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  2. You live in Idaho, and hence, live in a bubble. Your idea of culture is probably stopping at the Starbucks inside Albertson's.
  3. I haven't lived in Idaho my entire life, nor am I a Democrat. My last registration was as a Republican. Thanks for playing
  4. You live in +++++ing Idaho. Your whole life is a +++++ing bubble. Give me a break, Clyde. The fact you think that Glenn Greenwald isn't a liberal shows that you're a party shill to the max.
  5. Left anti-liberals, by contrast, pinpoint liberal economic doctrine as the source of our current woes. Liberalism’s vision of the economy as a zone of individual freedom, in their view, has given rise to a deep system of exploitation that makes a mockery of liberal claims to be democratic — an oppressive system referred to as “neoliberalism.” https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2019/9/9/20750160/liberalism-trump-putin-socialism-reactionary
  6. I liked when Jared Kushner lectured Black Americans on lacking the desire to be successful. Jared, who got into Harvard because his dad donated millions of dollars to the University. Jared, who owned over $10 million in real estate as a college student from money he got from his father. Jared, who works in the White House because his father-in-law is President of the United States. Yeah Jared, tell us more about what black people in America should do to be successful.
  7. This is what I’m seeing locally. 2 weeks ago I didn’t see much Trump excitement. Now it looks to be at least as strong as 2016. Mini Trump rallies are all over town now. I didn’t see that in 2016. Does it mean more votes who knows but it certainly looks like the base is fired up for Trump. Just another side bit 3/4 of the supporters gathering are women. Does this mean anything from a red state maybe not. Apparently this is happening in Pennsylvania as well. There are signs that Trump might win this thing again. Again I didn’t see this in 2016.
  8. Tells me all I need to know about your bubble. It's not hard to find the exact sentiment I'm describing
  9. Since when are liberals viewed as "center left"? In your pointy little head perhaps. But that's not the prevailing notion. The center left are usually referred to as "moderates".
  10. I didn't "disparage" Greenwald. I merely wrote that he isn't liberal. Liberals are viewed as center-left. The majority of the far-left view liberals as squishy incrementalists
  11. Anybody cheering for both Rangers and Celtic may be the most bizarre thing ever...but considering the source....
  12. With regards to the article, he's got a point. Why do people blindly believe what the spooks say after all the lies they've told us over the last 70 or so years? And he's also right in pointing out a healthy press would be skeptical of all of them, not just one of them, and such behavior really comes across as a hallmark of totalitarian societies.
  13. I don't know who "my guy" is who said that... But it is an interesting story about increasing media censorship. Both right wing and left wing media being impacted by a freeze out. It was always weird to me that China could get away with controlling information that it's citizens could read. Hope we aren't following that path.
  14. Those videos are hard to watch. But they are a reflection of this board. It’s hard to try to understand a candidates policy and decouple it from the bullchit.
  15. Trafalgar's Nevada crosstabs https://drive.google.com/file/d/17CBTDAU6xkJ6jrrYOaAyTW62fAUxT0VB/view have Biden with big support among NV women (52.6%-41.2%) and under 25 year olds (52.2%-35.2%). Women and Gen Z in Nevada do not like Trump. The over 65 year olds are listed as 47.4% Trump; 45.5% Biden. Not a big margin for Trump in the Nevada senior citizen demo. Trafalgar also has Biden with a big lead in NV CD1 and Trump with the lead in NV CD2. They have CD4 as Trump 46.5% and Biden 44.6%. CD3 is listed as basically a dead heat Biden 47.7% Trump 47.2%.
  16. He's not merely "left of center" though. He's a leftist. He's beyond the "left of center" region. But because he's not on your team in this instance, I guess, given the day and age, I can see why you'd go out of your way to try to disparage him. #teamsandshit
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