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  1. Broncos ranked #25

    South Florida isn't even ranked. If they win out they may not jump Boise State. BSU has a shot at the Access Bowl if things go their way.
  2. You can't really pirate live games though. Most want to watch it live. It will be interesting. The MWC pioneered the MWC Channel before all the Bigger conference did it. I thought the MWC channel was awesome while it lasted. Maybe we will be pioneers again in moving to streaming content.
  3. The decision is do you want to play on ESPN maybe once or twice a year and then some random channel no one knows about the rest of the year or have EVERY game streamed on a dedicated website for your entire family to easily access and watch. I grew up watching TV. But even now in my 40s with Netflix, Amazon, Plex, Kodi, and YouTube, I rarely find myself watching TV. If the MWC had all their games streamed I would cut the cord tomorrow.
  4. Mountain West weighs TV money versus controlling game times http://abcnews.go.com/Sports/wireStory/mountain-west-weighs-tv-money-versus-controlling-game-51133284
  5. Winning at Wyoming will be extremely difficult. Fresno has a long flight back from Hawaii so the week is already a short week. Then they have to leave early to fly to Denver and then bus up the mountains in the snow and play at altitude in cold or snowy weather against a Wyoming team that is playing well right now. I say they barely win at Hawaii but then lose the next two.

    That's 98 points vs USC and again another 98 points last night. Watch on for that new Aztecs offense.
  7. OT: Still More Layoffs @ ESPN

    https://www.outkickthecoverage.com/espn-cant-afford-monday-night-football/ ESPN is a dead man walking according to this. Very interesting read.
  8. MWC bowl slots

    Hawaii can probably get to 6 wins. They already have 2 wins. Likely wins include Fresno State at home and BYU at home and San Jose State at home. Need 1 road win among UNLV and/or Nevada. Or an upset of Colorado State at home.
  9. Penny has won 5 players of the weeks in 4 weeks (4 straight offensive and 1 special teams). Crazy! http://www.themwc.com/news/2017/9/25/mountain-west-football-players-of-the-week-week-4.aspx Offensive Player of the week - Rashaad Penny, SDSU Defensive Player of the week - Andrew Wingard, Wyoming Special Teams Player of the week - Jason Sanders, New Mexico
  10. http://www.espn.com/college-football/rankings
  11. Aztecs & The Pac 12 Power Rankings

    Someone was having a little fun with the Pac-12 website standings as well.
  12. Aztecs & The Pac 12 Power Rankings

    www.mercurynews.com/2017/09/20/power-ratings-usc-holds-the-top-spot-as-cal-climbs-stanford-falls-and-the-middle-remains-murky-plus-a-guest-appearance/ This one had the same idea.
  13. MWC Attendance figures

    Average Attendance figures San Diego State - 44,586 (2 games) Fresno State - 39,447 (1 game) Air Force - 37,286 (1 game) Colorado State - 32,310 (2 games) Boise State - 29,298 (2 games) New Mexico - 26,951 (2 games) Hawaii - 25,472 (1 game) Wyoming - 24,095 (2 games) Utah State - 19,638 (1 game) Nevada - 17,506 (2 games) UNLV - 15,667 (1 game) San Jose State - 12,022 (2 games)
  14. Aztecs win MWC OPOW and DPOW

    Its a little easier to win these awards when your the only team that wins each week.
  15. Now you know what the Aztecs went through with the Chargers and that the best thing to happen to SDSU was the Chargers leaving for L.A.