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  1. Best college football environments in country

    Went to the USU game @U$C several years ago and was very unimpressed. Granted it was a down year for them, but the atmosphere didn't live up to expectations. As others have said, UWs stadium is very nice. Doubt there's a bad seat in the place. Try to get hooked up with someone who does "sailgating", looked like a good time when I was there.
  2. Pick 10 Team Red

    The last round is such a crapshoot. I'll take Charlotte and SJSU @AZdogFan you're back on the clock.
  3. Pick 10 Team Red

    Sorry all, on vacation and don't have my list with me so it took some time to decide. I'll go with Arizona and Ball State @AZdogFan you're up.
  4. Pick 10 Team Red

    Southern Miss. Finding a decent pic is taking longer than I have. @AZdogFan is back up.
  5. Pick 10 Team Red

    Arkansas State
  6. I agree on the "new age look", but USU's new logo is so much better that the old U squished State logo that you have to forgive us for liking it. I wish the bull was the primary--it's unlike any other college logo I've seen. SDSU's has potential, but I've always read it "DS". AFA is like Wyo's--way too iconic to change.
  7. 1. Wyo 2. USU (obvious bias--I like our secondary logo better) 3. Boise After that it's a race to the bottom with Reno, UNLV, NM, and CSU being the worst.
  8. Pick 10 Team Red

    To be clear, the correct order is middle, right, left. I almost didn't post the picture because of the one on the left.
  9. Pick 10 Team Red

    UCF @AZdogFan you're back up
  10. Pick 10 Team Red

  11. Pick 10 Team Red

    It's a shame more of you aren't bigger homers. 11 of the top 12 teams on my board were taken.
  12. Pick 10 Team Red

    And Memphis @AZdogFan You're up @4UNLV On deck
  13. Pick 10 Team Red

  14. Pick 10 Team Red

    Checking in
  15. Pick 10 Sign Ups

    I'm in.