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  1. UNLV at Air Force

    Way to come back Air Force!
  2. It's time to come home BYU

    Sad to see in a way, Sitake is a great guy and a good coach
  3. How is This Conference Being Hurt?

    Another option maybe would be dropping SJSU and adding the Montana schools along with BYU, would satisfy the TV crowd with BYU's national following and would improve the Conference as a whole. Could do: MOUNTAIN: Montana, MSU, WYO, CSU, AF, BYU, USU WEST: BSU, SDSU, UNR, UNLV, UNM, FSU, Hawaii
  4. How to make the Conference better

    I know they're just like SJSU except for the fact they have beaten several FBS schools and almost upset others on top of being a consistent FCS playoff team that could probably compete with many teams currently in the MWC
  5. How is This Conference Being Hurt?

    TV markets I feel are becoming less important with the increase in streaming and is rather bring in teams with smaller markets that actually being competitive teams to the field and fans in the stands. Look at NDSU for example.
  6. How to make the Conference better

    Their Football stadium now sits 19,300 with room to expand and they are a pretty decent basketball team if I remember correctly and it sits 6500 fans. And yes I do think it's a viable option, at that point it could very well be the G5 and P5 split and those 4 schools even if its not the big split would be some if the best options. http://gojacks.com/facilities/?id=2
  7. How to make the Conference better

    I have to disagree, when the next round of expansion comes I see this as a real possibility. And acronyms aren't reserved for one team and SDSU is in the Missouri Valley not the Big Sky 😂
  8. How to make the Conference better

    I really like the ideas presented above but I feel downsizing leaves the conference vulnerable to eventual expansion, I'd like to see: 1. SJSU either drops football or goes to the Big Sky 2. Hawaii Independent with scheduling agreement with MWC and/or becomes listed as a P5 opponent like the Service Academies to get Pac12 schools to schedule them. 3. Montana, Montana State, NDSU and SDSU join the MWC bringing in solid programs with great fan support, good facilities and National recognition in NDSU. 4. Two 7 team Divisons that would both have historically competitive teams and play 3 teams from the opposite Divison every year. MOUNTAIN: Montana, MSU, NDSU, SDSU, WYO, CSU, AF WEST: BSU, USU, SDSU, UNLV, UNR, UNM, FSU Example Schedule: MONTANA -vs Idaho, @Washington, @Hawaii, vs NDSU, @SDSU, @WYO, vs CSU, vs, AF, @USU, vs UNR, @BSU, vs MSU
  9. How to make the Conference better

    Tv market argument seems to be more and more of a weak excuse as time goes on, case and point it sure as hell hasn't helped San Jose
  10. Rooting for SDSU because they are our best chance to represent the MWC in the NY6 Bowl
  11. How to make the Conference better

    I never said replace Hawaii, I only mentioned you're financial issues you yourself have been experiencing as to why they may have to leave, not necessarily want to. This was a "only if that occurred" scenario
  12. Kind of the whole point by quoting him using the word...hint hint
  13. How to make the Conference better

    NDSU has national recognition, a great team and their Stadium is easily fixed, expand the dome from 19-30k and they would fit right in, MSU would have to expand their Stadium as well. SDSU has also just invested heavily in their facilities as well and have shown to be competitive already against the FBS just not to the level of NDSU.
  14. I only used "jihad" to be sarcastic since it is what Aztec said about the whole thing earlier 😂
  15. NFL is losing the anthem battle....

    Sadly liberal bitching ended this, guess what it's not racist when youre going off data, facts give 0 phucks about feelings.