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  1. Typo lol. Just think next year you guys can go for thr 3peat.
  2. Looks like they should just go ahead and print the next cbi hanner to hang at lawler.
  3. Pete B. Is a future potus candidate.
  4. Who said anything about msnbc? You. You are the king of false equivalence. When i said Ds need to reciprocate the Rs obstruction , you turned it into some lame strawman about going lower. How about you quit with the strawmans and false equivilancies, and then we can talk like adults.
  5. I mean, well, of course. This website is absolute gold. I look forward to your independent non partisan future takes. Lmfao.
  6. Sorry but anybody who thinks bill nye is an asshole is almost certantly a giant moron. I mean seriously. Screw science!!!! He is a hater!!!; socialist propaganda!!!! Fake news!!!
  7. I am available at any unlv game. I am happy to talk with any of you guys in person anytime and I may even lay for the beers. Just shoot me a PM.
  8. What frigging incident do you need to see? These are literally kids walking across this guy's property. So in your mind you need proof that a gun didn't need to be pulled or a kid dragged around by an adult by his collar. You just need more evidence. Give me a +++++ing break. If that was your kid being dragged around by the collar , I know for a FACT that you'd be singing a different tune.
  9. Comingling the legal system with profit, what could go wrong.
  10. Yeah I agree. If someone is in the middle of the road blocking my path, I should be able to legally mow them down. Because life is all about ME and you better not get in my way to Waffle House or the Bowling Alley. Because I am Winning!
  11. Anyone who defends that prick cop is a complete retard.
  12. The guy is dirty and everyone knows it. Just like I know Putin or the CIA or the FBI or someone in the IRS is just waiting for the right time.
  13. I can't wait until Trump's tax returns are leaked. It's going to be glorious.
  14. Confucious say - the harder you squeeze, the more it will leak.
  15. Actually, dumbass, the athletic programs as a whole have never been better. But you wouldn't know that because like most UNLV fans you only care about hoops and don't pay attention to anything else. I literally cannot imagine a bigger idiot than someone who blames TKM for everything yet applauded Livengood and washed Dave Rice's nuts. Part of me hopes that hoops actually wins 5 games per year for the next couple of years, just so our school can rid ourselves of dumbasses like yourself.