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  1. I wasn't assuming he was, I know almost nothing about Battlestar Galactica. I've never seen the TV show, or the movie (if there's a movie), or read the books (if there are books). I don't know either. I was just asking as well.
  2. If people enjoy the conversion games, I can run my "Werewolves vs. Vampires" game after the Battlestar Galactica game, if @mugtang wants to un-archive the thread (I can't seem to do it myself). Ideally, I'd like to get a minimum of 15 players for the Wolves vs Vamps game.
  3. Great game, everyone. Thanks cgz for putting this together.
  4. VOTE: tspoke* *The NEW Bulldog Rob
  5. VOTE: tspoke VOTE: NIGHTFALL (Just kidding, it's always NIGHTFALL for me )
  6. Nothing personal WYO, but you were on a platter, so I took the the easy shot. I really wanted the Godfather, so I'll take that shot now. VOTE: tspoke
  7. VOTE: WYO1016
  8. Does he? Damn it, @cgzpack you keep changing the rules. I swear there was no limit when I read that thing originally. Well, losing 2 Villagers tonight (if we do) is not tied to the lynch outcome. If Warbow is Village, then Captain did good. It was a perfect lazy vote for those who should be the targets of the Village to try to divert that target to. Warbow was not around much, admitted that he was "confused" by the rule set, and admitted that he can only play until Thursday. Path of least resistance. Easy/lazy place for Evil to try and hide. If Warbow is good, then Captain did good by saving him and allowing the vote process to go maybe exposed some of the evil out there. We'll have to let it play out to see, but to say that nothing was gained is wrong. We just may not know what exactly was gained as of right now. It may open up some things down the road.
  9. How, exactly?
  10. The back-end went a lot better than the front-end today.
  11. Warbow is a lazy vote. Perfect place for evil to hide. But don't be a dumbass Duke. If you Duke the Lynch vote, don't kill a Villager.
  12. Well, I know nothing of the Hybrid's identity other than it's not me.
  13. Never said it was a sure thing that we hit the Hybrid. But, you miss every shot you don't take (or whatever that awful cliche is). Why do you need convincing to take a shot (possibly the BEST shot) at the Hybrid now before there are possible Space Suits, Converted Hybrids, etc., to make it more difficult?
  14. Noted. The piling on occurred 2 pages later with 3 votes coming in within 7 posts of each other.