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  1. 2 Aztecs on FR All-American team

    Could be. Will be fun to watch both of them progress!
  2. 2 Aztecs on FR All-American team

    I know my shit
  3. 2 Aztecs on FR All-American team

    I will. It's an embellishment
  4. 2 Aztecs on FR All-American team

    No. Carl Granderson led with 8.5
  5. 2 Aztecs on FR All-American team

    with an extra game he did
  6. FCS Playoff Bracket

    No other people irrationally and erroneously love their state more than North Dakotans. For this reason alone, I hope they lose.
  7. CCG TV Ratings

    Cue SDSU fans bitching about how they need to get out of this conference LMFAO
  8. I guess both Kiper and McShay don't know what the hell they are talking about because they both have him in at least the first round if not top 10
  9. I've never heard of the USU guy
  10. Some team will fall in love with his size, speed, scrambling ability, elusiveness and of course his ability to throw it 85 yards and overlook the flaws. He'll go top 10
  11. Oregon

    I was wondering who the first round pick should be after that game
  12. Oregon

    That was the only game that Wyoming's d did not look good. Herbert is very good
  13. The blue turf is awesome.

    His dad looks like Jim HArbaugh. Might explain his affinity for childish things. The blue is an abomination to football! May geese shit on your field
  14. Nevada at Texas Tech

    Dang! Nev had it in the bag