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  1. The RAMS ended spring camp with an athletics festival on Saturday. There was a womens softball game against UNLV, a womens soccer match against CSU Pueblo, The RAM Invitational track meet against multiple schools, and finally the Spring Green and Gold game. Lacking a stadium, the FB game was played on the soccer field which is actually just a patch of grass near the lagoon with some hills next to it. Poke fans will love that there wasn't enough room for a full field, so the scrimmage was held on a 90 yd FB field. I'll attach the article for anybody who might be interested. http://www.reporterherald.com/sports/ci_30939958/everybody-wins-at-colorado-state-football-spring-game Some highlights though...We're freaking thin and undersized on the D-Line, and most of our O-Line depth sat out due to injury. We have a new reciever who won't be eligible till next year (transfer from Tennessee) but makes Gallup look like a HS player, and that's not a Junkyesque evaluation. He really is that good. We knew that this was going to be a tough spring for the defense going in, so I was pleasantly surprised that they held the offense below their 2016 yards per play average. We return pretty much the whole offense from 2016. It wasn't a game, it was a scrimmage. Coach said we didn't have enough bodies to make it a real game. Besides, 90 yard field. I will say this, it was cool to walk all over campus with my son to check out each of the sporting events, and then to just sit in the grass on a hill to watch the scrimmage. These things should be played in the stadium, but for one year it was really cool. New stadium was only a couple blocks away, so we wandered down there. DAMN!! The pictures do not do it justice.
  2. #2 is an overstated condition. Given P5 money and recruiting, almost any school can have their programs at a P5 level in a short time. To me, 1 & 3 are going to be the biggies.
  3. Not proving your point. UNLV is wasting good talent. UNLV was brought into this conference to upgrade our BB profile. I get that that UNLV FB has improved and is worth respect for what they've done, but that's not what you're here for. You're here to make us respectable in BB. Any chance that might happen in the foreseeable future? UNLV BB has not lived up to expectations. Will that change? I'm not anti-UNLV by any means, just asking where you are are with the masterplan.
  4. Hell yes, he'd take UNLV's players. Even further, he'd actually win with them. Just sayin'.
  5. http://www.reporterherald.com/sports/ci_30938867/ I watched this guys highlights. A very sweet touch in the paint. He'll frustrate the hell out of some really solid defensive players. Eligible immediately and has two to play two.
  6. Yes, and they'll do it again.
  7. I hear a lot about "going indy". I think Hawaii could pull it off. I doubt any of the other MWC teams could. As far as the current MWC platform, that needs to change and it will.
  8. The PAC will not be adding any MWC teams by 2020. The Pac will not be adding any MWC teams in the next 10 or 20 years. Probably not ever. I don't mean to be a Negative Nancy, I just don't see it happening.
  9. Yeah well, the opportunity to share digs with CSU can become overwhelming. Just saying.
  10. Houston for Hawaii? Definitely not an option, but you gotta' think about it. Hawaii brings some value to the conference in FB, but so would Houston. Travel to Houston is probably a simpler equation. I'm not proposing anything, just a hypothetical.
  11. The irrelevant thread was for fun. I'm not trying to police actual MW talk, I'm pointing out that nobody gives a shit about UNLV recruiting. The point was brought up that a UNLV recruiting post belonged on the BB recruiting site. Gee, I have to agree with that. I don't understand the arrogance that demands that the rest of us give UNLV recruiting more importance than any other teams recruiting. Post whatever you want about UNLV recruiting, just don't get offended that I, and most, don't care. I hope ya'll get back to prominence, I don't care if you post every step of the journey on this board...but, if someone says that it's not real interesting, I'm going to agree with them. Mostly because the rest of us couldn't give a shit.
  12. Correct. It's not even close to that interesting.
  13. Yeah good points. It was real important to bring any and all of the possibilities and news that Rice announced to the forefront of the board. No, we don't give a crap about UNLV recruiting. Sorry. We're all on board with seeing UNLV becoming successful again, but the daily UNLV recruiting update doesn't excite anyone but about a dozen UNLV faithful. I really don't care if you want to plaster that stuff here or not. Just saying that it's not anywhere near as interesting to the general MWC fan as UNLV fan thinks it is. I'm really tired of hearing about the great recruits that UNLV might have, and how they might be a powerhouse again. Potentially, possible, etc. Give me a break. It's not breaking news.
  14. http://www.ranker.com/list/famous-university-of-wyoming-alumni-and-students/reference