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  2. Yeti Coolers

    Over sensitive America
  3. HOT TAKE! Will argue for free.

    You mean you can't just push a button and get artificial gravity?
  4. ESPN’s Too Early Top 25

    If all three come back and Nevada gets Brown, top 5 sounds good.
  5. It's Happening.

  6. I Appreciate Everyone Here

    It's a sock hop!
  7. It's Happening.

    Couldn’t tell ya...that was way before my time as a Poke fan. I do remember reading about it somewhere though.
  8. I Appreciate Everyone Here

    While everyone here is joking around, no one has mentioned the board champion - The Tool. None of you hold a candle to The Tool. He showcases his grade three grammar skills with every post. Actually, that's being too generous. Don't get me started on the overuse of argument fallacies on this board....
  9. Werewolf Noir

    ps. is that an "in?"
  10. I Appreciate Everyone Here

  11. I Appreciate Everyone Here

    What is it all the hepp kids say nowadays? "Cool story bruh!"?
  12. Yeti Coolers

    I kinda like the idea of only having red coolers and blue coolers.
  13. I Appreciate Everyone Here

    Oh yea, the tournament birth thread. A capitol offence if you ask me.
  14. I Appreciate Everyone Here

    This was painful for me haha
  15. It's Happening.

    That was Danny Ainge that whined about hot pennies, wasn't it?
  16. I Appreciate Everyone Here

    Electroconvulsive therapy? @Boise fan really let me have it one time for forgetting to use a comma.
  17. HOT TAKE! Will argue for free.

    The Fifth Season and sequels, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms and sequels by NK Jemsin (last one is fantasy) Altered Carbon - It's been out a while but I just learned of it. Terms of Enlistment by Marko Kloos - military sci fi. Dystopian in a "way too many people" way that current population trends seem to indicate isn't likely but still a very interesting read. You can substitute "overpopulation" with "obsolete due to automation" and the book's themes work just about exactly as well. Collapsing Empire by John Scalzi. His other books are good, but this one is excellent. Ancillary Justice by Ann Leckie. Interesting scenario and it plays with gender norms by explicitly not stating the gender of anybody with pronouns. That works a lot better than it sounds, it makes you think a lot more about the characters when you read it. Comedy wise, it came out a few years ago, Redshirts is great. A take on how living in a Star Trek universe would be for the characters and I'll leave it at that.
  18. Yeti Coolers

    The “boycott everything” mentality being played by everybody is retarded. The guy referenced in this article should not be allowed to procreate....ever.
  19. It's Happening.

    A BYU game in Laramie will draw a larger crowd than anyone else currently on the future non conference schedule and more than anyone in conference expect for Boise.
  20. I Appreciate Everyone Here

    Yer asking alot
  21. I Appreciate Everyone Here

    Yea you'd think with all these college sports fans here, some might actually have a college degree or know how to punctuate/articulate/ect. ;-)
  22. It's Happening.

    What? No FCS's available? Looking for some easy wins/some cup cakes? What gives?
  23. I Appreciate Everyone Here

    Whenever somebody says “irregardless” I’m like:
  24. HOT TAKE! Will argue for free.

    Really? That is awesome. Give me some reading suggestions please.
  25. Rahm Emanuel: Impeachment isn't "a political tool"

    Ok but my criticism of him is from a leftist perspective?
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