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  1. I think this is relevant to whether the MW or the American would be 'invited' into the autonomous section of FBS. The fact the MW has flagship universities of a particular state seems to create a higher potential for the MW than the American. Also @SleepingGiantsFan I don't think of you as a poster who is comically negative. I wouldn't have an interest in the MW without some positive opinion of it and it would be extremely petty to troll the MW here when community around this board has more interest in college football discussion than any Pac 12 forum does.
  2. I'd say week 0 is the Mountain West's best opportunity to make a statement because Oregon State at Colorado followed by South Florida at SJSU could both be wins that impact national perceptions of the MW. As much as posters here have pessimism about SJSU, I suggest that pessimism about Charlie Strong should be equal or greater to that held for the Spartans. Colorado State has a chance to beat the Beavers too. Week 3 is much less likely to have any games that flip the national perception unless Wyoming beats Oregon in Laramie. It's a home game so its more likely than a road game which most of the other week 3 match ups are for the Mountain West.
  3. If both teams pass 2/3 of their offensive possessions, this game could easily last over 4 hours. 8 PM is fine for Californians but that is nearly midnight for Floridians. South Florida has to play all four quarters and the up tempo offensive philosophy of the spartans means that a few touchdowns late in the game is possible.
  4. I agree that the negativity on this board is comical. Ultimately I think it is kind of a Rohrsach test for how poster see the world - especially because anonymous posting allows people to put out their deepest, darkest desires. I graduated from a rural high school in Mendocino County in the 90s where 50% of my class dropped out because they were addicted to meth. hyper-negativity and difficulty understanding more than one sentence at a time are characteristics I associate with Tweekers and yet there are tons of people professing to be college graduates whose anonymous internet personas are essentially that. You got more out of it than I got. @MAD MACGYVER ever try PivotTable? If you have a full data set, we could actually compare one column with another column. The google doc format is not clear because there are two columns of tables that aren't related to each other and thus none of the analysis tools of Excel can be used for comparison. I also think that the on paper matchup for this years SJSU South Florida game could be just like the SDSU South Alabama game last year. SJSU's got a solid secondary and a new coaching staff that is very young but very smart. Plus, if the kick is a 7 PM Pacific time game the body clocks of the South Florida team will be way off. It shouldn't be a blow out because South Florida has a pass focused offense and Charlie Strong is not a good game tactician while SJSU hired specifically to get someone who is smart but young. SJSU knocking of South Florida in the first game of the season would pretty definitively put the Mountain West as the top on the field FBS conferences that isn't autonomous. As @fanhood noted the AAC is unlikely to do as well in their out of conference games so the Spartans doing their best 300 re-enactment could really put the entire conference in a very good place in 2017.
  5. Of course CBS would write an article about the media press kit from the American's press conference. This is verbatim what the American's PR department spent their summer cooking up. It's in no way remarkable that someone from CBS at least took a photo of their golf ball and press event because the author is probably expensing the trip. Pretty sweet gig when all you have to do is cut and paste from a press release. I expect there will be similar journalsim I agree that CBS sports is interested in renewing their contract with the American for the reasons other posters discussed. CBS has national broadcast rights to the SEC with their cable network built on pairing the American and the Mountain West. Fox and ESPN/ABC are the two networks that are interested in Window 4 because they will already have viewers from window 3 games in the Big Ten and the SEC/ACC on their cable networks. ESPN may retain it's agreement to broadcast all Boise State home games although there is the issue of start time for these games. The Mountain West is likely to be of interest to Fox because they have purchased SDSU local rights but keep having those games being broadcast by CBS Sports. There is also a Fox Sports Nevada regional sports network which will want to broadcast Nevada and UNLV basketball games and whatever football games they can get in addition to Golden Knights hockey games. It's much better to be broadcast on Fox Sports and ESPN than it is to be broadcast on either NBC Sports network and CBS imho. The AAC may think that they can get more money from NBC or CBS but I'd still rather be in a bidding war between the first and second rated networks for Window 4 than try to get more money from the third and fourth rated cable sports networks. The rivalry between the MW and the AAC is more interesting on the field. The post with won loss records is interesting but should look at versus the top 25 and distinguish which autonomous FBS conference is played. Most on the field ratings place the Pac 12 second to the SEC in the overall quality of on the field play. The MW plays way more Pac 12 games than the AAC, plus BYU, and I believe that the MW plays the same number of SEC and Big Ten games. The AAC West division schools tend to play Big 12 schools and the AAC East tends to play Atlantic Coast Conference teams and they don't schedule Notre Dame or BYU much - they do schedule Massachusetts though. The ACC is usually the lowest rated on the field conference among the autonomous conferences; there is a big fall off after Clemson and Florida State. The Big 12 is better on the field than the ACC but not the Big Ten, SEC or Pac 12. Without considering quality of the opponent, the won loss records are not a good way to compare the MW and the AAC against the "power 5". Of course the current postseason format has seen Boise State win the Fiesta Bowl, Houston win the Peach Bowl, and Western Michigan lose the Cotton Bowl. The champion of the American and the Mountain West are the two most likely teams to qualify for the automatic birth to the Fiesta Bowl next season and that is true every season. Personally I think the media interest in Josh Allen will make the Mountain West champion the most likely to be selected because there will be more attention on the Mountain West than their usually is and the generally better qualify of play in the MW will be obvious. The other way to compare the two is by division. Which is the stronger division, the Mountain or the AAC West? The Mountain has had five of the six division members be bowl eligible while the AAC West has never had more than 4 of the their six. SDSU gave Houston a whipping too and that game was not nearly as competitive as the MW championship game. Clearly the MW Mountain is the best division in the so-called Group of 5 and it isn't close. Which is the weaker division - the West division of the AAC East? Just to refresh - the AAC East is USF, UCF, East Carolina, Temple, Cincinatti and Uconn. Uconn basically didn't have football in the twentieth century and Temple was kicked out of the old Big East for non performance. East Carolina has no major on the field accomplishments as a member of the American and neither does Cincinatti. Yes, South Florida is the early favorite for the Group of 5 selection but Charlie Strong has generally not been able to meet expectations. Central Florida was terrible last year and doesn't appear to be getting any better this year. I'm pretty intrigued by the SJSU versus South Florida matchup. SJSU's one strength appears to be their secondary and South Florida appears to not have much of a running game. SJSU's new coach is apparently maniacal about the temp/hurry up offense so the game should be high scoring and have lots of plays. So long as SJSU doesn't lose big it won't reflect poorly on the conference.
  6. The real sad case is Sacramento State. They would have been in the Big West years ago if their gym was even on the level of UCI or Northridge.
  7. Note that the USC Trojans do not field a men's soccer team and that the SDSU are the only ones worth inviting. If USC ever goes indy "to make the big bucks" then SDSU is IN the Pac 12. big IF.
  8. SGF I'm as serious as anything else in a speculative thread about conference realignment. No supposition. The PAC 12 can't contract but they could dissolve and reform to become a new conference if the by laws don't require a unanimous vote to dissolve the conference. Everyone would just call it comtraction but that's really a pro sports thing because the university doesn't cease to exist like The Chivas team in MLS. I was using a historical example because that is at least somewhat possible to happpen again and it avoids the longer explanation. You may not be familiar with the Pacific Coast conference but it predated the PAC 8/10/12. In 1959 the four California schools and Washington (dubbed The Big Five by the media at the time who were accused of paying student athletes) left the PCC which included Idaho. UCLA was the last new admit to the PCC in 1928 - yes, Montana was invited before the Bruins. I'm speculating about a world where the "Big" revenue schools treat Oregon State and Washington State like we treated Idaho in 1959: walk away. The conference assets could be apportioned so they get their own cable network because there are six regional channels. A new PAC 10 would have the same media footprint and overall have nearly the same inventory of desirable games, except when the Civil War is not an Oregon home game. I think another west coast dissolution of the major conference is more likely than expansion because there is no way Texas is going to be interested in our conference network at this point. Unforunately I think USC would block the Aztecs because of the 2-1-0 all time record between you guys. UCLA wouldn't block SDSU because we draw the line at Fresno State. Hopefully as Big 12 members the Trojans won't fear scheduling you guys so much. Oregon is not a football power at this point. They just want to be respectable because they can't beat Stanford or now Washington. The real money is in basketball ball shoes and now Oregon is more of a basketball power. They aren't even ranked in the preseason and or picked in the top half of their division.
  9. It is more likely the Pac would dissolve along the lines of the Pacific Coast Conference and reform as a school conference without Oregon State and Washington State then add another in state rival to the conference. Colorado's 1990s football teams mean that CU > CSU. The Pac 12 would benefit from CSU in another autonomous conference (same for SDSU, etc.) because we could have games like Louisville v. Kentucky or Clemson v South Carolina, Florida v. Florida State. College Football is not zero sum; there is no salary cap or limit on teams. Tradition is what matters in college football; most of the Mountain West universities evolved into full fledged universities along with the western United States so the ALL have an ability to continue rising up to the level FBS. I think universities in the eastern US who aren't in FBS now will have a very tough time moving up to that level now. I
  10. I think that Sacramento State and UCSD together might be a different proposition. Sacramento State gives UC Davis a travel partner and it doesn't upset the balance between CSU and UC. The Big West would do well to host a UC versus CSU tournament in March during the beginning of the legislative session in the state capitol. Bakersfield is in the 'group 1' of CSU campuses for alumni contributions; D1 basketball seems like having the cart before the horse for that campus.
  11. The Big 12 and ACC have the same service. CUSA does as well. This appears to be the top vendor for off the shelf tools for university athletic departments now Apparently sidearms tools have 'automatic submission to the NCAA' hmm.
  12. The impression from the campus insiders website is that they have their own video backend. Hopefully it's compatible with Youtube so that Mug can make game comment threads better.
  13. I would like Colorado - Colorado St to be a Pac 12 vs Big 12 matchup. Ideally in state FBS schools have rivalry games on the level of Clemson v. South Carolina and Florida v. Florida State. Heck BYU v. Utah is also a good non conference in state rivalry too. It's not a top rivalry now, but the fans both care at the Colorado v. Colorado St game. It's one of the top early season games that is played annually for sure.
  14. Interesting classification of Cal State campuses based on their fundraising - all the MW members are considered "Group III" as well as Long Beach State and Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. "Universities categorized within Group III generally have over 10,000 individual donors, over 20 full-time professional fundraisers, and over $50 million in endowment market value. These more mature advancement programs have developed successful annual fund, major gift and planned giving operations complemented by strong alumni and communication programs. These programs are expected to raise gift commitments that are greater than 15 percent of the campus state budget." From 2013 to 2016, Fresno State's endowment went from $165 million to $145 million, a decline of roughly $20 million over three years! Does anyone know why the bulldogs are spending their endowment? I would guess that failures to meet the 15% fundraising goal for their operating budget is what's causing Fresno State to spend down their endowment. Long Beach State and Cal Poly SLO also slightly reduced the value of their endowments over the years in the report. During the same time SDSU grew their endowment by $10 million to $220 million and SJSU grew the endowment by $5 million to $126 million. Group II is the rest of the Big West schools (Northridge, Fullerton), Cal Poly Pomona and the good Northern California campuses (San Francisco State, Sonoma State, Chico State and Sacramento State). "Universities categorized within Group II generally have between 5,000 and 10,000 individual donors, between 10 and 20 full-time professional fundraisers, and between $25 million and $50 million in endowment market value. These advancement programs are maturing and are expected to raise gift commitments that are equivalent to 10 percent to 15 percent of the campus state budget."
  15. An 'endowment' is basically a series of gifts from individuals specifying what the funds can be used for. If a charitable gift is designated for the athletic department then it would be counted as part of the over all university's endowment but if the giver limited the gift to only athletic purposes then it would only be used for sports. My impression is that Cal State gifts are primarily to a specific campus after visiting the "support the CSU" website. It's a 33 page document but it goes into the depth sufficient to educate a donor who could be giving a significant sum of money so there is a lot of campus specific information about the specifics of each campuses endowment. Cal State also has its own separate Foundation with ~$30 million that is gifted in such a way that it can be used for any purpose the Chancellor sees fit.