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  1. I'm having a hard time understanding this. Help me on it. So a 5.5 rating would be equivalent to a little more than half the NCAA teams in div 1? There are 340 something teams so you would rank Nevada at a 140 range?
  2. Yes, tho I think Nevada could be when Foster and Hall come back. Foster was tearing it up and looking like our best big before he got suspended. His Shot was money and I think he was hitting over 60% from the field. Word has it he will be back sometime this season but it will be interesting to see how much Muss uses him. Hall might play tomorrow. We will see. As far as A game... Brown and Williams carry the team. When those two get hot the team is hot, but the same could be said for Marshall and Oliver or Hutch and Duncan. I have yet to see UNM bring thier A game a full 40 min. 1st half they always wreck. Second half they become a wreck. I think it has more to do with endurance and game management.I honestly don't think they are capable of doing it. I say this only because of how sloppy they look in all the second halfs I have seen them play.
  3. 6'5 230 QB who has a cannon for an arm? I like it!
  4. Marshall, Caroline, and Oliver are glad you realize this.
  5. Hmm lets see... Col St., SDSU, New Mex., and Nevada go to BSU first before Boise travels to any of those places to play. That is pretty favorable IMO.
  6. I mean first 8 conference games which does include Nevada.
  7. It's amazing how favorable BSUs conference schedule is for the first 7-8 games.
  8. Especially after losing to Fresno. BTW, DON'T change your avatar...
  9. Too many small town judgmental Mormons ... And Everything is measured in minutes rather than miles on the advertising signs.
  10. 1) Nevada- Had the best week in beating SDSU and N.Mex. 2) BSU 3) New Mex 4) Col St 5) SDSU 6) wyoming 7) Fresno 8) USU 9) SJSU 10) UNLV 11) AF
  11. The first 35 minutes you guys were also playing your best basketball of the season. I have watched your team play many times and they were playing above and beyond thier average and there were 2 three pointers that were miraculous and they were the bank shots that should have been fouls but hey can't have them all. depth I agree is in your favor but the other is a stretch...
  12. This is by far the best I have seen the Lobos play this year. But knowing how inconsistent they are , they will probably lay a big fat turd against the Rebels.
  13. Man UNM is feeling it tonight. They definitely have brought thier A game and making everything they chuck up. Nevada caught them at a bad time.
  14. Mississippi Valley State?
  15. Agree! Using logic is for twats...RESPECT THE PRONOUN!