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  1. Pick 10 Results Thread

    Still not bad though. I was looking for the shit talking Boise fan who took UW first instead of his Broncos. @boisewitha-s looks like your bringing up the rear. Still wanna bet?
  2. MWC Attendance figures

    Simple math will prevail here.
  3. Does Wyoming have a QB controversy?

    Great post. Your killing it.
  4. Does Wyoming have a QB controversy?

    We call you an idiot for other obvious reasons.
  5. OT: Canelo vs GGG

    Unfortunately this keeps the fans away. Boxing is really missing the boat. Too bad
  6. Gameday special on Josh Allen

    You guys still don't get what the NFL looks for. Enjoy the game.
  7. New Mexico at Boise State

    Believe me, hoping your right. I would rather face rypien. Aligning with Harsin is silly. More bsu games I watch, less I think of him. Very average,
  8. New Mexico at Boise State

    Now you sound like your coach.
  9. New Mexico at Boise State

    Then he gave another 6 points away. He gives up 6 way too much. Cozart should finish this year if healthy. Kid can play.
  10. New Mexico at Boise State

    Why doesn't Boise have a safe/fake punt option? Almost funny. Out coached too much.
  11. New Mexico at Boise State

    Rypien might not see the field again in meaningful snaps.
  12. Was that the ultimate choke?

    Wouldn't say choke. But one of the worst coaching performances I have seen. Your coaches were again over matched. Too bad for those kids.

    Why would the big 12 want the the bottom of the MW athletically. This makes no sense. One of the all time worst football programs coupled with a bottom half basketball team in a 1 bid league. No conference is so desperate. I don't believe the MW would even add the Unlv of today.
  14. Turd of The Week- Week 2

    Ez. Boise by far. Had the game won. Poor coaching ( nice safe punt). My kids Peewee coaches work on it every week. And QB play again gave up 14 points.
  15. Fun fact

    niners should of never let him go. Look at them now.