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  1. teamnoprivilege

    I don't know I figured if I could of taken UW instead of my cowboys I would be good. Come on Pete I will put my team up against anyone's I will make a standard bet on that Likely I have 2/3 conference winners with some nice upward moving teams You have 1 conference winner with half the PAC 12 selected Bad choice
  2. A SJ fan in the wild. Remarkable. You didn't even bother him in his natural habitat, while snapping your picture. Job well done.
  3. Marrying a Mormon girl forced you to become a divorced, gun toting, big tit chasing atheist. Let that be a good lesson for all. Lie is swimmer.
  4. teamnoprivilege

    @Headbutt if no Grizz give me Syracuse.
  5. teamnoprivilege

    Nice. I take The Griz then. They will win the big sky.
  6. teamnoprivilege

    I can't find them. What conference?
  7. Ok I take Howard with my next pick. Mark it down
  8. Which team would you take in the pick 10. We are running out of options. Round 8
  9. I always thought Idaho was to small for multiple fbs football schools. It does make more since to just have one with a state that barely cracks 1 million people. Boise should throw a bone and play the Vandals though. I'm with Joe Vandal on this one. Play the game.
  10. teamnoprivilege

    This is brutal. So many picks. Someone will have to take Vegas, SJ State, Utah state. is it possible to not even pick in that scenario? Just leave a spot open?
  11. Yes, yes indeed. +1
  12. Change all his passwords to fagboy. Let the board log into his stupid ass accounts as we see fit.
  13. teamnoprivilege

    Just swap us. He can catch up later.
  14. teamnoprivilege

    E Carolina