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  2. Look at Convert in the pic though. It's clear it's a middle age crisis car in any case.
  3. This is hilarious and apparently true per the article. https://sports.yahoo.com/homeless-man-usc-football-practice-jacuzzi-players-002629115.html
  4. Convert... Connie baby... it ain't your posts babe, it's you. Okay... Your takes suck too.
  5. Maybe he was going to post some pics of him cruising local high schools for underage girls in his Vette? We know what he thinks of old guys and 17 year old girls..
  6. To a lesser extent, I'd expect baseball games at Vandy to be a party as well
  7. Fire mug! Fire halfman! Fire 4UNLV!
  8. 1) Reno 2) Fort Collins 3) Las Vegas 4) San Diego 5) Boise 6) Logan 7) Laramie 8) Albuquerque 9) San Jose 10) Honolulu 11) Colorado Springs
  9. Alright, now I’m going to throw up.
  10. :presses intercom button: @moderator needed on aisle 3.
  11. Premier League rights coming up as well. I think NBC will renew with them, but keep an eye on Paramount Plus/CBS as well. La Liga could be leaving BeIN for CBS or ESPN+.
  12. True, he may have stopped at a McDonalds to get happy meals for the escorts.
  13. He's probably a good coach, was just completely unmotivated here
  14. Agree 100%.. Logan is off the beaten path. Beautiful. Mountains. Friendly farming/blue collar community. Just not enough watering holes. I went with Boise. They are more city than town but their downtown scene, music, pubs are sweet. Right next to the stadium. I like Ft Collins too but I consider them part of the overall blob aka Denver Metro.
  15. My top three were Las Vegas, Albuquerque, and San Jose; this poll is bullshit.
  16. I can understand the game part, but I’ve heard the Ole Miss tailgate scene is one of the best in the country.
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