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  2. The best part would be watching the GOP embrace it and the Dems decry it as nazism
  3. Pffft as if character mattered. If it’s all the same people will vote to be entertained.
  4. Stop talking before he catches wind of these dumb ideas and gets it in his head.
  5. This is exactly why you shouldn’t be correcting grammar. You’re taking so many L’s.
  6. Whatever BK snob. You’re a boise Idaho elitist bigot. #prestonitesarepeopletoo
  7. He should do it, take all the Democratic positions. People could then just vote for candidate based on their character.
  8. You used it as an insult. This is not rocket surgery. Also, professional grammar chief @TheTedfordTrain, takes exception of your use of "except". You used "top" and "bottom" as a way to degrade and demean, in a context that you expected people to be insulted. Bigot.
  9. Do you have an HD antenna for OTA channels? What type of TV do you have? I have a guide on my Roku TV when I am on the antenna channels when I push the directional arrow all the way to the left. OTA is best for CBS, NBC, ABC, and Fox in my opinion.
  10. Why are you trashing my sports forum Take the gay chit to the kiddie pool please. @Warbow please slap this clown to shallow water. Not sure where the others are
  11. I’m sure it sounds “ridiculous” to you two. Things one doesn’t understand are ludicrous. For bigotry to exist, you must be discussing a trait or behavior that that is inferior, wrong or immoral. Do me a favor & except that there is nothing wrong with homosexuality. Assume for a moment you share the view of a majority of Americans, and gayness is a natural part of humanity. Now...pls explain to me what is bigoted about the image I posted.
  12. So how does sodomizing yourself own the libs? Sounds more like self gratification to me.
  13. They do both. They fight it in order to delay it's acceptance but invest in the research because they know it's adoption is inevitable and they want to remain industry leaders in energy production. It's just smart business.
  14. Exactly. It would effectively knock Warren out of the race. And if he was really smart he would push the GOP to build a public health care option. That would force Dems to either vote against healthcare for everybody or it’ll take the issue off the table for 2020.
  15. TV: Local broadcasts in Bay Area on KTVU-2/KICU-36, Las Vegas on KVVU, Sacramento on KCRA My 58, Los Angeles on KTLA 5 (Los Angeles), and Hawaii on KHON 2. TSN Canada
  16. It comes down to what you are willing to give up and what the exchange rate is. I would be willing to give up more personal wealth in exchange for positions 2 and 3. Giving up my freedom for position 1 is a non starter.
  17. In all seriousness I'm glad everything is ok.
  18. Absolutely. It's not like his base is there for the conservatism and he could step on the toes of his opponents. Good call, advisor Mugtang.
  19. Sorry to hear about your son. I'm sure everything will be ok. The hardest part about being a father is to watch your child suffer. Be strong, I've got your family in my prayers. Well I guess I can delete this now. Thanks @retrofade
  20. They just released him. His headache went away after they got fluids in him. They ran a CBC and his WBC count was only slightly elevated, which indicates that he's a) getting over the strep and b) most likely not dealing with any other infections. They said that we absolutely did the right thing in bringing him in, and that the symptoms he presented with made them very concerned about meningitis. They also think the neck pain was likely just to being in bed for most of the week. So, phew. Looks like he's going to be fine. Thanks for the thoughts and prayers and everything else. That was a terrifying couple of hours though.
  21. Ah my bad lol. Brain seen "Hawaii kept strong rushing teams below their average, but gave up a ton of yards through the air" Yeah hopefully its improved. Rolo them at least have sounded optimistic that it has
  22. I think the opposite. Democrats will win the Presidency by retaking the midwestern blue wall, but will lose a lot of the suburban Congressional seats they won in 2018 by running moderate candidates, due to the hard left platform that is shaping up at the top of the ticket.
  23. If you wanted to know the specific stations for the NFL there's also http://506sports.com/ During the regular season they have coverage maps that I check.
  24. No, it means that tests are subjective and the difficulty level is based on the person. He had no issues with passing his CPA exam, but the PMP took him two tries and he personally found it to be more difficult.
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