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  1. The AAC has officially left us in the dust

    If the AAC was smart they would get Army to join, this latest Army Navy Game was amazing!
  2. Aztecs possibly losing Hauck

    The win over NDSU was arguably his only good one, they creamed us in the 2nd round of the playoffs later that year.
  3. Coaching Rumors...

    I'm going to have to say very optimistic. We were a garunteed playoff team and made a couple runs at the Championship under him. However we will have to see if lightning will strike twice.
  4. Coaching Rumors...

    That is the Big rumor, he flew into Missoula a day or two ago apparently
  5. Aztecs possibly losing Hauck

    Hauk had his best success at Montana and after Stitt happened (losing to the Cats and failing to reach the playoffs 2 years in a row is inexcusable in our eyes) he needed to go. Hauk grew up in Montana and loves the program and would bring hope that we could get back to our winning ways. From an outsider looking in on those giving him crap for his stint at UNLV, from what I have seen 0 coaches have been able to do anything for years.
  6. If you read it was only an option if the MWC wanted to get to 14. Also UTSA is a pretty solid program in a big city, Texas State IMO would be a better edition then UTEP personally I feel.
  7. P6???

    From what I remember correctly one of the biggest issues was the fact there were to many teams out East to justify the move, by having more out West schools it would help Financially.
  8. P6???

    If they really wanted a "P6" Conference they would take the best from both the MWC and AAC WEST: BSU, CSU, AF, SDSU, Houston, Tulsa, BYU EAST: Army, Navy, Memphis, Cincinnati, UCF, USF, UCONN/Temple/SCI This would give them the CiC, Army Navy Game, BSU vs BYU along with some of the better programs in the G5 right now and would truly be the American Conference.
  9. Personally ideally for the MWC right now would be to drop SJSU for BYU. UTEP and UTSA would be great add one to bring the Conference to 14 teams (as much as I want Montana to move up I don't see it happening anytime soon). If the BYU and Texas scenario happened: MOUNTAIN DIVISON: CSU, Wyoming, Air Force, UNM, UTEP, UTSA, BSU WEST DIVISON: BYU, Utah State, SDSU, FSU, Nevada, UNLV, Hawaii
  10. Why is Montana not in the MWC??

    Generally moat of our games are around 2pm, and I'm not so sure. Last few night games have been sold out or close to it (Cal Poly 2 seasons ago rings a bell)
  11. Why is Montana not in the MWC??

    You're not wrong however I think we would be able to get up to comparable levels of other MWC programs in a few years with our fan base and facilities (including new Championship Center) being good selling points. And MSU is only a few years removed from being really good, Choate has done a good job rebuilding ever since Ash left (all their games this year have been decided by 1 possession outside of EWU and WSU). Cats would be a good edition to the MWC as well they just might need longer to adjust.
  12. Why is Montana not in the MWC??

    Disagree, we have one of if not the best and most loyal fan bases in football. Even last year being a down year we still averaged over 20,000+ a game,
  13. Why is Montana not in the MWC??

    Finances and the fact we wouldn't leave without MSU are probably the biggest reasons we havent moved up. Personally I'd love to join the MWC and MSU even averages more fans then several other MWC teams so theyd be a great edition especially over SJSU. I know I've said it before but toss in BYU and youd get a pretty solid Conference: MOUNTAIN DIVISON: Montana, Montana State, Wyoming, Colorado State, BYU, Air Force, Utah State WEST DIVISON: BSU, FSU, UNM, Nevada, UNLV, SDSU, Hawaii
  14. SJSU should join the Big Sky

    Funny thing about that Weber State would probably beat your ass this year 😂😂 especially considering they gave Cal all they could handle
  15. SJSU should join the Big Sky

    As of now I just see 0 sustainability for SJSU at this point at the FBS level, I give it 5 years and either SJSU will be kicked out or FCS