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  2. Wasn’t talking about you, Mike. My first thought was to go back to read the comments from panicking Bulldog fans in the first half. Instead, I ran into a bunch of SJSU fans celebrating Fresno’s struggles.
  3. CSU is focusing on the wrong problem here. They need to be relevant in the conference they are already in first. You gotta lose weight shd get in shape before you can ask the fit hot girl out
  4. Complete overreaction to one game. Fresno ran for over a hundred vs UCLA when LSU couldn’t. Defense was also good for 3 Qts of that game bad fit stretches of the UNLV game. They just looked gassed. I get it, tho. You deeply want Fresno to fail. They might stumble a game or two, but the UNLV game won’t define the season
  5. Of course. We won the game! All that matters is the big W
  6. I believe there were two commits. But they announced KyeRon.
  7. A majority of the ppl haning out at the DIA gates are catching a connecting flt. You find it odd ppl from Ohio are flying through DIA?
  8. The MWC was definitely closer to being a true power conference than the AAC ever got. They should of added Boise State, Fresno State, and Nevada the day after Boise State and TCU played in the Fiesta.
  9. Interesting that, immediately after the Bulldogs dodged being crowned "Turd Of The Week" on a Friday night with a near upset loss at home to a winless UNLV team, your first thought is about SJSU, a team the Bulldogs won't play for another 9 weeks. I think it's safe to say that Sparty is living in your head. OBTW, congrats on the win. I'm not surprised the Bulldogs had trouble early on, especially coming off a very emotional win at UCLA. I'm just surprised that the Bulldogs didn't wake up sooner and win by three scores. Just a reminder: Bulldogs are playing @ Hawaii next week; not San
  10. Are nevens and deese going to play? Without them we can’t move the ball. Our backup qb was our most targeted receiver last week. I’m not that optimistic about this game. I’m still going to sign up for $7/mo of espn+ so I can watch it.
  11. You didn’t answer the question: FOLLOW-UP QUESTION: ¿Where is THE BOOT?
  12. Honestly, the complaining about holding by Fresno fans is pathetic. That said, that passing game is fun to watch.
  13. Confusing punctuation with grammar is a sure sign you have an IQ well below average.
  14. Western Michoacán is the school that had the HC (now at Minnesota) "Row, Row, Row" Take it to um NoCal Spartini's!
  15. Iowa is tough on both sides of the line of scrimmage. I don't see CSU having much luck at all moving the ball. They'll lose by at least 3 scores, so not competitive.
  16. I can cnf not deny whether or not retrofade is a jackass or not. However, would you rather be a jackass at 4-1: …or yourself at 1-2:
  17. I hope you are right & I’m leaning that direction too. However, I’m not “leaning in” enough to put money behind my hunch we will cover.
  18. I think CSU surprises today. Maybe not winning but be a competitive one.
  19. AAC or MWC should swipe UTSA. Do not be surprised if Roadrunners take down Memphis today, away.
  20. My lord, Democrats are barbaric. Pretty sickening
  21. Fresno St fans after the big win.
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