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  1. People outside of Vegas, like the idiot NYC urban planner that wrote the Deadspin hitpiece, don't have a clue about the nuances of Las Vegas. If the dummy was around in the 40's he would have wrote articles about how nobody in their right mind would travel to the middle of the Mojave just to gamble. They just look at things in generalities based on their own experience in markets they live in or are familiar with. UNLV and Las Vegas are not comparable to wherever you live or whatever D1 team is in that city. You can't compare a stadium built in a comparable market that isn't the entertainment capital of the world, without the tax revenue for the stadium being fully funded by non-residents. Clark county residents and business owners are the players in this deal.
  2. Mulvaney would be pure gold as the press sec. I doubt he'd last more than a month before completely melting down and trying to scrap with reporters asking stupid questions in the briefing room.
  3. BYU fans like walls?
  4. Battery is when you physically put your hands on someone or in some other way physically touch another person i.e. with object. Grabbing a girls T or A is battery. Assault is just essentially making someone fearful of their physical safety, although typically words are not enough. Not familiar with Montana state law but in my experience most states have laws that are congruent with this. Joe is right the Sheriff is a contributor to this guy's campaign. Not a good look.
  5. Interesting that he was only charged with assault, not battery. This was an assault and battery.
  6. Has any team ever lost to unlv and then won the division the next year?
  7. That hit piece on Deadspin is some bullshit.
  8. I'd have to say Cycling is the dirtiest of the dirty. Sure there are dopers in track and other olympic sports. And that's all fairly even. However Cycling jumped the shark with cheaters using hidden motors inside the cranks. I mean props for the ingenuity but that sort of goes above and beyond anything else.
  9. Really, What stat was that? I just scrolled up on the replies to my post and didnt see any stats. Just someone who gets butthurt about anything i post about the awful nba product and doesnt like my opinion.
  10. Despite what you think, I could give a flying +++++ what your opinion is about mine. Unfortunately for you, I am going to keep posting whatever I think, whenever I want. If you think my opinions are wrong, then it just tells me I am more right than I've ever been. And yes, just go ahead and put me on ignore. Deal with it or go get another hobby.
  11. Solid analysis. This is a forum for opinions btw. If you dont like hearing stuff you dont agree with perhaps this is not the best forum for you.
  12. That is the enitre nba now thanks to golden state. Yeah it works if you have steph and klay., two anomolies and unique players that no other team will ever duplicate The nba product sucks and unwatchable. No fast breaks, just teams hoisting up as many 3a as possible mixed in with a few dunks and a whistle every 10 seconds.
  13. Shit you walked right into that one, didn't you comrade? Greased that fastball right down the middle for you. You probably don't even realize that I gave you a false answer so you would admit it was Turkey he was be investigated for. And spare me with your 'proof' that Pence said he didn't know, it's only all over the internet and news if you cared to pay attention to anything other than infowars and fox & friends. Pence was told about Flynn and Turkey on Jan 4th. And then claimed in March he never knew. Dumbass.
  14. I assume that the protesters were likely Turkish-American citizens. There is a whole lotta wrong in this and I agree with McCain - we should kick their Ambassador out of the goddamn country and shut down the embassy. Unfortunately, Trump probably fapped to it and dreamed of the day when he could do that to the people protesting him.
  15. That would be your fellow comrades in Russia, Coogski. Prost!
  16. Evidence now shows Pence knew about Flynn being under investigation before he went on the talk shows and denied knowing anything about it. Over and over. If Trump goes down, Pence and others in his admin are going down as well. Fruit of the poisonous tree.
  17. But...but...but. Smoking Gun! Smoking Gun! Smoking Gun! Perhaps this should be a lesson to not confuse a PI's opinion (i.e. no facts or direct evidence), as a 'smoking gun'. SMFH.
  18. Today's stage goes through perhaps the most beautiful area in CA. Montecito-Carpenteria-up to Lake Casitas-down through Ojai and Santa Paula and the good ole 126 to Castaic.
  19. Can't disagree with that. He's done a great job. Where do you think Boston finishes in the western conf this year?
  20. Really like Wall. He missed so many easy shots yesterday. He could have won that game for Washington by himself, none of their guards could guard him. Markeiff Morris. Holy mother of hell this guy is turrrrrrrible. He is the byproduct of the terrible product the NBA has now. Big men who are all hustle and no skills - because all everyone does is jack up 30-40 garbage 3's every game with the hopes of hitting 38% The NBA as a whole has devolved into unwatchable garbage jungle ball where a team can be devoid of talent in the front court, have some good shooters, and go on 23-5 runs every game by hitting 6 straight 3s in like 2 mins. after playing like garbage for 2-3 quarters. Or in other words. Golden State's game plan.
  21. No. Have you watched any of the western conf playoffs in which pretty much all 8 teams were better than boston or washington? The point was if you start seeding the playoffs 1-16 it would weed out the shit teams a lot faster and would make for better playoff basketball watching. The fact boston had the best record in the east with that garbage roster is a crime against humanity.
  22. Stolte is a disappointment in my book. With all the local talent, the upgraded stadium and the new facility, we should be better.
  23. Sound advice. However I typically watch game 7s expecting to see a couple of good teams compete.
  24. My god the eastern conference is terrible. That game 7 last night was between two bad teams playing awful, unwatchable basketball. That Celtic starting 5 is perhaps the worst I have ever seen get to the conf finals. It's time the NBA seeds all teams regardless of conference before the playoffs. Neither of those two donkeys last night should have made it out of the first round.