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  1. Nevada is receiving a lot of hype on being a top 25 team next year and one of the best in the west. One predicts Nevada to be ranked even if Oliver doesn't return. I think people are severely Underestimating Muss's ability to coach and who we have coming back and who is coming in.
  2. Logan Ultron watchmen x-men last stand the dark knight spiderman 3 the incredibles Hellboy
  3. Wasn't Luke Babbitt a 5 star?
  4. 5-6 players Nevada is after. At the moment Nevada only has 3 scholarships to give. Most likey 4 with Oliver likely to leave. Based on some info, this is how I see the schollys will be used. 2- sit out transfers. We might have two players committed by the end of next week. One is a high-level transfer Who has been in constant contact with Nevada. The other is most likely jazz Johnson. 1-incoming FR. Odds are this goes to a big. Don't expect much and maybe even a redshirt as depth should be around 9 players. 1-grad transfer this spot has been pretty hush-hush but Word has it there are three grad transfers that Nevada is after. All would have immediate impact and all of them are being sought after power schools.
  5. ESPN article put Nevada in as a darkhorse to be a top 25 squad next year and a top 5 west team.
  6. Believe it or not The college basketball preseason countdown had UNLV 60th last year and Nevada wasn't even ranked in the top 144. Obviously there was some misunderstanding when they said,"put Nevada in at 60."
  7. Welp your a wizard then PH for predicting a coach would coach for his alma mater. Especially when it's a higher paying job.
  8. Odd… It has been speculated all over Twitter for the past week or so ever sense the head coach was fired. is pH the only guy who lurks on Twitter?
  9. I'm lost... Why are people apologizing to PH?
  10. On a side note... Nevada is high on a certain grad transfers list of schools. Would be a major get for Nevada. Could be a major impact player and would offset the loss of Oliver if he does leave.
  11. Muss has mentioned serval times he likes being close to his kids and how it's such a short flight for them to visit. He has no ties to LSU other than being an assisted there for 1 year. It wouldn't make sense to move further away from his sons after gushing about how close they are.
  12. What's up with the gay ass intro and the music?
  13. Link please
  14. When Muss was hired he said he wanted to make Reno his final destination in terms of coaching. Hopefully he still thinks that way.