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  2. Well said. The SDSU inferiority complex can still be seen by some of the oldtimers on AztecMesa. I don't mean to offend anyone but I think among the reasons is how many of them became school teachers. One longtime poster on the old Aztectalk who sadly passed away of a heart attack in his early fifties once told me he loved teaching but might have majored in a different field had he known how much money would mean to him later in life. Well, SDSU may have begun as a "normal" school for teachers but the percentage of students who are in that field continues to diminish at SDSU. However, I suspect a lot of the oldtimers who keep saying the mantra "SDSU will never, ever get into the Pac-12" are just defeatists IMO. Anyway, that attitude once permeated SDSU sports fans but no longer and that helps. I sure didn't think so at the time but it also helps that SDSU allowed Ted Tollner to retire on the job for a few years, then conducted the worst coaching recruitment in the history of man to replace Ted (rumor has it Ted was put on a committee to interview people to replace himself while he was basically paid to sit at a desk for the final year on his contract) and then SDSU hired Chuck "Fourth and" Long. The firestorm created by that 8-year run of incompetence let the school president and his successors know that alumni weren't going to stand for their school being bad in football and the turnaround over the last 11 seasons has been dramatic.
  3. The AAC is a good basketball league. Losing Jim Calhoun created UConns plight. If Gonzaga can hone a brand in the WCC, UConn has no excuse for their crash except picking the wrong guy to follow that man. It’s not like it’s the first time we’ve seen that movie. If UConn replicates what Calhoun did, the AAC only benefits because they’ve beaten them so bad for so long. That being said, how many schools find 2 Jim Calhouns? It just doesn’t happen like that.
  4. I have an honest question here for Boise fans (sorry if it's already been asked, there are a lot of BS posts that make sorting through these threads pretty tough). Do any of you see you getting extra tv money as potentially damaging to yourselves? Like Texas in the Big XII, being greedy with their share of the revenue (whether deserved or not, that's not the point of the question) has hurt the competitive balance. Just curious what your thoughts would be, hypothetically, if equal distribution actually did make a competitive field that boosted yours or any MWC champion's resume and chances of a NY6 bowl. I'm not saying the extra money is why other teams haven't really posed a real threat to you guys. Far from it but it still can't help matters.
  5. #1 WITH A BULLET- THE San Diego State Aztecs Everyone else... ...except Wyoming.
  6. Pacino was so good during that period!! He still is. I love the movie Heat with him and DeNiro. What I loved most about the movie, is that Pacino and DeNiro could have switched parts and it would still be a great movie!!
  7. It makes sense. I’ve been saying that he has connections to higher level players because of his time as OC at Oregon.
  8. James Gandolfini insisted that the pup in The Drop (his last film) be a pit bull, as he was a pit bull advocate. There are a lot of stars that are pit bull owners: https://buzzsharer.com/2015/09/22/30-celebrities-who-own-pit-bulls/ They left off Liam Helsworth and Kevin Bacon. I agree Patrick Stewart's videos are just the best. I remember the first pibble they got and she was on the couch and he said no dogs on the couch and that her punishment was a kiss!!
  9. Well, it's marketing 101. Limit the product selection (teams), limit the market universe (audience). The Playoffs and the Access Bowls will probably continue to decline so long as they exclude so many teams, while the smaller bowls with their broader market appeal will hold steady or increase (that's where the increase was this season). It's the Cinderella potential that drives much of March Madness. If College Football wants to catch the same lightning, they need to recognize that.
  10. Nothing needs to be resolved immediately and there will be discussions moving forward, there will be points and counter points between now and 2026 from both the Conference and Boise State. I highly doubt any of those discussions will take place in public view. President Tromp and Boise State, like every university will study their options and choose what is best for the university. Their will be no "airport meeting" with Boise State and others slinking off into the night. Craig Thompson works for the MWC Board of Directors and the Board has has voted they would like to see the carve out for Boise ended. Every member of the MWC Board is a new member since the original agreement was signed. Thompson put out what the Board instructed him to do. If you look at his actual words he chose them very carefully. Boise State in turn put out their position so it would be known to all they have not agreed with the MWC Board of Directors. What will be the end result? No one knows at this juncture. Boise State's home games will be on Fox Sports and their away games on CBS Sports for the next six years unless they received an invite to a P5 conference, just as any other team in the MWC would jump if invited They will continue to receive the bonus payout through the terms of this agreement. Boise turned down the Big East in part because of the travel and they were told their brand had value. Will that value be there if they remain in the G5 in 2026? Only time will tell.
  11. It's certainly a marquee game with upset potential. Depends on who shows up that night.
  12. UNLV has been stuck in the cycle of hiring lame-duck coaches, rebuilding, firing, hiring, rebuilding, firing, etc with no success for 30 and 40 years for basketball and football respectively. If UNLV doesn't get their shit together right now with the new facilities, stadium, and finally ponying up with competitive D1 coaching staff salaries--they never will.
  13. Arroyo is slaying it on the recruiting trail, and he's not done yet. By the time he's done we might have the #1 class in the MW. Who'd a thunk it.
  14. That picture reminds me of this: Right @sean327?
  16. It seems like the destinies of SDSU and UNLV are tied to each other. UNLV needs to get it going, but if they can, the two make an attractive pairing.
  17. If the next 10 years are anything like the last 10, when the next conference realignment rolls around SDSU has a pretty damn good argument for being in the conversation for P5. They rack up NCAA Tourney credits, Bowl$, and have the attendance. One more level-up into a higher tier bowl game or Elite Eight would be great on their resume.
  18. SDSU has a ton of upside, as others have said. Amazing location. Great weather. Solid Academics. Hodad's / Hammonds each a stone's throw away Beaches. Committment by the school to funding their programs---a great basketball venue, and soon be a quality (but small) football vanue Intense inter-city rivalry with their sister school, USD. They are really primed for success. Only challenge, though, is that college sports fan interest is sort of dying rapidly on the west coast. USC is even struggling. The timing might be bad for SDSU. Exposure is a big deal for SDSU if they are to continue to build fan support. Otherwise, they will soon have venues full of 50 to 70 year old fans and no younger fan following growth (you see a few fanbases that look like this in the WCC). They have been screwed badly by the MWC TV deal, so hopefully the new deal is better for them.
  19. Better than watching Boise fans autofilate? Boise could make a pitch to Aresco to bring a combination of SDSU, AFA, CSU and UNLV and I think all those schools would heavily consider it.
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