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  1. Damn Kalua and his chickens!
  2. How am I picking 13th? Didn't I finish tied for last? Shouldn't I get the 1st pick? It's rigged, rigged I tell ya!
  3. GOAT based on what I have witnessed in my lifetime: Ken Griffey Jr. Joe Montana/Tom Brady Sugar Ray Leonard Usain Bolt/ Carl Lewis Michael Phelps Michael Jordan/ Dr J Roger Federer Martina Navratilova Ronaldo Mia Haim The Great One
  4. UNM 2-6?
  5. Have any of you guys seen this kids hudl? He has a 100 yard pick six while jogging to the endzone. How many pick sixes did UH have last year?
  6. Count me in. 🏆
  7. Glad to see MW fans giving the Lobos some love. These magazines fail to actually examine each team, especially from the G5.
  8. 1. Vikings in Superbowl 2. Game at US Bank stadium (Minnesota Vikings). 3. Lobos in playoff 4. Lobos in final four 5. Stanley cup final
  9. This coming from a Lobo fan, I think SUDS could make a final four if the local kids stayed and played. You would need a top notch coach to do that though.
  10. The all girl band Femme Fatale is also Albuquerque.
  11. Jim Morrison lived in Albuquerque for a few years when he was a kid.
  12. 1. #1 rushing team in the nation 2. Improved passing game 3. Improved defense 4. Upgrade in talent (most importantly in secondary) 5. Quality depth at all positions 6. Success breeds success, Lobos developing a culture of winning. 7. Overlooked by conference members 8. Lobos are ready for next step.
  13. What, no UNM in this poll? Have something against the Lobos?
  14. Don't count on it.