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  1. I am honestly floored that an actual doctor thinks the patient has equal responsibility. Because as a doctor, I am sure you understand addiction has no limits and some people can become addicted with their first 'hit'. Even people not trying to get high or addicted. I think this is why most docs want you to come in every 30 days for refills of narcotics. I also think this is why the whole 'powerless' thing is in the AA 12 step program. Yeah in a perfect world everyone would be 1000% responsible and control their shit. Meanwhile in the real world...
  2. No it doesn't. All it takes is a decent bankroll and the ability to afford a good CPA and BK attorney, which ironically, rich people can afford. You think Donald Trump is a smart businessman instead of a rip-off artist con man who has screwed over hundreds if not thousands of his contractors. LMFAO. What a bunch of rubes you people are. You think Trump is for the 'little guy' meanwhile he's spent his entire career ripping off and getting rich off the little guy. Buy a clue brother.
  3. Right because wanting healthcare for all regardless of ability to pay, is totally equivilent to opening up laws that allow people to open carry any type of weapon they want ie bazookas and grenades and 50 cals, anywhere they want. The mind of a fox n friends viewer is seriosuly a weird thing. Nice poll.
  4. Come on man thats totally ridiculous. It's diffenent when one knowingly takes drugs to get high and gets addicted vs someone who gets unknowingly addicted to opiods via an injury that they were prescribed pain meds for. Many of those people dont drink or do any drugs prior and they wind up with an addiction they never wanted.
  5. Someone didn't learn the lesson from the previous 8 years of the last administration. The Ds were crowing about winning 4/5 national elections and a future of nothing but dominance because of the 'obstructionist hate mongers' in the GOP who were dead set on doing everything and anything they could to obstruct Obama. Pssssst. Obstructing everything for 4-8 worked!!! On a side note, the sheer audacity of your blatant hypocrisy is a sight to behold.
  6. When they were interviewing Zach Collins after he got picked 10th, I closed my eyes for a bit and imagined zimmermom crying and throwing the remote at the tv in a fit of rage.
  7. Its such a dick.move. I always have tons of respect for an owner of a company that does not obey the same rules they ask their customers to follow Its called beimg a big a gigantic +++++ing asshole and disrespectful of your customers. But hey being an huge asshole is winning to his knuckledragging fan base and they eat shit like this up.
  8. Saw some posts on other forums by nhl fans about our roster and everyone seems to agree we made out very well and should have a competitive team out of the gates. Many were shocked that we got so many good players and also amassaed a ton of draft picks. Sounds like our FO is pretty good.
  9. When they screwed up on the nickname, i knew they would screw up the logo and unis as well. The team colors are good but basically the same as the xfl team we had. The execution is awful. The unis look like some 12 year old on nhl17 career mode designed them and gave up halfway thru.
  10. I think I just heard the guys on ESPN radio saying these are on 'special sale' for $200. If that's true, You've gotta be joking me.
  11. Those unis are downright horrible. Right along with the decison on the name golden knights.
  12. LOL. yeah Eric Holder is more evil and despicable than Donald Trump. My god, some people are so gullible and brainwashed it's just sad. Fox and Friends, Infowars and WND have done well with many on this forum. Lord help us.
  13. The Shehawks passed on Kap because they knew it would infuriate their base of terrible, overly-self-important, bandwagon "12s" that have spent the last 5 years hating on him and the last year projecting Kap as a something between Sadaam and Hitler. It would be like the Celtics signing Magic or Lakers signing Bird. No way that was ever going to happen.
  14. We haven't had a quality DE since Palepoi. Our DL is big enough but have lacked athleticism to get off blocks. I felt bad for Mouton last year. All in all, I don't think he played that badly considering the QBs generally had all day to throw, he was right there on most plays but just wasn't able to make the final play. I wish he would have stuck around, still not sure why he left?