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  2. Going by the empty seats in the stands at Wolfpack home games there doesn't seem to be many Reno fans period.
  3. Nah, that's not true. There are plenty of non Trumpers on Fox. That criticism might have been somewhat more valid when Dubya was in office. I can rattle off a bunch of Trump bashers or at least skeptics on Fox off the top of my head. Wallace isn't a Trump bashers, or a Trumper btw, he is a journalist. NeverTrumpers Goldberg Hayes Stoddard (I'm actually not sure her political leanings, she is pretty centrist and swings both ways), but she freaking hates Trump Dems who hate Trump Williams The guy from the Post on Special Report Woodward The chic from The Cook Report that's on all the time Mara Trump Skeptics Stirewalt Napoleano
  4. The game where they have to call out those ridiculous names without laughing always has me in tears.
  5. I agree with a lot of what you say here, just trying to call balls and strikes fair and square. Regarding your last paragraph... Yes. I am seeing this argument more and more now that if Trump does some crazy ass stuff it's because others pushed him to the edge, so we better let him do whatever or he'll take us all down. Wtf?
  6. Lol...... Remember all Dog fans when Retreadford grabbed Tr QB Haener-“Teddy knows what he’s doing” etc etc....better hope Haener’s the answer now.
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  8. Which is most certainly a form of Whataboutism, as it only serves to obfuscate the very real extraconstitutional abuse of power that needs to be put in check. Trump doesn't see himself bound by the constraints of law and has an authoritarian thirst for absolute power. If Congress does not use their Constitutionally-enshrined authority now, we are implicitly establishing a new baseline for what is considered acceptable. While impeachment risks deepening a partisan divide, letting Trump's executive branch continue to run amok could spell the end of our democracy. And Taibbi's suggestion that impeaching him could be the very thing that triggers a dictatorial abuse of power to suppress political opposition is not a reason to not impeach; it is the very reason they have to impeach.
  9. What a warrior you are! Walking and shooting small birds is certainly the most admirable way to spend time of any....certainly more virtuous than anything anyone on this board could ever dream of doing! In recognition of your long, brisk stroll in the hills, here is a blue and orange chukar. Gaze upon its majestic talons and razor sharp beak....only the bravest fatso could take down such a predator.
  10. Rebels18


    the bald look is fine. I'm just saying the guy is just a labcoat short of looking like Dr. honeydew from the Muppets.
  11. Eh, no. That's a violation of federal law. Even worse are the multiple gross violations of his Constitutional oath: - Abusing the power of his office to solicit a foreign power to target a political rival for personal gain - Abusing the power of his office to (allegedly) leverage national security assets to target a political rival for personal gain - Abusing the power of his office to use formal State Dept diplomatic resources to target a political rival for personal gain - Abusing the power of his office to attempt to cover up such activities by moving the transcripts of such calls to codeword protected servers reserved for highly classified materials pertaining to national security - Calling for the arrest of political rivals for exercising their Constitutionally enshrined rights - Implicitly threatening a Civil War should the opposition party exercise their Constitutionally enshrined rights And it goes without saying that any one of these is an impeachable offense. Had Obama done any of that shit you would have had a seizure so severe it would have torn a hole in the space-time continuum.
  12. Am I the only one who finds irony in someone from a barely there fanbase accusing those of a MASSIVE fanbase of a storied and historic NFL program of ignorance about the game?
  13. Cats about to be out of the bag. Calhoun feels like with the MWC improving, with the schedule his players have, the travel, and having game times not determined too the last minute, he thinks it has became harder for them to compete every week.
  14. wow things are escalating, check out this video of a Kurdish fighter being shot-down over northern syria courtesy of ABC:
  15. Wyovanian


    You do know there's a direct relationship between high testosterone levels and baldness...
  16. Maybe not as taiibi seems to be saying that neither party has the moral authority to condemn the other, and that's a problem.
  17. Ironically, that's where the visitor fans sit, maybe ten yards to the left. I've been to 3 Pack games there in recent years, and they were all night games and cold as shit. One game was down around 18 degrees with 20 to 30 mph winds and tiny rock ice/snow pelting your head. Another game got to 18 with the same wind. The other game stayed in the low 20's and wind wasn't bad.
  18. It keeps getting worse for Fresno: https://247sports.com/college/california/Article/Jaden-Casey-Cal-commit-California-Golden-Bears-football-recruiting-Fresno-State-Calabasas-Alabama--136998098/
  19. Rebels18


    $100k for a win. Not bad Bohl. Now he can finally afford a eyebrow hair transplant.
  20. Obama was one hell of a public speaker, no doubt.
  21. Details from Fiona Hill's testimony are making their way into the press. According to the Times, Bolton instructed Hill to contact the lawyer for the NSC and report that Ghouliani was involved in efforts to pressure the Ukraine into investigating Democrats. Link
  22. The knock on Boise will always be level of competition. Easier said than done sometimes but I would like to see 2 P5 teams consistently on their schedule each year. I still think they would do well. With Vegas opening up with a real stadium finally, I think the West might turn the tide a bit on neutral games in NFL stadiums. With the P12 and to top of the MWC wanting more of these games, there’s some East Coast and Midwestern P5 hides we can skin. All too often we have go out there. I’m a P5 fan but will always cheer for Western teams over the SEC, B12, ACC and B1G. Except for BYU of course.
  23. https://247sports.com/college/california/Article/Jaden-Casey-Cal-commit-California-Golden-Bears-football-recruiting-Fresno-State-Calabasas-Alabama--136998098/ Wilcox is really building something there at Cal.
  24. It's already been determined to be perfectly legal, silly boy. Spinning it like your cute eyes there isn't going to convince anyone.
  25. Welp, there it is. I warned Fresno fans on here that when he was still getting offers that meant he was still talking/open to schools. That's a bad loss. Too bad.
  26. It was a perfect call... It was a perfect call... It was a perfect call...
  27. Actually, at least in my experience, those sites have value, in that they're like the Sex Panther of prognostication. You hit the nail on the head when you suggested tracking performance to see how the teams performed against the site's projections. Data sampling allows for refining confidence levels in respective sites for successive seasons - I do the same. No single one of the sites is going to be "right" per say, but using a basket of available sites allows for a degree of qualitative analysis that provides for forecasting with a reasonable degree of confidence. I expect - with a high degree of confidence - 70% of my teams to perform to expected values, with 10-20% underperforming and the remainder overachieving,
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