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  1. That should be my motto. I can't even count all of the times I have had the last laugh, especially here on this board. To all of the 10W bulbs and blithering idiots around here who like to ridicule the PAC, especially its China and Asia outreach, there's this: Suck it morons.
  2. 😅
  3. Nope, none of it.
  4. Oh dude...SDSU must have a special program for dumb+++++s, given how many get churned out from there. Too stupid to understand the "all things being equal..." premise? Thats ok. There, there little cunty.
  5. I wrote it so he could understand it. I'm a little worried because "moron" is two syllables and I'm not confident of his comprehension beyond grunts and nods and stuff.
  6. It wouldn't matter if BSU and/or SDSU was top ten. Oregon St vs Washington St would win the ratings. People criticizing a hypothetical in an exercise generally have sub par genitalia, so they overcompensate. Quibble about this network or that one, some other minor qualifier. Its a straight forward question. The result seems to bear out the relative value estimates for both leagues, nit picking notwithstanding.
  7. There isn't a scenario where: Stunned doesn't interject byu into a discussion about the MWC, ECA doesn't use deflection to make a board question, no matter how innocuous, into a personal issue with the person asking (or is that just reserved for me?). KYJelly isn't a complete dumbass. I reiterate, there is no scenario where a MWC game beats a PAC12 game head to head in ratings.
  8. Yeah, right, moron.
  9. Yep always your follow-up. Same old poster, same old shit. There isn't a scenario where a MWC game outdraws a PAC12 game. Use whatever comparison you want.
  10. Irrelevant, but I don't expect a dumbass like you to get that.
  11. I think it's funny that you always, every time, try to make any question I ask this board either about me or about UTAH. Our teams will never again be in the same conference. If you don't like this question try any other combination of teams. Oregon State vs Washington State on one channel and SDSU vs BSU on another. Who wins that one? Dont worry, your school will never, ever, ever know what it's like to be in a P5 league, certainly not the PAC12.
  12. Irrelevant
  13. No, irrespective of platform. Assume the broadcast is even in terms of access, reach, popularity, etc.
  14. Predict results on hypotheticals.
  15. I have no idea whether the PAC will or will not expand, soon or ever. I must say, all of these rationalizations for why it should are funny as hell. People hoping beyond hope that media money proves to not be as important as it clearly is in determining expansion candidates. Consolidation is as likely as expansion. There are schools that have no business being in P5 leagues. The day of the Super Conferences is nearly upon us. Big schools, with big alumni bases that are willing to spend and support the programs, will all be grouped together. A league with somewhere between 40-60 teams in four to six divisions will emerge, modeled on the NFL system. That will be that.