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  1. The Rise and Fall of BYU athletics

    Most likely big sister was his mom. Get your facts str8.
  2. Feeling Really Good about UNLV Basketball

    What is the ceiling this year for rebel basketball?
  3. Feeling Really Good about UNLV Basketball

    Way to be positive.
  4. Rolo lost control of his team

    Rez life. That was my first thought also when I travelled there.
  5. YBU couldn't score if

    What was really expected from a fullback from tonga. Good recruiter most likely, but head coach? Maybe there are some really good head coaches out there from that island. I just haven't seen them.
  6. Rank em basketball edition

    Reno boise fresno sd wyo csu nm unlv utah st sj af
  7. The State of MW hoops programs

    Agree. Getting Unlv out of the bottom 1/3 will help the MW in general. If less than .500 again this year you will need to fire Menzies. He will have proven he was a mistake.
  8. Been to China a few times and it appears they have very stereo typical views of westerners. I can guarantee every camera, clerk and eye ball was on the 6'+ African Americans in the store. With out doubt. How dumb are those three. Makes me laugh. Suspension is fine. Shouldn't lose their schollies over a real bone head mistake. Think 1 year suspension fits the crime. Keep them in school though.
  9. Disgrace for the country university and the sport.
  10. MW Championship Game Scenarios

    Queue the safety dance. Never tire of it.
  11. SDSU at Arizona State

    If your prepared it isn't a surprise. Good luck on getting out though. We are pulling for you.
  12. @Fido You will need to be perfect and include 1AA wins to get there. Like I said, perfect is difficult. Don't forget the bottom of the MW is giving you fits.
  13. With all these upset fans crying about pulling their season tickets I don't know how it is possible to fill even a new stadium, let alone an old one. Maybe we need tougher fans?
  14. Yep would agree with this. Except @ Boise @utah might be closer to a 2 td spread. If they play perfect they get 5 wins. Mcneese state doesn't count. Slip up and they get 3/4 wins.
  15. This in my opinion is the key. To assume ESPN is dead would be silly. They own content and have the first opportunity to evolve it. People believing that cord cutting == ESPN death are not very informed. When ESPN began they were on the forefront of change. I will wait to see their plan on content prior to considering them dead. The reliance on TV revenue as we know it is about to be over. Our conference will suffer as many here were betting on increased revenue to make their athletic programs work at this level. Same old conversation here. How will this effect schools like Hawaii, Reno, SJ State, Unlv