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  2. I seriously don’t know how you got all of that out of this:
  3. https://www.jihadwatch.org/2021/01/why-wont-twitter-ban-irans-supreme-leader#comments
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  5. Any thoughts on raising the minimum wage?
  6. I caught the opening of the second half and saw USU easily come within four and saw enough to know to just return to my vacation. Congrats on the sweep, Aggies. SDSU needs to figure out a lot. This not a team deserved of March.
  7. A bunch of people that still don't know why Big 3 is important for the league... And still wonder why when Big 3 is bad this is a one bid league...
  8. Read portions of it in a Holocaust and Genocide class You're right about Trump being "amoral and an off the charts narcissist." Trump is racist, but he's not particularly ideological. He'll do anything to remain the center of attention
  9. I think what he's trying to say is that of the 'big 3', 2 of us are in the basement of the current standings, and SDSU is just outside of the top 3. It seems to make him feel better. What he doesn't realize is what Rothstein and the guys were talking about before the game, and Avery during...WHEN the MW is turning heads, these 3 teams are doing well and getting attention for the conference. That's what they're talking about. Example is, look at how well Boise is playing so far this year, and the talent they have on their team. They're what, 12-1? And they're still not ranked. If the rebs had t
  10. I can’t believe Lobo fans have been so patient with Weir if he only has a $1M buyout. A lot of Boise State fans wanted Harsin fired and he won nearly 80% of his games.
  11. It is but...an entire year without revenue for the athletic department. Schools are cutting sports, etc. Maybe it's time for some stupid penny pinching. BTW, you're looking at about double that per athlete, not to mention the cost of the support staff needed that sees a direct increase based on the number of athletes on scholarship. Overall, it probably works out to about $250,000 per school. That's not chump change in the MWC.
  12. Due to Covid per ESPN byline. Maybe the men should do the same just because. I’m sure practicing and playing in Phoenix doesn’t help. https://sanfrancisco.cbslocal.com/2021/01/14/san-jose-state-womens-basketball-season-canceled-sjsu-covid-19/
  13. Yes, at UNM - BA major: seconday education/minor: Social Studies.
  14. If you can come to an amicable settlement with your “wife”, that would be great, but even that can result in future unforeseen issues. Like everyone else advised, get legal advice from a lawyer, not from lay people on this board.
  15. "Stupid is as stupid does." - Forrest Gump
  16. I just finished watching it. It’s one of the most depressing documentaries I’ve ever watched. If you were poor and didn’t have a job I can see how it would be very easy to become a crack dealer especially when there are thousands of dollars a day to be made. I can also see how it would be very easy to become addicted. The introduction of crack led to turf wars and drug related shootings that still go on to this day. It’s a very complicated issue where there is no cheap or simple fix.
  17. Wut?? I'm wondering what the hell you're talking about. 2/3 of the "top 3" are in the basement?? 1/3 of the top 3 is "adjacent" to the top 3. Is this some sort of code or prophecy or something. Spell it out please. Without the cryptic angle.
  18. There is some cash involved with players. Their tuition is only about a quarter of what they receive. The rest comes in a check unless they live on campus. Which no upper classman would. I think the average player recieves about $1,000 per month for 8 months? For 10 guys, that's only $80k in cash. This is stupid penny pinching.
  19. Got the Pfizer/BioNtech 2nd shot 10 days ago. Never had any side effects after the first or second. Most that I know had no/minimal symptoms.
  20. "Impeachment Hoax"? No I think it is a real impeachment. It got in-person votes and everything. No Dominion machines or mail-in votes involved to try to blame. From the Trump Campaign:
  21. Not an attorney - but hopefully mediation is an option instead of litigating. As for advice - take care of yourself. Don’t drown any sorrow with alcohol/substances. Try to avoid social media drama. Hit the gym if that’s your thing - whatever you do for stress relief. Reach out to friends/family if you need- take care of your mental health.
  22. Mike Lindell gave an interview about his WH meeting to Right Side Broadcasting News on Facebook. Among other things he claimed he presented: Evidence that Trump won - including IP address and Lat/Long coordinates of computers involved in China and elsewhere Presented POTUS with options such as Martial Law and also ordering Twitter, Facebook and others to reinstate all banned accounts (said Trump liked the idea of reinstating banned accounts) Praying that all of the DC military arrival is part of Trump's plan Long article with quotes from the interview video in the tw
  23. Honestly, those look like different glasses, though. I don't think she's pink hat lady. Pink hat lady looks younger and thinner in most pics.
  24. They give those prizes out right away? Okay then!
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