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  1. Dang. Things are not looking good for MWC basketball. Hopefully SDSU's long-time assistant works out better than Utah State's. Fisher had a remarkable career. Hopefully he enjoys retirement for a long long time.
  2. I'm thinking of the one on the 3 that they called out on Pinson when the Zags guy just airballed it. Are you referring to the same play? I admittedly didn't look for contact, just whether Theo got a finger on the ball.
  3. As soon as I heard Verne Harris was one of the officials I told my wife there would be questionable calls/no-calls. I had no idea they would be that bad (and I was cheering for NC). It would be interesting to go back and list (with gifs) all of the missed and egregious calls. Off the top of my head: Collins 4th foul, Berry's foul on Karnowski, Meeks being out of bounds on the jump ball, Pinson's "block" that he didn't touch. They really ruined a great matchup.
  4. Our post defense has been soft for a couple of years. Sad after how we used to guard big guys under Stew. Jalen wants this one, but Nevada has too many horses.
  5. Sounds like the WYO players had more to drink on the Strip last night than their fans...impressive.
  6. I see Utah State's ceiling at #5 in the conference next year, with a floor of #9. If I were to bet I'd guess we land at #8. We lose Moore and Rector and gain a couple of decent looking freshmen. That along with getting our two freshmen guards time in the weight room this summer should help some. To answer another poster's question, most USU fans I know are not happy with Duryea. Stew would win 20 games each year without much difficulty (granted, it was against lesser competition), and going below .500 is not acceptable in Logan. Another year like this one and there's a chance he gets shown the door.
  7. I think USU was following his progress at CSI, but I don't believe we ever offered him. I don't follow recruiting as close as I used to though, so I could be mistaken.
  8. Yes, Casdon is the younger brother of Brady Jardine. Brady was indeed a freak athlete (43 inch vertical) who had his senior year cut short by a lisfranc fracture. I'm very curious to see Casdon's style of play and how he pans out. I'm guessing he turns out to be a decent player.
  9. I'm too late to give you advice on your purchase, but I got a Pixel and my wife an iPhone 7 a couple months ago. We've both loved them, but I'm partial to Android and she's partial to iOS so that's not terribly surprising. Pixel has some cool features like split screen, easier navigation, etc, and Assistant is much better than Siri. I also think the camera is slightly better on Pixel. She likes to FaceTime with family, so iPhone makes sense there. Ultimately it's like others have said--it totally depends on personal preference and everyone has a different opinion.
  10. We're heading to Ireland in May. Hoping to hit the whole island in a week. Any suggestions on things that are must-sees would be appreciated.
  11. Your crappy team can't even beat the worst USU team in over 2 decades. There were more cheerleaders than fans in the stands. What an embarrassment.
  12. Living in Utah and having heard Chaffetz speak a handful of times, I can say without reservation he is a greasy politician who will say anything to make himself look better. I can't stand the guy (and I lean conservative).
  13. Definitely wasn't expecting a win tonight. Nevada being ice cold obviously helped, but you could tell the Aggies really wanted this one.
  14. I knew that would be SC Top 10. Hard to tell on TV, but most of the crowd was clapping in awe after that play. What a throwdown!
  15. Man, Williams put on a clinic. I know Brown had foul trouble and someone else was hurt, but not much else out there offensively for UNM. I'm glad we were shooting and rebounding well to equalize Williams's incredible game.