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  2. It’s stupid because its false to begin with. Ritchie McKay was at CSU in the late 90s.
  3. That would make him the 2nd black HC after Ritchie McKay.
  4. Ritchie McKay was the CSU Mens Basketball coach in the late 90’s dumbass.
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  6. Hopefully New Mexico stops playing like a mid-level FCS team. Certainly wouldn't hurt the conference SOS.
  7. they need to switch on over to the AAC as a football only. East: Air Force, Navy, SMU, Tulsa, Houston, Tulane (all the privates & academies together) West: Cincy, Memphis, Temple, UCF, USF, ECU
  8. Word has it that Tony Alford will be CSU's new HC. He's currently Ohio State's RB coach and asst offensive coach.
  9. It's a traditional man's role but they're having a woman play it! Man, that's some cutting edge stuff!
  10. Doubt it. Everyone said this season would be a rebuilding year
  11. I think that's probably where I saw it, lol. thanks! Separate, no? it would require more than one, could easily give college kids their own.
  12. Alums and their families bussed over with college kids. Sounds like more great ideas coming from the think tank that is UNLV administration. Maybe they should leave the next coaches wife at the airport alone or wait a week or two before approving his contract. Seems to have worked wonders for the bball program.
  13. I think Ezra's stock may have fallen a bit this year with missing games and inconsistent play. I wonder if he is still a lock to leave early.
  14. This stupid attitude is why your sorry state is still the way it is and your programs have gotten progressively worse and wont get better. "Hey, cletus. We hired us another chic, she can hire us a coach and make us a sandwich. At least we didnt end up with one a dem damn darkies!" "all them miiiiinoritaayys is the damn same anyway...."
  15. Utah joins Hawaii in the Sweet 16, a 3-0 sweep of #14 BYU. Cal Poly swept 3-0 by #3 Stanford.
  16. If Ukraine had announced and investigation it would have been 1 day in the news cycle at best. Team members like you would have never even admitted it happened. Most people wouldn't have known. Because of impeachment Biden has had questions over this in his town halls, will receive questions in any fair debate. Once this gets to the Senate republicans will spend weeks talking about Biden and his son and the tens of millions of dollars that changed hands. This will be months in the news cycle. Far worse then anything Trump ever hoped to accomplish damaging Biden. If Biden loses the nomination and he might it is because of this impeachment investigation. This will blow up big for Biden in the Senate.
  17. Boise now with 4 MWC titles, tying Utah and TCU for most all time in the MWC. Hopefully Fresno and the others hiring coaches nail their selections.
  18. Hawaii advances to the sweet 16.
  19. Glad we won this one. Next year is going to be a real struggle losing all of our Dline and most of the Oline. Start licking your chops suckers. Plus, Harsin knows the score and will bail if he gets any kind of P5 offer.
  20. I have not seen anything concrete yet on the shuttles, but in June I participated in a detailed survey that the AD sent out to current season ticket holders that implied that RAF donors (Rebel Athletic Fund, which includes anyone who buys lower level basketball or good football tickets) might be offered free shuttle service to free parking at the T&M. I believe that such a shuttle service should be heavily promoted and should be used to draw more students to the games, which would be one way to pad the attendance numbers. The current trend of having students who don't go to game produces alumni who don't go to games. Now is the opportunity to change that.
  21. It's not like Memphis is losing coaches to Vandy and Wake Forest...we've lost coaches to Va Tech and Florida State.
  22. This playoff is going to be awesome.
  23. There's also this guy, Coach Dale Lindsey at U of San Diego. He holds a record of 64-19 (including 2019). Has spent time in Nuevo Mexico- in Las Cruces. https://usdtoreros.com/sports/football/roster/coaches/dale-lindsey/1331
  24. Wait...................where did Texas A&M hire their coach from? The AAC is a virtual equal in the Massey composite rankings with the ACC and like 17-1 vs the G5 or independents not named Notre Dame, with Navy still to play Army. Going to be awful hard to spin they aren't separated from the other G5 conferences if they finish ahead of the ACC after bowls.
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