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  1. This exactly, and this even applies for MW vs WCC admissions. Someone posted USD's impressive admission averages earlier in the thread, but the fact is that their enrollment is only 8,200. I'm sure that the top 25% admitted for most MW schools could get averages like that, but the missions are simply different for large public schools vs small privates.
  2. Honestly I think Cal Poly takes a lot of pride in their top notch, hands-on, undergraduate education. I don't think they have any desire to offer Phds and conduct research. Their mission is to have professors (rather than TAs) teach classes and provide small class sizes. I doubt they have any desire to mimic the UC model. But yes, I absolutely agree that CSUs need to be allowed much more autonomy. Particularly highly impacted ones like SDSU.
  3. I heard that the medical school is way behind schedule because they were counting on a mega donor that never came.
  4. Haha I think this is one of the funniest typos I've seen.
  5. Nope, Ault set the bar at 28
  6. Maybe things are different in Vegas, but in Reno a fake ID (unless it's a really good one) would get you into small neighborhood bars but not any casino or major bars/clubs with anything to lose. Obviously Vegas is fun when you're 21, but from what I've heard there is almost no college life there and most students commute from their parents house. I interpreted your statement as meaning it's hard for a young adult because there's nothing to do as the whole town is built for 21+.
  7. Huh? What does this even mean?
  8. I agree, I am most looking forward to watching this lineup: C-Jordan Caroline 6-7 235 PF-Caleb Martin 6-7 215 SF-Josh Hall 6-6 190 SG-Kendall Stephens 6-7 205 PG-Cody Martin 6-7 210 All are very long and athletic and can shoot, will be a nightmare for opposing teams on both sides of the court.
  9. Too fast? We haven't won a game in the tournament since 2007. It's much too slow for my taste.
  10. Southern Illinois and Missouri State aren't exactly powerhouses either, but Marshall and Caroline worked out quite well for us. Muss is good at recognizing talent, and these guys should all improve after sitting out a year. These guys were all very important pieces in D1 already, and are more of a sure bet than recruiting freshman. We had Ramsey who was a 4* last season barely break the rotation and eventually transfer. Most of these guys had plenty of interest from P5 programs.
  11. I'm worried about this too, hopefully King is able to work into the rotation more and I could see the Martin brothers playing the 4 for short stints. We also have John Carlson who isn't great, but can guard big men when we need it.
  12. Has Letcher Ellis grown? He's listed as 6-7 on the Rice website, but I've seen it mentioned that he's 6'9 multiple times.
  13. Haha the fact that blind squirrel liked your message made it all the more relevant.
  14. Maybe my eyes are wrong, but he looks nearly identical to Oliver and Carlson in this picture who are both 6'8. Are you confusing him with King? Foster is the guy in the middle.
  15. No, I don't think they've updated his height or weight since freshman year. I could be wrong, but I remember some pictures and people observing that he looked bigger than Oliver last season. But yes, I am definitely concerned about Muss' apparent lack of desire to recruit big men. Maybe position-less basketball will work, but true big men like McCoy scare me. Particularly because after Foster graduates we have no one over 6'7 on our roster. And I'm on the fence with Foster, obviously what we he did is absolutely atrocious. I don't know what the right answer is, he was never charged and took his required anger management classes.I would surely hope he has learned his lesson. From a justice standpoint, is it better to take everything from him after his first (that we know of?) mistake, or to give him the proper tools and help he obviously needed to help him do better with his second chance? I have no idea, but I do know he has a young child and family to support, and I truly hope he's learned to cope with his anger in better ways.