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  1. MWC Attendance figures

    Yes, and sadly after last week Nevada's numbers will only continue to drop. I really hope we're able to turn this team around, or our fanbase will shrink.
  2. MWC Attendance figures

    Definitely, all the stars seem to be aligning for SDSU. It's great to see your program have success. Hopefully you can make the access bowl this year.
  3. If each of the favored teams were to win the final standings would end up as: Colorado State 8-0 10-2 Boise State 6-2 9-3 Air Force 5-3 7-5 Wyoming 3-5 5-7 New Mexico 2-6 3-9 Utah State 2-6 3-9 San Diego State 8-0 12-0 Fresno State 6-2 8-4 UNLV 4-4 5-7 Nevada 3-5 3-9 Hawaii 1-7 3-9 San Jose State 0-8 1-12 Putting SDSU vs Colorado State in the championship game. I'd imagine bowls would look something like this: Peach Bowl: San Diego State vs Georgia Las Vegas Bowl: Colorado State vs Stanford Potato Bowl: Boise State vs Toledo Hawaii Bowl: Air Force vs Tulsa Arizona Bowl: Fresno State vs Coastal Carolina Not that I think this will happen, but interesting either way. If we only get 5 eligible teams this year and make the access bowl, I could see NMSU taking our New Mexico Bowl spot (or they may just be our opponent in the Arizona Bowl).
  4. The fire Jay Norvell thread

    Chris Klenakis who is the OC for Louisville (helped invent the pistol and longtime OC for Nevada, also originally from Northern Nevada) was definitely in the running. So was Tom Mason who is a Nevada alum. Ultimately I think we were trying to move away from the Ault coaching tree. Ault has had a fair number of assistants move to HCs, but not many were successful and a lot weren't assistants for very long: John L Smith (former HC of Michigan State, Louisville): assistant under Ault for 4 years Bobby Petrino (HC of Louisville): assistant under Ault for 1 year Nigel Burton (HC of Portland State from 14-10): assistant under Ault for 2 years Tim DeRuyter (HC of Fresno State from 16-12): assistant under Ault for 2 years Jeff Horton (HC of UNLV from 98-94): assistant under Ault for 5 years Nick Rolovich (HC of Hawaii): assistant under Ault for 1 year James Spady (HC of Alabama A&M): assistant under Ault for 2 years There are probably more, but most Nevada fans agree that Ault isn't great at choosing coaches.
  5. Luckily I think this thread will be taken over by FSU/SJSU bickering. I think we're safe...for now.
  6. The fire Jay Norvell thread

    Murray compared it to Leach's first year at WSU where they won 2 games and only averaged 20 ppg. He definitely deserves time, but that loss was unacceptable. We'll get there, this team isn't that bad and should win at least some games this year. I just hope we see some serious improvement next season.
  7. The fire Jay Norvell thread

    They also beat Bowling Green 49-7.
  8. Yes this is one season. Nevada has played much better football and basketball than Wyoming this century.
  9. The fire Jay Norvell thread

    Come on, Gangi played his games against Northwestern and Toledo (both good teams). Against Idaho State he would have down very well. Utah State who lost it's other 2 games by a combined 85 points beat ISU by 38. This wasn't Eastern Washington or NDSU or a good FCS school. This was a bottom half Big Sky school. You cannot fairly compare Cureton's to Gangi's numbers.
  10. Nevada doesn't deserve any defending right now, but maybe you should worry about your own school? Wyoming isn't exactly lighting it up after a lot of offseason hype (and you guys have played plenty of bad football over the years).
  11. Jay Norvell or Tony Sanchez ?

    Just curious who was the one that moved on? Sadly, Nevada pretty much has the same record. Outside of Ault almost no one has had success here (though Ault did coach for like 40 years). Since the 70s Jeff Horton is our only coach who has moved on to be a HC elsewhere (you're welcome UNLV ).
  12. The fire Jay Norvell thread

    Ironically, Chuck Long and Norvell were college teammates. Though a lot of good coaches were also on that Iowa team.
  13. The fire Jay Norvell thread

    I guess it was our first time losing to an FCS teams since we lost to Boise in 1994. And I agree Headbutt, Norvell does deserve a chance. The season and his tenure are young. I was feeling cautiously optimistic before today, but losing to ISU is unacceptable. This team can still compete, we a few plays from beating both Northwestern and Toledo who are at least decent.
  14. The fire Jay Norvell thread

    Is Beau Baldwin still available?
  15. Idaho State at Nevada

    The state of Nevada should just stop playing football. Maybe Nevada and UNLV should join the WCC again.