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  1. Hello PH, My name is Mutumbo and I have an amazing opportunity for you! I am a Nigerian prince and there has been an account with a large sum of money set up in my name but due to banking laws here I am not able to access it. If you send me your name and Social Security number then I can bypass these laws thus withdrawing the sum of money and can send you 1 million dollars!
  2. Maybe she can leave SJSU in a trash bag in the woods behind her house as well
  3. Can we contract by 1 member? (SJSU)
  4. I remember when those baby dick wife beaters got mad at Rebel fans because we "bought" Rashad Vaughn...
  5. I thinks it's innovative. The landscape is changing, tv ratings are declining across the board because of streaming services. Back in the day a 2.0 rating in the 16-36( not exactly sure the age range) demographic would get a show cancelled. Now it is the norm. Let's be proactive for once instead of reactive.
  6. I love this idea, I'm either watching games on my laptop or firestick anyways so it makes sense. Maybe try and get a streaming deal with youtube as well to broadcast marquee games.
  7. Apparently Bangai has eligibility issues as well