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  2. Read tonight this is the first time in Stanley Cup history both #1 seeds dropped in the first round of the playoffs
  3. Air Force defeats San Diego St 5-2 in Game 1 San Diego St defeats Air Force 6-3 in Game 2 Fresno St defeats San Jose St 7-5 UNLV defeats Nevada 7-4 New Mexico defeats Riverside 11-10
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  5. Remember the big rb transfer Convert told us was gonna be a big star? Guys that transfer and bounce around positions have a success rate of like 1/100.
  6. I do not believe you. I've been to Costa Rica. I'm pretty sure there are no rules about driving there.
  7. Every time you post shit like this the dude turns out to be a giant dud. Congrats.
  8. Okay, but why is gas a buck seventy higher in Needles than Kingman?
  9. Another Katree Kriggs in the making, good luck Crayfish Curetoon.
  10. Sorry, but the karma ju ju thing isn’t something I care about. Believing in that stuff is right there with believing in Santa Claus, Bigfoot, OJ innocence, the tooth fairy, Russian Agent Trump, Easter Bunny, Muss putting down roots, sex sucks, AOC awesomeness, Justin Bieber gravitas, etc. etc. 😄✌️
  11. You overstate thing big time. Since 2001 it has rained 6 out of 18 times on the 15th of December and a number of those were trace amounts. Hardly 50% of the time. As for college football coverage.... they don’t. It is all high school and the pros. Saturday high school gets better coverage than college football. The only time college football gets covered is when a local high school kid is a story like Browning. Talk radio is more New York Giants than college football. The Sacramento area has more interest in sports from the general population than the Bay Area. Other than De LeSalle, Sacramento teams regularly defeat Bay Area teams and all have way better attendance. I get for you SoCal types, Norcal is just a place to steal water but you really are far from accurate about Sac.
  12. I seriously doubt it because he just used up his red-shirt, so if he transfers in FBS, he’ll have to throw away a season of eligibility. He seems to really like it here.
  13. True. GMO's were naturally occurring long before we started purposefully cultivating them, and differences in nutritional value are negligible.
  14. Bruins very flat...... Lose 0-2.
  15. Democrats also have so much fear of the capitalistic boogeyman that they think GMO's are a bad thing. +++++ing idiots
  16. This thread had a tweet calling out the death Valley gas price. I find humor that folks are blaming basic economics on politics. So yes, the contexts of our commentary don't jive. But this isn't the first time taxes are not being used correctly, and it won't be the last.
  17. Interesting it happened after Alford held a practice.
  18. Well, the #1 (Tampa Bay) and #2 (Calgary) overall teams from the regular season were bounced out going just 1-8 between them in the first round. The two teams, Colorado and Columbus that had to scratch and claw to even get into the playoffs are the ones that sent them packing. The Av's and Jackets have been in playoff mode for about 1 month and just looked on point compared to their opponents who sailed into the post season. The winner of the San Jose vs Vegas series gets to take on Colorado. Not something to look forward to given how strong they've looked the last month.
  19. Don't jump all over me now. We can't see anything out of frame of the video. We don't know if anything was thrown or a threat was determined out of frame to cause the officers to tackle the 2nd teen. We just don't have the information. We don't. However, I agree they were overly harsh in the takedown and tackle. I disagree with the last part of the article though, stating there would be no reason at all to ever be that aggressive. On the contrary, brandishing or attempting to use a weapon necessitates a harsh response, regardless of being 14 or not. But I didn't see any weapon on him, I'm just saying that there are circumstances that can justify it.
  20. My comment you quoted wasn't about the 9 a gallon, it was about a portion of gas taxes being used for public programs not related to transportation. Completely out of context
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