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  1. I knew that would be SC Top 10. Hard to tell on TV, but most of the crowd was clapping in awe after that play. What a throwdown!
  2. Man, Williams put on a clinic. I know Brown had foul trouble and someone else was hurt, but not much else out there offensively for UNM. I'm glad we were shooting and rebounding well to equalize Williams's incredible game.
  3. The USU team as a whole only shoots 35% from 3, so we aren't a great shooting team. I expect a fairly easy NM win. I'll echo what ole blue said, safe travels if you're headed to Logan...Apparently they've been getting hit hard by snow.
  4. Crap, knew I should waste more time on this board.
  5. I know y'all had a good season, but pick a better time and place:
  6. Former USU star Bobby Wagner pulled off two successful jumping the center blocks in a game against the Cardinals earlier this year (blocked one, altered the other). The Ringer did a good article discussing the history and rules of jumping the center on a FG: I'm curious if this will carry over to the college game and how coaches will start to plan against it.
  7. I asked my brother in law (a Y fan) how he felt about getting matched up against Wyo. His response: "Well, Wyoming seems to be hated by everyone." He didn't get any further with me laughing at the irony of that comment.
  8. Thanks for getting the scores posted every week. I'd also like to thank blind luck and a vastly overachieving back half of my draft for helping secure the win. Hopefully I can pass some of that luck to a dismal Aggie football team.
  9. And miss out on $2.7 million of guaranteed money? I have to assume you're joking. I agree with (wyo)Ming, an AD giving their complete confidence means the coach is toast. The clock is ticking Matt.
  10. Do the championship games/bowl games count towards the final total? Not feeling too confident about SDSU and Wisconsin's chances.
  11. I didn't think I could be any more disgusted with this team this year. They proved me wrong.
  12. This week was one hell of a rough week for my team. Feel free to not compile everyone's scores...
  13. USU beat Idaho State like a drum, 85-51. Next up is top 20 Purdue on Tuesday in the Cancun Challenge.
  14. Sorry Pack fans, our team wanted to lose this one just a little more than yours. Good luck getting rid of the hot dog inhaler.
  15. Where did Polian find the playbook for that touchdow drive?