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  1. Fire noodles!
  2. Glad I didn't watch it, I have learned to save myself some misery. I can't make my pitchfork any sharper...
  3. Most overrated of all-time? Kobe easily...
  4. Lobos loaded up on defense this year, we added size up the middle where we needed it with two 6'2" 340+ DTs and a 6'2 245 MLB. To good sized, athletic rush LBs at 6'3 240 and 6'5" 250. Some big CBs who can cover 6'1" 184 & 6'2" 192. And a stud JuCo All-American S at 6'1" 207. To name a few. On offense we got a major upgrade at QB in true ***dual-threat Cameron Burston. We also signed a running QB who is faster than Lamar Jordan. So all in all a great recruiting class for the Lobos. This recruiting class will pay immediate dividends for UNM.
  5. Not completely, Lobos are missing 18.07 points from 3 signees not listed, a fourth Coltin Gerhert is not rated being he is a graduate transfer. That would place UNM at #6 and only 4+points away from moving up to fourth with four players to sign. I guess the true measure for this is to wait to see who actually enrolls come June. Some signees go JuCo come June or August wgen it's time to show up. Seen it happen a few times. That said, BSU, CSewe, & SUDS have impressive recruiting classes this year. UNM is shortening the gap though.
  6. That's one last name I did not want hear again, only if it involved a hanging.
  7. Not surprised at all, this has been happening to UNM as well. Davie talked about it on signing day, even P5s are doing it. Schools know which programs do a thorough job and they keep their eyes on them. This is the main reason why the Lobos keep their commits as silent as possible.
  8. I think they wouldn't have a choice.
  9. Alabama, you forgot Alabama from this list.
  10. Is it time to start the troll derby?
  11. No I was just giving an example of getting rid of things all together.
  12. Finally someone said it! Even my wife mentioned it and she doesn't know two bits about football.
  13. I have to agree with you on that but he did say he wanted to play 3 more seasons.
  14. Not saying I'm not for improving things but I'm against getting rid of things all together. If thats the case lets get rid of cars and make everyone walk, no one was ever killed by a drunk walker.