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  1. Damn! I was hoping they'd slip for a while longer.
  2. @Del Scorcho has until 2AM Tuesday.
  3. To be fair, it'll be more than just a few years. Perhaps though, they can lower the age of admission to a university if a kid is a Josh Allen offspring and can cipher? It's worth consideration.
  4. Here's who's gone so far. I'm keeping a spreadsheet of who's picked who, but prefer to let Mug post the good one. @SharkTanked, where are you????
  5. Kind of unfair to put that kind of pressure on any 9 yr old that is not the fruit of Josh Allens's loins.
  6. Agree. But if it makes you feel any better, go check out team Lavender.
  7. Like you I am politically involve, but on the other end of the spectrum, and I agree with you 100% that sports and politics should just stay as far apart as possible. ESPN's apparent need to tell me how I should feel about social issues is one of the many reasons I despise that network. I'd rather watch soccer, than hear some political "insight" when I'm looking for sports. I put insight in quotes, because I find that very questionable on that network as well. We're not getting the input from some Rhodes Scholar. Most of their understanding of the issues is on the level of an 11th grader.
  8. Yes. Pick again @Lobo Amor, nice pic BTW.
  9. Yeah, me too. I told him to post it or it didn't count. It's on him now.
  10. @kalua pig it's not your turn, not even close. Thought you should know.
  11. I came close to that one, decided it was FSU's turn in the AAC though. We'll see.
  12. Hey guys, call out the next guy when you make your pick. It might get us on schedule. @Del Scorcho You are on the clock until 5PM Mtn on Sunday. @Lobo Amor keep an eye out you are about to pick twice. You guys that just picked, stay awake. It's a snake draft so you're going to go again very soon. Then you can go on vacation for a while.
  13. I wish we were that far along. @jdgaucho is on the clock until 1 PM mtn time tomorrow, then Del Scorcho.
  14. Yep, stole 'em right out from under me.
  15. I'm old and was in a hurry so i just grabbed the first one. I'll try to do better.