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  1. I didn't eat her out. That is allowed though.
  2. TCU got rejected by the Big 12 originally. Rejection is a great motivator to improve.
  3. I thought that he would possibly be a walk-on. I'm not sure how many players you can have on your roster. They currently have 17.
  4. Miami is a rich kid's private school. Most people don't realize that. The fact that they took a bunch of thugs from the inner city back in the 80's negatively affected their image.
  5. I don't view that way about all women by any means. I like my mom just fine. The three other workers in my department are women, and I like them just fine. Regarding women, my goal is not to simply to hop in the sack. I want something more than that. I would like a relationship. However, I'm trying to just get a date such as coffee at this point. Regarding the social awkwardness, you would know what I'm talking about if you met me in person. I've had about 40 job interviews in my life with only two offers. I don't know what else to chalk it up to. I had a 3.75 GPA. I would love to be great socially, but I'm not. I try to improve on it, but I feel inherently limited. It's hard for me to just ignore other people when they bring up stuff that I posted in the past that has nothing to do with the current thread. The last non-UNLV thing that I'm going to post in here is that it is unfair to judge me based upon what you're reading on a sports forum. I don't judge anybody personally based upon what they write here on this board. Don't judge me unless you know me personally. I think you're opinion of me would change if you met me personally. Regarding Muhammad, it depends on what he was dismissed for. I would rather have another guard than Rafus. We already have a glut of forwards.
  6. Go f*ck yourself!
  7. Since you all are assholes, I'm not sharing anything. This thread is "Exhibit A" as to why I don't like people in general. Piece of shit @BleedRed702 brings up my sex life out of the blue for no reason. Rather than attack him, you all come after me for defending myself. Obviously, being nice to people does no good, and if you're a socially awkward person, people treat you like shit.
  8. Mark Anderson is saying that Rafus isn't coming. Yet, I get treated like shit for even suggesting that.
  9. I had some good recruiting news that I'm privy to, and I'm not going to share it now.
  10. I would PM you regarding why you're wrong about me, but you don't allow PMs. I've tried in the past. Regarding the basketball, the roster is basically set. At worst, this should be a 20 win team. We should win some conference just based on matchups/talent. Against Arizona, we stand a chance, but I still have us losing.
  11. There's a block feature. I will respond as long as I'm provoked.
  12. I have better odds of surviving on Pluto than I would have at getting a date with Jennifer Lawrence. I couldn't even get a date with her if I was a dying cancer patient and wanted a pity date.
  13. My comment was about Andre Rafus and how it's dumb to get excited about something that could get well fall through. If it was a slam dunk, Rashad Muhammad wouldn't have even heard from Menzies.
  14. I will not sit silent when people call me out like you did. You chose to turn my comment into something else.