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  1. RANKULATOR - Week 8

    Too high. Need to be in the 120s
  2. Rank em

    4th? That’s generous
  3. Battle for the Oil Can

    Challenge accepted
  4. Battle for the Oil Can

    I sure hope so. I have virtually no faith left in this team
  5. Battle for the Oil Can

    Concur with the other Aztec fans on losing the rest of our games
  6. Battle for the Oil Can

    Props to Fresno. Go on and win the championship for the West! Us dregs will be rooting for you!
  7. Battle for the Oil Can

    Go Aztecs! Can't wait for tomorrow
  8. CSU @ UNM... it’s game day!

    Man wish we had CSU's O...especially the passing game
  9. Mad props to Boise

    That run defense is for real. Shut us down all night long and held us to under 100 yards (I need to look back to see when the last time that happened was). Special teams were very good as attested to by a couple posters here before the game. It’s a miracle we even got to 6-0 with our very young O-line and we were gonna get exposed at some point in the season anyway. Hope we meet again in the championship game (if we even make it). Cheers!
  10. SDSU

    Those last several minutes I was thinking of what could go wrong
  11. Here's the three highlights @Aztecmg was talking about but from the TV angle:
  12. Arizona State vs San Diego State game thread

    Penny kickoff return
  13. Arizona State vs San Diego State game thread