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  1. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    Really disagree with your assessment of illini fans, i thought it was AT LEAST 50/50, maybe more illini.... half the arena was like 90 percent illini fans and they were clustered together more than unlv fans. I spent the first half sotting amongst them and enduring their nonstop whining after every whistle, moved across the arena at halftime. Illinois didnt impress me that much, other than they had a few impressive 3 point sharpshooters and knew what they were doing on D a bit better than UNLV. i doubt they finish in the top half of their conference. Agreed on McCoy but i feel the Rebels' overall ball movement and getting him good looks on offense is good... worlds better than what he'd be seeing under Rice (i know, not saying much) or even Kruger. IMO his biggest issue is learning how to play effective D. I dont see aggressiveness (unless he's trying for a block or a board) and his positioning is pretty butt. JJ has kinda disappeared on offense in recent games but i wanna give him a shoutout here.... that 3 he hit, followed soon after by calmly nailing both free throws, were HUGE and helped us finally pull away. Was great to see!
  2. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    Isnt this Marv's first-ever win vs. A power conf team???
  3. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    Proud of how UNLV didnt fold and finished it! But their recent starts to 2nd halfs must be fixed!!! Way to pull it off rebs!!!!
  4. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    What the hell does Marv say to them at halftime?!?!?!
  5. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    This is the second game in a row (at least... i didnt watch the northern iowa game) that UNLV looked totally lost, unprepared, deer in the headlights for the second half. I find that VERY concerning. These last few calls from the refs havent helped but UNLV has nobody to blame but themselves. Realllllly ugly to watch.
  6. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    Marv sure looks like a world-class halftime motivator, don't he?!?!? Complete butt!!!
  7. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    Utter lack of energy to start the 2nd half brings bad memories of az debacle. Its insane how many fouls they are calling on the illini.
  8. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    Rebels were complete butt for a good 7 minute stretch. I was wondering why Marv didnt call another TO after awhile. Gotta give em credit for withstanding the slump and not folding. Hope they can hang on in 2nd half. Unbelievable how many illinois fans here!!! Rebels are a dam good offensive team when they move the ball around! Mooring having a good game but has jacked up a few real head-scratchers. Defensively, Rebels need to learn how to box out and get positioning.
  9. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    Last 4 minutes have been painful to watch. So many ridiculous mistakes! Surrounded by Illini fans who are acting like the refs are giving UNLV every call.
  10. Illinois vs UNLV at MGM Grand Garden

    Im at the game and all i gotta say is..... holy @%$# there are a lot of illinois fans here!!! Id say its 2/3 illini fans right before tipoff...
  11. Arizona at UNLV

    Tale of 2 halves.... Arizona adjusted their D at halftime and UNLV did..... ???.... UNLV looked deer in the headlights first 12 or so minutes of second half. That said I give em credit for not calling it a game and staying in there for the last 8 minutes of regulation. I thought they were ready to fold after AZ took the lead, they did not. McCoy was up against a stud but his D in the second half was putrid. I know he was worried about fouls but thats no excuse. He filled the stat sheet but he has to show more on D. Johnson has looked absolute butt in the last few games which is disgouraging. I still cant get over how they didnt even try to make up a play for the end of regulation. Ugly-ass contested 3 which obviously missed to send it to OT. I know its early but will Marv ever be able to play with the big boys? 2nd half and late game adjustments were putrid. Enjoyed the fact we had a lot of fans there and the atmosphere was electric. Good job to those who showed up. The backcourt has to step it up and we have to improve defensively, that is all.
  12. Southern Utah at UNLV

    I actually kinda like the court. Not perfect but it has good local flavor and nice color scheme. Glad to not see any sign of that sad, despicable "new" logo anywhere. The uniforms are prime butt, and whoever decided to put orange in them should absolutely be banned from campus forever. That is all. 😀
  13. Southern Utah at UNLV

    I went, was my first UNLV game attended in person since our NCAA tourney loss to Illinois in what was Kruger's last game. Felt so good to he back in the Mack among UNLV brethen!!! This is a very talented team!!! Johnson has definitely emerged as my favorite player, the guy handles the offense like a man among boys and was all over the court. S Utah were clearly overmatched but played above their talent level. They hit a number of high-difficulty shots. That dude with the beard on their team was fearless and went right at UNLV despite the obvious talent deficiency. Offensively, whenever we moved the ball and got good shots they stood no chance. None. Finished a lot of nice layup drives which were usually bricks in years' past. Too many lazy contested long 2's early in the shot clock, but overall the offense looks like it can be incredibly dangerous when clicking- playing right. I was extremely disappointed with the defensive effort, especially for the first 15 minutes of the 2nd half. No energy whatsoever, a lot of standing around and allowing s utah scrubs to establish position and convert on drives they never shouldve come close to completing. I'll chalk it up to knowing theyd win and taking it easy, just hope bad habits werent created. Overall, very excited about this group and their potential. Marvelous (i'll leave out the "Mediocre" part) Marv did a fabulous and commendable job assembling this team. Can't wait till Arizona!!!
  14. UNLV at CAL

    It's a preseason scrimmage. A liiiiiiittle different than real games.
  15. Shooters at Mandalay Bay

    It was pretty crazy at UNLV today. Over half the students in my class were absent. My professor broke down crying during the class. She had us do an activity to write down what we feel, then crumple or rip the paper and throw it away to try and put it behind us. After that was out of the way, class continued mostly as usual. Candlelight vigil after class on campus. Drove across the strip on way home. Most casinos and many businesses have some version of "Pray For Las Vegas" on their billboards. Sea of cell phones out for selfies under the signs. Somber.