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  1. Brian Hill released by Falcons

    I don't claim to know anything about it. Just his demeanor on the field last year, especially later in the season seemed to change.
  2. It's time to come home BYU

    Who the hell are you? It's Sunday, shouldn't you be at your relief society meeting?
  3. It's time to come home BYU

    +++++ BYU. Good riddance.
  4. Brian Hill released by Falcons

    I think Hill developed an attitude problem in the last few games at WYO that continued after he was drafted.
  5. Hawaii at Wyoming

    good game Warriors
  6. Millinials are soft, but, nice

    One example would be respect for your elders. When I was growing up you were liable to get your ass kicked by anyone older than you for the slightest notion of disrespect.
  7. Oregon at Wyoming

    Thanks, that one works
  8. Oregon at Wyoming

    Does anyone have a stream? I have been trying to find one that actually works but have had no luck.
  9. Wyoming sucks and will suck for a long time

    You are pathetic.
  10. I want some of what they've been smoking
  11. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Polls by vox, salon and mother jones? You couldn't get more biased results if you tried. An article calling Trump supporters idiots in the title is not going to be objective.
  12. White Nationalist Rally in Virginia

    Instead of throwing insults, why don't you explain your position.