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  1. Lobos pick up anothe JUCO commit in Aaron Blackwell DT. He has 3 years to play. He was a former Weber St commit and then went the JC route to Mesa. Davie is using JUCOs to bridge between this years graduating class to the very talented redshirt & redshirt freshmen classes. We now have 14 commits so we're half way there.
  2. Montana is the last flagship available in the west that we could add to our conference. Both nmsu & sjsu are city-states and we have enough of those already.
  3. If we were a "basketball conference" then yes take the aggies and kick out sparta but we're not and football drives the bus even though there are no sparta passengers on it.
  4. Honestly though nmsu has not been to a bowl game since....drumroll please... 1960!
  5. That's another thing recruiting sites are too lazy to rank most JUCOs, most of these 2 star JUCOs the Lobos signed were 3 stars coming out of HS. They only went the JC route to get their grades in order and they stood out when they played that's why they were re-recruited. Look at JUCOs east of the Mississippi they are ranked, very few on the left (out) coast are.
  6. How about UTSA instead of nmsu? I'll take that swap. Gives us a foot in TX, large market, more TV sets... Passionate fans (see NM bowl).
  7. Let's se how it shakes out after NSD, teams like UNM still have more than half of their recruits to fill out.
  8. And also late qualifiers who were not rated and brought a schools average down.
  9. I agree, except for the DFW area. Also recruits will knocked down a notch if they commit to a G5 school or FCS.
  10. It would have been over for me.
  11. Davie said he may take 10 JCs since there are so many slots to fill, he'll still be able to sign 18 HS kids which makes for a balanced class. The class coming off redshirt is one of the best talent wise in Lobo history but young and inexperienced. Lobos need to keep this rolling to get the fans back.
  12. Sure will meet you there on the 22nd Idaho fan
  13. Lobos have their LOI event online live, they have been doing it for a few years now. Good thing it is recorded so I can catch it after class.
  14. Lobo recruiting heating up Other recruits: Ahmir Davis 3* Athlete. Michael Sewell Jr. JC DPOY - safety originally signed with Cal but didn't qualify out if HS. Willie Hobdy 3* JC - CB Jermane Conyers 3* out of HS originally signed with Indiana JC - DT. Bryson Carroll 3* athlete. Lobos have 12 recruits, 8 JC's signed with four commits. Lobos still have 16 spots to fill to reach 85.
  15. No one was right here, but for Mugtang's sake carry on....