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  1. New Mexico Bowl- Colorado State vs Marshall

    I'm liking the helmets, it's our record in alternate uni's that scares me.
  2. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    Denver doesn't need a QB. John Elway himself would suck behind that line.
  3. Marshall Faulk Suspended

    Wow! This could get interesting. Actually, no it won't. It'll just get sensationalized.
  4. RAMS to get new DC.

    I can answer that one. The translation is, I'm trying to outkick my coverage on a DC and I don't want to hire a guy that will bounce to P5 two weeks later. I'm a G5 coach, with a G5 team, in a G5 town that has a superior quality of life. I need to make sure the guy I get is the best guy on the market that won't get an offer from a P5. Either that or a brilliant DC that likes flyfishing, microbrews, and mary jane.
  5. Penny Fifth in Heisman Voting

    I'm not expecting ESPN in bankruptcy court, but there is an analogy that makes my point...right or wrong. So you've got a musher in the arctic and he gets into trouble. He was doing great on gold and furs, but things went south. Now he's well into winter and without adequate supplies on the trail. He has to eat the weakest and smallest dog in the string just to survive (throwing the western teams the midnight special). When that meat is gone he goes to the next weakest, and so on. Before long, he's down to two dogs. Two dogs ain't getting you out of the Klondike in February. He just killed himself and took all his dogs down with him. ESPN is losing cash input, but is contracted for cash output. They're out of supplies, and trying to survive. IMO, the future is looking pretty bleak for them and the whole sled team.
  6. Repeat after me. Volleyball!
  7. A walk on wins the Heisman trophy

    Props to Mayfield. I have no idea how he'll do moving forward, but still impressive that a walk on gets the Heisman. Wasn't aware of that. Cool story.
  8. Penny Fifth in Heisman Voting

    This is well stated. It's not even an attempt to exclude anymore. It's just a routine assumption regarding the quality of a G5 player vs a P5 player. This is the world the four letter network created, and this will eventually be the death by bankruptcy of the four letter network. Seriously, if ESPN had to stroll into bankruptcy court what would happen to the P5 and the Dance?
  9. MWC Composite Bowl Schedule

    Yep. That also accounts for the timing of the New Mexico Bowl.
  10. John Elway Jr. declaring for NFL draft

    The Bronco's need an offensive lineman in each of the first 7 rounds.
  11. L-IL vs. Florida

    Wyo not legal yet. Will probably fall after ID and before UT. I actually think NE and KS drop later than WY. MT will probably legalize rec pot pretty soon for the revenue, but allow roadside shootings of stoned drivers.
  12. L-IL vs. Florida

    Stoned people drive too slow and take forever to take their blinker off. Have fun with that.
  13. L-IL vs. Florida

    I travel a lot, by pickup, all over most of the Rockies. You wouldn't believe the places in CO that sell weed. There's a little building 30 miles from the next closest building in the middle of the San Luis Valley. Sagebrush as far as you can see, and a weedstop. I guess I'm not sure why there are so many options close to the Kansas, Nebraska, Wyoming borders as well. No way out of stater's are making the trip just for a dime bag. Every time I drive into KS I see a station wagon getting unloaded by the state patrol and two guys in dreads sitting in the ditch with the "we're phucked" look on their face.
  14. L-IL vs. Florida

    We have weed. Just sayin'.