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  1. They can't. He's in JUCO right now. He'll be at New Mexico his sophomore year.
  2. LJ Figueroa will be joining for 2018 as well.
  3. I am being proven right. Weir will have New Mexico as a top two team with UNLV in a few years. He will also get high level players.
  4. I don't really agree with that at all. UNLV's starters don't even closely compare with Alabama's starters. They probably have a handful of players at most who are good enough to be on Alabama's roster, let alone start.
  5. The national media doesn't want to talk about it, but about 40% of the NFL is players from non-P5 schools. Last year, the majority of the Dallas Cowboys roster was from non-P5 schools.
  6. They don't call him Mike No-D'Antoni for nothing.
  7. That means nothing. It was probably for the league minimum.
  8. He absolutely blew the interview process. He should have been drafted last night. That's the only explanation for his going undrafted.
  9. I'd be willing to bet that there are about 15 closeted active NFL players.
  10. ...and I still have two hours left to go. I hope they approve the work from home soon.
  11. UNLV has a nicer arena than Wyoming. It's the best in the conference.
  12. Four star and above won't happen until P5.
  13. I wish UNLV and Memphis would play each other. It would make sense to me. Both cities are basketball centric and can make the NCAA Tournament with players solely from their respective cities.
  14. I got three chicks to respond to me last night.