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  1. Congrats man, that's great! It's always good to change up your job now and then. That said, and sorry to be a debbie downer, but "dream jobs" are usually like "dream chicks" in that you'll eventually grow tired of getting fvcked by them.
  2. Was he as anti-Semitic as Jesse Jackson?
  3. Yet you're perfectly comfortable with leaving large deposits of your DNA in Dre's mom on a frequent basis?
  4. If I could have any ride I wanted, it would be a late 60s model Ford pick up fully restored.
  5. 75% to Boise State. 25% divided amongst the other 11 schools.
  6. @jackmormon - should we blame Wikileaks for this?
  7. I'm currently reading Pablo Escobar, My Father by Juan Pablo Escobar. It's an interesting book in that you can clearly tell the author is not a professional or experienced writer ... but yet there's something charming about the clunky authenticity of his style. A discerning reader will easily pick up on the conflict of emotions the writer has regarding his father, which I would think any son would have in that dynamic. It's an interesting perspective and worth picking up if at an airport, just don't expect Pulitzer prize material. On the 5 star scale, I'd rate it a 3.
  8. The MWCBoard community stands in solidarity with our brother Former Frog. We shall overcome.
  9. Only invite TCU if Texas comes along as a travel partner. Otherwise it's a no.
  10. Can you all guess which is Angelo State's stadium vs SJSU's? \
  11. They would be right in line with the MWC facilities wise:
  12. I sincerely hope Former Frog becomes a mod. His objective mindset and thought provoking commentary is a breath of fresh air around here!
  13. I hope this one is untrue.
  14. I sure I would have been tempted to tap her back when she was in college.