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  1. We shd change Troll Derby to the Stunner Award for excellence in internet manipulation. Winner gets a year subscription to Pure VPN #BuyStockInStunnerInc
  2. And you forgot how to spell #RespectTheClassics
  3. I will concur with those warning UNLV faithful to be careful what you wish for. Transplants are hell on local sports teams. The bay counties prolly have the largest amount, but Las Vegas has to be the carpetbagger capitol by percentage of population. #OnlySoMuchWealthToGoAround
  4. The lake was drained past halfway bc ithe dam is a seismic risk so we will never know. San Luis has risen drastically I hear can't wait to see the difference when we go over the hill next month.
  5. Put it back to just two teams á la BCS. there is just as much bltch ing about the four teams getting is as there was when it was just two. The only difference is now there are two extra semis that completely SUCK! #BCSFTW
  6. The old fishing lake for kids most South Bay natives would recognize from their youths (closed down a few years back).
  7. Coyote Creek Trail under about six feet of water #SuckItTourDeFranceFaigs
  8. One year ago this was a dry (drier than @Dr. Dre's mom after John #15 of the night) lake bed with weeds reaching 15' tall.
  9. I've been kicking around "school themed" reviews for a while now. But I was never going to start posting theme until I paid tribute to the entire conference. The two key players in my tribute just so happen to be from my two favorite cities in the world: San José, Calif. and Las Vegas, NV @4UNLV @UNLV2001. But I also think there is enough mediocrity, self delusion, desperation made worse by poor decision making and animal abuse to make it representative of the Mountain West Conference as a whole. It all started no more than a five minute walk from then Spartan Stadium, at the Wendy's on the corner of Monterey and Alma, the only place in the world where the world famous Wendy's "Finger Chili" is served. All the details are in the following link. It's more worthy of anything in this thread, highly suggested reading : Finger Losin' Good Wendy's just down the street from CEFCU Stadium: Baked Potato = F Frosty = A Wendy's Chili, large = A+ Same Wendy's, with view of historic Southern Lumber, in the midst of being torn down to make room for a Charter School. Wendy's 4 for $4 Fries = B+ Spicy Nuggets = B Double Stacker = A minus Sprite = B+
  10. Edit: I logged in on one of my VPNs and didn't get the manure farmer ads, so I'll keep MWCboard white listed for all my socks. I guess those ads are all done by I.P. #DirtyMoney
  11. I started getting adds for tickets to Furdistani games.... #HaleNo #BlockedTilFurtherNotice
  12. The entire Chargers roster will always be welcomed back as far as your old lady is concerned. #WithOpenedLegs
  13. The lifetime guarantee was Craftsman's undoing. I Worked with some a-holes who didn't feel like changing the blades so they'd return the whole knife. It'd be too much trouble to spray wd40 on their tape so return that too. Serves right though, their carpentry tools are/were junk. The tools sets couldn't be beat though.
  14. A lot better than your's must be doing. The news that a bunch of large black men are leaving town is devastating to all the women in your family #AtLeastTheNavyPiersArentMoving
  15. Fvck i really envy SUDS right now. I wish all our surrounding pro teams would GTFO #SUDSstillSUDStho