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  1. Las Vegas Bowl - Oregon vs Boise State

    I don’t know man — I would take Oregon and the points in this one. I’m not even trying to reverse juju this as I don’t think Boise State is going to be able to keep up with Oregon’s offense. The Bronco defense will keep them in the game for a while but I think BSU would need to score in the mid 30s to have a shot at winning it. Without Roh and Mattison, that’s not going to happen as Oregon will key in on shutting Wilson down and their defensive front and linebackers are good enough to contain Wolpin. Relying on Richardson, Modster, and Dhaenens to drive the offense isn’t going to get it done.
  2. Las Vegas Bowl - Oregon vs Boise State

    I’m still unconvinced that Nick Patti was tall enough to urinate over the railing unless someone like @tailingpermit was there to give him a boost.
  3. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Yeah, I agree with the difficulty in understanding Southern mentality. There are certainly sub segments of Southern culture and it would be a mistake to claim that it’s uniform because diverse and somewhat progressive cities like Charlotte, Atlanta, and New Orleans can’t be compared to the region’s more rural areas. But this idealism that some old school Southerners maintain where they claim to champion “freedom” while at the same time perceiving others within their communities as inferior or immoral is both bizarre and contradictory.
  4. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Well, you know I respect your opinion and view you as an intellectual so please also know that I’m curious as to your thoughts on the subject. I want to make it clear that my posts above were largely based off assumptions and what could loosely be called anecdotal evidence.
  5. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Fair enough re Bush I being a Rockefeller Republican, I agree. I just think he was closer to Goldwater than say a Pence or a Moore. Back in the early to mid 90s, I remember Southern bigotry being far more associated with Democrats and even remember the Clintons pandering to it to a certain degree. Their confederate flag campaign swag lend legitimacy to this claim. David Duke was the first prominent Republican candidate that I can recall who represented the nut job faction, he ran in 1992 against Bush I in the primary and tried to capitalize on traditional Southern Democrats that had become disgruntled with their party. The South didn’t turn into a red safe zone until the mid to late 90s. I think there is a correlation to this. That all said, I don’t believe Bush W to be a bigot at all and he never ran on a platform designed to attract white supremacists. It just happened that folks on the South who wanted to preserve their way of life were no longer voting for the Democratic Party in mass and many of them, whether they had blatant or subtle racial bias, started voting Republican.
  6. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    Bush was primarily unpopular due to the war. The breakdown of the economy just added to his unpopularity. That said, Bush was at least presidential on how he conducted himself and was generally well liked as a person, even by both Obama and Clinton.
  7. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    I disagree — Reagan and Bush I were the last of the Goldwater faction. One could make the argument that Dole would have fit that bill as well. But in the late 90s, the religious right, which developed out of the Falwell faction, gained control of the party and the Duke faction, made up of fringe weirdos, started to pull in blue dog Democrats in the South around this same time.
  8. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    The economy in addition to the war sealed the fate of the 2008 election... and I agree that any Democrat would have won. The country was so soured on Bush at the end of his second term — probably the lowest popularity rating of any president in my lifetime.
  9. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    I disagree. Obama was elected because of Bush.
  10. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    What? Bush and Romney were/are a lot closer to one another than Bush is/was to Trump. Trump is the outlier of those three.
  11. Roy Moore

    ^ lol:ing at a guy with Lenin as his profile pic for trying to be the voice of reason.
  12. Roy Moore

    In a state like Alabama, they probably could have swapped out a candidate in the last few weeks and still had a good chance of winning. But the bright side of all this is that we’ve learned there is thankfully a limit to crazy and Roy Moore was across that line.
  13. Game Thread: Alabama Senate Race

    The GOP lost their minds when they left the Barry Goldwater philosophy and adopted the Jerry Falwell + David Duke platform.
  14. Roy Moore

    Will this serve as a wake up call to the GOP that it’s a bad idea to nominate bat shit crazy nutters? Seriously, to lose a senate seat in deep red Alabama should be a major eye opener. Don’t nominate bigoted pedos should be the top line item of their next strategy meeting.