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  1. Canadian. French/Canadian at that Thats a low blow even for you If it's not true that's f()cked
  2. Depending on who was creating the BoR, an invite might not even be sent.
  3. Zero interest. Zero benefit. Zero chance of happening.
  4. You think old Joe didn't have any crazy nights? Come on guy. He had 12 wives, young and old.
  5. Mostly pictures of joe smith and 3 to 4 of his wives. There is actually some pretty crazy stuff going on there. I give them that. Sick bastards.
  6. Stun Gun is really trying to muddy the already murky waters. @LaradiseCowboy has been pm'ing me Mormon porn. I want him banned to clear this shit up.
  7. Glad to see that after your best era of football you still are behind us in head to head win total. I wouldn't hold my breath waiting until you have the advantage on us. 19 > 18 That means 19 wins for Wyoming 18 wins for SD State. Enjoy it.
  8. Of course you have to acknowledge our head to head advantage. It is not optional. You guys crack me up.
  9. Don't let the facts get in the way of a good thread. But then again this guy has never been good with numbers. Is 19 better than 18 @Dr. Dre? Might want to use your toes as well to help you. Get back to me with the answer as quick as you can.
  10. Can't help but laugh. Weren't you the same guy getting his panies in a wad for a fag boy comment but now your posting racist shit. It is funny though. Carry on
  11. Not familiar with gofundme. Was it returned for not meeting the goal. Or is SJ just stopping and returning the $
  12. Fales Carr ! Here we go again. Some guys just get a hard on and can't let it go.
  13. If people only knew the truth. Most are not ready.
  14. Fresno is the worst team in the country. They beat them. They beat you. 3/4 wins total 2/3 in MW. Good year for johnny reb.