRENGTHEN the hierarchy. In Meme terms, here’s SDSU approaching Boise State in a legal sense...
  6. Can the Falcon men's team find their early shooting accuracy that has been missing the last 4 games? They do then we win.....but it was horrible last game where they couldn't throw it into the ocean if they tried. Ouch GO FALCONS
  7. I wouldn’t say kick them out but there are ways to make Boise unwelcome. Certainly going to see counter lawsuits. The presidents aren’t going to be happy to see months/years of tv right negotiations go down the toilet because Boise didn’t approve.
  8. The complaint says that they did not not provide informed consent. Which means that they did approve the sub license agreement but believe that the MW did not share all of the material terms. The tough row to hoe for Boise is that the term they seem to be saying needed mutual agreement is how the revenue from the contract would be distributed. Which is not a material term of the sublicense agreement but is a term of the re-entry agreement. I would view the MW to have the high ground on this claim.
  9. If the contract says that Boise has to approve any tv deal or it can't be ratified and they say they didn't vote for the new tv deal they have a very strong hand. The legal filing is for breach of contract
  10. Why do you feel it is likely that Boise wins the lawsuit?
  11. How is Boise winning likely? I think their chances are specious at best.
  12. Hes probably a better player, but MC has become the leader of the team. I doubt his minutes are impacted, but maybe Jonah? Maybe Shibel with 4 guards?
  13. I hear that the conference rooms at the new Westin Hotel at Denver International Airport are really nice.
  14. The stats say Woodbury is much better than Antonio, plus hes a local underclassmen. I think Coupet actually was the biggest loss. Hes playing very well and probably would have stayed. I think this team with Ben is better, but who knows? Totz had no clue to keep either. Not sure about Juice, but he had no shot to recruit Ntambwe. He was gone no matter what most likely.
  15. Nothing good out there to add. Adding would just further weaken the conference.
  16. Boise Police Department is getting inundated with citizen calls... reports of strange noises, emanating from the BSU campus... BPD says callers can’t quite identify what the sounds are, but are at least certain they don’t sound like gun fire... thank goodness!
  17. I think Trump’s defense has been really dumb but this is funny.
  18. I think this is possible too. If the lawsuit goes forward and Boise wins, which is likely, they would want to stay in the MW. They would not get that type of an arrangement with any other conference. What could happen if and when Boise wins, is an airport meeting where several schools agree to leave the MW at the same time. That doesn't seem all that likely.
  19. She’s going to be out of money, having won no delegates, with zero momentum in less than two weeks.
  20. They dont want them to leave but the special deal is done. That isn't changing unless a whole new set of Boise friendly presidents suddenly sprout up. That doesn't appear to be palatable to Boise so...what other conclusion is there to be drawn other than Boise isn't long for the MWC?
  21. They were a fast laced team. But being 4 starters down has caused Weir to switch it up. New starting lineup, with guys that were in the bench, a new point guard, and a new half court zone defense, will be used for most of the game. You would think that a smaller UNM team would be faster on offense, but Weir wants a slower, deliberate offense established now.
  22. So right across the Snake River from Lewiston is Clarkston, WA. I just now realized those are both elongated forms of Lewis and Clark. Wow.
  23. Hawaii wouldn’t be joining or even be considered to join the AAC if that’s what you are thinking. The school would be half an ocean and half a continent away from the nearest non-Boise member. Our AD likes to take the safe path and play schools it has history with (Fresno, Nevada, AFA, UNLV, etc). If all those schools leave and the MW backfield with Texas schools, the school would probably contemplate Indy status again. It’s the reason the school wanted to bolt the WAC, the shift to mid-continent with the Texas St and UTSA adds(with more like Lamar, Jacksonville St, etc. being rumored) and loss of rivalries.
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