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  1. Eldorado. You rock 4.
  2. Every now and then, I need a Sunday afternoon Kelley's Hero's fix. It's kind of like McLintock or Silverado. It's just time to watch it again.
  3. I would suck at this, but it would be hilarious.
  4. The next P12/B12/B10 negotiations have a very remote chance of changing the makeup of the MWC. The next MWC negotiations only have the potential of handing out shit sandwiches.
  5. A sock is something Wyo grads finish date night up with. There you go.
  6. "Mountain West sanctioned preseason first-teamers" WTF is that. Opinions of the MWC now have to be sanctioned by the MWC? I finally figured it out, you're Craig Thompson's sock!
  7. So join the MAC. Enjoy your Tuesdays.
  8. So go indy already. No the MAC would not be a step up in coverage, distribution, or competition. Not even close.
  9. You are doing better than you would be doing if you had stayed. No question about that. You still aren't P5 level. You are surviving, not thriving. The question at hand is any other MWC going indy. Hawaii could. The rest of us need cover. I still believe BYU is better off working to elevate a conference, than disdaining to be a part of one. I don't think this is the best conference to be a member of, but the rest of us need a conference and (IMO) so does BYU. We'll see what the future brings. The TV bubble is deflating in a hurry. I realize BYUTV isn't going anywhere, but it's not your big revenue generator either. No teams in the MWC have a shot if they go indy, and none of them can survive if the MWC continues the stale and predictable inside the box thinking we have now. I get that presidents have the final say, but they trust conference leadership to run the conference just like they trust athletic directors to run athletic departments. We have enough history for a halfwit to see that conference leadership is incapable. NOW, before TV negotiations begin, we need to clean house and find a new direction or we are destined to become the MAC.
  10. LOL. Hawaii already has their own TV deal, but it is based on guaranteed games against the MWC. Still, they could probably make it. BYU isn't a MWC school, you've got to try and keep up. They are not thriving as an indy, but they are surviving. As for the rest of your list, that would be AD suicide.