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  1. Boise State @ WSU

    Vander Esch with a huge sack. Thankfully.
  2. Boise State @ WSU

    Well at least Skillen's punt gives us some breathing room.
  3. Boise State @ WSU

    Why would you run out of bounds Cozart? This is mindless.
  4. Boise State @ WSU

    No, that punt play was pure accident.
  5. Boise State @ WSU

  6. Boise State @ WSU

    The Moa Constrictor with the 10-yard sack. Nice.
  7. Boise State @ WSU

    Welp, that was retarded.
  8. Boise State @ WSU

    Our Defense went way too soft there. This can go south quickly if they think they've won.
  9. Boise State @ WSU

    BSU with a Piesman TD!
  10. Boise State @ WSU

    Who knows, Rypien looks like he had a concussion. But as long as our OLine is garbage, it is simply a disservice to Rypien to have him out there getting pancaked.
  11. Boise State @ WSU

    I don't remember BSU ever having a black QB, but I seriously doubt it is due to any racism. Rypien is a pocket passer with limited mobility. Any pocket passer would be under serious duress with the kind of OLine BSU has right now.
  12. Boise State @ WSU

    Cozart's mobility giving Wazzu fits, and he gets us in the endzone. I am quite pleased with that drive.
  13. Boise State @ WSU

    Rypien is out for the 2nd half. Ugh.
  14. Boise State @ WSU

    The offense needs to have some sustained drives to give our defense a rest so they don't wear down late in the game. Cozart is mobile enough to evade the rush which is embarrassing our feckless Oline.
  15. Boise State @ WSU

    Cozart is a nice equalizer for the lack of an OL, but longer plays can't develop so players like Wilson are going underutilized.