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  1. Be as bitter, infuriated or butthurt as you want. But don't even THINK about being late with our travel subs!!! #IWantMyMoney
  2. Boise State and Nevada Wolfpack t-shirts at Disneyland. Over-Under for blue haired grannies pushed down stairs that day was at 2.
  3. @AndreAztec @Dr. Dre #Andre #LOL
  4. the summer of Hugh Jandinsurmountable Dump all the way.
  5. They shd ban travel to states where sheep are raped on ccampus. #OhWait #CaughtintheSheepUnitFvcking
  6. Yeah, well ur a big poopyhead! So there!
  7. 107 ° in San Vegas right now bro.
  8. You going to school in Yorktown?
  9. The Switch is so frigging awesome. Playing on a home console used to involve pausing your game to go take a dump. No more. Just pull the switch out of the dock, sit on the can, file @AndreAztec's Mensa application, wipe my @Dr. Dre, and resume.
  10. I finally found a Switch in the wild yesterday (Target in Morgan Hill). I picked up Mario Kart 8, Arms and a wireless pro controller to go with it. I like the new simple interface a lot. Ole Kuz backflipping off the last ramp on Mt. Wario
  11. RoswellCoug?
  12. The Tour de Bike Shorts was never this much fun.