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  1. One Final Pic from CSU's Stadium Opener

    Here's another photo from CSU's sell-out......41 K my ass. This picture was taken at the first commercial break of the second half, but even during the first half, the SRO section was empty. CSU....41 K...b.s. And I'm out.
  2. We ended up getting Jermaine Haley with the last scholarship, so make it three four stars Buddha, Hunter, and Jermaine. Allen Edwards and company are getting it done. On to the class of 2018.
  3. Jermaine Haley (NMST) Transfers to Wyoming

    Pretty impressive recruiting profile out of high school: 5 star by rivals, 4 star by scout, 4 star by ESPN. None of that matters, but it's safe to say he has potential, if our staff can develop it. Still, a first for Wyoming in the modern era though: getting three four stars on the same squad has never been done in Laramie. Buddha Jones, Jermaine Haley, and Hunter Thompson makes three.
  4. Time will tell, but Wyoming's 2017 recruiting class of Buddha Jones, Hunter Thompson, Anthony Mack, Hunter Maldonado, Austin Mueller, and Ny Redding is better than any other MW school not named UNLV or Nevada. We'll find out if it's better than UNLV or Nevada.
  5. Rice still hasn't done it. Boise has NEVER won a game in the NCAA tournament.
  6. Let's be fair here. Wyoming has a four star that left SDSU and ended up in Laramie. He was a top 100 recruit out of high school. Buddha Jones is only a sophomore. We have a four star in state kid that decided to walk-on and ended up getting rewarded with a scholarship: Hunter Thompson. Anthony Mack, is a very highly rated three star, recruited and offered by the team that was the defending national champion in Villanova. Some recruiting experts we're saying he should have been a 4 star prospect. Since Allen Edwards took over we've got commitments from the following guys: 1. Louis Adams. He had an offer from Memphis and proved last year that he's a very capable MWC player. 2. 4 star Buddha Jones. 3. 4 star Hunter Thompson. 4. Borderline 4 star Anthony Mack. 5. Hunter Maldonado, Colorado 5a player of the year candidate, and probably the most under rated player in high school basketball. Hey Boise fan, your team has to win an NCAA tournament game before you're allowed to post on threads of real college basketball programs.
  7. Crazy coincidence or not a coincidence at all remains to be seen. Wyoming's original official recruiting visit for the class of 2017 was Hunter Thompson, Trevin Knell, Parker Stewart and Samuta Avea. Hawaii got one hell of an athlete when Samuta committed to Hawaii. Hunter committed to Creighton, decommitted to walk-on at Wyoming, and was rewarded with a scholarship in Laramie. Parker Stewart asked for his release from Ole Miss. Now, Trevin Knell just decommitted from Cal. He has a visit scheduled at BYU already. He did visit Wyoming though. Here's the picture of our first official 2017 visit. Knell and Stewart are back on the board.
  8. Could SDSU Basketball Be in Trouble?

    Ducher is having trouble getting his feet under him. How many big men has he swung and missed on since Fish left?
  9. Could SDSU Basketball Be in Trouble?

    It will be almost impossible to find a recruiter as good as Steve Fisher. The guy landed the Fab Five, one of the greatest recruiting classes in NCAA basketball history.
  10. If it was easy than someone other than Steve Fisher would have won an NCAA tournament game at SDSU. He's the only coach to ever win there. Yes, it's easier to recruit to the facilities Brandenburg built for them and Fisher continued to build. Still, Brandy had a dominant conference team in Laramie, and couldn't get it done in San Diego.
  11. Still, they'll never find a recruiter as good as Fish. You can't make up for the loss of the guy that landed the Fab Five. He's a recruiting legend. Go look at the recruiting thread on Aztecmesa. They've swung and missed on about a dozen big men since Fish left.
  12. Agreed. With Liebermans transfer, we have 2 walk-ons running the point. A 4 star (espn) 6'5" point to go with what we already have joining in 2017 and the transfers we have sitting out would probably push our class into the top 50 nationally. Sdsu might be f'd without Fishes recruiting ability, but other teams are really starting to pick it up.
  13. Nebraska was his other top 3 school. Will Parker join our other 4 star guys taking the floor next year?
  14. Wyoming fans, how tall are you?

    BYU fan, how weird are you? You spend the majority of your time playing message board double agent, pretending to be someone your not, to manipulate other fan bases. Now you're asking a bunch of dudes you've never met, how tall they are.
  15. Schefter on Josh Allen going #1.....

    Agreed, but it doesn't hurt that Brent Vigen and Craig Bohl just found and helped develop Carston Wentz before Allen. Now there's a standard established with Wentz. Allen has a better arm, better legs, and he's more athletic. We'll see if he can develop the mental game to go with it, more touch, less turnovers, and a higher completion percentage.