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  1. Davidson @ Nevada

    Steph Curry and Javale McGee with the high stakes side bet. http://ftw.usatoday.com/2017/11/steph-curry-javale-mcgee-fanny-pack-golf-caddie-bet-davidson-nevada-warriors
  2. Nevada at Santa Clara

    Santa Clara commentators super butt hurt about Muss' antics at this point. As the broncos coach is a statue with his thumb up his ass. Hell even coach Jones has been up causing a scene. I'll take it.
  3. Rhode island @ Nevada ESPN u gameday

    Quite glorious indeed, the butt hurt is strong in that one.
  4. Rhode island @ Nevada ESPN u gameday

    Very nice resume win. Delicious morsel from the URI board: In fairness, we didn't lose to Nevada. There is no Nevada basketball program. We lost to NC State/So. Illinois/Purdue/Oregon St/Iowa St. That's not a basketball program. It's a parasite.
  5. Game Thread: Idaho @ Nevada

    Very sloppy, just how Idaho wants it.
  6. Fresno State

  7. First JFK doc released...

  8. David Cornwell leaves Nevada

    He wasn't the starter because he threw too many interceptions in practice and didn't prepare well during the week. Then he gets in a game and throws more interceptions. Maybe 3+ years of no game action got to him.
  9. I definitely like it. Give the new fans an idea of what it used to be like, and the older fans a little nostalgia. Not to mention an excuse to break out some throwback unis.
  10. Throwback for the Wolf Pack http://www.rgj.com/story/sports/college/nevada/2017/09/28/wolf-pack-plans-throwback-exhibition-game-virginia-street-gym/713632001/
  11. Dogs vs. Wolf pack -Who ya got?

    I think Gangi connects on the open routes he was missing in games 1 & 2 and we start 1-0 in MWC play. Mannix and Kincaid with big games. Secondary with a pick or 2.
  12. Was that the ultimate choke?

    I can think of a certain game in Reno that had much more on the line when it was choked away.
  13. Toledo at Nevada

    I obviously don't know his progression on each play but he's not seeing open reads early and then missing open receivers late. On the post game radio show they mentioned how our receivers have been much faster than the DB's in both games. Just lots of missed opportunities. I noticed on TV during the NW game it looked like he was aiming the ball not throwing the ball. Seeing him live from a sideline angle then from the end zone it looks really bad. The ball is almost leaving from his ear when he misses. I don't know the solution, but 51% completions is not the answer. On a positive note Mannix and Nephi Sewell are the real deal as true freshman. Mannix is jaw dropping fast. Suck it Vandy. Edit: Pardon me, 47% completions after 2 games.
  14. Legally smart folks

    Yes 1 child, but not ours together.
  15. Legally smart folks

    Yep I'm actually way too nice it seems.