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  1. Then count me in
  2. When do you plan to get this started?
  3. None of this is real. The MWCBoard is just a sock drawer simulation.
  4. Here's a first hand account of his final performance last night. One of my favorite artists of all time.
  5. Thank you for improving the gene pool over in the front range.
  6. FIFY Seems legit with all the Wives, Mothers and Sisters he's banging.
  7. Unvote Bulldog Rob Vote Wyo1016 signed Fred Johnson
  8. Ok well what's next? You don't expect me to work next week do you?
  9. It actually went according to plan at the end. Then Tspoke trusted our dandy phucking sweater.
  10. Well we made a game of it. Good job guys.
  11. So what happens if TBA still has a vote tonight? Either mug or TBA got us good.
  12. Just to be clear, I'm not Amos 'last man standing' where I kill my attacker on alert. I'm Fred, 3 bullet proof vests to use for night attacks. I did use one the night Billy was killed, I'm assuming it was an OPA attack now that we know AZ was not the vigilante. And if I have the rules right. AZ tried to convert Salinas last night but he was OPA so he was killed and the Night Attack neutralized, then you killed AZ with your attack. I'm also a tiny bit bothered by Tspoke saying he got three choices for Mugs role. I don't see that mechanic anywhere, but it could be proto miller gave him 3 suggestions not facts. So I'm more bothered by Mugs space suit fiasco and his weird flip vote yesterday.
  13. Vote @mugtang I won't beg I just hope you guys see it too.
  14. That's why I got a little excited when Mug flipped so fast to me when AZ was talking nonsense. But I couldn't over play it because then he may have pulled you all to me and saved salinas.
  15. Fred Johnson at your service.