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  1. Just in: we +++++in suck and are gonna lose the rest of the season. Oh how the mighty have fallen
  2. Thanks for avenging us, Air Force!
  3. Whoever gets these guys, please avenge our loss
  4. Gonna be a close game that's for sure
  5. You guys seemed to contain our offense pretty well with your starting nose tackle out last time we played. I imagine you guys would probably do the same again unless our OC gets his head out of his ass and gets more creative with his playcalls
  6. They probably figure that both teams travel pretty well and fill hotels
  7. Hope Horton has more imaginative play calling than running Pumphrey up the middle
  8. Heh sorta. Give me a little more time, still getting used to this thing
  9. I haven't been this stressed out since the Cal game
  11. WYO out-SDSU'd us on that drive. Good stuff Pokes
  12. CBS shows it in odd-numbered years, TBS in even-numbered ones starting this year I think
  13. That'll be fun if the final ends up being us and Valpo. They're super good at defense as well; KenPom has them at #7 in adjusted defense (if I'm remembering correctly). Defensive slugfest for sure.
  14. Go Bows!! Do it for the West and the G5!