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  2. Boise doesn't have the greatest basketball reputation, but much of that is because it's been overshadowed by the football success. Even when they weren't good, they were still a consistent 16, 17, 18 win team. Leon has really made a huge jump in recruiting. He has some top level talent coming in. I suspect they'll be very good for the next 3 or 4 years, at least.
  3. The regard for human life is truly astounding. F*** everyone else as long is has no impact or relevancy to us, right? If even one innocent life is lost by way of this transaction then it was never worth it. That is where I stand. Call me naive but I couldn’t live with myself if I knew my actions brought about the death of anyone. I would’ve told them to leave me there. It would’ve been pure hell and there’s a good chance that I probably wouldn’t survive, but those are the consequences of my own poor choices.
  4. They don't shoot well from three. That's the only way that UNLV's defense can be exposed.
  5. I think batteries may change with Solid State batteries and change the calculation. But I agree we need a step function in battery tech.
  6. I'm flying in to catch the game on Saturday, and to watch IU play. I get to see both the schools I root for play live on the same day.
  7. My whiff........was thinking more in the longer term historical sense & back to the old WAC days when Utah, BYU, Wyo, UNM were all ranked programs BSU should be included in any list of solid MWC potential
  8. Initially the ADA laws where that you just had to give them a 'space' in the building, so the T&M had them located at those open ends at the concourse level and nowhere else............some lawsuits happened with other arena's over this issue.........and the law was modified to provide seating in every potential locations, upper decks, floor level, etc.........so more modifications were put in place
  9. I'm not sure why you'd leave Boise off of this list. They have two top 25 finishes in the last 8 years and been to the NCAAs four times in the last 10. They've EASILY been the most consistently good team in the league not named SDSU.
  10. Good lord. You remind me of my dad. You would do dishes and he would be busy rearranging everything to get in one last dish. still pisses me off and he’s been dead 30 years and I’m 60. Lol
  11. Definitely the worst seeds in the tournament, lol. But, we're a long way away from that at this point..
  12. I noticed CSU has a boatload of kids in the portal. Are these Addazio holdovers or Norvells recruits ? I can't imagine they are leaving because the P5 is calling
  13. Yes, thank you, it WAS when they eliminated the 3 benches at the top. Those seats were close together, and when they put the chairs in it reduced the capacity by about 1000. I wasn't sure if it was the ADA, but I do think they had to reduce it again somewhat when they put those wheelchair sections in like 104, etc.
  14. I hate the 8-9 seed. Much rather be a 7 or any other seed where can avoid a behemoth in the round of 32. Hated playing the Jayhawks.
  15. All they can do is ask for schematic of the panels then rubber stamp it. Edit: it could be a state-by-state thing.
  16. Why am I distributing it when I generate locally? The procurement cost is an issue which is why both a DC/AC converter and cheaper better battery tech are needed.
  17. But they may have say of how many you can have as it effects the look of the neighborhood.
  18. He’s got a mouth on him, when that happens you better start winning quick or shits going south. I would pass, if he’s successful he’s headed back to Florida State first opportunity he gets. If he sucks, Colorado is doomed.
  19. Out of the 3 remaining OOC games left, USF is the one that scares me the most.
  20. HOA's legally not allow to prevent solar panels.
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