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  1. I've never seen two people less in love. She only speaks when he gives the order. I did see her break a smile once today, that was nice to see for once. Outside of that, their relationship looks totally painful. She doesn't want any part of this. Maybe she can make her break once he is in DC full time.
  2. You guys are a riot. Please explain why the Ds have to take the high ground when the Rs didn't for 8 years? The moral highground thing is great in principle. It's a nice platitude. The Rs proved that to be stupid and wiped the floor with the Ds ass because of this.
  3. LOL sure. You are priceless man. Nice try.
  4. No you just treat others as they have treated you. If the Rs want respect now perhaps they should have had some the last 8 years.
  5. As well they should. Reap what you sow!
  6. Fair enough. But Poyser was a 4 star recruit. Those aren't usually kids that need 3-4 years to be the man, especially on a roster that is talent deficient and needs a stud to take over. If Menzies pulled a 4 star recruit now, that player would be looked at as a major game changer for the program not someone who needs a few years to develop.
  7. MLB has too many games to work here. I don't want to hate against the NHL team but it's a big mistake. The ownership team is already clueless with the lame nickname and logo. They will have their 8k-10k or so diehards like the Thunder did but after the luster wears off I think we're having major issues with attendance. Most of those season tix were corporate sales. MGM, Harrahs, etc. are going to be giving these tix away to their employees, customers and gamers which are 50/50 whether they actually show up and use them.
  8. The Rs are intent on repealing Obamacare out of their glee to stick it to Obama. The americans who lose coverage and suffer are simply acceptable collateral damage, and nothing more than gravy training losers who were along for the free ride on Obamacare. So long suckers! They were losers in life if they cannot afford healthcare anyways. The reality is the ACA is a replication of the Republican plan created by The Heritage Foundation. Same thing. There is no feasible way to insure pre-existing condition and hi-risk people without increased premiums on younger, healthier people. Its a matter of fact. The Rs have nothing better to replace it with. Because after all the ACA was THEIR plan. For now they are just happy to stick it to Obama and scoring political points and if Americans be it. Scoreboard libtards!
  9. Wow, never heard of the guy. The look on her face when he said it was fantastic news that 85 people hold as much wealth as the rest of 3.5 million in poverty around the world combined is priceless.
  10. The people that continually say pro sports will ruin UNLV have no idea what they are talking about. For starters, UNLV's attendance in both major sports already sucks, how would it get any worse? Here is a hint: the 10k-15k or so diehards that show up to UNLV football every week are coming no matter what. They've been coming to watch a terrible program for 30+ years and thinking that a NFL team is going to stop them from coming is ridiculously naive. Secondly, Vegas is just a totally different market with different dynamics and intangibles that no other large DMA has. It's a waste of time to get into all of that, but I am fairly certain that NBA/NFL will help boost UNLV, assuming we do something about getting better on the court and on the field. If we continue to barf out crappy products, we will continue to suffer no matter if the pro franchises are here or not.
  11. Anyone on here play FIFA17 on PS4?
  12. Poyser is really disappointing imo. The team needs a go-to-guy and I thought he would be that guy. This is literally an opportunity made in heaven for him to take over and be the man. Oh well. Dembele was impressive. I am excited to see him develop. This team has nice parts but no alphas who can be counted on every game and no on court leadership. That hurts with consistency.
  13. The hypocrisy of this post is almost too much to take. The Rs spent the last 8 years whining, crying like babies and obstructing everything. If Obama declared that air was for breathing, the Rs would have been against it. The Rs spent a good portion of Obama's presidency pushing the birther issue in attempt to prove Obama was an illegitimate president. The Rs spent the last 8 years pushing nutso conspiracy theories like Jade Helm. The Rs spent the last 8 years taking any deserved credit away from Obama (killing BinLaden was because of Bush). The Rs just elected the biggest man baby in the history of politics who conducts himself on about a 3rd grade level. But the Dems are the ones who must grow up! The way I see it the Ds have about 8 years of payback. What comes around goes around and things are just getting started. Buckle up cupcake.
  14. How do you feel about assange and Snowden? You seem kinda partisan in regards to which leaks you believe.
  15. Fired may be harsh, but he should be suspended probably like 3-5 games. I can care less how much of a dick or how wrong the CSU player was. I don't care if the UNM coach was in the right. I don't care if there was trash talk all game long from CSU guys on the bench. No coach should engage in trash talk with a player after the game is over, let alone man up outside the locker room to challenge the kid to a fistfight. I felt Eustachy was totally in the right by telling that idiot to grow up (and move on). Most normal functioning humans get this premise. If I was HC and that was one of my assistants, he'd be sitting at home for the next few weeks.