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  1. The Rothstein files MWC Basketball preview

    No, not that bad, middle of the pack not 9th. Lobos could be the surprise team this year but are more suited for domination next year and beyond. We are loaded for next year with a 5* & two 4* coming in so far...
  2. Don't mess with los Lobos

    Or this may happen to you... http://kfor.com/2017/08/18/man-accused-of-trying-to-carjack-three-new-mexico-football-players/
  3. I'm stepping out

    dre saying he's leaving.
  4. Nevada Convert- All-American Idiot

    Hey Convert, you're going to have to change your name to Dre's Daddy.
  5. I'm stepping out

    Have admit I am not going to miss any of this childish nonsense. Maybe time away from this board will help grow up a little.
  6. I'm stepping out

    Dre is leaving? Best. Day. Ever.
  7. Who here can stop CSUs offense?

    Agree, byu needs to be OOC the first 4 weeks of season AND byu needs to pay MWC teams to play them. Definitely no cross divisional games the last five weeks. UNM plays BSU week three then SUDS final week if season. Its like Thompson threw darts to schedule TE season.
  8. Who here can stop CSUs offense?

    Hopefully my Lobos can stop them enough to win this year. CSewe has prevented us from winning the Mountain Division the last two years. I am more concerned about the sheep than I am of Wyo or BSU.
  9. That troll derby trophy means that much to you formerfrog that you have to start campaigning since now? Mugtang thanks you.... #keepthehitscoming$$$
  10. New Mexico Recruiting 2017

    He is enrolled and practicing at UNM, being a late enrolly has hurt him as he is currently 4th on the depth chart at OLB.
  11. Pick 10 Team Black

    "This is why they play the game" Herm Edwards.
  12. UNM's Fall Football Practice Starts Today!

    You could look at it that way but the replacements are more talented and a better fit for this defense. I believe this is the year that our defense turns the corner.
  13. Not so sure about that number for byu, I went back and counted each conference champ in each sport and came up with 56 for them. They did have a large lead when they left though.
  14. I think they were only counting the son's age and not the dads.
  15. UNM's Fall Football Practice Starts Today!

    Excited for this season this looks like the best defense UNM has had under Davie. The talent level is finally catching up to the offense.