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  2. That is the difference between republicans and democrats. Republicans will often defy party and do what they think is right. A hypocrite like you and the democratic party blow with the wind and you only ever do whats best for you.
  3. https://www.reviewjournal.com/sports/unlv/unlv-basketball/unlv-puts-together-challenging-but-winnable-basketball-schedule-1667558/
  4. Seems like a weird marriage. The usual NFL viewer isn't likely to want to watch C-USA and just like with CBS Sports, the NFL Network isn't on basic packages. It will be interesting to see how it works.
  5. While adding several non-football schools isn't ideal, that would work out fine with 3/4 of the members sponsoring it. Another side effect of this, the Big Sky would then also be able to sponsor baseball and men's soccer.
  6. BadWillHunting is in that 2010 troll derby thread too.. Prayers to his make believe daughter.
  7. As crazy as that sounds it somehow just fits in to the story line of Marv’s tenure at UNLV. I expected him to get canned next year but I’m OK with how everything is turning out.
  8. You are one pathetic misogynist.
  9. Amash has doubled down on his assertions. It's nice to see a Republican stand up for his actual convictions instead of blindly defending the party. Now let's see if any of the Democratic leadership does the same thing.
  10. Birth control turns otherwise pleasant women into fat, ornery bitches
  11. That is a very smart out of the box move. Good exposure. Ill tell you what, every bar I walk in has at least one TV on NFL Network. 1000 time better option than Bein Channel they was on
  12. I’ll send you a photo.
  13. The baby isn't "your body". I haven't been discussing my beliefs just scientific fact. Plus some legal facts. I believe abortion should be legal at least through first trimester. After that point i think it should be legal for the life of the mother which would be a really rare occurrence. i also believe you don't understand how a father feels when his baby is aborted and he can do nothing. Lots of excuses to take life in this world, a whole lot of them used in this thread to justify it for the sake of convenience. The Virginia governor was talking about aborting a baby after it was born live. That is what this thread is about. I find that abhorrent.
  14. Not sure what to think? I think this replaces their BeIN package which is a step up, however, is the NFL Network producing the game? I guess the NFL network is hurting for some viewership but I still won't get that channel unless I am willing to pay a higher tier TV package.
  15. It s been so +++++ing cold this April and May I pray nightly for more coal-fired plants to be constructed and fill the atmosphere with beautiful CO2
  16. Fresno is to MWC cities what SJSU is to MWC football.
  17. http://footballscoop.com/news/conference-usa-inks-tv-deal-nfl-network/ Smart move on their part maybe this will give Hair some creative ideas for our TV contracts. Whatcha think guys/gals?
  18. Ran across this video today. https://www.cnn.com/videos/business/2019/05/18/tim-cook-generation-failed-commencement-speech-orig.cnn
  19. They lose their top two RBs, top two WRs, still have a quarterback controversy involving the coaches son being outplayed by another kid but keeping his starting spot, and they lose just about everyone on defense. I'd be very surprised if they finished with more than 4 wins.
  20. To clarify, I meant now... earlier on, I definitely agree. There was footage on Storm Chasers that showed that to be the case.
  21. Today
  22. Hopefully it stops raining by then and the sun comes back out! Do you know where you are staying yet?
  23. It was well documented that was the specific reason why his best friend/driver stopped chasing with him.
  24. My IQ is around 140.
  25. Ok, how did expanding to 16 work out for the MWC last time? And instead of 12 schools competing for 1 autobid, you will have 16 schools doing the same? If anything, i would think the Big Sky would be very wary of taking on any more schools in the future. The WAC, MWC, WCC, Big Sky, and Big West can all coexist out west, and that's 5 NCAA tourney bids guaranteed.
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