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  2. It has been well-established how easily transmitted this pathogen is indoors. Bullshit like this just made the job of every public health official in every municipality exceedingly more difficult. I guess the road to hell needed repaving.
  3. My wife listed off a number of movies where preteen and teen boys were explicitly talking sexual things about and simulating sexual experiences and asked me why that's not considered sexual exploitation but is just "Boys will be boys." I didn't have an answer.
  4. Local businesses here in SD are already threatening to ignore shutdown orders if our own case count (and related metrics) triggers them. I worry revelations like this will only fuel the fires of dissent and we will likely see more widespread civil unrest before all is said and done.
  5. I huge f*ckup by Nashville elected officials. It only serves to do what I think they were looking to avoid - threatening to undermine the efforts of public health officials. But man, @Rebels18... if this shit rocked your world, wait 'till you get a load of what our president did.
  6. Big difference between sexually exploited pre teens and bad words in a rap song. I bet if this was directed by a white man instead of a female person of color who happens to also be an immigrant you would feel differently. You would likely call it racist, xenophobic and problematic.
  7. I have just too many times seen people in local public health departments overstate risks to justify control over human behavior or commerce to think that this sort of thing wasn't happening here too. Add the partisanship, regional factionalism, and all the other stuff, and you'll get this sort of thing. And what we're going to see is the Trumpers use this as an example as to why we shouldn't believe any of the overall numbers because of DEMON-CRATS!!!OMG!!!, instead of using this as an example of why we should be more precise about evaluating risk.
  8. My wife spent the better part of two years writing a screenplay before she got burnt out on the process. I could tell it was a chore at times, but at other times she would just bust shit out effortlessly. IIRC, she found an app that helped her build the story and write the script. I think your idea has legs. You really should consider further exploring the idea of writing it.
  9. https://www.cyclingnews.com/news/jumbo-visma-director-merijn-zeeman-kicked-out-of-tour-de-france-for-misconduct/ Director for Jumbo Visma got booted for getting in the face of a UCI inspector. Apparently they damaged the crankset while inspecting it on Roglic's bike. The director was not pleased and blew up about it.
  10. I enjoyed it more this year, although Jumbo Visma put a stranglehold on things once they wore the "yellow". Some great new spots. Don't follow it enough to know about the Thomas thing but the commentators did seem surprised that he wasn't included and Ineos was a non-factor. Hope that Sepp Kuss can make some noise in the future.
  11. I've read about this new drug called ITPP that increases blood release into tissues to increase endurance. Supposedly there is a urine test for it, but haven't heard of anyone actually testing positive for it.
  12. So I haven’t read all the thread but after some consideration I have some thoughts. 1) Pedophillia and the sexual exploitation of children is a big deal. It’s especially an issue in Sac which sits at the intersection of two major interstate highways 5 and 80. I have often donated to fight it. 2) like claims of racism and fascism over the top claims of Pedophillia do nothing to help improve the situation. 3) I see right leaning members of this board denounce “over the top” claims of racism and fascism all the time but then fill this board with claims Biden is a Pedoph
  13. The Big West needs to add San Jose State for the gym floor, alone.
  14. It shocks me, but doesn’t surprise me. Can’t help but think about your prediction of partisanship way back when, and can’t believe how naive I was in thinking we could come to find some common purpose. From Trump and the CDC down to mayors and local health officials, they’re cooking the books leaving all of us blind. It’s infuriating.
  15. The correct word is envious. If you went to a better school like UNLV you would have known that.
  16. I wonder if the thought of starting on the 31st and getting 8 games would include the championship. We play a 7 game regular season then on championship weekend the top 2 teams play but so does everyone else against another team, getting us to 8 total games. Similar to what the Big Ten is doing. Not Ideal but its something.
  17. Where is the source on that. I know that just here in Wyoming we have had already 2 or 3 games canceled due to covid cases. Seems like it is hard to directly link any case to the actual football game.
  18. Today
  19. https://nypost.com/2015/04/12/mindy-kalings-brother-explains-why-he-pretended-to-be-black/ Why I faked being black for med school
  20. I'd offer BYU Football's Coaching staff salaries as exhibit A.
  21. Also change your plates and quit driving like +++++tards. This is from someone who moved out of California 30 years ago. Came here because I fell in love with the place, not to change it.
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