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  1. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Well said! The GOP left me during the Clinton years. I left the GOP 10 years ago when I moved from TX to WA where I can vote in primaries as an independent. Neither party holds anything for me anymore and I see them both as corrupt and driven by self interest. Good candidates get swallowed up by the GOP and Dems. They are either defeated or they conform but in no way are they allowed to be creative, independent or pragmatic.
  2. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    I wouldn't over estimate this result. Roy Moore was a special kind of dirt bag. Thanks to Trump the Democrats will win a lot of seats in the mid-terms but I'd be cautious to predict a bloodbath from this one race.
  3. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Alabama just gave ole' Roy a message. F#&k you and the horse you rode in on!
  4. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    This result is a win for the Democrats, a win for the GOP and a win for America! Roy Moore, Steve Bannon, Donald Trump and some 583,000 or so Roy Moore voters all lost and serves them right!
  5. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    And all the Alabama GOP had to do was not nominate an extremist and a pedophile. Any other GOP candidate wins this going away. So glad Moore has lost.
  6. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

  7. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Rumor has it Florida sold their old punch card voting machines to Alabama after the 2000 election.
  8. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    I can see it now. This thing is going to end up too close to call and they'll be counting hanging chads for weeks and the media will love it!
  9. Calling It Now

    Absolutely yes, extend Goodell. Anything that is a burr under the Dallas Cowboys saddle is good in my book. In all seriousness though I could care less. I've long since stopped consuming the NFL's product.
  10. FCS Playoff Bracket

    Have you ever been to Texas or met a Texan? Just sayin.
  11. Meteor shower that is. The annual Geminid meteor shower returns and is expected to be particulrly impressive this year due to a dim crescent moon. The shower can be observed between 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 13 and dawn local time the morning of Dec. 14, with the most meteors visible from midnight to 4 a.m. on Dec. 14, when the radiant is highest in the sky. https://www.nasa.gov/centers/marshall/news/news/releases/2017/heads-up-earthlings-the-geminids-are-here.html
  12. Police Shooting of Daniel Shaver

    He was fired 2 months after the shooting. I can't imagine any police department would ever hire him again. Then again I I can't phathom a juror watching and hearing that video would not vote to convict either.
  13. A walk on wins the Heisman trophy

    Or maybe he becomes a Drew Brees type QB. Let's see who draft's him.
  14. FCS Playoff Bracket

    Semifinal matchups are set pairing #6 SHSU vs #2 NDSU next Friday and #5 SDSU vs #1 JMU next Saturday. Hope for an all Dakota final is still alive with both NDSU and SDSU posting lopsided wins this weekend.
  15. FCS Playoff Bracket

    I'm pretty sure they were all founded around the turn of the century.