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  1. Statue of Catholic Saint vandalized.

    A lot of these people are just professional agitators.
  2. Trump Will Resign

    I saw that earlier.
  3. Nevada Baskteball is off to Costa Rica

    It would have been better, but I feel that we will benefit from the trip in year 5 more than we would in year 6.
  4. Rethinking the War on Salt

    That's why they added iodine to salt in the US. Around WW1, there were a lot of men with iodine deficiency. However, you can get iodine from other foods. Seafood, sea and green vegetables, potatoes, and eggs are good sources.
  5. NFL Teams As Vehicles

    How did I know the Packers would be a Ford F-150?
  6. Rethinking the War on Salt

    That's not true. Nobody has ever said that something like Cheetos are good for you. Also, it's the establishment who keeps changing their views. Principles based people, like the paleors, have been very consistent in their message. It's no different than politics.
  7. Rethinking the War on Salt

    Why would you eat fertilizer?
  8. Rethinking the War on Salt

    I just had 1/2 tsp of salt thrown into my casein shake, and I feel a lot better. I could tell that I wanted the salt.
  9. I officially feel like an old man

    Do you have gray pubes?
  10. This shit is getting ridiculous. Political correctness is killing this nation.
  11. CBS Sports Bracketology

    No chance the Big West gets two bids. The Mountain West can get two bids with a strong non-conference showing.
  12. UNLV recruiting

    It's only taken me 27 years to learn not to get hyped up by the press clippings. I've been disappointed too many times. I look forward to watching him play this year and hope he impresses. On paper, he should be good because he was rated higher than Jalen Hurts by EastSPN.
  13. Rethinking the War on Salt

    By salt, in case anyone didn't already know, I'm talking about real salt. Not table salt, which is bleached and has a ton of nasty chemicals. Am I the only one who uses Redmond Real Salt?
  14. CBS Sports Bracketology

    The teams in the conference need to stop scheduling games exclusively within 500 miles of their campus. They need to start playing teams in the Central and Eastern time zones. Also, they need to stop scheduling Big Sky teams.
  15. World Cup Coming to Vegas?

    I hope it doesn't happen. I will wind up paying for it somehow. For the record, I was opposed to public money for the Raiders stadium. Also, I'm opposed to any public financing of stadiums. The owners can pay for it themselves.