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  1. MW Championship Game Scenarios

    10-3 don't mean shit when you lost of lowly old Wyoming AND were a slump buster.
  2. MW Championship Game Scenarios

    That one win was against your asses.
  3. MW Championship Game Scenarios

    Boise was Baylor's slump buster.
  4. Any news on Josh Allen?

    Hopefully we will fare better than boise did last year against the 7th place Big XII school that was riding a 6 game losing streak in the Cactus bowl. I guess a P5 opponent is still P5 and beats the hell out of going to Boise or Albuquerque. Sign me up.
  5. Any news on Josh Allen?

    Define "a decent bowl." Not potato chip? Our options are a little limited.
  6. Where's the Rank 'em Thread?

    1 Boise St 2 San Diego St 3T Wyoming and Fresno St 5 Colorado St 6 Utah St 7T UNLV and Hawaii and Air Force 10 New Mexico 11 Nevada 12 San Jose St
  7. Any news on Josh Allen?

    Depends on the grade. I haven't heard anything about what grade of a sprain it is yet.
  8. Why isn't Colorado State in the Big Ten?

    Because they are 0-6 against Boise St and 22-65-2 against Colorado.
  9. New Mexico @ Wyo

    I understand the different year, different team dynamic but I can't last year's total domination out of my head. Really worried about this game.
  10. Rank em

    1 boise 2 SD St 3 CSU garbage still
  11. Your Top 5 Favorite Football Schools

    1 Colorado Golden Buffaloes (undergrad) 2 Wyoming Cowboys (grad school) 3 Everyone that beats Nebraska 4 Alabama Crimson Tide (lived in T-town during '92 national championship) 5 BYU Cougars (relatives and friends have played and coached there)
  12. They will win and however they beat is guaranteed the Turd of the week.
  13. The entire Sun Belt Conference is on the waiting list of this week's ESPN Bottom 10 for "12 teams, one with a winning record. I got a laugh out of that for a minute until i realized that our conference has "12 teams, one with a winning record" also.
  14. 4th among G5 schools? Behind C-USA???? While I agree that losing those 3 schools to realignment was the low point, our 3rd terrible showing in OOC in a row is a trend that is heading towards a new low.