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  2. You have to prove that the intent was to help his campaign. John Edwards faced similar felony charges and won the case by claiming he paid his mistress off to save his family the embarrassment not to help his campaign. Trump will likely use the same strategy but he has some issues with that approach. I think the Prosecutor may just charge him with a misdemeanor and call it a day. Also not only is it possible to run for President from jail, Trump if convicted wouldn’t even be the first to do it. good run down in this podcast https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/plain-english-with-derek-thompson/id1594471023?i=1000606784311
  3. Really good podcast on this topic. Didn’t realize John Edwards faced very similar charges. Didn’t hear much complaining from Republicans then. Good news for Trump, he was found innocent. Will Trump take the same strategy? https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/plain-english-with-derek-thompson/id1594471023?i=1000606784311
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  5. There are 640,000 fully automatic machine guns owned legally in the US by American citizens, and not one has been used in a crime by its legal owner since 1934. What does that tell you? Come on, if Yellowstone blows, the gov won’t be handing out anything.
  6. China cannot successfully invade the U.S. and defeat it in a war. The U.S. cannot successfully invade China and defeat it in a war. Both of those facts will be true for the foreseeable future.
  7. Congrats to the Fresno State 0-0’ers!
  8. I remember that year. Air Force was considered a lock for the tournament according to bubble watch, then lost a bunch down the stretch to play in the NIT instead. That was a great team.
  9. You expecting @Nevada Convert to be potty trained?
  10. I've never been, was debating a trip pre Covid years but ended up going to Stockholm instead. It didn't disappoint. II'd still like to visit and I'm sure it's still a fraction of the cost of Western Europe. We looked at going to Krakow last year and I was shocked how inexpensive it was
  11. FYI; I am an expert. I also have inside information.
  12. Does this factor in location as well?
  13. Gobrecht had done an incredible job with WBB. I don't know that you will ever win the MW, but you're in the top half and most years will give all teams fits and be capable of winning every night. I love the fact she wants to be at AFA. I wish our WB coach was half as good. Thanks for the share.
  14. How do pornstars get around prostitution laws..
  15. I think most of the venues would prefer you availed yourself of their restroom facilities, rather than using the aisles...
  16. Caitlin Clark with 41 points and 9 assists.
  17. how can you listen to 90s country in idaho??? i thought abortions were banned there...lol
  19. bsu_alum9


    AI is still in the “fake it ‘til you make it” stage. But very good at faking it.
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