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  1. Group B is final. Germany 2-1-0 7 points Chile 1-2-0 5 points Australia 0-2-1 2 points Cameroon 0-1-2 1 point Standings after Group Stage: 1. @GOUNMLOBOS (24/28 points) 2. @ExplorerSunDevil (21/28 points) 3. @blind_squirrel54 (17/28 points) 3. @renoskier (17/28 points) 3. TheBigAwesome (17/28 points) 6. @Old_SD_Dude (15/28 points) 7. @masterfrog (14/28 points) 8. @BestintheWest (9/28 points)
  2. Another 10 points on the line today as Group B closes out play. Today's Matches Germany vs. Cameroon Chile vs. Australia
  3. Thin the herd. F.ucking junkies.
  4. Group A has gone final. Portugal 2-1-0 7 points (+5) - Wins group on goal differential Mexico 2-1-0 7 points (+2) Russia 1-0-2 3 points (0) New Zealand 0-0-3 0 points (-7) Standings after today's matches: 1. TheBigAwesome (16/18 points) 2. @GOUNMLOBOS (15/18 points) 3. @ExplorerSunDevil (12/18 points) 4. @masterfrog (9/18 points) 4. @Old_SD_Dude (9/18 points) 6. @BestintheWest (8/18 points) 6. @blind_squirrel54 (8/18 points) 6. @renoskier (8/18 points)
  5. Big day today with 10 points on the line. 2 points: One point apiece for the remaining two games in Group A. 5 points: for correctly picking the Group Winner. 3 points: for correctly picking the Group Runner-Up.
  6. After 8 games: 5-way tie for 1st place with 6/8 possible points (myself, @BestintheWest, @blind_squirrel54, @ExplorerSunDevil, @renoskier) @GOUNMLOBOS just 1 point behind at 5/8 possible points. @masterfrog and @Old_SD_Dude at 3/8 possible points.
  7. Germany 3-2 Australia Everyone earns a point for correctly picking the GER vs AUS match. The brackets of the four above remain perfect.
  8. NORTH Washington Washington State Oregon Oregon State Utah Utah State Colorado Colorado State Wyoming Idaho Idaho State Montana Montana State Air Force SOUTH USC UCLA Cal Stanford Arizona Arizona State UCSD Hawaii Nevada UNLV New Mexico New Mexico State Army Navy
  9. Sweet! Looks like all the picks are in, let's Rock-n-Roll. A quick scan of the picks shows that we have: 4 Germany Winners 2 Chile Winners 2 Portugal Winners And 3 Germany Runner-Ups (Meaning only 1 dumbass didn't have Germany in the Final. I would be that dumbass.) 3 Chile Runner-Ups 2 Portugal Runner-Ups And 3 Portugal 3rd Place Finishes 2 Mexico 3rd Place Finishes 2 Russia 3rd Place Finishes 1 Cameroon 3rd Place Finish
  10. Group Stage Result predictions: Day 1: Russia over New Zealand, Mexico and Portugal Draw, Germany over Australia, Chile over Cameroon Day 2: Portugal over Russia, Mexico over New Zealand, Cameroon over Australia, Chile over Germany Day 3: Mexico over Russia, Portugal over New Zealand, Germany over Cameroon, Chile over Australia Group Standings predictions: Group A: Portugal 2-1-0 7 points (Portugal wins group on goal differential) Mexico 2-1-0 7 points Russia 1-0-2 3 points New Zealand 0-0-3 0 points Group B: Chile 3-0-0 9 points Germany 2-0-1 6 points Cameroon 1-0-2 3 points Australia 0-0-3 0 points Semifinal Result predictions: Portugal over Germany Chile over Mexico 3rd Place Game prediction: Mexico over Germany Confederations Cup Final prediction: Portugal over Chile
  11. According to your posted picks, you actually have: Portugal 3-0-0 9 points Russia 1-1-1 4 points Mexico 1-1-1 4 points So are you picking Russia to advance on point differential? Also, a typo in Chile vs Cameroon match.
  12. The only "tragedy" here is that none of the Republican scumbags died. This is exactly what all of the HATEFUL rhetoric spewed by Trump begets. Hopefully, the next guy is a better shot.
  13. TheBigAwesome is entering this challenge, picks TBA (to be announced):
  14. Post this in the wrong room? Was this suppose to be in the Wolf Chat?