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  1. F yeah! Freedom cacus didnt think this law screwed over enough lazy losers! That is the ticket to your success. A worse law that screws over more poor and old people. It's almost like you trabagging fools do not realize that all americans want access to cheap and accesible healthcare. Get a clue beavis.
  2. The sky is falling now that bball sucks. Perhaps unlv fans should have gotten more involved a little earlier in football. As that drives the bball bus for every p5 program. Dummies.
  3. He looks really uncomfortable. Like he either has a.conscience about his lies or he iis forced to say these lies.
  4. In Oct 2016 it was 40% approval to 49% disapprove. Today those #s are 48% approve vs. 43% disapprove. I am no math major, but that seems like more people are approving of the ACA than before now that people are starting to realize the solution is worse. IMO, all this fuss over the new plan and how shitty it is (and how there is no real plan to replace with that isn't shitty), is going to push senate into improving upon the existing ACA law. Put the Ds on the spot and make them come to the table to work out a bi partisan solution to improve their own plan. That can still be a win for the GOP.
  5. It's a win/win for the Ds either way. If the house approves it, the senate will just shoot it down and then it will get kicked back and forth for at least a couple of years. If the house does not approve, it's a huge loss for Trump and will just devolve into a couple of years of the Rs attacking each other and throwing fellow cons under the bus, just like Trump will do to Paul Ryan today if it does not pass. And in either situation, Obamacare continues to get more popular with the people as they realize there is no magic bullet solution to decrease premiums and deductibles while also increasing access.
  6. I'll try clearing the cache. Not sure if I've ever done that on the phone browser. Could just be the phone too. The S7s were having overheating issues.
  7. Maybe 1-2 weeks? Not too long.
  8. When I pull up this website on my Samsung S6, it overheats the phone to the point where it's literally too hot to touch in a few minutes and drains the battery like 10% per minute. Just this website. Wtf?
  9. I like brandon a lot. Nobody is going to succeed at csun. He has vision and works hard. Not sure if he has the experience yet to get unlv to where we want to be at the stage we are at now. But the rebelnetters and the espn100 dorks will automatically hate him for his connection to Theus. A huge positive in my book.
  10. Only 2,999,997 more to go Coogski.
  11. I run into Thornton's dad from time to time. Dude hates Coach K with a passion.
  12. Thanks for the reminder. Brutal lol.
  13. Fake news from the biased libtard mainstream media. You need to read infowars and watch fox and friends for the real unbiased news. Trump is a victim!!!!!!
  14. Our city council needs to stand strong on this issue. We are co-tenants. I think guys like sisolak and beers will be up.for the fight. And why would the raiders want to press fhe issue and make enemies before they play a game here?
  15. So after looking at the lease terms the Raiders prez submitted awhile back, i am already pissed. They want our 750MM in tax dollars and to +++++ over unlv with the field and rights to approve or deny home games? Not happening. I sincerely hope that was a mistake. As far as i am.concerned this is as much unlv's stadium as it is theirs.
  16. How much are they paying Rice? Has to be expensive for UNR to keep him and Muss with the increase.
  17. Nah I draw the line at letting dogs crap in the yard. That's a mortal sin. Maybe a little smear on the door handle. J/K. They are a nice young couple and they have a dog so they are good in my book.
  18. I got some neighbors with a car with UNR plates and stickers in a driveway that I walk past every day with my dogs. Guess I'll have to save my red cannon flyer for this year.
  19. I think you would find it condescending if a car with UNLV plates passed you on the road. You're just that kinda guy.
  20. Just generally speaking this is an issue that will never get resolved as long as we have a 'for profit' healthcare model. Because healthcare is not a model in which profits can be made. That's just how it is and I would assume you agree. Someone's going to be on the short end of the stick. So the question one asks themselves is should that be the sick person who gets denied care and just die off? The medical provider, the insurance company or the govt? I am about as anti-Christian as one can get, but somehow I manage to find myself believing in the Hippocratic Oath and that every person on earth deserves to be treated when they are sick and destitute. I assume you took that oath correct?
  21. This is performance art, right?
  22. No actually I tried to give you guys a compliment on keeping a good coach...if even for only another good year. What is weak sauce is that you cannot take a compliment, if even a backhanded one, without being a dick.
  23. The pain of what? That you have a good coach that will never be able to get past the first round of the NCAAs because he coaches at a school that will never be able to attract the talent needed to win bigger? Are you guys going to raise a banner next October to go next to the CBI banner?
  24. I think I am just going to scream about Saul Alinsky for the next 3.5 years. Just for fun.
  25. Enjoy your 1 and done's while it lasts. -Dave Rice