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  1. British Royalty is stupid

    Sir, you are a scholar and a gentleman. This should be required reading for every college freshmen.
  2. I find it interesting that SDSU fans are so vocal about advocating the removal of a university from the conference... Has any other university come closer in recent history than SUDS to having their football program nuked? Was it all that long ago that was a subject of debate on the Mesa? Odd...
  3. 62

    No, not at all. At least in my experience. You take your life in your hands crossing a road in DC. Always, always, keep your head on a swivel there. I can't even count how many times I've almost been crushed there, or flip side, how many pedestrians just randomly walk out when they shouldn't.
  4. Can I brag?

    Donation required to CJC - doesn't make you a member, right?
  5. Can I brag?

    Not that surprising. Wyoming has one of the largest fan bases in the MWC, why wouldn't it also have the largest booster club?
  6. Any news on Josh Allen?

    This is interesting... Avatar bet? Straight up?
  7. Patriots practicing at the AFA

    This sounds about right... Can you blame him?
  8. Patriots practicing at the AFA

    I don't think it's completed yet...
  9. USA Today’s Tweet about Guns

    The biggest lie here is the Subway footlong. It never, ever, looks that good. Guaranteed someone, somewhere, has attached a chainsaw to their rifle. No one, anywhere, has ever had a Subway footlong that good looking. That aside, no, this doesn't help anything at all. Ugh.
  10. How can we say we have the right to bear arms on one leg, but then have prerequisite requirements on the other for certain types? Agreed on the stats, what handguns are used for, etc... That's a tough hill to climb I think. If it's not across the board, not sure I see the benefit. This is with the (safe?) assumption that a lot of people would cry foul with a requirement being only placed on handguns. Sorry, I shouldn't have used the term "real war", that came across wrong. I should have said against any major military power/threat to the US/allies such as Russia, China, N. Korea, maybe Iran. I'm not sure conflicts with those powers would have 6 months +/- to mobilize, it'll be "kinetic" within the first few hours. Otherwise, I think it's an interesting idea.. Shared sacrifice, perhaps more reluctance by leadership to jump the gun as it were. Would also be concerned about the mandatory militarization to a certain level... I was just reading that last sentence wrong, my bad.
  11. Good stuff, interesting thoughts. Why only 16 hours of training for just handguns? Why not all firearms and to what end? Would that somehow weed-out the crazies/bad guys? If so, how? Couldn't agree more on the mental health part - not just for gun violence but in general. Not sure about the Swiss style reserve force. I would imagine that type of system could reduce what we spend as a country for a massive standing military. Our leaders, on both sides, seem to use the military too often IMHO. One thought would be if you reduce the standing military and rely more on reserve/militias they wouldn't take that option as much. If a real war were to break out, would the military be as effective? Not sure I understand what you mean with "I think that this has many factors, from the stupid design of our cities and suburbs to the cultural shift of a more secular society to the internet allowing a facade of connectivity to jobs in small town USA drying up so families are spread across the country without a support network."?
  12. Wyoming vs CSU The Border War

    Good game Rams, for all the reasons noted above.. Had a little bit of everything. I hope Izzy is okay too. Feel free to take the frustration of the last two games out on Boise and represent the Front Range! For the Pokes, I'm hopeful that we may have found a better option with Overstreet to get the anemic run game going.
  13. Wyoming vs CSU The Border War

    Some would say, from a certain perspective, Marty is one of the best DCs the Sheep have ever had.
  14. Wyoming vs CSU The Border War

    Well, crap.. Apparently they started this morning, thought it was tomorrow for some reason. None-the-less, hope there was a good turnout to join the ROTC for the first mile.
  15. Wyoming vs CSU The Border War

    One name - Gallup. I think that might make or break it for the Pokes. On a side note, it's an awesome football name, but not as good as Steelhammer.