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  1. Original post edited with information for the 2017 Y! Tourney Pick'em.
  2. Should be a fun one. Winner moves on (or a tie for the US).
  3. The length and physical play of the US gives them problems but mostly because it's the USMNT's "Super Bowl" whenever they play Mexico. Plus, as Old SD Dude pointed out, the US always play at home (usually in frigid conditions in Columbus) in games that really count. As an aside, I think I saw that the temp was 62 degrees yesterday when the US played Costa Rica on US soil...there seems to be a pattern for when the US plays better. I guess the USMNT should try to schedule all tournaments against Latin American teams in Chicago or Columbus when the temps drop.
  4. I wonder how many of those things have been unearthed on campus grounds.
  5. So are you thinking that it'd be more beneficial to "learn" from the bench of say a top team in the EPL rather than getting significant playing time at a middle team in the Bundesliga?
  6. Which European league do you think would be the best for US players to play in as far as actually getting on the pitch and developing their skills? It might still help if they rode the pine and "learned" somewhere but probably not as much as if they actually got meaningful playing time. 'Know what I mean?
  7. Probably.
  8. I didn't say Mexico blasted anyone. I said that I remember Mexico playing Brazil and/or Argentina well, they certainly weren't out-classed. And many back then thought/were saying that the US would have a chance against the better South American teams (Brazil/Argentina) because the US had just beaten Mexico and Mexico played Brazil/Argentina almost straight up but then the US got blasted by one of the South American teams. I remember thinking that was bullshit because I knew that the US just matches up well against Mexico and that they were going to get exposed. And they were. The US was never as good as some people remember/wanted them to have been.
  9. Exactly, they weren't "trash" as the OP remembers and were certainly a better squad than the US. The talent was there, they just had some growing pains and the US is a bad match-up for them. This was evidenced by the fact that the US team would play competitive against Mexico (maybe even win) but then would get blasted by Argentina or Brazil but Mexico would go out and play well against Argentina and Brazil and even win. Everyone was too quick to crown the USMNT as having arrived when really it had just taken the first step. It's so very American to want it all and want it now but these things take time. It looks like the USMNT may have to take a step back here before it can take another step forward. But that's part of it.
  10. Okay. To me, it's a matter of "styles make fights" (to use a boxing analogy) and as you mentioned, a swapping out of the "old guard" and "new guard" for Mexico. The new guys were young and inexperienced and the old guys were, well, old. And the two groups didn't have good chemistry between them so they played accordingly. But as far as pure talent, Mexico has always been far more talented than any US squad. The relative success of the US was more a matter of good timing and a good style match-up than anything.
  11. What is that 4-4-8? The head-to-head between the US and Mexico?
  12. You remember wrong. US has never been the better squad.
  13. Anyway, the USMNT plays today.
  14. Some early lines are out. I'm including BYU since their game was among the games released. Who ya got? (Source: 5Dimes)
  15. PM, you terrified bitch. Pussy having Dre (PhD).