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  1. Fresno was a creek back then.
  2. Nick Saban is a freakin cry baby..
  3. Clemson by 6.
  4. But but but .. dogs are more relevant.. Haha! Ha. Get the fuuuuuck out of here.. lol..
  5. Lol.. Fresno
  6. 5-1 vs Fresno in football in last 6 games.
  7. Overtime win for Alabama.
  8. It would have been a good get for the Dogs. I was actually looking forward to watching him play.
  9. 5* point guard Aussie will not be enrolling at Fresno state.
  10. Let's go Aztecs!
  11. Different game in Canada for sure. 12 men on the field, wider field, 3 downs, 20 yard end zones. He'll need to adjust a little.
  12. but but but this time it's true....
  13. You forgot to mention the 5 kids that de committed since Telford was hired. including the dogs top two rated players.
  14. Lol...Cincy you get a hard on for ANYTHING related to sharta