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  1. I PM'd you on this, but I had the same issue last night. It didn't matter which browser I used. I finally set up a hotspot on my phone and things worked fine. I concluded that it was the ISP at the hotel I was in, no it wasn't a $30 a night dive. Anyway, try the hotspot route and see if there's something with the board software that's conflicting with your ISP. That might help Mug track it down. His suggestion to me was to clear my cache, so you might try that as well.
  2. Hawaii is just plain screwed by geography no matter what. They have to provide welfare in order to be in a real conference. OTOH, the NCAA provides them with a little welfare in exchange in the case of thirteen week seasons and zero week. Both can be used by other teams to their benefit, but both always benefit Hawaii.
  3. Which CSU didn't defend well at all. CSU rarely got past the 20 second mark on the shot clock before forcing a shot. They also had no defensive answer for Bakersfield's offense besides trying to outscore them. No cohesiveness, no discipline. Just balls to the wall streetball. You can't win a tournament game like that. CSU won this year on emotion and effort (and a red hot Gian Clavell). That left them high and dry more than once, and tonight was an example of not bringing the emotion and effort.
  4. RAMS lost to a team with better players, and a far better coach. Bakersfield deserved that win. The officiating was garbage, but it didn't figure in at all. I see better overall talent coming for CSU, not better than Gian but overall. It still won't matter if they are player coached. Thank God spring FB starts tomorrow.
  5. Bakersfield is 87.5% from three. If they can keep that up they deserve the W. If they can't I think we're in good shape. Just gotta' stay out of foul trouble.
  6. Would like to see The RAMS make a few free throws. We'd be ahead by now.
  7. FIFY
  8. 1 or 2 could be for any reason. 10 says they don't like the new coach's rules. That's what they call a rebuild.
  9. This is true, however...I see a lot of promise going forward. It's like some folks woke up and realized it was time to do something different. Investments in coaching, facilities, and marketing are more the norm than the exception all of a sudden. Now the conference itself needs to step up and make similar investments to carry the opportunities forward. We're getting better FB programs, we also need to offer better TV and post season opportunities. The MWC doesn't need to create a better market, they just need to position us better in the market that exists.
  10. His team, his way. If he's going to do a rebuild then fans just have to trust him. No reason to hire a guy and then question his approach. I was not real happy with all the guys Coach Mac ran off at CSU. We lost a lot of talent. In the long run, it appears it was the best thing for the team.
  11. LOL. They're really not that easy to confuse, I just lose track of all the coaching changes. As far as the programs themselves it's a pretty clear differentiation. One of the schools has fans and appears to be sponsored by Purina.
  12. Well, bless your heart. Thank you for pointing that out.
  13. Tough thread to follow. I keep forgetting if Tedford is at Fresno or SJSU. So easy to get the two programs confused.
  14. Irrelevant. Ain't nobody going to try and rob Mo. As for the other guy...I like his backbone. If BYU doesn't want him, we'll take him.