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  1. ESPN Bottom 10

    No-vada and the Nobos make the waiting list. I anticipate the Nobos make the bottom 10 at 0-4 next week.
  2. Can we just give our Nevada contingent to the Big Sky?

    Raider gear was already a significant minority in Wolfpack country last fall when I was working in Washoe for the election, and my recent trip to Costco in Reno made me think its getting closer to 50/50. I also noticed a fair number of silver and black with silver and blue which looks to me like they are fans of both. Of course I'm not a Washoe resident but I look forward to being told I'm crazy or not. Don't be too surprised that someone who lives in SF has vacation property in the Lake Tahoe area. Keeping the tin foil hat on, In the 90s, Burning Man began a cultural invasion of northwestern Nevada that will succeed at turning the region fully into the northeastern border of the Bay Area by the early 2020s. The tech manufacturing that used to be in Fremont/East San Jose is now in Washoe and Storey county. In the 2030s we can put a 200 mph train in after finishing the Los Angeles leg and then you are only about one hour/hour and a half away from downtown San Francisco. Heck, Elon might put in one of those vacuum tube express things and then it's like a thirty minute trip.
  3. MWC vs American conferences so far....

    I'd enjoy a MWC/AAC challenge but I doubt the money for that series would be greater than what an additional conference game would get post 2020. If Air Force is evaluating their schedule honestly Army is not better than most FCS opponents. I don't think they'd be the road block especially because their overall athletic program isn't seen as very competitive outside of football because the move would be to improve the overall quality of the MW football schedule. Also, BYU is going to be the equivalent of an FCS school with 85 scholarships like Umass if their recruiting continues at the level it has over the past few years. I've seen reports that BYU was inflating their reports of media revenue and regardless of the veracity of those, I don't think that their record as an independent is going to get much interest from the cable networks because they haven't been that good on the field. Moreover, the Hawaii exception isn't that useful right now because of the eight game conference schedule. A change to a nine game schedule would give every school who travels to Hawaii the option to schedule an FCS home game as the thirteenth game and still play a very good out of conference schedule. With respect to the better teams, I think a situation like the Pac 12 would evolve in the MW. The top third to the half of the conference won't schedule an FCS opponent in any given year because they can put a good independent opponent in place of that. Essentially SDSU, Boise State, Colorado State and whomever else develops a consistent program would not schedule FCS in the way that UCLA, USC and usually Stanford do not schedule an FCS opponent. I believe that BYU would like to have the best MW schools on its schedule so it would be likely that the Aztecs, Broncos and Rams have one home and one road game against an autonomous opponent with BYU either home or away depending on whether the conference schedule gives each school four or five home games that year. I'd like to see more bowl games located at MW schools drop their affiliation with CUSA and the Sun Belt in favor of more American matchups. Early season out of conference matchups remove interest in the bowl game matchups because fans and experts would more highly anticipate matchups between good teams from the respective conferences. This also gives a more accurate evaluation of one conference's strength versus the other because bowl eligible teams are at least .500 teams (unless a specific exception is granted) so the ups and downs that occur from one year to the next don't result in a good team versus a bad one.
  4. Can we just give our Nevada contingent to the Big Sky?

    Putting on my tin foil hat, both universities are colluding with the Raiders to turn the entire state of Nevada into chores on Saturday - game on Sunday. From what I can tell, everyone through out Nevada is just as pumped on the Raiders as long time Raider fans.
  5. MWC vs American conferences so far....

    It appears being a former WAC member gives you mojo against the Mountain West that might warrant a specific exception to the overall comparison between the American and the MW. If Tulsa goes 4-1 against the MW since joining the American, I have no other explanation. Don't schedule Rice or SMU - there's no reason to test this hypothesis. The Mountain West should consider going to a nine game schedule like the Pac 12 just to avoid scheduling early season games with no upside against FBS schools that are not in an autonomous conference because most of the bowl matchups the Mountain West has are with those conferences and probably will continue to be. It adds a little more interest if no one has seen whether a bowl eligible Tulsa team versus a bowl eligible New Mexico team will do, rather than what looks to be a Lobo team not likely to be as competitive as last year against a Tulsa team in Tulsa. I think that the eight game schedule was more of a necessity to have flexibility scheduling out of conference games with autonomous conference and independent opponents who play an eight game schedule that is going to be of significantly less important as college football conferences continue to move their conference games in to the first three weeks of the season like the New Mexico Boise State game. Autonomous conferences scheduling conference games in weeks one, two and three would really help BYU and probably help the Mountain West because the two "body bag" games don't have to be scheduled in back to back weeks (SJSU weeks 2 a& 3). Obviously there would be no reason to change until after the TV package is addressed. It's likely that provisions relating to the loss of members would be in a new TV contract with Big 12 expansion looming so a provision about the addition of another week of conference games isn't a completely unlikely scenario either. It a proposal to make to know whether broadcast partners view a nine game MW conference schedule additional value or not. Also, playing BYU is growing less important as they seem to no longer be able to recruit like they could as a member of the Mountain West.
  6. comparing c-usa, aac, and mwc - can anyone enlighten me?

    Props to Memphis; they are clearly way better than South florida and the AAC west has some good teams. The Liberty Bowl is a great atmosphere (not attending the game). No shame in a close loss on the road, plus it gets the fire lit under the bruins before the conference schedule starts. I'm curious how SDSU does at home against Stanford. On paper SDSU has the better running back while the line play is close. The home team should win a close game. FF - week 2 conference superiority between TBD. Illinois looked a lot worse team than SJSU on offense and not much better on defense, although better against the run and worse against the pass.
  7. CBSSN now on Playstation Vue

    I have Sling now because of Pac 12 network. However, relevant to the OP, there is no CBS Sports on Sling right now.
  8. CBSSN now on Playstation Vue

    Did PS Vue get Pac 12 network? So far it's only Sling i.e. Dish.
  9. Neither South Florida or Illinois has faced serious competition this season. It's a big unknown. Non western game of the week if you ask me New Mexico's loss to State does not bode well for the Lobo's visit to Tulsa; the Golden Hurricane pass attack can put the Lobos behind early just like the Aggies did and run focused offenses can't make up big deficits easily.
  10. Arizona, Arizona State and Oregon State are of dubious football quality this season. Cal looks decent, but is probably the ninth best Pac 12 school. No one with an informed opinion thought the Arizona Wildcats or Arizona State Sundevils were better than either Houston or San Diego State respectively. 30-20 isn't dominating but SDSU looked good. Stanford also looked really good so the Aztec - Cardinal matchup should be good. I hope the Aztec fans appreciate the Stanford band. New Mexico is not going to beat Tulsa in Tulsa. I am curious about the Tulsa versus Toledo matchup because the looked like a much better team than Northwestern versus Nevada. The American has a lot riding on South Florida's visit to Illinois. I doubt that a Big Ten line will let the Bulls just run the football like they did against SJSU and that FCS school. If South Florida has a decent passing game, they will need it to be Illinois imho
  11. Toledo at Nevada

    Welcome to being a basketball school Nevada; it isn't so bad.
  12. Is Boise State on the verge of a major meltdown?

    Washington State versus Boise State wasn't a rivalry game until now imho. Frankly, the Cougars were afraid to schedule the Broncos and hadn't played well against Boise in the past. BYU falling off a cliff means the Broncos need a decent out of conference matchup and WSU is very close so hopefully they decide to make this a regular home and home series. Triple overtime turned the natural geographic rivalry between Boise State and Washington State into an actual on the field rivalry because that was a game that will improve in the telling over the years. Fans need something to talk about and in the Palouse and the Treasure Valley these folks know each other.
  13. Is Boise State on the verge of a major meltdown?

    In 2017, New Mexico St > New Mexico so BSU handles them easily
  14. MSN Sports picks SJSU to beat Texas