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  1. Utah vs UNLV at T-Mobile Arena

    Whats up with that orange shit down the sides of our unis?
  2. Again, another weak strawman. I love it when people just make shit up in their head, and then ask for a response to their own absurd delusional supposition.
  3. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    Those late 80s and early 90s UNLV teams were filled with scary characters. I swear that Alvin Mack in the program was based off LB Rumone Hilton. Same guy. John Ma'ae, you did not want to even look that dude in the eye. We may not have won many games, but we always won the fight after.
  4. Congrats to Armani Rodgers for winning OPOW!

    At first I thought they were just trolling, but I actually do think they are THAT dumb and believe what they say. They obviously don't have any grasp on the fans or the program, yet remain convinced they know more than people who have lived and breathed shitty UNLV football for 20+ years. Personaly, I think there is a bit of jealousy seeing a program that's been tradtionally bad, all of a sudden get to play in a brand new state of the art stadium on the strip. If I was a fan of a better MWC football program, I'd probably be a little salty too. So...anything they can do to shit all over our little party with the new stadium, is what they are going to do.
  5. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    Like the tantrum their coach threw a couple of years back after the game in LV when their press passes were Nevada - Nevada. Oh the horror. Why would that be an insult? You guys could have so much fun with the reno911 thing and officer dangle as a mascot, maybe have earl anthony come out for a pregame ceremonial 1--5-9 spare or something. PS- looks like the boatd op made it impossible to post a reference to u n r or r e n o. Lol
  6. UF hires Chip Kelly

    Mora's act would have lasted less than Kiffin if he coached at USC instead of at the school that wears baby blue. LA will always be a USC, Dodgers and Lakers and Kings town.
  7. Congrats to Armani Rodgers for winning OPOW!

    It's OK bruh. Only 2 more seasons until the new NFL stadium gets built and UNLV football gets worse and dies a slow death as a result.
  8. Nevada Helmets vs UNLV

    Interesting take on owning your heritage. Especially when the one thing we will NEVER see on any UNR uniform, logo or helmet...is RENO. Why are you guys so ashamed of your own city? I see a lot of your posters that are very proud of the area and the lifestyle. Why not own it instead of getting offended anytime UNLV references Reno instead of Nevada?
  9. Trump's newest Twitter feud...

    LaVar's next tweet needs to be about how badly he would crush Trump on the golf course. That would set Donald off on a weeklong shitstorm.
  10. I don't think Beard would have been able to recruit as well to UNLV as MM has so far. I don't think Beard would have related to the community as well as MM has so far. As it stands today with the roster we have and with the goodwill MM has built locally, I think we're better off with MM by far. Sometimes you 'fall up' and I think that's exactly what happened with the whole Beard situation.
  11. Nevada vs UNLV. For UNLVs bowl chances...

    May concede you that one, however in watching our games since 1990, I can't say I've seen it happen more than a few times...maybe one of the years when JROB was coach.
  12. Nevada vs UNLV. For UNLVs bowl chances...

    UNR coming to play in this game has never been the issue and it won't be this week, they are going to be jacked out of their minds. It's always been whether UNLV is up for the fight. Sometimes yes, most of the time no. I honestly have no idea this year.
  13. UNLV at New Mexico

    What dont i understand professor? Enlighten me oh wise one.
  14. UNLV at New Mexico

    Wrong, that was the call. Maybe tom brady would have checked out of that. Not a freshman qb. Watch and enjoy the play calling on this drive.
  15. UNLV at New Mexico

    Yes that is another cotton staple. Lets run a play action pass on 3rd down vs a team that has been sending 8 guys on third down all game. UNLV has the worst coaching staff in the MWC and thats counting cormier.
  16. UNLV at New Mexico

    I see some,runs up the middle and some 7 yard stick patterns to the sideline in our future.
  17. UNLV at New Mexico

    What in the ever loving +++++ is cotton doing? Why is sanchez allowing this garbage to continue. Wake up tony. Do something tony. What does tony do exactly? He obviously cant coach either side of the ball. He doesnt call plays. He has no ability to adjust. He doesnt have any control over his coorsinators.
  18. Eastern Washington (2-1) at UNLV (2-0)

    How ya feeling now troll boy? Glad we made it close so you had to sweat out your loss.
  19. UNLV at New Mexico

    Is barney cotton retarded? Serious question. Hey Barney. They are blitzing every +++++ing down.
  20. UNLV at New Mexico

    Agree. That TD run was 100% on Baker. He totally took the wrong lane. He has no business pn a D1 football field. The kid just isnt good enough. Put white back at SS and hopefully laolagi can fill the olb spot.
  21. UNLV at New Mexico

    It's almost as if fans won't come to games if the team doesn't win. I may be reaching with that theory.
  22. UNLV at New Mexico

    Can someone get a memo into cotton that unm is sending like 8 guys every +++++ing play? Work in a screen pass or a slant for +++++s sakes.
  23. UNLV at New Mexico

    He has no business starting but austrie is out for the year and it looks like baer wised up and is starting white at olb ,
  24. UNLV at New Mexico

    Who is this bernie fratto dumbass? He keeps saying we only won 2 games last year. No clue what he is talking about.