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  1. UNLV at New Mexico

    Not in reno. We're on a winning streak up there.
  2. Good Story I Want To Share

    Some of you know that my 6 year old son has gone through many many medical issues in his life. He lives with issues no 6 year old should have to go through but he never complains and is a really great kid. Well we've been working with the Make A Wish Foundation for a while and today they held an assembly at his school and announced his wish was granted and they are sending him to Disneyworld for a week. They had stormtroopers, radio dj's, and dancers from the Michael Jackson Circque show make it into a huge party. It was really awesome. To see the shock and surprise then the joy on my sons face was priceless. I'm not ashamed to admit I shed a tear or two myself to see him so happy. I've seen him in pain, I've seen him suffer. It's hard to be a kid and be different than every other kid. At the end of the assembly all the kids were cheering for him and chanting his name and he was held up in the air. He had his arms up in the air and the biggest smile Ive every seen. His joy was infectious. I met the couple that paid for our trip. Very nice people that just wanted to do something nice for someone else. The radio people, the dancers, the guys dressed up as stormtroopers, all these people came together to do this for my son. To make his day special. They didn't have to do it. They weren't paid to do it. It's nice to see that kindness is still alive. Just thought this might brighten some of your days out there.
  3. You already elected a democratic rapist and serial abuser president. You remember Bill Clinton don't you?
  4. THOR Ragnarok

    Thanks all. Think I will take a pass on bringing the kid to this one.
  5. What is wrong with white men? Mass shootings?

    People who own guns and believe in freedom are already overwhelmingly in the armed forces. There isn't a line of people coming out of gender studies classes that are willing to defend this nation.
  6. What is wrong with white men? Mass shootings?

    But yet you ignore the rhetoric and hate that is coming from the left. Ok. You don't know what this guy's motive was but you assume it fits what you want it to fit. You don't know his ideology at all or anything else about his personality or beliefs. But you blame it on his color. You are no better than any other racist. You're no better than people that jump to blame Islam without facts when there is a terrorist attack. You're a hypocrite and dishonest.
  7. What is wrong with white men? Mass shootings?

    He was clear about it. The pigment in his white skin was the reason.
  8. What is wrong with white men? Mass shootings?

    Yeah, these shooters don't have any mental issues at all. It's solely the pigment in their skin that is the issue. Racist.
  9. What is wrong with white men? Mass shootings?

    What are those sensible limits? I’m not looking to argue. I’m just curious what you think is sensible.
  10. THOR Ragnarok

    Can I take my 6 year old son to see it? Appropriate or too much?
  11. Must Read - How Hillary "Rigged" the Nomination

    Yeah because if he leaves he will be renditioned. All the sexual assault charges have been dropped to my knowledge. The only charge I know of is a British charge related to a warrant. The US has not filed any charges but would love to disappear him.
  12. Must Read - How Hillary "Rigged" the Nomination

    It must suck to hijack your party, steal a nomination, turn the DNC into a money laundromat, bury any evidence against you, finance fake dossier on opponent, swipe the debate questions, and promise free everything, and still lose to someone you call incompetent.
  13. Must Read - How Hillary "Rigged" the Nomination

    I'm conservative on national defense, fiscal responsibility, personal responsibility, and immigration. I'm liberal on gay marriage, drug legalization, gambling, and many other social issues. You tell me what party I'm in? It certainly isn't the two major ones. I side with the gop more just because the dems are so out of touch. But both parties suck. Trump wasn't my guy. He does a lot of stuff I dislike a great deal. But some stuff he does I like. He wasn't my first choice but I supported him over Hillary. Most of the time I am not really defending him. I am calling you guys out on your stupidity, hypocrisy, and hysteria. To make it clear for you I can't stand either party. Both are corrupt to the core. The extremes of both sides are bad but I really can't stand the far left. I think they are dangerous and foolish.
  14. Must Read - How Hillary "Rigged" the Nomination

    This is just what I needed today, a good laugh. Throwing Clinton under the bus is fantastic. Exposing them even more for how unethical they are and how incompetant Wasserman-Schultz is is no surprise but makes great reading. Almost as good as knowing Obama was as bad with his parties finances as he was with the nations. He hurt his party as bad financially as he did with losing over 1000 dem seats while he was in office. This is just another example of why I don't understand the glee the dems have for the gop civil war. The dnc has been proven to be corrupt, broke, and really no power nationally. Only a party equally corrupt as the gop could ruin this great opportunity to restore actual conservative policies. When is everyone going to wake up and realize these parties don't give a shit about any of us. They are only interested in their own power. I'd love for both parties implode.
  15. Guns mmkay

    I've never got a "rush" shooting. Shooting long range isn't easy for me. So I get happy if I'm able to accomplish a goal I set out to hit at a certain distance. Same with my bow. Bow shooting is difficult so I'm happy I can hit what I aim for. But it isn't a rush, more like a sense of accomplishment. Pistol shooting in a range is just practice, no rush at all. Even hunting I have never got a rush to shoot. It's more an appreciation of the animal and nature. Shooting is just a byproduct of hunting to me. I don't enjoy killing an animal. I appreciate the meat and respect the animal died so my family could eat it. It gives a whole new appreciation for where your meat comes from and has no hormones or drugs in it.