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  1. So I've been called a homophobe, a racist and now a Nazi. The Internet Trifecta! But I've also been called an ignorant believer in a higher being and one who wears magic underwear. So the Internet Quinfecta?
  2. Another Dim out of touch with his own controversial past.
  3. You'd better hope those Chinese millions of $$$'s come through soon!
  4. So many people are using pressure treated lumber for crosses these days. The fumes are quite dangerous. Talk about fumes - you ought to see a rainbow flag afire! But Anifa masks are the worst! The fumes infest one with hate.
  5. Oh, I see how you misunderstood. I was focused on the same sex households and their predilection to violent crime, not their race.
  6. He was on a mission delivering docs from Jeff Sessions to Vladimir Putin through NK intermediaries.
  7. He wasn't very smart to go there, but no one deserves this. The NK folks are heartless bastages.
  8. Nope. The SL Temple is YUUUUGE!
  9. Donald Sterling wants back the Clippers and Marge Schott the Reds.
  10. Whoa! Who said anything about blacks?
  11. Hillary now also will be gone for good? What an appropriate time to think back on how Hillary claimed her mom named her after Sir Edmund.
  12. The unintended irony of @jackmormon is that he bashes Trump's raw capitalism, while thinking Trump would allow a member to profit off a sale without Trump's getting the biggest cut!
  13. Do you even know how club memberships work? I don't know how Mar-a-Lago is set up, but regardless whether it is an equity membership or a non-equity one, I seriously doubt that a member can sell his interest to someone else without club approval. If equity, he is likely to get all or some of his initiation fee refunded if he leaves or dies. Then the club collects a new initiation fee from the new member.