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  3. The only question that needs to be answered is what chant replaces build the wall and Mexico pays. Surely his supporters won't be satisfied with the wall has been build or Mexico has already paid!
  4. Like Sweden? https://quillette.com/2019/06/11/its-time-for-sweden-to-admit-explosions-are-a-national-emergency/
  5. You're probably on to something there... but at the same time, I think Trump turns this into one of his truly insane speeches like a few months ago up in Michigan I believe. I don't see any way that he speaks for less than 90 minutes, and most of it is going to be unhinged ranting about the deep state, probably a lock her up chant or seven, the Democrats colluded, Biden hates America, Kamala Harris is nasty, Bernie is losing his marbles, Buttigieg is gay and has butt in his name (AKA Ode to Convert), Pocahontas wants to steal your jobs and your Facebook, and Beto is using a fake name just like Pocahontas pretended to be Native American. Then we'll talk about fake news, Iran, some blustery threats about nuclear weapons but that he doesn't want to go to war because it wouldn't be fair to Iran. We'll talk about big beautiful tariffs and how they aren't hurting anyone but Cchjjjjjiinnnyaaa and they're hurting really bad, believe him, really bad. Probably a good 10-15 minutes on "conflicted" Robert Mueller and the 17, 19, 15, 14, 21, 17 angry Democrats that hate Trump (unironically referring to himself as Trump), then to Hillary's emails, bleached servers, lock her up, then off to the "lovers" and their "insurance plan" and how terrible it was and that they're all traitors. We'll finish up by talking about the big beautiful wall and how it's already being built and it'll be finished because Mexico agreed to pay for it somehow by not letting asylum seekers through their country or something, then immigration and how Nancy and Chuck hate America, but he loves it, then he'll hug a flag, and that'll be it.
  6. You will see attendance increase to at least 8,000 per game this next year in Logan. We averaged 9,829 in 2013-14, and 9,158 in 2014-15, all time average in the spectrum is 7,912. Logan only has 51,000 people and the on campus enrollment is less than 20,000. Population projection is est. by 2050 Logan will have 110,000 people and the metro area will be well over 210,000. I would think Moscow could have some growth over that same time frame. That basketball arena will be used for 50 years many things can change in that amount of time. Of course I do not know what interest Idaho fans have in their school so 4,000 may be plenty for them. even in 2050
  7. The problem is the right kind of people don’t want to be cops because the job sucks. Who in their right mind want to deal with assholes like you on a daily basis?
  8. I found the itinerary for tonight: 7 pm - Jerry Falwell leads a salute to the pulse shooter 7:05 - Ben Carson leads a salute to the flat earth society 7:10 - mike pence takes the stage, proves he’s not gay by critiquing his wife’s cooking 7:40 - Sarah huckabee sanders retirement party complete with rally nooses and a rousing game of pin jim Acosta on the cross 8:00 - Stephen Miller scans the crowd for brown faces 8:01 - crowd approved, no brown faces detected 8:02 - Wayne Lapierre introduces trump, confetti made of bullets rains down from the rafters, American Psycho theme blares from the loudspeakers 8:05 - trump speech begins with new campaign slogan: a cheeseburger in every artery. Ted nugent fires unwrapped mcdonalds food from a T-shirt cannon into the crowd 8:10 - the art of the non-sequiter 8:15 - the yuuuge difference between migrant camps and Japanese internment camps. It’s bigly. 8:20 - how to determine fake news: all news is fake 8:25 - reichstag fire ideas spitball session 8:30 - abortionists flogged 8:35 - executive order: it’s not rape unless an illegal immigrant does it 8:40 - spraytan break 8:50 - farmers called up on stage to offer their livelihoods and first born children to a golden toilet statue 8:55 - John Bolton claims Iran stole coal jobs 9:00 - conclusion: a vote for trump is a vote for not having to wear underwear in public 9:05 - rally ends, supporters stay inside the arena for 3 weeks, shouting “Antifa!” at each other in a panic. Bedlam ensues. They finally agree to leave after amway offers them all “jobs.”
  9. I lock horns with almost everyone on this board, but it seems even the right-wing extremists here are very concerned about overpolicing, and police brutality. I highly recommend the "Running From Cops" podcast found here. It's an engrossing insight into how COPS the reality series changed our attitude toward, police, ruined the lives of many who were on the show as suspects, how it facilitated planting evidence in at LEAST one instance, and how it changed policing forever by creating a generation of fanboys who wanted to be the wrong kind of cop.
  10. If his base actually pushed back, he would change his tone. The hysteria and sheer lies don't seem to phase them. They chalk it up to Trump being Trump.
  11. You didn't answer why you laughed at my post. That's not continuing a discussion, that's your rabid infatuation with me. Period.
  12. This is so pathetically disingenuous it's difficult to determine if you're serious or not. The ONLY circumstance under which the Obama Admin separated families was the exact situation you're describing (which I've bolded). The difference with the Trump Admin, is they didn't bother to check to see if someone wasn't a parent, or a danger to the child. They separated ALL families who crossed, regardless of their suspected background, relationship to the child, or any other factor, PURELY for the "crime" of fleeing violence and poverty.
  13. Uh, try reading a history book sometime. And he's not just a shithead, he's a stone-cold moron.
  14. There HAS to be an amoeba in this guy's brain.
  15. It’s not a slam. More people need to be cops that would not side with the thin blue line as you indicated. That’s what I was referring to. IMO the job sucks which is why you don’t get the best and brightest that are willing to do it.
  16. Millions of ilegals, MILLIONS i tell you, will start being removed next week. Right.... Keep tweeting man. And of course exclamation marks. They must vote to get rid of the looplholes, and fix asylum! If so, Border Crisis will end quickly! Okey dokey. https://www.cnn.com/2019/06/18/politics/donald-trump-ice-undocumented-immigrants-deportations/index.html
  17. "How much do you want for it?" "Do I call back and tell you?" Richard and Sal's calls are the best.
  18. First of all, this happens long before these people go to jail, if they even go to jail. They might simply be found unfit by Dept of Family Services. Got to put them in our court and foster care program, right? What do you want done with children crossing the border who's parent doesn't turn out to be the parent and/or the parent is suspected of having a criminal or other questionable background? Do we turn a blind eye to a potentially bad situation for the child and leave the child with this adult. Or do we take custody of the child to protect them and insure a better and more healthy situation than a calculated alternative? This isn't an easy law or policy. There's an unfortunate reason congress' law is f'd up. There isn't a good answer or solution. There is only a less worse solution. All of these kids are in an extremely shytty situation. There isn't a "right" answer and the USA, while having to be a part of the solution, is not the problem. The fact that no one in Congress has the better answer/solution speaks volumes to the shytty problem and situation for all involved.
  19. I will have to vote for Trump. The man disturbs me, but his policies are mostly working. History shows most of our world's best leaders were/are shitheads.
  20. I don't see a P5, especially out west, ever voluntarily moving to a G5 conference under any circumstance. Washington State got as high as 10 last year i believe. In the last 4 years they have won 9,8,9, and 11 games in 2018. They have also gone bowling in 5 of the last 6 years.
  21. Today
  22. Took you off ignore. Well I agree about Clinton and did vote third party, The rest hard to make the claim for me they are more morally repugnant than Trump. I would not want my voting to contribute to that man going back to office. That being said my vote in CA won’t really matter. The only place I can impact stopping Trump is voting against him in the primary.
  23. Why are you so obsessed with Clinton? She isn't running.
  24. It's absolutely not a balanced board, because there are zero women here. Everyone knows FAR more man than women support Trump.
  25. 10k seemed awfully high. I looked it up and that was for no. 12 Nevada last game of season. Average attendance was 6800. Attendance has gone down over the years in basketball across the country for the reasons Vandal mentioned. It's just easier to watch at home and there are so many other viewing options for the younger generation with the internet. And then you have schools that report tickets sold and actual live attendance is nowhere near that number. 6800 is still solid by the way. 4000 seems small for a basketball arena, but not for a town of 20k. Pics look really sweet. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2018–19_Utah_State_Aggies_men's_basketball_team
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