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  1. A little off?? Is that what you call it?
  2. I've never seen such a delusional group of idiots gathered in one website.
  3. Pumphrey is great at 2 out of the 3 things you listed. Pass blocking might be his only issue. Please put down the crack pipe.
  4. If we do schedule BYU, I think it would most likely be during the 2020 and 2021 seasons. JD suggested that we're gonna schedule another PAC-12 team soon, and looking at how our schedules are lining up, 2019 and 2020 makes the most sense for that. Unless we're planning on playing 3 PAC-12 schools in 2021.
  5. Why would anyone kick it to Penny?
  6. Gotta give props to the Nevada defender. Perfect punch. Penny is averaging over 20 yards per carry
  7. Penny is gonna be fun to watch next year
  8. Okay, THAT was pretty cool
  9. Wow! Always happy to see P5 talent leave for the MW.
  10. I personally don't have anything against Wyoming, I just think it's funny how some Wyoming posters here (not necessarily talking about you) came away from the BSU game feeling like super bowl champs. They immediately turned their focus on to SDSU and started talking crap, so now they have my attention lol.
  11. Ouch.
  12. Gotta love this. Anyone who was at the game last night will tell you that it was a legit 40,000+ crowd. Your denial is embarrassing.
  13. Penny is a beast. He's bigger and faster than Pumphrey, just not nearly as elusive as him. Washington is speedy and shifty, and I think he'll be a great compliment to Penny. A guy that I'm really nice excited to see is Chase Jasmin. I think that guy is gonna be really good. And like someone else mentioned, we have some good talent coming up on the oline. They're definitely green though, so there will probably be some growing pains. All in all, we definitely won't be as good next year, but I still think we'll be a top 3 or 4 team in the MWC.