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  1. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    Shit man, you are just schooling me now. UNCLE!
  2. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    All I asked was where is our new AD on this? On the scope of AD decisions it's pretty big. We haven't heard anything - nothing - from our AD, since she's even been hired except for puff pieces in the RJ/Sun. If we hire a new AD, one would think they'd be front and center with such an important hire. One would think the local press and fans would be asking what our ADs position is. Crickets. Now let's compare that to what TKM had to endure from the likes of a douchebag - like the one on this thread. I think any reasonable person would be able to see the difference. They were all over TKM on everything. If TKM were still in place and she fired Baer, nutbags like that would be screaming at the top of their lungs with questions. Nary a peep now.
  3. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    She is at pretty every game. Step up to the plate.
  4. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    Oh now that is humbling for sure. By the guy calling a woman he doesn't know a 'dumb bitch' on the interwebs. Grow up.
  5. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    The fact that you think that you have to explain why you think it's acceptable to call TKM a 'dumb bitch' says it all about your character homeboy. We all know how it played out. Ironically for you, for UNLV's best. Grow up you +++++ing imbecile and stop embarassing UNLV with your juvenile petulant behavior.
  6. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    LOL are you retarded? Go back in my post history and show me where I have 'hated' on DRF. I praised her hire and am asking questions about what she is doing. Which is a hell of a lot nicer than you +++++ing toolbags were to TKM. Note that you can't even answer my question about DRF because she hasn't done a goddamn thing yet. Typically when FB coaches are fired, we hear from the AD. Nice job on the 'dumb bitch', btw. Classssssssssy.
  7. Penny Fifth in Heisman Voting

    Probably about as much as your question has to do with my post. Nothing. Get a life bitch.
  8. Penny Fifth in Heisman Voting

    Felt he should have been 3rd behind Mayfield and Jackson. I'd draft Penny any day over Love from Stanford.
  9. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    The only sufficient reason I could see for keeping Cotton is that we need to go balls out on salary with a new DC and can't afford to hire 2 new coordinators. Now knowing UNLV - that's not going to happen and they will hire some shit DC who comes with the cheapest price tag. Oh and where are all the TKM haters asking about what our new MILF AD is up to on this? So concerned about the AD before...now not so much.
  10. Police Shooting of Daniel Shaver

    Because the judge refused to allow the jury to view that tape. Because just like everywhere else, the local DAs and judges are all in bed with the local PDs. Cops are allowed to murder without consequence and the legal system will make sure of it. Poor guy was begging for his life, and this pussy with a gun and a badge was clearly on a power trip to commit murder. Making him crawl before killing him for no reason is so infuriating I don't know how any of his family is dealing with it.
  11. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    I sort of disagree and in the minority on this. The offense had so many weapons and was mismanaged WAY more than the Defense was, with a lot less-limited talent. If you look at how the season went, the D actually improved while the O regressed. That offense should have put up the 40ppg that was their stated goal to begin the season. Baer sucked big donkey balls for sure and deserved to be fired, buf if you're asking me who did a better job last year Baer or Cotton - it's Baer for me simply because he had absolute garbage to work with and actually improved as the season went on, meanwhile Cotton did jack shit with a Rolls Royce offense except run up the middle 35 times a game with the same 3 plays Who the +++++ runs 4th and inches out of a shotgun in 2017? Barney Cotton does! Cotton can take his 200-300 rush yards per game and go jerk off to his awesome stats in retirement as far as I am concerned. He is going to get Armani killed calling the same crap he called the last 2 games.
  12. Democrats don't even want to talk about Tax Bill

    LOL the 'elites' or job creators only exist off the back of what you two dummies would label as socialism. Does the business owner who hires the trained or aptly educated employee pay for any of their education or training prior? In almost all cases, no they do not. They simply mooch off their new employees student loan debt, the government funding grants and scholarships they may get to be able to get a colllege degree that the employers mandate, and the public school system most Americans matriculate throough on their way to college and their new career. I took on $25k student loan debt to attain an entry level job that paid $25k/year. My employer didn't contribute anything to the education and training that I PAID FOR in order to work for them. I mean hey, it's a great system for the 'elites' and ultra rich who don't have to invest jack shit into their employees before they hire them.
  13. I've seen all the epsidoes so far. It's a good watch. However all the at home lovey-dovey stuff sort is sort of jammed in between the story of the actual events that took place, and those storylines are not really well written. Great job developing the soldier characters, bad job with the wives at home stuff...way too predicatable and boring. Reminds me of "For the Love of the Game" which imo was a great baseball movie that was totally ruined by a shitty love-story plot that didn't need to be there.
  14. Northern Nevada Schools

    Yes Of course they recruit, I am not sure how anyone would think otherwise. All one has to do is look at the talent in FL now vs. where they were 3-4-5 years ago. How does a private school all of a sudden get a huge talent influx that it never had before? Recruiting and offering 'creative' scholarships to most of the kids who can't afford to be there.