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  1. Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

    From earlier in the year: Barcelona protesting in support of Muslim Refugees #WhyTheyHateUs
  2. Terrorist Attack in Barcelona

    So the last Barcelona terrorist shot yelled "Allah who Akbar" before he was killed. I typed that into Google translator and it means "The Confederate Statues Me me do it, Solidarity with the American Left"
  3. 9% of Americans are cool w/neo nazi views.

  4. SJSU's Brandon Clarke Transferring?

    LOL @ all the SJS bball fans in this thread #HellaTrigged
  5. Non sports Gear Report

    OKM is headed into the belly of the White Supremacist Liberal Beast: San Rafael , KKKalifornia #TeslaOfDarkness
  6. 9% of Americans are cool w/neo nazi views.

    RE: "wonder where this poll was taken?" Dearborn, Michigan, Minneapolis/St. Paul or any other Muslim stronghold wld be a good start. Muslims were not jus Nazi sympathisers in WWII, but as a whole served as an ally to Hitler. #TruthHurts
  7. 9% of Americans are cool w/neo nazi views.

  8. Political Cartoons and Memes

  9. Political Cartoons and Memes

  10. Political Cartoons and Memes

  11. Trump Will Resign

    DemoKKKrats will resign themselves to having lost the election fair and square before Trump resigns the presidency #Rushyaaaaaaaa
  12. OT: Journey north for the eclipse…

    I can count on one hand the number of times the fog from Monterey Bay has stuck around past 10 o'clock in the 15 years I've been in this part of the Coyote Valley. Last week we had one of those days, and it looked pretty gloomy out this morning, but it's just another day in paradise down here. Anybody in the surrounding area, if youre stuck in fog it's sunny down here. #EclipseMode
  13. Official Solar Eclipse Gear Thread

    "Eclipse Gear" that my daughter made for me.
  14. Can't Spell Vandals Without Anal

    CSewe already knew #PotatoHole #RanOuttaLubeByHalftime
  15. What was the better conference? 2009 WAC or 2017 MWC?

    WAC Football > Manurepile West FB. You've brought us down to your level. WAC Softball was >>>>>>>>>>> MW Softball, but SJS and CSUf's departue has completely reversed that.