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  1. I have been studying for an exam tommorrow morning and took a break to relax unwind so can get some sleep. What were you doing for post 1,000?
  2. You should have stated you landed 5 star recruit McCoy. Good for guys & the MWC.
  3. @Dr. Dre @Hugh Jiddump You guys should just get a room already.
  4. Why a "appreciate rebelrobert thread?" Did he die?
  5. FYI I was rooting for the Sharks when they went to the finals. Joe Thorton was one of my favorite players. My wife's aunt lives in palmdale and we are planning a visit our there, I'll try to schedule it around hockey season to catch a game.
  6. We had the Scorpions here for about fourteen years but the new ownership moved them to texas. Going to an NHL game is definitely on my bucket list.
  7. That's double ouch!
  8. Maybe now that the poinsettia is gone hair can weasel us in?
  9. Thanks for that tid bit 😎. I had given up on hockey after my Northstars were stolen by dallas but then the Avalanche being not to far away brought me back. I still don't really have a team but root for the wild, avalanche and oilers but they're all in the same division .
  10. Duck and Oilers should be a good series. I'm surprised St Louis hasn't won one.
  11. Golf is not a sport. So who cares?
  12. Tulsa's heavy pass attack will be a good test/learning experience for our defense. The over/under may 100 points for tha game. Hopefully not.
  13. Defensive coordinators are going to have nightmares when they face us becuse they are going to have to pick their poison. With the speed we have on the outside and defenses trying to stop the run, there is going be a lot toast on game day.
  14. @LoboMan59 Izreal Costanellos injured his knee last year so he is being brought back slowly and Sammy Bernard was injured in practice this spring but he'll be back.. So the OL is a little thin right now. Davie is pursuing a couple JuCo Olinemen for immediate depth. We still have 3 schollies to fill. Not a major concern at this point.