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  1. Has the interest of Indiana and has his team in the tournament. Timing.
  2. In today's world where coaches are sent packing for little to no reason, I don't blame him for looking. He is due for a huge pay day either way.
  3. Tough to tell. He is a serviceable back up. 3-5 million a year isn't a bad deal for a backup. Who knows. But I'm not surprised nobody wants him to come be a starter.
  4. Of course they did. Nobody wanted to look bad. Considering available options they made the smart play. Say nothing. Match their franchise QB money. Then cut him loose. I think the walking papers say enough for such a QB starved league.
  5. Yeah I just hate to see @ph90702 jump into this talking to girls thing. He should stay home and do some more thinking on it.
  6. There are plenty of bastard children running around I do believe it is still frowned upon Most can't overcome it and end up messed up
  7. I think your spot on. Breeding and reproduction should be taken more seriously in this country. Don't just rush out there.
  8. This. I think everyone is waiting for starters, then the back ups will go. He will backup somewhere.
  9. I think Reno is 3 or 4 in p12 this year. CSU is middle, BSU middle low.
  10. Gotta play football Would we take them yes, we took Hawaii Fresno Reno SJ But lucky to get that football program. Are you joking?
  11. Til end of march madness. AV and sig. I like to write up pearls of wisdom for Vegas fans. Bet
  12. Tough to argue your logic here. I'll get the avatar ready for him. Jury has spoke.
  13. So @thelawlorfaithful ph says pay me.
  14. I agree. We need to leverage both and work hard on the streaming side. Streaming is the future, if developed properly along side with standard viewing I would agree, and be happy. There is no vision of how consumers will want to be entertained in 15 years. It will not be in the manner we are doing it now. Get in front of the curve and enjoy success while the others catch up.
  15. I am. Bad football play will kill all chances at making money. It is all tied together. When we go to negotiate and our football quality is poor, our deal will be poor. It is a vicious cycle. The universities I mentioned above are not capable of the finances to compete at this level. They are dead weight, hoping to cash in on a lucrative tv deal that will never come ( in part because they are members )