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  1. Colorado State vs Oregon St Prediction Thread

    Granted, but they got that shiny PAC12 logo that gives them that ever-coveted credence.
  2. Colorado State vs Oregon St Prediction Thread

    31-27 Beavers, but that's because Bobo hasn't beaten a P5 team yet (0-4). But if the Rams can play mediocre to above average defense, then they will win.
  3. Datawarehouse is online

  4. Can't Spell Vandals Without Anal

  5. You're a goddamn idiot. until you show numbers your assertion is pure horseshit.
  6. Here is the breakout for recruiting in the CFP era. ========================================================================================================================= This is the breakout by year from 2014-2017 of recruiting rankings
  7. OU and OSU are not bound by legal ties. You can read about that below. https://www.crimsonandcreammachine.com/2011/8/12/2360002/are-oklahoma-and-oklahoma-state-really-a-package-deal
  8. Let's look at this whole thing from a 10,000 foot view.
  9. The Entire State of Wyoming only has 4 Escalators

    That's nothing, did you know that the drummer from Def Leppard has only got one arm?
  10. The following website ( https://wherecaniwatchmy.team ) lists the streaming options in easy-to-read format for all FCS, FBS, and NFL teams. I have each MWC team, BYU, and Idaho linked below. These services include ESPN in their channel lists which probably why they aren't listed. This website also calculates which streaming service will serve you best and has a link to sign up for each service. It's pretty useful. AFA [LINK] BSU [LINK] CSU [LINK] FSU [LINK] HAW [LINK] NEV [LINK] SDSU [LINK] SJSU [LINK] UNLV [LINK] UNM [LINK] USU [LINK] WYO [LINK] BYU [LINK] IDAHO [LINK]
  11. OT: Kellen Moore sucks

    Sure, Kellen Moore is a man, he's 28. Everyone knows his mental abilities are what made him a great college QB and keeps him in the NFL, but he's also had years to develop a more robust body and arm strength. If he is unwilling to develop his physicality, then that's on him. Personally, I wish he'd hit the weights during the season and hire a personal trainer during the off season.
  12. OT: Kellen Moore sucks

    Nah, I prefer people to sink or swim on their own merits.
  13. SUDS FB: What Happens After Rocky Long

    I am not familiar with the SDSU assistant coaches and their ties to the program but I will say that the new coach will not find the cupboard bare. I am impressed with his player development and the uptick in recruiting. What's the opinion of Aztec fans regarding the coordinators and assistants? Are there legitimately viable candidates within the ranks?