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  2. If the GOP ran their primaries like the Dems, it would be much less of a sure thing. But, they don’t, it’s winner take all. Trump doesn’t have to do anything but get the most votes; whether it’s 55% or 30%
  3. You have no idea what you’re talking about. She ripped on him all the way through his term and after, and if you knew any of that you’d know that she’s her own person with her own beliefs. Her meeting with Trump was shrewd politics. She has to thread the needle carefully with Trump and Trump supporters. She’s not perfect for sure, but she’s pretty damn good for a politician.
  4. YoY GDP stats from 2020 expected. I wonder what the MEW figures might look like assuming there are any out there?
  5. OK.. I agree.. Convert was just using the 29% as the reason why trump won't be the nominee. I don't know if he will or won't but 29 % of people wanting him to run is nor a reason he won't win.
  6. He's been right on those issues, but in the entirety of it, it's a non starter for him nationally. Simply doesn't have the personality for it, imo. And I like him a lot.
  7. The Kings and Hawks say hi. Pro basketball has failed multiple times in Missouri.
  8. Nah. It's right there in full color for everyone to see. People can judge for themselves. But I'm right on this.
  9. I don’t think she ever called his actual citizenship in to question, but I’m sure there were racist overtones in her campaign.
  10. Its a long way to go. Going into 2016 It was assumed Jeb Bush was going to be the nominee. A lot can happen.
  11. Rand Paul has a good chance. He was right about the NIH funding gain of function. He was also right about cloth masks being useless. He has been right about COVID even when the NIH and Fauci have been adamant that he was an idiot. The groundswell around him is tremendous and will be greater still once COVID actions are being investigated in retrospect.
  12. El Salvador did a good job of uglying up the game. Score aside, it really wasnt that close of a game. Canada is hurting right now, too. Mexico really struggled to beat a 10 man Jamaica. Had to come from behind.
  13. I don't believe anyone from the democrat party that is scared he'll run. Biden sat in a walled off house and let the media run his campaign and still won. Trump has no appeal to anyone that votes but doesn't follow politics closely like us on this board. There's millions of them. My sister is a prime example. Gets her news from social media, doesn't care for politics but votes in every election. Votes on personality a lot, which she is not alone. She voted Biden for a lot of what you would allude to in "baggage". She would vote for Hailey over any democrat, I'd guess. First female prez? D
  14. In many states and jurisdictions, police have broad authority to block the release of that footage for a significant amount of time and have wielded that generously and continue to do so. They do the same with any and all information related to use of force and investigations, always have and always will. Civilian review over local police forces are a joke. Anyone who's been around police department knows the that. The single best way to allow for real accountability for abuse of power by the police is to carve into qualified immunity, which your boy in Virginia is against. Saying that p
  15. Pepi and Miles Robinson will rotate in. Also expect a bounce back from Pulisic. I still think a draw is more likely than a loss.
  16. She was critical of Trump for the 15 minutes, until it became clear Trump wasn’t going away. By February she was already trying to get a meeting with Trump at Mar Lago to kiss the ring, and was snubbed. She has no chance at winning a primary.
  17. He wanted to. But he fell a bit short on that, didn't he, champ? Kruger with his "small time" players did far more than Rice while at the same time left the program in far better shape. Your response goes back to the unrealistic expectations that contributed to his departure.
  18. Trump has endorsed vaccines. That will hurt him. The most extreme, anti-everything-COVID Republican will win.
  19. 29 percent of the electorate is more than enough to win the primary.
  20. Well that's mercifully over.... but if McKennie and/or Adams (who pulled up lame on the next to last play as well) are unavailable and/or we play this way against Canada, we're losing badly.
  21. I think Trump loses if he runs again. But I think it’s pretty uncontroversial to say there are definitely more indications he is going to run again than not.
  22. Luca De la Torre can fill in as a very good progressive midfielder... But GGG will stick with Acosta/Lleget
  23. I'd hope her necon or not, status would be well vetted in a primary. Think she'd be at the top of the list with a couple others for the absolute worst candidate for Dems to run against.
  24. I wouldn’t say she started it… but she did plant the seeds, IMO.
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