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  2. Is that true? I haven't seen it anywhere? I feel like taking their basketball and rest of their olympic sports would've been a good move.
  3. We are, default insurance - just customized to student loans.
  4. asked and answered. System, not UNO. Cant help it if you cant grasp that.
  5. Stop avoiding my question. Here goes again: Q: So which is it? Is UNMC affiliated w/the entire UN system, or the entire UN system except for UNO?
  6. Whole season was a disappointment, starting with the Boone twin fiasco. No eligibility initially for Keylan, CKK had poor reasoning for waiver and Kalib got a DUI, suspended vs Southern. There hasn’t been any cohesiveness until recently. CKKs teams haven’t been consistent. We should be right up there with Utah State who have a new coach and brand new roster. They are 22-5. This “we need 5-6 years to build something” doesn’t make any sense when I watch Utah State consistently win.
  7. not sure which part is confusing you. try not to hurt yourself twisting yourself into knots....
  8. NO. 1st you said UNMC is "...affiliated w/the entire UN system." Now you are trying to cherry pick, & saying "...the medical school isn't affiliated w/UNO." Q: So which is it? Is UNMC affiliated w/the entire UN system, or the entire UN system except for UNO?
  9. lol...all I said was that the medical school wasn't affiliated with UNO.
  10. Go ahead & play dumb. It's you UNMC & UN-Lincoln vs The World on this one.
  11. Not only those games but the complete no-shows to Q4 scrubs at home that should have been blowout wins. The # of 5th year seniors who contributed also makes it even more flabbergasting. It's the most disappointing team to me going back to Rices teams loaded with NBA talent who somehow finished 7th in conference. Underachieving is synonymous with UNLV but this team took it to a new level.
  12. It was the Mtn West that took a pass on Wazzu & BeaverSt BB teams for 2024-'25 & 2025-'26. The Pac-2 had no choice but to play w/the 'Zags, St Mary's + Friends. If Pac-2 FB merges w/the MWC, our conf will accept their hoops teams. FWIW...this yr, Wazzu would be competitive in hoops. Los Beavs, not so much.
  13. thought we were talking about student loans
  14. No doubt, even if they manage to make it to the final game, there’s no way they get an at large bid. The frustrating part is, there’s only 7 points that separates UNLV from being 11-2 in conference play and alone in 1st place. 1 pt loss to USU, 3 pt loss to CSU and a 3 pt loss to UNR and in all 3 games UNLV should have won, but gave them away in the end.
  15. Agreed. I think a reverse merger under the PAC banner is the most likely scenario and the best option for all schools/teams moving forward. And, I have said it before, but the new "PAC-14" in that scenario would be head and shoulders above the American and Sun Belt in all relevant sports, including football; which means they would send at least their conference champion each year to the CFP under the new 5+7 model.
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  17. Aerospace Engineering = Mechanical Engineering with lipstick
  18. They disagree about what? That UC is massive? again....well, ok, then....
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