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  1. I agree the article is accurate. The question is what the purpose of an article when the facts are essentially unchanged since conference meetings reported on by the Coloradoan that I find curious. I would say the most obvious conclusion to reach given the article's publication is that ESPN understands the Mountain West's negotiating position. My opinion is that the article portrays the MW's position as reasonable, but then throws shade about the MW's pursuit of alternatives to ESPN which is how you would expect the actual haggling to happen across the table. The article hints at a framework for negotiations trading off Window 4 games with overall compensation. The success of the MW's efforts to monetize games independent of a TV deal would probably provide a floor to where discussions of price could begin which is why the MW wants to wait until 2019 when that revenue stream matures a bit. Obviously reading tea leaves is just educated guessing, but the reports about what we know about the status of negotiations and this article support the idea that Disney/ESPN has continued interest in the MW while the conference is seeking to establish alternatives. Ultimately the best part of the article is that Disney is comparing the MW with the Pac 12 and not the AAC. I would be encouraged as a MW fan that Disney understands that they can either pay what the Pac 12 asks or what the MW asks and is still seeking to conduct negotiations over those rights.
  2. It's interesting that this article is from ABC News i.e. Disney/ESPN. It's like someone from Disney thought they'd get a different story from the Hair if an ABC News reporter is asking the questions rather than an ESPN reporter but they didn't. It does appear that Boise is on the same with rest of the conference in so far as the quotes are compared with the days of the Big East football only affiliation. I imagine their fans don't want to go backwards with respect to ESPN. I think the reporter spoke with ESPN's side of the negotiations table based on the use of an unnamed source stating that 400,000 viewers is the average for ESPN broadcasts. I'd like to get the Pac 12 data from ESPN to compare because i doubt that the disparity in ratings is in a similar proportion to the disparity in compensation that the Pac 12 and Mountain West receive for Window 4 games. I noted that the American conference was not mentioned anywhere in the article but the Pac 12 was. Personally I agree that as TV properties the Pac 12 and MW are not all that different. The Pac 12 would happily follow the Mountain West in a TV deal structure that drives up the price for Window 4 games along with reducing the number of window 4 games the conference is committed to scheduling each week.
  3. MWC TV contract question

    This is out of date. I'm not aware of a public current bylaws of the MW but it was widely reported this spring that this was modified into a guarantee of $1.8 million for Boise and then equal distribution beyond that. http://www.idahostatesman.com/sports/college/mountain-west/boise-state-university/bronco-beat-blog/article142935634.html I essentially agree with your analysis of the old agreement STD
  4. MWC TV contract question

    It appears that the current bonus structure is not in a PDF like the term sheet of BSUs readmission to the Mountain West. This past spring the MW modified their bylaws along the lines reported in the MW Connection article linked on the first page. I believe SacTowndog is more or less correct with respect to the old structure but the reports indicate the current agreement is different and the specifics are not public. Also, CUSA and the Sunbelt have negotiated their deals and essentially demonstrated that they are of interest to essentially no one. The MAC is locked in until the mid2030s as an ESPN property along with the SEC and ACC. The American is seeking a new deal but ESPN is not reported to have made an offer to the American at this time. CBS and ESPN made an offer to renew along the lines of the current MW deal and the MW said no per the Hair to the Coloradoan a few months ago and no one has contradicted that report. So far the MW and the American are about even in TV ratings despite the American having their best on the field year since their founding. It's interesting that the MW has an offer but the American has not yet been reported to have one from their current partner ESPN. My guess is that the MW and ESPN will reach a deal that gives an average of at least $2.5 million per university over the length of the agreement so Boise can drop any special preference in conference revenue distribution. ESPN doesn't want to overpay for the AAC rights because the American's games are scheduled as direct competition to their SEC and ACC networks while ESPN would have an interest in the MW because A) it provides an alternative to the Pac 12 that appears to get nearly the same ratings in the "window 4" slot on ESPN and ESPN2 as the Pac 12 does and B ) the MW conference doesn't own a direct competing cable network like the Pac 12 also does.
  5. Non-MWC upcoming games....

    Stanford is able to duplicate the Alabama game plan way better than any UW opponent thus far. I think we all saw how UW takes being punched in the mouth...
  6. SJSU should join the Big Sky

    SJSU was the only California State University playing football at the "university" level California State University until 1969 and it will be a sad day indeed if the Spartans were to drop football. SDSU and all other CSUs succeeded SJSU in playing at the highest level of intercollegiate athletics and it's a narrow view to look at the history of sports at the various campuses in California (UC and CSU) especially when they go way back like SDSU's does despite "lower level" classification. As a UCLA alum, I have to say it's bad form for any Pac 12 school to post negatively about the MW; a post by a Utah fan on this topic has a different meaning than it does from a MW fan who not so long ago Utah was aligned with. The late 60s are important not just because it was the year that SDSU and Fresno State began competing at the highest level of intercollegiate athletics. http://www.bigwest.org/history/ The late 60s in California saw Ronald Reagan elected after student riots in Berkeley and the famous 1968 black gloved salute in the Mexico City olympics where SJSU track stars (the best in the world, not just the best in the NCAA) personified "Black Power" to the world. It is naive to think that SJSU's alumni were unified in their opinions regarding the track team after this time. My guess is that the "big donors" for the North End Zone project had communicated with SJSU alumni about all the supposed money that they would donate if the school only did what the disgruntled alumni wanted for many years and then finally made the "big gift" that they'd been promising/threatening for years and it turned out to be much less money than professed and did not actually cause any other donors to contribute any where close to what they planned. The statue the current administration erected is the first time in nearly half of a century that SJSU's administration has embraced this history rather than run from it. SJSU's stadium is fairly nice despite it's harsh afternoons on the eastern side so there isn't much reason to get rid of that facility. If SJSU can rekindle it's track team in the Big West then FCS would be a success; a dwindling number of Bay Area kids are playing football because of concussion concerns so the first affect on Bay area of fewer players on local FBS schools would be SJSU most of all. It would certainly be sad, but if it were possible to get SJSU to make that decision right before TV negotiations so BYU or UTEP (the Sun Bowl is a good FBS facility) could be included and the MW would get a better contract.
  7. Kicking out SJSU of MW gains wider fan approval

    As much as I do not want to see SJSU move down, the decision by Humboldt State to end its division II football program (yes, actual division II not FCS) was based on funding and fan support and so San Jose State has to consider that the Cal State chancellor's office is capable of deciding that based on funding levels changes have to be made so its not impossible to imagine that SJSU could go from 85 scholarships to 65 scholarships based on what I've seen about their overall funding levels and inability to get donor support necessary for the facilities improvements required to compete in the MW. I don't think any other MW school would make a decision to change its scholarship number for football based on straight funding numbers I've seen but it's foreseeable that federal tax changes could affect California's budget in such a way that more belt tightening is necessary for California state and local governments so SDSU and FSU are probably seriously affected in any scenario where SJSU has to make a drastic cut too. Ideally SJSU makes such a decision in the near future so that a new MW TV contract can be made without them. BYU returning football only is probably the most likely scenario - so that's basically a wash in on the field performance over the past few seasons.
  8. Good point that the Access Bowl is the Peach Bowl this year. UCF is probably the favorite againt USF based on the games I've seen, but it should be a great rivalry game regardless of the winner. Memphis should be able to hold on to the AAC West and win the championship and the Acccess Bowl bearth. imho the Mountain West's season has been pretty exciting at the expense of the Access Bowl bid. Fresno State's rise balanced out the West and has been a long time coming. The 'Power 6' talk trying to drum up a better TV contract doesn't really hold up when you look at the ratings. http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/college-football-tv-ratings/ Boise State has gotten ratings equivalent to the autonomous conferences a number of times this season (versus New Mexico, Virginia and BYU). Memphis v UCLA was a very highly rated game but the games versus UCF only earned an estimated 440K viewers + streamers and that was one of the top regular season American matchups on ESPN2. Memphis versus Uconn was more highly rated the following week than a game featuring two Top 25 caliber teams in UCF and Memphis! USF versus Illinois did almost as well as Boise State versus Virginia but USF was ranked at the time and Boise has not been ranked this season at all. CBS Sports has been exclusively broadcasting SDSU games so there is no public data through nielsen or other sources for Sports Media Watch to show us the numbers the Aztecs are earning. I would argue that UNLV is perceived as so bad that SDSU's sole matchup on ESPN @ UNLV should be set aside because no one thought this would be a competitive game. I'm curious what SDSU's games would get on ESPN with regular broadcast like Boise benefited from under the WAC contract and I would imagine so are Disney/ESPN execs looking for better ratings than what the top AAC matchups are giving them.
  9. Mountain West TV ratings per Sports Media Watch

    Pac 12 2017 CFB TV RATINGS — Data from various sources, including Nielsen, ShowBuzz Daily, Sports Business Daily, Programming Insider, network PR depts, etc. — Asterisk (*) indicates bonus coverage or rain delay. RTG VWRS (+ Stream) GAME CONF DATE/TIME NET WEEK SIX 1.15 1.922M Washington St. Oregon Pac-12 Oct. 7, 8:00 PM FOX 1.0 (1.634M) Cal Washington Pac-12 Oct. 7, 10:45 PM ESPN 0.39 631K Stanford Utah Pac-12 Oct. 7, 11:00 PM FS1 WEEK FIVE 1.8 (2.776M) USC Washington St. Pac-12 Sept. 29, 10:30 PM ESPN 0.6 (1.039M) Colorado UCLA Pac-12 Sept. 30, 10:30 PM ESPN2 0.35 649K Cal Oregon Pac-12 Sept. 30, 10:30 PM FS1 WEEK FOUR 2.0 3.122M USC Cal Pac-12 Sept. 23, 4:00 PM ABC 1.0 1.665M (1.677M) UCLA Stanford Pac-12 Sept. 23, 10:30 PM ESPN 0.6 1.049M Washington Colorado Pac-12 Sept. 23, 10:30 PM FS1 0.35 581K Utah Arizona Pac-12 Sept. 22, 10:30 PM FS1 WEEK THREE 2.2 3.238M UCLA Memphis Pac-12 American Sept. 16, Noon ABC 0.8 1.195M Mississippi Cal SEC Pac-12 Sept. 16, 10:30 PM ESPN n.a. 829K Arizona UTEP Pac-12 C-USA Sept. 16, 7:30 PM ESPN n.a. 294K SJSU Utah MWC Pac-12 Sept. 16, 10:15 PM ESPN2 WEEK TWO 1.5 2.587M Nebraska Oregon Big Ten Pac-12 Sept. 9, 4:30 PM FOX 1.2 2.069M Stanford USC Pac-12 Sept. 9, 8:30 PM FOX 0.75 1.265M Boise State Washington St. MWC Pac-12 Sept. 9, 10:30 PM ESPN 0.37 668K Utah BYU Pac-12 Ind. Sept. 9, 10:20 PM ESPN2 0.24 410K Minnesota Oregon St. Big Ten Pac-12 Sept. 9, 10:00 PM FS1 n.a. 242K Houston Arizona American Pac-12 Sept. 9, 10:30 PM ESPNU WEEK ONE 1.9 3.190M Texas A&M UCLA SEC Pac-12 Sept. 3, 7:30 PM FOX 0.6 971K Washington Rutgers Pac-12 Big Ten Sept. 1, 8:00 PM FS1 0.24 436K Montana St. Washington St. FCS Pac-12 Sept. 2, 11:30 PM FS1 WEEK ZERO 0.41 653K Stanford Rice Pac-12 C-USA Aug. 26, 10:00 PM ESPN
  10. Mountain West TV ratings per Sports Media Watch

    BYU 2017 CFB TV RATINGS — Data from various sources, including Nielsen, ShowBuzz Daily, Sports Business Daily, Programming Insider, network PR depts, etc. — Asterisk (*) indicates bonus coverage or rain delay. RTG VWRS (+ Stream) GAME CONF DATE/TIME NET WEEK SIX n.a. (1.043M) Boise State BYU MWC Ind. Oct. 6, 10:30 PM ESPN WEEK FIVE WEEK FOUR WEEK THREE 1.5 2.274M Wisconsin BYU Big Ten Ind. Sept. 16, 4:00 PM ABC WEEK TWO 0.37 668K Utah BYU Pac-12 Ind. Sept. 9, 10:20 PM ESPN2 WEEK ONE 1.0 1.763M BYU LSU Ind. SEC Sept. 2, 9:30 PM ESPN WEEK ZERO 0.6 939K Portland State BYU FCS IND Aug. 26, 3:00 PM ESPN
  11. Mountain West TV ratings per Sports Media Watch

    American ratings for comparison purposes 2017 CFB TV RATINGS — Data from various sources, including Nielsen, ShowBuzz Daily, Sports Business Daily, Programming Insider, network PR depts, etc. — Asterisk (*) indicates bonus coverage or rain delay. RTG VWRS (+ Stream) GAME CONF DATE/TIME NET WEEK SIX n.a. (769K) Memphis UConn American Oct. 6, 7 PM ESPN n.a. (131K) UCF Cincinnati American Oct. 7, 8 PM ESPNU WEEK FIVE 0.27 (442K) Memphis UCF American Sept. 30, 7:00 PM ESPN2 n.a. (251K) Navy Tulsa American Sept. 30, 3:30 PM ESPNU n.a. (209K) Houston Temple American Sept. 30, Noon ESPNU WEEK FOUR 0.65 992K Temple USF American Sept. 21, 7:30 PM ESPN n.a. 247K UCF Maryland American Big Ten Sept. 23, 3:00 PM FS1 n.a. 84K ECU UConn American Sept. 24, Noon ESPNU WEEK THREE 0.9 1.369M Illinois USF Big Ten American Sept. 15, 7:00 PM ESPN n.a. 372K SMU TCU American Big-12 Sept. 16, 3:30 PM ESPNU n.a. 286K UConn Virginia American ACC Sept. 16, Noon ESPN2 n.a. 215K UMass Temple MAC American Sept. 15, 7:00 PM ESPNU WEEK TWO 2.4 3.611M (3.693M) Cincinnati Michigan American Big Ten Sept. 9, Noon ABC n.a. 242K Houston Arizona American Pac-12 Sept. 9, 10:30 PM ESPNU n.a. 239K ECU W. Virginia American Big 12 Sept. 9, Noon FS2 WEEK ONE 1.0 1.580M Temple Notre Dame American Ind. Sept. 2, 3:30 PM NBC n.a. 444K Navy Fla. Atlantic American C-USA Sept. 1, 8:00 PM ESPNU
  12. http://www.sportsmediawatch.com/college-football-tv-ratings/ 2017 CFB TV RATINGS — Data from various sources, including Nielsen, ShowBuzz Daily, Sports Business Daily, Programming Insider, network PR depts, etc. — Asterisk (*) indicates bonus coverage or rain delay. WEEK SIX n.a. (1.043M) Boise State BYU MWC Ind. Oct. 6, 10:30 PM ESPN 0.21 (344K) SDSU UNLV MWC Oct. 7, 10:45 PM ESPN2 WEEK FIVE n.a. (106K) San Jose St. UNLV MWC Sept. 30, 10:30 PM ESPNU WEEK FOUR 0.8 1.288M (1.324M) Virginia Boise St. ACC MWC Sept. 22, 8:00 PM ESPN2 0.30 455K Hawaii Wyoming MWC Sept. 23, 10:40 PM ESPN2 WEEK THREE 1.0 1.613M (1.653M) Colorado St. Alabama MWC SEC Sept. 16, 7:00 PM ESPN2 0.7 1.053M Boise State New Mexico MWC Sept. 14, 8:00 PM ESPN WEEK TWO 1.2 2.070M Fresno St. Alabama MWC SEC Sept. 9, 3:30 PM ESPN2 0.75 1.265M Boise State Washington St. MWC Pac-12 Sept. 9, 10:30 PM ESPN WEEK ONE 1.1 1.760M Utah St. Wisconsin MWC Big Ten Sept. 1, 9:00 PM ESPN n.a. 194K Troy Boise St. Sun Belt MWC Sept. 2, 3:30 PM ESPNU
  13. Week 7 AP Poll

    Going for broke in the fourth quarter unnecessarily had a little to do with it but it's the perfect out of conference loss because it makes the team focus for road games. Hopefully we win the Arizona road game we usually lose because Rosen has learned.
  14. Week 7 AP Poll

    We already put Memphis "into the national conversation" and beating a ranked team isn't going to hurt that - at least not any more than it hurt already. I do think the national media respects Air Force quite a bit because Navy earned its ranking only after beating Air Force - both the SDSU and Navy games were close games. It's good when 1-4 team still gets national respect because it means east coast people watch that ish.
  15. It's time to come home BYU

    Given that BYU will want to retain some special status for their tv rights, I imagine football only is the best option for the MW because it reduces the potential harm if BYU reverting to form and launched some underhanded mission, plus it would allow the conference to get to an even number (12) in all other sports with Hawaii and BYU having special deals. It would benefit both BYU and the MW to get this done before 2020 rather than let ESPN play BYU off against the MW.