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  1. Mixed feelings on McCain. Yes he is a war hero, but he also tried to foist Sarah Palin into the White House.
  2. #1 TE in state of Arizona and 3 recruits from Chandler now. Seems like we're developing a nice little pipeline with one of the better HS programs in the west. Now just hope that we are able to keep some of these kids committed.
  3. Yeah there is a difference between being in good shape for a 70 year old and jet-setting all over the world, working 12+ hour days 7 days per week, tweeting nonstop, and still managing to bang home 10-15 rounds of golf every month. I am 46 years old and I don't have that much energy.
  4. Gordo and Taco y Taco are both really good. Can't go wrong with either. I'll have to look for the place on Trop/Eastern. It's like the debate back in where I grew up in Ventura -- Corrales vs. Johnnies. They both rock.
  5. You need to get past this and realize that his base actually LOVES the fact that he is a disgraceful lying buffoon. Trump is what they want and love. A big asshole that riles up libtards. It's not about Trump. It's about their hatred of Democrats. They would rather have President Putin than a Democrat. Ask Guilfoyle.
  6. I would like to know what he puts in his Cheerios. The guy is 70 years old and his activity level is pretty extreme for someone of his age. My mom is 72 and just getting outside the house and maybe making a trip to the store is a major event.
  7. Jesus I ate too many squares of that edible chocolate bar the other day. My bad.
  8. White. Obese. With a fat ass wife and 2 or 3 fat ass kids in birkenstocks whose diet consists of wendys, cracker barrel and chilis on the big big nights out. So lets blame the illegals and lazy coons for my higher healthcare costs!
  9. The fact that he is a real person sort of takes the fun out of it and makes it more real that this person is actually serious.
  10. Sorry no the worst loss for SDSU vs unlv was when they lost to a zero win unlv team in 30 degree weather with 50mph winds around 1996?. The game where george jones ran for like 300 yds. Cost you a bowl game. I still remember going up to jones after the game and he was in tears.
  11. It's gonna hapoen. Vegas is just not the market for short term rentals. The city is beholden to the casino industry. The early adopters got away with it for awhile and should cash out if the sole use for the property is short tern rentals.
  12. They wont last much longer in NV. If your main biz is hotel occupancy, you cant have mom and pop investors taking away that revenue. As it stands they need a home in a non hoa community and pay a $500 annual license fee but i dont see it lasting in Vegas much longer.
  13. Frenont CA and Sonora MX and somehow ABQ. Triangualate those and its on point.
  14. Just to clarify, a puff piece is not an advertisement. An ad is a paid ad. A puff piece is an editorial that is usually tied into paid advertising. So for example, if Reno Chamber of Commerce buys X amount of ads in say LA Times, they will typically be willing to throw in some feature stories in say the Travel or Business section ( i.e. puff pieces) as part of the package in order to attract the ad dollars. In TV maybe you get some feature stories on the news or one of you as the 'go to' quote machine under certain circumstances i.e. defense attorneys or in radio maybe you get some free on-site remotes. Otherwise known as payola (buying good press with ad dollars), but it's pretty much industry standard. Ad dollars=positive press.
  15. 30 years ago, damn, Real hip hop pioneers. Who was using techno beats in 87? Mantronix.
  16. That new 4 part series The Defiant Ones about Jimmy Iovine and Dre and Interscope and Death Row is awesome, just binge watched the whole thing. Didn't realize Dre gave up everything to let it ride on Eminem.
  17. Exactly. If you want your kids to go to bible study or seminary, you certainly have that option as that is your personal choice. The public schools are there to teach general curriculum. If you don't like libtard colleges or HS, feel free to apply to Faith Lutheran, St. Bonny, Liberty or Oral Roberts or TCU. That said, I have a big problem with home-schoolers for many reasons. Most of these kids end up being wide-eyed weirdo cult member robots with limited social skills.
  18. GB41 was a great guy. I voted for him. Those were the days when sensible republicans roamed the earth.
  19. If you hate it so much, then why the hell are you supporting your school's sports programs? I think you'd likely hate all the athletes as well if they couldn't run, pass, score td's, dunk or hit 3s for UNR
  20. Are you referring to the people who post here that love their university sports but HATE everything their institution stands for, college students as a whole, the left-wing indoctrinating curriculum and entities that redistribute wealth from the rich to the poor?
  21. Dude lost his marbles a few years ago. He's gotta be in the top 5 in the death pool.
  22. Trump is not a Russian plant. He is a useful idiot who Putin knew could manipulated because they have leverage on him.
  23. Legalization of weed won't change a thing, the people who want to use are already using. Aside from a bunch of grandmas who think that edibles are suddenly cool, I don't think I've ever met one person who didn't use marijuana because it was illegal.
  24. It is strange that the haters seem to be more overly invested in our failure than the fans are of our potential to get better. I think i know why.
  25. Sorry i was just being facetious since you wete as well.