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  1. Eight years from now? Sure, maybe, but not likely.
  2. So does every team outside of the historical or legacy programs. Each P5 league has two to three teams that the other leagues would pursue. Aside from maybe ten to 12 schools, every school has to always worry about being on the outside looking in.
  3. Don't be surprised to get a geyser back at ya.
  4. This is the heart of the problem. There is no expansion candidate in the current climate that makes any sense to any of the leagues. Exceptions are in other P5 leagues, and there are only a handful of those. Really, there are only 2 or 3 that make the effort worthwhile. Stasis, get used to it.
  5. Already done. Now you can die in peace.
  6. Pay attn SGF, that was a response to Drudge.
  7. Eventually we'll all be dead.
  8. The same peers that declined to give a shit if the BigXII expands to get a CCG, or not? The peers that have no incentive to care? Those peers?
  9. By whom?
  10. I agree. UTAH won the lottery. At the time people were saying that the UTES were the big winners in the expansion game, and I certainly agree with that.
  11. This conversation isn't about Utah. That was a specific response to a specific statement. I guess you haven't read all the triggered posts referring to ass holes.
  12. Just stating a fact. All of these infant bald vaginas, falling back on "triggered" and butt holes like a college student to a safe space, can't handle being offered facts. UTAH has no incentive to back any expansion of the PAC12 without significant financial gain. No present PAC12 school does. Fact.
  13. Nor UTAH. As to the rest, I guess we'll see...
  14. I'm not sure what Kansas brings to the B1G aside from a national basketball brand. That sounds nice, but it won't do much for their bottom line, unless there's movement on the value of tournament credits going forward. Small state, smaller than Utah, with no football legacy or market. But I don't follow the B1G expansion scenarios, although I suspect that even they may be running into inflation fatigue. As to the PAC-12, I can't envision, in the current climate (barring substantial changes to economics or population), any expansion that doesn't involve Texas and Oklahoma. As has been repeatedly argued here and elsewhere, there is no economic impetus to expansion that doesn't include those schools. There's no reason that all the conferences have to conform to the same number of members. The P5 opted to allow the BigXII to do whatever they wanted regarding a championship. It would require a fundamental shift for them to start dictating to each other. A precedent they don't seem to want to set. A period of retrenchment is upon us. Uncertain future for the current business model. I don't see any conference making a huge capital commitment just to get to 14 or 16 members until there's some stability.
  15. Well I would hate to dash hope, so go ahead with 5 years of speculation. In the meantime you might try and see what could be done to make the MWC the best it can be.