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  2. Really, you think so? Money literally rains down on white kids for generations. The best schooling, extra curricular activities, private tutors, everything. When that happens for generations that is called structural racism. Let's take a black kid with loving parents and "rain money on them" and give a white kid with loving parents a public housing voucher and some food stamps and see who ends up better. We have never "rained money" on the poor or minorities. We are actually pretty stingy if you look across the world. We take from the poor and give to the rich...class warfare. Then we get these white people who were born on third base and think they hit a triple acting smugly about how gifted and talented they are because the live in a McMansion.
  3. A year or two of mandatory service for every young adult would be so costly just to screen for violent tendencies, health, and criminal records the trade off with cost would already be a nightmare. Then those that do slip through the cracks (which will likely be magnitudes worse than current screening) now have spent a couple of (very expensive) years on the low-end of the military spectrum where they are trained in weapons and tactics (at least Marines) while still getting kicked around as a boot could result in hell in the streets. The mandatory service could become one of the most deadly policies in our nations history. A nation full of guns, and now they all know how to fight, shoot from long range, and do MOUT. I don't want people who never chose to join and are probably unhappy with it to now be that trained. It can work in other countries that don't have gun rights like we do, but I am very hesitant, and in fact, resistant to that. It doesn't make sense economically, socially, or strategically, while there are likely more productive options available to still serve your community/country.
  4. Lol — okay pal. You vote libertarian all the time but you support all this authoritarian bullshit like mandatory military service, gun bans and door to door confiscations, complete transaction monitoring, and mandated government industrialization.
  5. Everything has a balance. I’m not saying eliminate cryptocurrency or anonymous browsing. I typically use anonymous modes myself. But I also don’t take it to the extreme Jo does. I’m not willing to say reporting cash transactions over 10K is a bad thing for instance.
  6. I didn’t say that so don’t try to put words in my mouth. And if you think we track all transactions you ought to see what China is doing with smart phones. The problem with Libertarian hardcore extremists like Jo are they don’t balance shit out. The market is the answer to every problem regardless if it has well functioning supply and demand curves. Crypto currency should be equivalent to the US dollar with no recognition or thought on how it is used to facilitate some pretty nasty stuff. She never has held office so she hasn’t had to grabble with real problems. So her positions like the ones I mentioned have no nuance for real effects. so yes, I have voted libertarian multiple times for real world politicians who have experience. I just leave the pie in the sky extremists for you to support.
  7. So the ability to make purchases or browse the internet anonymously are bad things? Plenty of bad people use technology for bad things... but it doesn't mean that the technology shouldn't be utilized, or that anonymity itself is a bad thing. That said, Ulbricht shouldn't be pardoned.
  8. So you want the government to have the ability track all transactions, got it. Privacy is something you just don’t give a +++++ about. Might was well eliminate cash too. At least we’re getting to the point here.
  9. Bitcoin and crypto currency along with TOR browsers allow people to function completely anonymously. Both have allowed child pornography and pedophilla to flourish on the dark web. I never said Ross was a pedo. I was responding to Jo’s desire to enhance the use of bit coin so she can enable them.
  10. Yes, I did benefit from a support structure. Others aren’t so lucky, with support structures whittled away for hundreds of years by slavery, Jim Crow, and more subtle racism like redlining, inequitable wars on drugs, over-policing, and biased hiring practices. I’m not a special. I just had more margin for error, as those who lecture others about personal responsibility tend to have had more margin for error than me. I find it far weirder that people who have never personally felt the weight of poverty lecturing others on how they should take more responsibility.
  11. It’s true under the current system. It was true under the draft. It will continue to be true under your authoritarian proposal.
  12. That’s anecdotal. DOJ data shows that African Americans commit more than half the violent crime in the country and a vast majority of the victims are other African Americans.
  13. Perhaps it is just I live in CA but the Nortenos and Surenos have their own share of violence.
  14. You overcame that setback because you had a good mother and or friends etc... weird how you could do that but we make excuses for certain groups of people who can’t seem to overcome that for one reason or another
  15. Yes I get your point on proficiency and readiness. You are correct those areas would be impacted but I’m not sure trading that off for a broad base of the population with military training is a bad thing.
  16. Yeah, doesn’t really work that way. Forcing people to serve in the military isn’t going to change foreign intervention policy. The government as it operates today will still be blood thirsty while wealthy and influential will find a way around having their children serve in a war theater... and the poor and middle class kids will still end up doing the actual fighting. I’ll pass.
  17. My wife and I both paid our way through college and have teaching degrees. Very little help from either set of parents. Got jobs and because we wanted more for ourselves and children we got extra jobs. My wife worked as a part time janitor at the school and I worked for maintenance and did all the lawns at the same school. We also worked as janitors at the district office for over four years. I’m not saying this for a pat on the back but that if you want things you have to do some crappy things sometimes. It wasn’t fun... now all that said I realize inner city people don’t have access to extra jobs or good paying jobs all the time BUT.... all the more reason to move and better their circumstances! Weird concept I’m sure.
  18. When you look at the data, a vast majority of inner city violent crime is black on black.
  19. As a military volunteer, I don't think it is needed, and I don't think it improves morale, proficiency, and the readiness of the military. The military should not be a daycare program for 18-year olds to learn discipline, that should be done much earlier. Also, I can see bad times in the military as those who chose to enlist will likely not look favorable at those who were forced there. Why not PeaceCorps, JobCorps, AmeriCorps, or community youth programs for cleaning up beaches, forests and parks, rebuilding communities affected by natural disasters, or helping the underserved in communities with food, health and fundraising programs that fit their experience levels? Seems more impactful on the community and doesn't create a bunch of high-cost Americans bound to serve when they may be opposed to military and warfare.
  20. The excuses these guys make, that poor people are too unable and inept to move out of a crime filled ghetto is laughable. I'm starting to wonder if some of these guys have ever been poor, or at least if they know any poor people.
  21. Don't get me wrong, I don't like it either. That said, I do find it beyond amusing that both the GOP fear tactics as well as the Trumpian in your face attacks are being used against them both to great effect. That ad is likely only going to play in the DC market, for the sole benefit of Trump.
  22. Not that I agree with all their positions but is it possible they could be right that the breakdown of the family is part of the problem? And that government programs the don’t encourage/support families to stay together should be remade so they do?
  23. Those fireworks are legal in Utah for some reason. Every 4th of July looks like that across the Salt Lake valley, but with greater concentration.
  24. Ha!!! ^^^ Sounds like you are projecting yourself again. Some of you obviously have very little exposure to people who aren't wealthy, do you? The argument that poor people are unable move or relocate is laughable.
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