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  1. I gotta agree with Dee. I'm not as great as I think I am. I'm even better #PortateBienMorro
  2. Thanks D, that means a lot. Im fine with where you guys are at attendance wise. But the rest of the conference probably wishes you could pick it up a bit #RedDuldrums
  3. If there's going to be a poll on who starts the best threads, shdnt there be an option to vote for the board member who actually creates the best threads? @COUSIN MAYNARD @Family Tradition @Hugh Jiddump Thats not counting all the great threads I've started with all my real socks. #HardToBeHumble
  4. 99% chance it's 8588's sock 1% chance that it's that tSUDSf who went full libtard after the election. I can't remember his name right now. #TDS
  5. Yes we did.
  6. SJS FB won four consecutive off season "crootin'" championships under Caragher. Those banners are all hanging in the new North End Zone Complex. But enough about us, this is UNLV's moment #CongratsRebs #BaskIngInTheGlory
  7. tSUDSf is pretty GD confident that SUDS 2 PAC 16 isn't a question of if, but when. It makes one wonder about the source of that confidence. Has their President dropped any hints regarding expansion? #NeverAskaQuestionYouDontKnowTheAnswerTo
  8. No Surprise here. Starving becomes no worse than being in prison, so they tyrants threats to imprison protesters and dissenters carry no weight. In order to show they mean business, the stalins, maos, chabezs and clintons of the world have to start killing people. If left unchecked, the collapse of Social Order in a Leftist Govt. is inevitable. That's why, before the Globalists took over, we would always try and stop them before they got started. There were signs of the collapse starting here, i.e. BLM etc, thank G** we dodged that bullet. #ForNowAnyway #DontCountTeamPussyHatOutYetTho
  9. Start close, and work your way out. - San Diego White Pages‎ #SiMeansJess
  10. You're right, prolly more like four years from now. SUDS's resume is too much for the P5 to resist. #DonCoryellSomethingSomething #UndefeatedInBigEastPlay
  11. SUDS has pissed itself enough for one year. #SouthAlabama #MajorLeagueSuckage
  12. only one of the dre clan can take a thread about fvcking sheep and make it even more weird. #DrGuay
  13. Dre's old lady: "Dre! get your azz in here and get these guys off me, i need a break!" Dre: "Fvck off bltch, I'm too busy staring at Hugh's pics!" #LivingTheDream
  14. LOL @ dre "Sizin' 'Em Up". #NoTendenciesThere #NoSiree