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  2. I own 2 nice watches. This one for everyday use: And this one for dressing up: Hardly ever wear either one anymore.
  3. Hope no one tests positive. Curious as to why she would self-quarantine at a hotel?
  4. So did a longtime friend of mine with whom I've lost contact. He went to Rice to play football circa 1977 after graduating from what is now the renowned Harvard-Westlake HS where he was a star QB. (Its academics weren't nearly so good back then.) Great athlete rich kid who struggled to get his BA and then struggled to graduate from law school and finally passed the California bar around 1990 after flunking it half a dozen times. My friend was the epitome of a kid who could never live up to his overachieving father's expectations and I have to wonder how many such kids end up at private schools like Rice for which their parents' donations are as important as anything in helping them get a degree.
  5. I’ve been impressed with Utah’s response so far. They already have a site set up that will house up to 1000 extra beds if needed (initially set up with 250 or so) at the Mountain America Expo Center. We’re nowhere near needing this at this point but it’s up and ready for when/if it is. https://www.kutv.com/amp/news/local/state-health-officials-prepare-temporary-hospital-they-hopes-to-never-use
  6. I'm so relieved. This thing is just about over...
  7. Hey, that's only 50 years. At Rice, rebuilding takes time.
  8. Several? She is directly linked to over 60 suspecious deaths. Several. Lol. Multitudes is a better word choice.
  9. Hillary killed several people.
  10. Hell, that counts for more than anything! Add to that the fact the woman is a total space cadet as alum9 will discover and she's perfect! Great job, Mr. Grumpy! (She's Harvard Law 2017! The only possible explanation is that she's been taking dumb pills for the last three years.) (Edit: I should probably be fair. She at least COME'S OFF as a space cadet and the reason is probably that she's uncomfortable speaking in public. Although many people are, that's not a good attribute for being a press secretary.)
  11. Yeah I read that at the time. If he had stuck to that PR campaign he would still have a job. How much of it is true is debatable as it insinuates the Chain on command was responding and he jumped the gun. Given from past history of the Trump administration I have severe doubts but it would have mollified the armed services supporters of Trump. Instead he poured gasoline on the fire with his recorded speech.
  12. So, to summarize: "I worked hard and paid for college so....phuck these kids!"
  13. https://m.facebook.com/100000730801950/posts/3161302707237392/?d=n
  14. Should just change the title of this thread to "Self-Righteous Indignation"
  15. No shit, what dumbass started this abortion?
  16. The evolution of this award has been something. It is a gottdamn honor.
  17. She's actually probably the smartest one he's hired too. JD from Harvard, studied at Oxford, married a pro baseball pitcher.
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