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  1. Battle for the Oil Can

    Ummm, you guys should be thankful for the CBSSports guys. You should hear the Wyo@Boise game.
  2. Battle for the Oil Can

    I don't even know for sure what targeting is anymore. It's interpreted differently in every single game.
  3. Wyo @ Boise State

  4. Battle for the Oil Can

    Boise is good D, their O is not so much. Both them and Wyo concern me though. I think Fresneck will own the Flatlander division.
  5. Battle for the Oil Can

    Exactly. Either that or Boise and Fresno are really that good. Based on what I'm seeing on the blue tonight, that's not the case. Fresno is impressing though.
  6. Wyo @ Boise State

    Thanks chief. That means a lot coming from a halfwit.
  7. Battle for the Oil Can

    I merged them. Just to keep the in game posts on one thread for everyone.
  8. Wyo @ Boise State

    Definitely a big game, but no real Mountain Division implications. I'm pretty sure that UNM has been eliminated from 1st place contention but that's about it. Win or lose tonight, both teams have a path to the CCG. It will certainly give the winner a leg up, but neither can be eliminated just yet.
  9. Utah State at UNLV (Homecoming)

    LOL! Just saw a UNLV player get a 15 yd penalty for playing without a helmet. No foul on the guy that took it off of his head???
  10. CSU @ UNM... it’s game day!

    ESPN makes games last into the next day, and then makes fun of fans that are still willing to tough it out. Says all you need to know about ESPN and why they're losing business.
  11. CSU @ UNM... it’s game day!

    I want to thank ESPN for making this game unbearably and and taking away any flow to the contest whatsoever. Tonights Fresno @ SDSU tilt starts 15 minutes after the Wyo @ Boise game. Wanna' bet it finishes at least 1/2 hour earlier?
  12. CSU @ UNM... it’s game day!

    We've been on the bad end of some poor officiating. I'm not proud to be the beneficiary of that for a change, but I have to be thankful. We needed it.
  13. CSU @ UNM... it’s game day!

    Not how I saw it. Bobo went into prevent offense for most of the game, and when he occasionally did open it up Stevens looked like he was on a hangover. A bad, bad, representation of of CSU football. We're kind of fond of thinking we're pretty special this year. Tonight said otherwise.
  14. CSU @ UNM... it’s game day!

    Who cares. I'd have to use two hands to count the number of folks who still give a shit about this game. Two FBS coaches failed tonight.
  15. CSU @ UNM... it’s game day!

    Nick is sucking it up tonight. A really bad, bad night. Give the ball to Dawkins.