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  2. OT: For you Texas Expansionists

    Such conferences would be better for everybody.
  3. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    I believe the argument is that successful "Athletics" raises the profile of a university and subsequently, increases alumni involvement and donations. I've never seen any actual proof.
  4. Will UNLV go 0pher?

    Year 2 for menzies has been a dave rice special
  5. UNLV recruiting

    Im frustrated with the last couple games, but not the direction of the program. Thats pretty consistent with fans that havent jumped ship. I want to see McCoy stay for sure. Improvements he made throughout the season are obvious. Players make the biggest jump from year 1 to 2. McCoy, Beck, Hardy, Diong all returning would be huge! Menzies added 2 cornerstone guys this year, Juice and McCoy. We didnt leap as far as we wanted, but the improvement is undeniable. Add 2 more cornerstone guys in Ntambwe and Hamilton with elite size and athleticism at their positions, and thats 4 cornerstone guys playing together. Juice McCoy Hamilton Ntambwe The supporting cast is also much better and all but 1 are returning players, also huge: Hardy, Beck, Diong, Robotham, Dembele, Blair, Coupet, sr Clyburn, Woodbury Its basically swapping Jojo, Jordy and Anthony Smith for Robotham, Hamilton, Ntambwe and throwing in Woodbury. Thats a lot of size and depth added.
  6. It could be the best trip you'll never remember!
  7. OT: For you Texas Expansionists

    A @RebelRobert inspired, geographically close conference? Would probably need to look like this (9 teams, 8 conference games). Makes a lot of sense, but probably would never happen without an Airport Meeting. PACIFIC WEST CONFERENCE 1--SDSU 2--FRESNO 3---UNLV 4---NEVADA 5---SAN JOSE 6---HAWAII 7---BOISE 8---USU 9---BYU MOUNTAIN WEST CONFERENCE 1---WYOMING 2---CSU 3---AFA 4---UNM 5---NEW MEXICO 6---UTEP 7---TEXAS STATE 8---UT SAN ANTONIO 9---NORTH TEXAS
  8. OT: Ticket Services (VGK Games)

    First, have you tried this? https://www.nhl.com/goldenknights/tickets/tacobellstudentrush Second, here is a thread from forum for VGK where folks buy and sell tickets... I doubt you will get better than StubHub pricing, but you may get it for StubHub cost minus the fees? http://hfboards.mandatory.com/threads/vgk-ticket-sale-exchange-thread-read-op-for-rules.2378669/
  9. Will UNLV go 0pher?

    I am usually the optimist...but I'm afraid UNLV unfuncks Sunday.
  10. Nevada fans Eric Musselman.... can Nevada keep him?

    Plus the State of Nevada gives you $10,000 towards tuition thanks to the cigarette money. Not a bad deal.
  11. Thanks! You're a good teacher!
  12. The death penalty solves no problems. It doesn't deter crime. It doesn't save money. And it might actually do more harm than good. Not just because of the much-too-high-risk of executing someone who is innocent, or because it might violate the 8th Amendment (I know that SCOTUS says it does not), but because it perpetuates a cycle of violence.
  13. Way to stay on topic there Comrade fan.
  14. Go do your best impression of an Eagles fan, and eat shit.
  15. Will UNLV go 0pher?

    Knights have sold out every game, and UNLV's attendance has been up and down depending on the opponent and how the team is playing. This is just the first time they have gone head to head. I think the crowd has much more to do with the recent blowout loss to SDSU than a conflicting VGK game. As to the topic, I have no idea. This team is a complete Jekyll and Hyde.
  16. I'm not saying that - I don't think people want others to die. It's collateral damage in the mad effort to save money by taking things away from those who have no special interest groups throwing money at politicians. I was responding to his general statement about a society where the state may determine life or death by $$$. I think this applies.
  17. Will UNLV go 0pher?

    Although there's nobody at the games, UNLV is still getting 9k-10k tickets sold. It really looks like many of the season ticket holders for UNLV bball are probably also season ticket holders for the Knights. Many of the empty seats at the Mack are the more expensive ones, which are quite expensive for college basketball. That being said I could see many of these absentee season ticket holders still writing a check for their UNLV tickets for a few more years, whether or not they attend games or not. But yes, we now have a market for sports in the town and UNLV will not be able to provide an inferior product and compete for butts in seats moving forward.
  18. Come on man. We can do better than make that same old tired argument. Just because you are against the ACA doesn't mean you want people to die. You and I mostly agree on policy, but state-sanctioned murder and health insurance systems are wholly different issues.
  19. Reading is fundamental, Tapeworm. This says nothing about Russian interference in the 2008 and 2012 US elections.
  20. Fresno State at UNLV

  21. What about Ted Bundy? Tex Watson? Jeffrey Dahmer? Can't remember his name but the Green River Killer? The brother who committed the Boston bombing? If capital punishment is being done as a deterrent, I agree with you. Wasted effort. But if it's punishment for the crime they committed, and the evidence isn't circumstantial, then why not? The burden of proof would have to be high, but there's a place for it imo.
  22. Will UNLV go 0pher?

    Agreed. Should be a more well rounded team next season.
  23. I'm 100% against the death penalty... which is a complete reversal from what my beliefs were until about 10 years ago. The main thing that caused me to change my mind was reading The Innocent Man by John Grisham, which is a non-fiction book that tells the story of the wrongful conviction of Ron Williamson, and the lengths the police and authorities in Oklahoma went to in order to secure a death penalty verdict against a man that didn't even commit the crime. It also goes into the stories of three other men from the same area in Oklahoma who were also wrongfully convicted and sentenced to death for crimes that they didn't commit. Around the same time, I also learned about the West Memphis Three, who had their civil rights trampled in an attempt to convict them of brutal child murders --- mishandled evidence, lack of a true investigation by the coroner, destruction of the crime scene. All three of them served lengthy prison sentences before they were eventually released after signing agreements that stated there was (supposedly) enough evidence to convict them, but maintaining their innocence. They weren't ever sentenced to death, but they were imprisoned for nearly 20 years before being released and then re-sentenced to time served. Aside from those cases, I just don't believe that we have the moral authority to determine who lives and who dies. It's not about "bringing closure" to the families of the victims, it's about a satiating a societal bloodthirst for retribution.
  24. OT: For you Texas Expansionists

    I've got a great idea. Why don't you guys and the front rangers get together with UTSA, UTEP, UNT, Rice and Texas State and form your own conference!!!
  25. Aren't they doing that with ACA & Medicare cuts? Won't that inevitably lead to preventable deaths? And the only factor determining it is $$$.
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