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  1. Battle for the Oil Can

    I honestly thought SDSU was the real deal this year with a legitimate shot at the access bowl. No shame in loosing to BSU and this years Fresno team but getting dominated at home by them is another story.
  2. Wyo @ Boise State

    Honestly, I dont think we have the athletes on offense for adjustments to bear fruit.
  3. Wyo @ Boise State

    Well looks as though the Pokes will beat the spread. Good game Broncos.
  4. Wyo @ Boise State

    Josh is getting uneasy in the pocket now
  5. Wyo @ Boise State

    Cowboys have too many injuries on the D-line and no pressure on BSU QB's
  6. Wyo @ Boise State

    Well I think that was it for the Pokes. Had to drive on that possession.
  7. Wyo @ Boise State

    The kids an athlete no doubt. I think he's just jazzed to be the hell out of Lawrence with a realistic chance to win each week.
  8. Wyo @ Boise State

    Much like the punishment you were delivering to your liver's this too was unsustainable.
  9. Wyo @ Boise State

    Gosh, based on your posts I'd have bet you've never felt clean.
  10. Wyo @ Boise State

    That scoring drive smarted.
  11. Battle for the Oil Can

    Bulldogs you beautiful bastards! Just checking in from the WYO vs BSU game and low and behold the Aztecs are once again gettin taken behind the woodshed.
  12. Wyo @ Boise State

    Man the Cowboys don't have the O-line for Josh to hang in the pocket and throw deep. Need to roll him out.
  13. Wyo @ Boise State

    Oh hey a screen. That's new
  14. Wyo @ Boise State

    Time for the jet sweep.........
  15. Wyo @ Boise State

    I seem to recall you've been warned and yet billigerence