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  2. Larry Eustachy Says It’s About the Players

    So what does that make Edwards?
  3. SDSU loses to Fresno Right After Losing to Boise

    LOL!! Evidently not.
  4. Grab your lube!

    What's the over-under on how long he lasts before tearing his ACL on the sideline?
  5. #Release The Memo

    If there was nothing in the Fusion GPS testimony, then why did the Republicans fight so hard for so long to keep from releasing it? For the record, I do believe with you. They just need to release it and be done with it. I personally believe that if it doesn't come out soon, it's because they're saving it for if/when Mueller announces another indictment or conviction/plea deal.
  6. Hawaii to returning to Run-N-Shoot

    Buddy Ryan didn't know a damn thing about Offense. He should have stayed a D Coordinator.
  7. Slugging Rats in the Sewer

    Dude, it's the sewer rat logo. Get it right. The swamp rat logo is a little different.
  8. #Release The Memo

    Certainly possible. So just release it and we can see if it is real or not. If there is nothing there then why did every dem on the committee vote against releasing it after reading it?
  9. Hawaii to returning to Run-N-Shoot

    With Dog Chapman spending most of his time in CO these days, it's allowed gang violence to escalate in the area of Hawaii's FB practice facilities. So it might not be a coincidence that, with the many practice interruptions due to this, Rolo has announced this week that they're going with a new Shoot-N-Run offense.
  10. SDSU loses to Fresno Right After Losing to Boise

    Aztecs have some really good freshmen.. But Dutcher is no Steve Fisher. Coaches in waiting are never as good as the OG.
  11. Russia funneling money to support Trump

    I never said I accept what Mueller finds. I said if Trump committed a crime. Those two are not the same. It's already been shown the members of Mueller's team are biased. I don't want corruption with either party. I'm really hoping that evidence comes out implicating members of both sides in corruption and cleaning out all of Congress.
  12. Grab your lube!

    I'll be honest ... I thought Chuckie Keeton was still USU's starting quarterback going into next season*. *Until the eventual injury.
  13. Marvin Menzies is a Joke

    Fans at the games see what they want to see. I had seats in section 115 in shouting distance of our bench. In CDR's second year I started heckling and booing the bench. People around me were, to say the least, perturbed. Truth is they couldn't see the shitty basketball and coaching over their love of the 5 star recruits and their hometown boy rice which was right in front of them. So, in my opinion, talking to other fans at the game to get a feel for good basketball is just not realistic. What's really important to watch is what is going on on the court. That is where you form your opinion about what is good basketball or bad basketball from watching the coaches, the plays called, the players on the floor. To think people in the seats are the best gauge of what is going on on the floor to me doesn't make sense. But, to each their own.
  14. He obviously doesn't use it. Look how fat he is
  15. Slugging Rats in the Sewer

    Ah, the good ol swamp rat logo.
  16. Slugging Rats in the Sewer

    Was this a reference to Nevada before the game on Saturday?
  17. Lobos will officially name Calvin Magee as OC today. Magee has been Rich Rods right hand man at WV, Mich, and AZ. Magee was instrumental in creating the spread option run by Rich Rod and in AZ's QB Kalil Tate's monster season this year. Magee's offensive pedigree will fit in with the offensive talent UNM has. Lobos hired Archie McDaniel from SMU to coach OLBs and Perry Eliano to coach CBs & STs. This is McDaniel's second stop at UNM and he is filling the 10th assistant spot. His hiring will help alleviate DC Cogrove of some duties as he was coaching all the LBs postion as well as being the DC. Eliano hiring will help alleviate QB Apollo Wright fron his STs duties. Lobo fans are excited about the hirings and look forward to getting back to competing in the MWC. With OVs coming in this weekend and NSD less than 3 weeks away, these signings couldn't be more welcomed. https://www.abqjournal.com/1121065/unm-football-magee-to-be-the-oc.html
  18. Russia funneling money to support Trump

    Apologist, not plant.
  19. Russia funneling money to support Trump

    You stated in previous threads by stating that you are convinced the Meuller investigation is biased and hence whatever they find will not be believable. Now you say you'll accept whatever Meuller finds. Which one is it?
  20. Geez Mug, were they the same people who did the Head On commercial? I'm sure that video is being applied directly to every con forehead!
  21. Boise should get a blue basketball court

    He saw how cool CSU's indoor field was, so why not do something cool outside for BB?
  22. Boise State recruiting 2018

    Purdy posted on twitter that Zac Hill was at his house last night, so maybe we try to get both in case one flounders on signing day? Niti Liu (6'-3, 275) DT and UCLA decommit had a visit with coaches as well and sounds like is waiting on an offer.
  23. I'm pretty sure you could have any pornstar you wanted for $100,000 too.
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