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  1. You want me to quote the two parts in the article that YOU linked to? Jesus H Christ. You are a goddamn moron. Read the article instead of the headline and the lede, shit for brains.
  2. Psssst. The answer to your question is explained in the article you linked to. I have no idea where you're going with the rest of your post. UNLV's terms have been clear from the jump. The Raiders know this. By accepting the public funding, they essentially accepted UNLV as a co-tenant.
  3. From the LVRJ article the OP didn't bother to read. Here are the legal agreements that must be finalized in order to start construction of the planned 65,000-seat football stadium and the parties involved: -Between the Raiders Stadium Events Company and the Las Vegas Stadium Authority: -Stadium lease agreement (outlines use of facility) -Stadium development agreement (details building construction) -Private seat licenses agreement (formalizes team’s financial commitment) -Clark County Development Agreement (between Raiders Stadium Development Company and Clark County Commission) -Project Financing Agreement (between Las Vegas Stadium Authority and Clark County Commission) -Stadium Transfer Agreement (between Raiders Stadium Development Company and Stadium Authority) -Land Transfer Agreement (between Raiders Stadium Land Company and Stadium Authority) -Team Use Agreement (between Raiders Stadium Events Company and Raiders organization) -Community Benefits Agreement (between Raiders Stadium Events Company and Stadium Authority) -UNLV Joint Use Agreement (between Raiders Stadium Events Company and UNLV) -Raiders Non-Relocation Agreement (between Stadium Authority, Raiders Stadium Events Company and Raiders organization) -Leasehold Mortgage Agreement (Stadium Authority must confirm it’s consistent with the lease agreement)
  4. Don't take my word for it. Just go back and read that last few updates on the RJ/Sun. The OP is just stirring up shit because he has some fixation with hating everything UNLV and Las Vegas. How sad that life must be. Moving on. The lease terms came to a head back in Feb. It was kicked back to the Raiders at that time, in which is was explicitly noted that no public stadium funding would be approved without a consensus approval on the terms of the UNLV lease portion of the contract. Specifically branding on field, in stadium and no approval or rejection rights by Raiders on any potential UNLV football game (as we know games are moved up & down for TV). Some of that is obviously dynamic, but I'd assume you get the point. The Pres. of the Raiders then apologized and said he made a mistake and would come back with something that worked for UNLV. Which is where we are at now.
  5. Why do you continue with this nonsense when it's been made clear by the committee that either UNLV gets their own branding and full use of the stadium, or this deal is dead? It was made absolutely clear back in February. Why do you leave out the fact that the original agreement for the Raiders' lease was $1/annual?
  6. She flew in solo while the Nuge and Mr. Rock brought their wives. She never does anything with Todd. I am sure she's open for business.
  7. The federal law may not change anytime soon, however the states are effectively putting abortion clinics out of business through other methods. Like in Texas
  8. No but nice try at deflection though. Just Dr. Tiller. Tiller Tiller the Baby Killer. Got a bullet in his head by an Operation Rescue Bill O viewer. No connection there. None at all.
  9. He got away with inciting his nutjob anti-abortion operation rescue viewers into a frenzy with his "Tiller, Tiller, Baby Killer" act, which resulted in one of said nutjob viewers putting a bullet in Dr. Tillers head. Bill O can straight up go +++++ himself. Should have went down a long, long time ago.
  10. As far as MILFs go, she's a 12. Extremely hot for 44. The picture of Jessup yesterday in the paper literally drooling over her during the press conference is classic. Someone has a crush.
  11. TJ police kidnapped me and all my friends at one point or another and hustled our friends and family for cash. Just part of the experience of a night out at bambis and peanuts &beer.
  12. Don't know much about her. I have a buddy on the search committee, he said she absolutely killed her interview. Looks like a good hire. I hope she is up for the challenge of completely demolishing the current structures within the athletic dept. and makes it a priority to cut out all of hands in the pot that continue to stall progress. We need an autonomous AD who is in charge and has the power to make decisions without various interest groups involvement. Otherwise I am skeptical of how much impact any AD at UNLV can have.
  13. Showgirls Strange Brew Deuce Bigalow 1&2 Pure Luck Very Bad Things Cannonball Run Hot Shots Half Baked That movie where Eddie Griffin gets exported to Ireland
  14. Well you sure did screw up on your punctuation there. Way to put me in my place teach!
  15. Damn. Dave Rice just narrowly slipped thru unm's fingers.