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  1. Amazing that Trump has been in office only 100 days and the Russians!!! have already starting arming the Taliban. Never would have happened under Obama or Clinton.
  2. We all need to remember this thread the next time someone questions the value of capitalism over communism.
  3. Untrue! I'm descended from royalty!
  4. 9.5% of the average length?
  5. @Dr. Dre's mom looked at the geographic origin of his potential fathers and narrowed his DNA down to one of these locations
  6. China says it will not respond militarily to a surgical strike on North Korea's nuclear facility: "Chinese state-run newspaper said Saturday that China would not engage militarily if the US conducted a surgical strike on North Korea’s nuclear facility, noting it would only resort to diplomatic channels to oppose such a move. Beijing’s position was stated in an editorial in the state-run Global Times, a tabloid controlled by China’s Communist Party. “If Pyongyang’s unwavering pursuit of its nuclear program continues and Washington launches a military attack on North Korea’s nuclear facilities as a result, Beijing should oppose the move by diplomatic channels, rather than get involved through military action,” Joongang Daily translated the editorial as saying."
  7. I imagine they enforce the rule on everyone. Do they have KKK marches on campus? I haven't ever heard of one. I guess they just hang out in the labs now...^tfw&
  8. Liz Warren has done pretty well in real estate foreclosures. Although not a Native American like Liz, Bernie Sanders knows a good vacation home or two.
  9. It will be a proud day to see Chuck Schumer get behind our President 100% and support his efforts to bring Norte Kohreeah in line.
  10. Too bad the Berkeley police are so in bed with the protesters that they can't do what the Auburn U police did
  11. I know someone who restored a Datsun 240Z. Very nice looking car for its time!
  12. Seoul is just 35 miles from the DMZ. And Pyongyang is only 121 miles from Seoul. MAD
  13. Glad I'm not living on an island in the Pacific...
  14. The game never had a fighting chance to succeed.