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  2. Terms: Win/Loss only - no points (BSU wins- you lose; UCF wins - I lose); Thank God there aren't ties in CFB Signature is chosen by the winning party, who posts it to the game-thread; Loser must apply signature to their profile through their account settings; Signature chosen must not be NSFW; Loser must wear signature for no less than 1 week from the time it is applied to their profile; If loser objects substantially to the chosen signature, then, it's good form for the winner to have a plan B signature ready to rock; howeve
  3. Yeah, there’s one in Julia Davis downstream from friendship bridge. There’s an information marker there talking about a spawning ground, but I think the water is too warm for that. If you want to show your kids something cool about fish, definitely do the Loggers creek thing in October. Rainbows run up it in the Spring, but it’s typically too blown out for good viewing.
  4. That's my ruling; I understand how property ownership works. Don't run away from the forum if it displeases you. Don't worry, I still consider you a very good troll, and so with that, I present you with this: You too will get through this...
  5. So they want to keep confederate statues but not teach kids in school about their role in slavery because they don’t want white people viewed negatively.. Got it.
  6. From my biased viewpoint, it seems like elected Republicans like to give their voters bogeyman to fear(Mexicans, gun taking Democrats, etc..) while they pass legislation that helps the ruling elite.
  7. I’ve never checked out the river down there, I’m getting a little bored of the trails I can walk to I’ll have to check it out. Between my house and the river is this little stream labeled as a trout nursery. It I’ve never seen anything in it though.
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  9. It’s difficult to know what future wars will look like as technology is changing so rapidly. I have a hard time imagining large scale ground assaults in the future unless it’s by robots. Drones and cyber warfare will probably assume a much larger role. Hopefully it’ll never get to the nuke level. China appears to be building their war capability. World domination appears to be their long range goal. We need to spend enough to stay ahead of them. As far as wokeness, anything that detracts from the military being able to train and function as a cohesive and deadly force is not good.
  10. I lived at Morrison Park apartments the whole time I was in Boise. After the bikini hatch was over I’d walk down with a glass of bourbon and watch fish sip caddis flies. My favorite thing to do in October was to walk up from the mouth of Loggers creek and see the big browns spawning in low water.
  11. LOL... This is pretty dumb. The press likes to pitch doom and gloom but California still has 40+million people in it. Most of those people have nice lives, good jobs and live in nice houses in crime free neighborhoods. I've traveled the world and found no place better. Still haven't turned on my air conditioner OR my heater this year. I just open the patio door and let the ocean breeze in. It's not for everybody but neither is any place else.
  12. Mountain lions weren’t so rare on campus when I was there. I never knew Boise had sandhill cranes, they’re always in the neighborhood. Here’s a family of four…
  13. Other than Roosevelt competing in the lowest division in the state, he is legit
  14. One of my favorite threads, I like seeing shit you guys find interesting.
  15. You will be surprised some of the top-level talent the military can pull in. But, that is something that I have thought about in terms of IT and cyber. We need those folks, especially those who like to tinker and are fluid with ever-changing systems. Most of those folks won't have degrees, so they will be enlisted, which pays shit for a while. Hopefully that is being solved, because that is critical, and I am recognizing that as someone who never thinks about cybersecurity in the military personally. Just if it is SIPR or NIPR, and what comm codes to destroy when need be.
  16. I’d give a testicle to see an elk around the greenbelt. I’ve seen some in Stanley from a far distance but I’ve never seen one relatively close. I’d like to learn more about the birds, lots of big birds of prey but I don’t have a clue what they’re called. Saw some really small birds dive bombing a big hawk/eagle/falcon, it didn’t seem bothered at all but fun to watch. Also saw 8-10 big birds circling like vultures the other day, I’d like to know what all these things are. The swans(well now one lonely swan) down by Barber Park/Riverside, I’d like to know if they’re wild or not. They
  17. I am certainly no expert but it seems a large part of strategic superiority will depend on which side can defend their own and attack their opponents IT infrastructure. If that capability is indeed decisive you better make sure you can get the best regardless of their sex, preferences or education.
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