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  1. You are making many wrong assumptions. First the Raiders can't control the T&M or any university parking. UNLV would never agree to it especially considering Raiders may have Monday or Thursday night games. And any events that the stadium would hold would not consider the T&M anyway. We don't compete with the stadium for events we compete with T Mobile. Second the Raiders will not have operational control, the stadium board does. It makes sense to have the same workers, etc. The board controls that. The Raiders would not have the stadium without UNLV and UNLV is heavily represented on that board. Third this is not why Bomotti resigned. That has been in the works for a long time.
  2. Long time to go until the final contracts are signed. UNLV isn't going to roll over and the Raiders don't make the sole decisions over this stadium, the stadium board does and it is filled with UNLV supporters. Give this time and see how it plays out.
  3. Please list all of the things the Trump administration has done Russia's bidding since he took office. Please be specific.
  4. My best guess is you have AIDS.
  5. Except dem hero Ted Kennedy tried to do it to hurt Reagan.
  6. I've thought for many years America would Balkanize but I always assumed I would not live to see it. Now I'm not so sure.
  7. We do the same thing and have for decades. This is nothing new for US or Russia. This is the way the game is played. The only problem is this time the Russians weren't on the Dems side like they were during the Cold War. This is my favorite from the hero of the dems himself, Ted Kennedy.
  8. Of course you say you don't care. Kind of hard to care about something when you've never had it.
  9. You are delusional. You tied us this year. Tied! If you want to see dominance look at these numbers: 2015-2016 UNLV wins 28.5-19.5 2014-2015 UNLV wins 27-21 2013-2014 UNLV wins 30-18 2012-2013 UNLV wins 37.5-10.5 UNR has never, and I mean NEVER, had more points that UNLV.
  10. This is really funny. This is the first year Reno wins, and only because they have the tie breaker. We have the worst year in history with mens hoops and choke away baseball and volleyball and you still can't beat us outright. Enjoy it boys because I have a feeling you won't see another one any time soon.
  11. He is wrong. My son was born with many conditions they did not see by untrasound before he was born. We knew he had a serious heart condition and intestinal issues but there were a host of other things wrong as well when he was born. Medicaid helped cover some of the costs. Between the surgeries and hospital stay for his first 7 months in the hospital the bill was a little over 2 million. I feel for him because I know what it is like going through having a kid that needs emergency surgery right after he was born. My son's first surgery was six hours after he was born and he had a 50-50 chance of survival. I understand the stress that puts on you. It's hard for me to judge him because I've been in his shoes as a parent. I was an absolute mess and I didn't have to go on tv.
  12. Well if you've never heard from him I guess we are doomed.
  13. Exactly.
  14. What was his name?
  15. You've never met me because I've never sat with anyone from Rebel Net. Ever.I've never even talked to anyone from that site in person. So again you are wrong. I've been involved with UNLV by working there or consulting for 20 years. So again you would be wrong. As for my military knowledge I've got enough experience to know wtf I'm talking about and you don't. So again you're wrong. The funny thing about this is all this time you think I'm someone I'm not based on some game from 10 years ago. Holy shit do you have issues.