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  1. UNLV scrapped the new logo?

    Not true... the PC Police would find a reason to get offended by this one and call it racist too. I do really like it except the font of the UNLV letters on top.
  2. Hugh Freeze Out at Ole Miss

    At Ole Miss, the Nutt busts you!!! Hahahaha!
  3. New UNLV Logo

    I stopped by both the bookstore and Rebel Books across the street and made a point to tell the cashiers what I thought of the terrible new logo. I was told by both stores it's staying and they will only sell merchendise with the old hey reb logo until they run out of stock. They are not making anything new with the old logo. Thanks, PC police!
  4. Congrats to the Warriors!

    NBA sucks a$$. Hoops is the only sport i really enjoy college more than pros (and it ain't close). That said I really like LeBron... kinda sucks he's got what, a 3-5 record in NBA finals? But still, 3 titles is way more than most players will ever have.
  5. OT moving to Vegas!!

    That's not good news!!! Don't ruin my high man! Maybe i'll have to ditch some classes now and then...
  6. OT moving to Vegas!!

    I left Vegas for good (or so I thought) in spring 2003. Somehow i've still remained a die-hard UNLV fan thru the years and still follow my alma mater intently (well, one of my 4 alma maters TBH but who's counting?). Having spent most of my adult life traveling and occasionally living abroad, i'm suddenly 38 (and broke, haha). I figure its time to actually get a somewhat normal life (or at least try). So i've applied and just been accepted to UNLV grad school!!! I'll be back in under a month. Cant wait to get to see a Rebel hoops game at the Mack this year!! Hopefully i'll get a chance to meet some of my fellow Rebel fans on here. See ya soon, Vegas!!!
  7. We all owe Mugtang a big thank you.

    After nearly 2 decades on Rebel Net and watching it devolve into a tiny club of condescending elitists with identical views (and crushes on dave rice), it was incredibly refreshing to find this board!!! Thanks to mug and everyone else for allowing a true place where, for the most part, differing opinions are welcomed rather than viciously attacked.
  8. Vegas Golden Knights have named their AHL affiliate

    Disclaimer: I lived in Moscow for two years and became a quite big Dynamo Moscow fan, and attended many KHL games. Also attended several in Bratislava, Slovakia. So yeah I'm a little biased. That said, KHL is pretty much universally known as the second-best, and trust me, it isn't even remotely close. According to this site, the AHL is ranked the tenth best league in the world... (FWIW I'd disagree with that and put the AHL higher) http://thehockeywriters.com/top-10-best-ice-hockey-leagues/ This one has the AHL in the next tier outside the NHL/KHL, but I didn't find any site that refuted the fact the KHL is second only to NHL in the world. https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-best-hockey-leagues-other-than-the-NHL-and-KHL
  9. Vegas Golden Knights have named their AHL affiliate

    Strongly disagree with that. The KHL in Russia-Europe is the second best.
  10. After Being Separated from Dave Rice...

    They were easily the best of the pathetic "CDR" era, but I disagree they were "good". Good only record-wise and OOC-wise. Both years we got markedly worse as the season went along, couldnt win the MWC regular season OR tourney on our home court with the most talent, and got embarrassed by lower seeds in the NCAA tourney.
  11. After Being Separated from Dave Rice...

    Fair enough. But the fact you didn't "see" his obvious incompetence during the 5 years it was right in front of your face says a lot about your analytical skills, or lack thereof.
  12. OT Derek Jeter...

    This is my favorite "best of " Derek Jeter list.... Yeah, Jeets!.... http://deadspin.com/whats-your-favorite-derek-jeter-moment-1795097798
  13. After Being Separated from Dave Rice...

    But you're not gonna think of Dave Rice anymore while "doing you"?
  14. Team not in the MW that you hate the most

    For me its BYU... BY FAR!!! i dont see how any MWC fan (especially any UNLV fan) can say otherwise. Spoiled, arrogant, entitled brats who thought they ran the MWC. Hypocrites who played as dirty as they could yet were lightning quick to whine like babies at perceived injustices to them. Sarah cummard and Rafael Araujo. Crying their way to force the MWC to construct the "BYU Wall" for the tourney. Jumping ship in a fit of toddler-like rage when utah went PAC-12. I literally could go on all day. COME ON PEOPLE... BYU should be 100% here. Still my most hated team of all time outside Duke.
  15. OT: Spain travel questions (San Sebastián, Bilbao and Riojo)

    Just returned to the USA last month! In suburban Chicago at the moment but will probably return to Vegas later this month. As for Thailand it really depends on your budget and interests. I could provide a ton of tips and advice tho. If your work is paying for a hotel, thats great. But if not get an apartment from airbnb. They have some really nice deals (with pool, gym, etc) and much better quality for a tiny fraction of a hotel price. There's an interesting cobra show you can check out, of course the obligatory temples. Take a boat taxi down the river and canals.... they are cheap like 25 cents US for a ride! You can go to the top of the Baiyoke Tower for nice views. Eat some Thai food from street stalls (my favorites are som tam- papaya salad, and jim joom- thai bbq) but if u miss Mexican food at all they got a great place there called Sunrise Tacos. Go to a muay thai match live. I can go on and on but again depends on what u want. There are some fascinating places nearby (ayutthaya, amphawa, kanchanaburi, etc) that can be visited on day trips. I have a few articles about Thailand on my travel blog vincentvegabond.com u can check out 😊 It's a huge sex tourist hotspot so I think ph should visit! He'd be able to wet his whistle for less than 700 bucks!! Hahaha