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  2. crixus

    MWC TV guide

    Football - they have the wrong logo for Wyoming and the Air Force logo is next to New Mexico State.
  3. AndroidAggie

    Strzok fired

    fair enough i stand corrected about his position in the fbi. hmmmmmm lots of thoughts. i still don't think it's 100% clear cut that he acted because he hates trump. his ends don't justify his means; he is with the fbi and the facts surrounding the trump campaign meeting with the russians, in my estimation, warrants further investigation. i think strzok did deserve to be removed from the mueller investigation and that his bias is clearly in play when he's deciding to not go after the weiner laptop but instead chase trump. in other words, while i probably would've made the same decision, i would hope i'd choose courses of actions based on facts rather than "oh the guy is probably dirty so let's go find dirt" the ends don't justify the means
  4. Bruininthebay

    OT: University of Tulsa Athletic Dept budget cuts

    3:00 minutes in 'Why does Rice play Texas?" Huge pop
  5. TheTedfordTrain

    MWCBoard All MWC Selections

    SJSU got the amount of respect they deserve
  6. crixus

    Oh Twitter...

    I like Twitter, but then again I don't follow any politicians on it. And that's why I like it. I've met all sorts of interesting people from around the World and have shared some great stories and pictures. I don't like Facebook very much though. The only reason why I have an account with them is to watch rugby and college football games. They've got the Spartans on again this season. The American Geographical Society is one of my favorite's on Twitter. The American Geographical Society‏ @AmericanGeo 4h4 hours ago More "Recently, through Google Earth, a new discovery has been uncovered. It concerns the latest pyramid in a group of three pyramids covered with snow." #pyramid #antarctica http://ow.ly/2lsB30lnWb8
  7. thelawlorfaithful

    Strzok fired

    Strzok was the guy with the responsibility in handling the new lead. He did nothing until the freaked out child porn case agent saw the writing on the wall, that when this all came out they would try to pin the blame all on him, and went to the US Attorney to try and get the FBI in gear.
  8. AndroidAggie

    Strzok fired

    there's more to the story than what i highlighted: Inspector General Horowitz’s exhaustive review of the Clinton email probe found that “Strzok was not the sole decisionmaker” for the key Clinton email probe decisions — he had a supervisor and others on his team all along. Additionally, Horowitz wrote, Strzok and Page sometimes “advocated for more aggressive investigative measures.” Horowitz did conclude that he didn’t “have confidence” that one Strzok decision — to prioritize the Trump-Russia probe over reviewing new Clinton emails on Anthony Weiner’s laptop — “was free from bias.” But he also couldn’t show that there was bias there. (After all, there are legitimate arguments that pursuing active Russian interference in the final weeks of the election was the right call, and the new Clinton emails turned out to be unimportant when they were reviewed.) so horowitz (understandably and reasonably) had his doubts, but couldn't point to evidence that strzok was a in a position of power in the investigation and abused that position by using poor judgment in the investigation if i'm wrong please correct me
  9. JADogs05

    MWCBoard All MWC Selections

    Hawaii got screwed in this. Ursua should have been first team over Richardson and their LB should have been first or second team. Sdsu also got screwed.
  10. thelawlorfaithful

    Strzok fired

    Vox is being misleading. Here are the quotes from the IG report and the IG’s senate testimony about Strzok’s bias affecting investigative decisions.
  11. AndroidAggie

    Strzok fired

    it's my understanding that strzok took part in 2 investigations that are relevant and salient to whether or not he was unjustly animated by personal opinion in favor of or against trump one was of hillary and emails and private servers. during the course of which strzok was determined to have not acted with any out of the ordinary bias. he was not the sole decision maker nor was he in a position internally to induce others under him to do this or that. this was the results of the june OIG report. the other investigation is the ongoing mueller investigation and his involvement there a.) has been cut short thanks to the revelation of his texts back in dec 2017 and b.) the IG's report on whether or not he unduly influenced decisions based on his bias against trump has yet to conclude. https://www.vox.com/2018/8/13/17683566/peter-strzok-fired-fbi-trump-russia
  12. misplacedcowboy

    Gear Update: MSP

    Well duh. Everyone knows dogs are better than apes
  13. NevadaFan

    Nevada Football

  14. misplacedcowboy

    Mike Bobo admitted to hospital

  15. Slapdad

    Nevada Football

    Uh......This coming from a SDSU fan?
  16. NevadaFan

    Raiders training camp to Reno?

    The special assessment could ONLY apply to homes bordering the course. I’m not sure you realize the “park land” was the middle of the golf course? This negotiation only happened for one reason: the title holder wasn’t prepared for the onslaught of lawsuits that were going to happen had it not negotiated in good faith. And land was being defaulted on left and right. They wanted no part of that mess. And Washoe County and the city used general fund money to bail out (help pay) for the title of a failed golf course — during the recession. End of story. You can argue “we” didn’t pay for it, no more than Vegas is paying for the Raiders. But, guess who was on the hook when the recession buried that course to the point it was sucking the RSCVA dry? The taxpayers!
  17. These are good for CSU, UNM, and Wyo. it’s a much watched network in those areas and some great kickoff times. BTW, they do a great job with the broadcast.
  18. steveem

    SDSU ‘19

    Irwin left the team as did Brown the kid from Texas so two of their DE frosh are gone. Better hi the JC trail hard. Glass who was a good back up c dt left as well.
  19. SDSUfan

    If you were going to go to New Zealand

    Why new Zealand( he wonders) when there's a socialist paradise just a few miles south of Miami? Could it be that leftists are a bunch of hypocritical racist pigs?
  20. Today
  21. From the AT&T sports net website: "The nation’s premier regional sports networks provide unique and special experiences for local sports fans, sponsors, team and media partners. AT&T SportsNet serves the Pittsburgh, Rocky Mountain and Southwest regions." TIL the nation consists of the Rocky Mountains, Southwest and Pittsburgh.
  22. SDSUfan

    Nevada Football

    My bad, I thought that it was a Nevada tradition to declare itself on "another level" after moderate, short term success.
  23. Yesterday
  24. @mugtang it is too late now unless you want to rent. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-45199034 New Zealand is facing a housing affordability crisis which has left home ownership out of reach for many. Low interest rates, limited housing stock and immigration have driven up prices in recent years. US applications for New Zealand citizenship jump 70% after election The lure of New Zealand for jaded Americans
  25. KingBronco

    Anyone want some BSU/OkieLight Action?

    If Nevada wins more than 6 games it might be slightly closer because Gangi will put up some good stats...but Rypien would have to get hurt or both he and his team would need to completely collapse for him to not win it again as a senior.
  26. Slapdad

    Nevada Football

    Not having much of a choice never stopped Ault before. 😀
  27. Slapdad

    Nevada Football

    That was Groth. But to be fair, Fox was part of TJ’s staff and was recommended by TJ on the way out.
  28. Scooter

    Mike Bobo admitted to hospital

    I'm starting to wonder what is going on with coach Bobo. It's gotten really quiet. Hopefully it's nothing serious.
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