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  1. You're just being a troll now.
  2. Recruits are not picking Boise State over a P5 school.
  3. I'm such a moron that I turned a thread about me going to a brothel into 13 pages.
  4. I think he winds up at Washington.
  5. I'd say it's a little bit of both. I'm going to live life my way, and I'm going to do what makes me happy. I'm done comparing myself to others.
  6. UNLV is fine. They will be much more talented next year, and Brandon McCoy will be the best player on the team. Menzies will be able to play 9-10 players, and guys won't be dragging at the end of games.
  7. People think I'm dumb, but I got a thread about a guy who wrote a tweet that could literally mean anything into four pages so far. I got the thread about me getting laid at a brothel up to thirteen pages. I know that @mugtang is happy because I generate traffic.
  8. He's not going to do that to his son. Also, I still contend that it was a mistake to not hold on to Lawson Sr. He may not be the perfect character, but he will get you all the good Memphis players.
  9. With the players you guys lost out on to a D2 team, I read that Tubby played phone tag with the kid's coach for several weeks to try and contact him. That's TKM status right there. With Tubby, he will win big if he gets players. He's won even with mediocre talent.
  10. You're proving my point. UNLV is doing right by recruiting good players.
  11. Memphis can do much better recruiting wise. The city and suburbs are loaded with high major talent. Pissing off that Lawson dude was dumb on Tubby's part.
  12. I wouldn't get my hopes up since it is Tubby Smith we're talking about. That tells you how bad of a recruiter he is. He just lost on a recruit to a D2 school. Memphis should get top 15 classes with ease.
  13. So much for this one.
  14. You know that Eustachy would take UNLV's players if he could. He even tried to get the UNLV job because he knows it's the best job in the conference, and it's not even debatable.because he knows it's the best job in the conference, and it's not even debatable.
  15. I felt great coming out, and I still feel great about it. Random thought, but I got a tennis match at 5:30, and I'm feeling hungry. It's weird because I ate at 1 PM.