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  1. Nevada vs TCU

    Drew, Caroline, and the twins are Jrs. Plus they have four transfers sitting out and then they have two Bigs coming in that are freshman. There obviously can be some turnover, but they will definitely have size next year. Too early to bank on all that tho
  2. Nevada vs TCU

    Holy sh1t reading your posts one might think we are 0-10 and one of the worst offenses in the nation.
  3. Nevada vs TCU

    I'm not upset we lost to a very good team and by far the best team Nevada will play all season. Nevada has a highly potent offense where they also average a high amount of assists. They pass the ball well and I think one game shouldn't be the deciding factor that these guys don't play well together.
  4. Nevada vs TCU

    And the two freshman. Idk how Muss is going to arrange the lineup/bench.
  5. Nevada vs TCU

    On a side note, Idaho, Illinois St, URI, and Hawaii could be very solid wins end of the year.
  6. Nevada vs TCU

    That 1 on 1 usually results a trip to the FT line . It works for Nevada and that is there main focus, attacking the rim and drawing fouls .
  7. Nevada vs TCU

    And Jalen Fisher looks like a Simpsons character.
  8. Nevada vs TCU

    It's just you
  9. Nevada vs TCU

    It was fun. They will be ranked again sometime this year and just think, Nevada will most likely be a top 10 team next season.
  10. WTF? I thought Trump didn’t drink?

    Embarrassing moment but Trump is seventy so wouldn't be surprised.
  11. Central Arkansas Destroying CAL 75-42 2nd half

    And WSU is getting spread wide open by Idaho. A season to forget so far for the Pac12
  12. Nevada breaks into AP top 25

    Interesting case of logic considering Nevada was a 6 point underdog going in AT Texas tech which is ranked 26th in BOTH polls.
  13. Nevada breaks into AP top 25

    Too early to say that.
  14. Nevada at Texas Tech

    If Nevada beats TCU, they still have a chance to be in the top 25. I'm guessing 24th or 25th. TCU whacked a good SMU team.
  15. Nevada at Texas Tech

    Can't tell which is worse. The announcers or Nevada's second half collapse?