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  1. Offensive Statues

    Yeah, that's pretty offensive. I can't argue that. He does appear to be a little more mobile than KM though. Just sayin'.
  2. Offensive Statues

    My bad. I thought this was a Kellen Moore thread. Carry on.
  3. Nevada Baskteball is off to Costa Rica

    Bahama's. RAMS are in the Bahama's right now. LE did some coaching in those parts one summer and brought home Gian Clavell. I hope this time he brings home a team ready to whooop the Reno's. Don't ask me about our teams outlook because I don't think even LE has a clue yet. A little trip to the islands can't hurt though.
  4. I just realized something. Since OSU @ CSU will be the first game of the college football season..... We will hold the honor of the only game on CBSSports that starts on time in 2017!!!!
  5. I'm cutting the grass super freaking short tomorrow, because I won't have time to cut it again in '17!
  6. 4**** WR looks like he favors Boise and SDSU

    Looks like a really good get if you can close the deal. I see there is no CSU offer. I could offer all sorts of reasons why, I wonder which one would be correct. Go get him Boise, we need that high powered O representing the conference. Almost as much as we need CSU to unseat your ass as the darlings.
  7. MWC Predictions

    You just described CSU's team, except we didn't have a guy named Rigo. We did lose an all American punter though.
  8. MWCBoard - Guess the Score Week 0

    Just helping out boss.
  9. You don't have to go easy on me bro. I'm sure I can name all three.
  10. Colorado State 2018 Recruiting

    This is why I like the early signing period. The swing for the fence recruits that verbal early lose their leverage to string you along until a P5 gets a defection and has to rob your class. They don't have to sign early, but they send a pretty strong signal if they don't and it gives a G5 coach a chance to play a little hardball. Probably the reason Saban came out against the whole thing.
  11. Colorado State 2018 Recruiting

    They have been good, but @kingpotato is correct. We do seem to lose a couple of guys each year right before, or on signing day. I don't see this as a real bad thing. It's a symptom of Bobo swinging for the seats. We do lose a couple, but his mentality of recruiting "over our heads" has definitely upgraded the overall level of talent we don't lose. We really need a MWC championship to put an end to last minute attrition.
  12. Colorado State 2018 Recruiting

    On paper, I'm a bit disappointed with CSU's class so far to be honest. If it wasn't Bobo I'd be worried. He's done a fantastic job of identifying talent and getting kids to CSU that I wouldn't have expected. We just heard that our lowest ranked recruit from last year is looking at a starting job in game one. That's working around the stars and judging talent. Yeah, Fazz did prematurely ejaculate last year. But Bobo finally has me settled down and not worrying about the signing day stars. Those unranked kids we have committed, I'm guessing they're pretty solid.
  13. Season Ticket Sales

    Which is why I waited and let someone else respond.
  14. MWC FB Coaches Rankings

    Mac did a great job of turning the culture of CSU FB around, but he was a below average recruiter. Prior to Mac, Fairchild was a terrible coach but an A+ recruiter. Mac made his bones on Fair's recruits, and then left Bobo a pretty empty cupboard. Especially on defense. So we're criticizing a guy who's learning to be a HC, and doing it without the necessary talent. Yet, he hasn't missed a bowl game yet. If you doubt my comments regarding talent, take a look at how young our starters are at so many positions. Take a look at how many freshmen have played in each year of Bobo's tenure. Yes, Will Friend needs to man up and learn to call plays. From all public reports Bobo is calling them because Friend doesn't want the duty, not because Bobo won't delegate it. Friend has a hell of an offense, he needs to start running it. Still, it's hardly a disaster. Bobo at 5th in the conference? I'm OK with that. He's better than that IMO, but he hasn't proven it yet. Hopefully this year.