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  1. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Lectured by the wannabe charles bronson knucklegragger. LMFAO. The hits krep coming on this thread of stupids trying to defend the indefensible.
  2. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Sent you an im. +++++ you
  3. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    The racist white wing GOPers at this rallly did that themselves you moron. David Duke and the KKK all crowed about their support for Trump after this and how they all voted for him Its +++++tards like you and the others on this heavily right wing infected forum that refuse to admit to this. +++++ you.
  4. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    I have no problem with Nazi's being allowed to march or assemble just like any other group. I am a bit perplexed at the Cville PD and VSP because It's not like yesterday was some big secret. They basically allowed the two sides to tangle before getting involved. Perhaps not the best policy and maybe we should consider the national guard instead of leaving it up to local jurisdictions for future Nazi rallies.
  5. UNR with the L

    He shouldn't be expelled. He's been outed. If he shows up to campus after being exposed like this, the kid's got balls of steel. I'd have to imagine there might be more than a few people on campus who would be hoping to confront him.
  6. The Nation: Big Questions About DNC Hack

    Birther boy says what?
  7. The Nation: Big Questions About DNC Hack

    Lol you are priceless man.
  8. Constitution ?!?! Screw that we got our..........

    The teabaggers have lost their goddamn minds.
  9. The Nation: Big Questions About DNC Hack

    Holy jesus. You are +++++ing insane.
  10. UNLV

    Pritchard was one of the best things to happen to unlv. However like tony cordasco found out, you need to kiss major ass at this school and you abosultey cannot piss of the powers that be who are at the helm of our 4 win program.
  11. UNLV

    I remeber that that. Mitch is one of those idiots that live in vegas and loves the no state tax, yet seens to have an issue with tourists footing his billl. A special kind of stupid. The station wooed mitch back and i dont blame pritch one second for getting out of that craptrap. They need another ass kisser like graney to take his place lol.
  12. Constitution ?!?! Screw that we got our..........

    So it has devolved into what an imaginary friend in the sky said thousands of years ago, to what another imaginary figure in the sky today may think or feel. . LMFAO. Hope the easter bunny and santa claus make it thru unscathed.
  13. Over half ....... 52%

    They all write books and shamlesly plug on fox news. The sad part is the old folks dont realize they are marks. Do you think hannity or coulter really believe the shit they spew? Its all a con game.
  14. Gym bans Cops and military

    Not if the business is open to the public. No.
  15. Over half ....... 52%

    The same % still believe Obama is a Muslim and not an American and that his birth certificate is not real and that the Clinton's are mass murderers.