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  1. SDSU and Iona are hovering above top 100 RPI. If they somehow sneak in by seasons end, that would put Nevada 8-5 against top 100 assuming they beat COL ST.
  2. IF the season ended today, then you you would be right. Still a lot of games left and if Nevada can finish 5-1thier outlook is way better than it is now.
  3. Isn't the play in for the last 4 in at-large?
  4. I wouldn't say zero chance. Nevada has a decent RPI. 25-6 puts them around 30-33 range. Win two in the tourney and they move to around 28-30. Lose in the title to either BSU or Col. St, Both top 100 in terms of RPI. If that happens Nevada will drop 7-8 spots putting them at around 35-38 and a 27-7 record. If if we lose another regular season game though it's basically over in terms of at-large.
  5. That is pretty impressive. Many thought they were going to fall off after thier bench got cut. Game at Nevada has me worried because the Rams have proven to be road warriors.That is far from mediocre. Don't worry about what some tool says after getting beat.
  6. You are salty as fu{k right now.
  7. 3 teams in the NIT seems way too high. NCAA-Nevada NIT-Col. St. BSU CBI- Fresno St. SJSU TURN DOWN CBI OR CIT INVITES SDSU, New. Mex
  8. Bad combination. Nevada playing well below thier average and Aztec playing well above thier average. Hopefully the Aztecs cool off dramatically in the second half.
  9. The committee member has spoken! 😂😂😂
  10. Man, him celebrating like that with the players...what a ding dong!
  11. He loves the atmosphere and wants it electric the whole time. Cry some more.
  12. Actually it wasn't their best game of the season but thanks for the slight dig.
  13. Haha I was focused on no snow on the ground. Totally missed that thanks!
  14. When was this photo taken? I see Foster in the group.
  15. That was a pretty solid/smart matchup.