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  1. You guys are copying us. Nevada also just signed games with Northwestern and Vanderbilt.
  2. Washington State @Mad_Hatter
  3. I guess my point was kind of muddled, but it was the opposite. I think the Big 3 will likely survive, and the rest will die. Cal Neva/Siri's, Harrah's, and the Sands are really the only other 3 casinos left and I could see Harrah's and the Sand's dying.
  4. Nevada landed a 2-star Texas OL recruit: In other news Cade McNamara, a Reno QB recruit just committed to Notre Dame. Another local Brandon Kaho received an offer from Alabama but remains committed to BYU. It isn't often Reno produces this much talent, too bad we couldn't get them to stay home. Maybe this will help us get Notre Dame to come to Reno .
  5. I know they're diversifying. They own casinos all over the country now. But really, outside the big 3 downtown (Circus, Silver, and El Dorado) which they own, gaming could pretty much dry out downtown. Harrah's is going through bankruptcy, and after that it's all just small casinos without a hotel (I think Sand's is the only exception, and a new buyer just bought them). Next we just need to get rid of some of the motor lodges, and we could have a very nice downtown similar to Boise. I have no real problem with the Carano's Big 3, I just wish they would fix up their storefronts so that Virginia Street could clean up. But I know the goal of them is to keep people from ever going outside or seeing the light. Welp, we've officially hijacked this thread. But yes Boise is a great town.
  6. @Jeffkills I already took Notre Dame.
  7. Yeah last call truly sucks, I saw somewhere that California is trying to change it to 4AM from 2AM. 2AM last call is the worst. If anything it seems like it makes it less safe for things such as drunk driving.
  8. I already picked K state. It appears BestintheWest's lost wasn't perfect.
  9. I consider the Big East a power conference, though maybe that isn't that case.
  10. Yeah, the city's original name was Lake's Crossing after Myron Lake's toll bridge across the Truckee River. However, when Crocker was naming towns for the railroad stops he liked using Civil War hero's as town names.
  11. Great, hopefully we can actually get some P6 teams to come to Reno now.
  12. It's a combination of a lot of things, but the Tesla hype combined with the lack of new building in Reno/Bay Area/Sacramento is driving prices way up. The housing market in northern California/Nevada is just nuts, it has to be a bubble.
  13. I saw that, but that is only including single family homes. The numbers I provided include the city average on zillow for all units.