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  1. Video coordinator. It appears he goes by Hawkins-Young now.
  2. Eventually could be fifty years from now. There's no definition of eventually except that it is something that will occur.
  3. I didn't know that he had Chris Wood in him. That will not help his cause.
  4. Sam Boyd Stadium is a dump. Playing in an NFL stadium will be a major upgrade. So will the football facility. Eventually, I think we will get an on campus stadium after the football team takes off.
  5. Once this happens, UNLV to the PAC-12 is inevitable. Maybe UNR will be invited as well.
  7. Alford isn't a bad coach. He just didn't have a great defensive team, which was in part due to the lack of depth.
  8. It appears (we'll see) that I got the Alford to Indiana right.
  9. I didn't think it was hard to connect the dots, but people have been insisting that he wouldn't leave Westwood for Bloomington because of its perceived dumpiness.
  10. I'm sensing some sarcasm.
  11. I don't see the point in going after a bunch of "four year guys" when you're likely only to get them for two years at most. I don't have the numbers, but I would bet that no more than 40% of players play all four years and do it at one school.
  12. It's some song. Some guy I used to listen to on the radio uses that number whenever he goes to the grocery store when they ask you to enter your phone number so that you can get discounts. He says that every locale has somebody with that number.
  13. I actually think it's better to be more like Duke-Kentucky and have mostly one or two year players and sprinkle in four year players. Half of the players in college transfer within two years.
  14. I'm young, but I'm not dumb. I can learn from past experiences and use that knowledge going forward. When Chris Bird left for Texas Tech, it taught me that there's no place like home. Even though it may be a dump, it's their dump. UNLV > Texas Tech and UCLA > Indiana.