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  1. Great Wolf Lodge and Disneyland SJS = 3 #GoSpartans CSUf = 3 Wyoming =1 I didn't expect to see any Colorado State gear. Fans of an SEC caliber school most likely only vacay in SEC Territory #Disneyworld Boisé State gear was notable by in its absence. as was Utah State, typically a staple Chez Mickey. Fuel prices have been steadily climbing so it'd make since if BSU fans were conservative in regards to discretionary spending. Not sure what's up with USU. if BYU were still a MWC member institution they would have been the clear gear champs #LostCount What really stood out were the two SUDS ppl I saw...ASIANS!!! Now I know how the Colombians first felt when the Mexican Cartels started to muscle in. Might be a good idea at the next CSU System Prez shindig for somebody to be grabbed by the lapel and told in no uncertain terms to "Back Off" #OurForeignTuitionMoney
  2. Roscoe's Chicken 'n Waffles in Anaheim. All waffles and fried chicken = A+, unless otherwise noted. Scoe's Southern Style with Breast and leg, Sunrise (Fruit Punch and Lemonade = A Scoe's Southern Style with breast and leg Sunrise and side of grits. Leg = B, Grits = B, a bit to watery. Natalie's with sides of chicken sausage = A minus and Cornbread = B+, not quite gritty enough for my taste. It's "Cornbread" not "Corncake" Jeanne Jones, Omelette = A+, chicken chili (Not pictured) = A+ as well. #23 ( phone was dead so no pic), Red Beans n Rice = B, the juice in RBR should be thickened to a paste like texture, but this was kinda runny so = B. Cornbread and waffles came with it as well.
  3. Another sports message board #BasketballFaigs
  4. Your dad must have let you tag along on his long hauls down to....Santa Cruz? West Valley? #GoodMemories If you or your dad still make that haul from Boisé then there is a Fatburger on Vasco Rd. Off of 580 on the Livermore side of Altamont Pass. Large with the works, Chili Cheese Fat Fries and Chocnana shake = A+ Mooyah Burger in Morgan Hill Sloppy "Woah" = B minus, Texas Chili Fries = A minus Del Taco in Newark, Ca. (Hometown of new WWE Women's Champion, Bayley) Two Jumbo Shrimp Tacos = A, Carne Asada Fries (Not pictured) = A minus, Epic steak n potato burrito = C+
  5. @Dr. Dre's mom has a lot in common with a junkyard full of old beaters #ThousandsOfShaftsBlown #Eyesore
  6. #SprainedRINOvaginas #BooBooCry
  7. I nominate 93 to host a daily show about all things social media. And @8588 to be a regular "Car Talk" contributor #BitchinCamaro #BitchInAcamaro #SameThing
  8. This week I went to the equivalents of Merle Haggard live at the Grand Ole Opry, the Metropolitan Opera House, and the Shakesperian Festival in Medford. No need for grades on any of these. Happy Hound in Los Gatos: Polish Hound with grilled onions, Happy Burger with everything and A1 Sam's Super Burgers in San Leandro Super Double Cheeseburger with everything and grilled onions, deep fried taco, pineapple shake Val's in Castro Valley Papa Burger, the drippings disintegrated the bun. Onion rings with ranch sauce, the breading was better than any fried chicken you'd ever find. Strawberry Shake, puts the "Shake" in Shakesperian festival. #VALedictorian
  9. Why is someone claiming to be from England going on about the Constitution of the United States? Are the truck stops over there diplomatic zones, like embassies or something like that? Ppl in England have no God given rights and live by decree of their betters in govt. They hate rights so much they even drive on the left #Londinistan
  10. The conferences are never gonna do anything. See B1G and State Penn. those administrations are all bound to have worse skulls in their closets #Illuminati Penn State was the hill for the NCAA to either die on, or reign in these corrupt football factories. But they half azzed it til they had to wave the white flag. #LimpWristedRule
  11. SC is a private school so it would have still happened. At some point the Feds are going to have to step in and set KKKalifornia get right with the constitution, á la Civil Rights Era South. #OuttaControl
  12. Yeah, good call cowboy, Callaraduh State to the SEC = Kunfurmed CSUf will be good...A good warm up for Alabama before they face tougher FCS competition, northwest southeast A&M or whoever. #GoodForNothing #NoThing
  13. Speaking of Arby's, I'm going to show up at one of Cal's Muslim student groups chomping on pork belly sandwiches and triple bacon burgers. And I better be accommodated with full access #ErElse #MyRightsGoshDarnIt
  14. Hwy 17 was closed bc of a mudslide and Lexington Reservoir spilling over the dam and onto the highway. I was working on the water treatment plant up there this time last year and the lake was so low you could see the very bottom of the boat ramp. So I guess since Obama blamed the drought on Global Warming, and the drought is over, then we've cured GW as well! #Science #EightYearsOfNothingButBSlies