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  2. Of course he didn't come up with the idea. It's been tried 2 other times. LOL.
  3. No, you are laughing because you let Trump troll your ass so easily. LOL.
  4. What's this hard-on you're having for dad jokes? Please give me an example of one that's obviously assaulted your inner child. I can't even think of a dad joke, and according to you I'm supposed to do nothing but those jokes. You are so weird.
  5. Completely irrelevant to the statement? What does that even mean because it actually was part of the statement that you quoted: Incorrect. And it's actually moved towards Florida State
  6. That Dumbshit to English online text translator isn't working too good for you. You never make any sense. On second thought, maybe it's working just fine. LOL. Too bad for you they don't print Dumbshit on voting ballots. But the rest of us just don't want you to vote. LOL
  7. Pulling for San! UNC has been a dumpster fire for a better part of 10 years.
  8. Just had the POG in OSide as I was down for a quick visit to SD. Not bad. Have you checked out the wine and cigar bar in Old Town? I thought it was great and they had a cigar rep there that night that showed a good smoke. Better than my AVO's I typically go for.
  9. I thought both Shawshank Redemption and Misery were fantastic adaptations.
  10. Buffalo Trace is cheap but good. Basil Hayden is mid-range pricing but great. Blanton's or Hibiki are expensive but phenomenal. That is my starter suggestions, as I too am maybe a couple years in, so not very well-versed. I can not mess with the peat scotches, so be mindful of my selections as these are smoother bourbons.
  11. That's completely irrelevant to the statement.
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  13. Well, when you save the MWC an embarrassment of a terrible Fresno State team making an appearance in a major bowl - it lasts for at least 20 years. So, how are those LED lights going?
  14. Zogby and Gallup polls are generally the most accurate and the most scientific. The fact that they are only about 5 or 6 points different indicates reasonable accuracy. Margin of error is generally 3 to 5 percent on these relatively small number of subjects polled examples. Plus of course it is a long time to the election. Much can change in a month. the perfect example of this is the Hillory Clinton collapse in the last two weeks of the last presidential campaign. . Also it must be stated this is not an election poll. We do not know the Democratic candidate yet. He or she could be center left or extreme left. That would effect the vote of a great many voters. Perhaps it would effect the vote of all voters in one way or another. The only exception would be millennials who seem to vote in lockstep. (Hopefully this last sentence will generate some interest from at least one portion of the electorate.) .
  15. Finally tapped out on the coaching sting. Rehired Hauck who won a national championship there. They have the facilities and fanbase to get it back quickly.
  16. I think Miles Reed will excel at that
  17. My first job was bagging groceries at Smith's Food and Drug. Second job was fluffer.
  18. Mora's UCLA contract is still being bought out through the 2021 season, at a little over $3M per year. Some of the "sources" that claimed DRF had worked out a deal for Mora last winter claimed that a very wealthy UCLA booster was involved, and was going to float UNLV a big "donation" to buy out Mora's deal with UCLA. I never understood the implied motivation. Of course we'll never know if there was anything to that. But after this season the $9M to UCLA would drop to $6M, so maybe other schools would give him a look.
  19. I rarely agree with you on anything however on this you are spot on. He was a great author and though the films are not equal to the books they are as close as humanly possible. Great books, great films, wonderful ideas.
  20. There will be a ceremony with family of Dick Tomey taking the field. Along with a dinner that is planned for honoring Dick Tomey that was either this past week or sometime this week.
  21. Peter Fonda was in 69 general release movies and 4 made for TV movies which were general released in foreign countries. The fact that many can not remember his roles is largely due to the fact that he was not a very good actor and to the fact that he normally played soft, that is not aggressive, characters. At least that is my opinion.
  22. As someone who has not consumed animal flesh or by products for 50 years I am in complete agreement with this pro big tax plan. The first of the far left tax proposals I have ever supported. https://www.businessinsider.com/red-meat-could-be-taxed-to-help-curb-climate-change-2019-8?utm_source=reddit.com Let us all write the idiots in the house, senate and white house to tell them of our support. If you do not support this simply go out and live in a barn with cows and pigs. Do not stand in the way of progress. So there I stand!!!!!!
  23. You soccer snob. Nothing worse
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