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  1. team lavender springtime blossom

    Tennessee Tulsa Hopefully that helps tone down all the smut around this place. @bigd it's you again
  2. I do get your point and I guess I also understand some of the reasoning behind the laws. Areas that are 24 hours usually have a large hospitality industry that wants to party after work. I don't really mind states that have 2am laws, but enforcement annoys me. We were in Austin having fun and the staff at bar we were in at last call went nuts. They started yelling at people and slapping cups out of people's hands. Most of them were tourists and we were all mortified. At least explain, hey it's last call and we get a big fine if anyone is still drinking. Don't be a dick and slap drinks away.
  3. Yeah but you probably don't have shitty music, obnoxious lights and ridiculously expensive drinks. Sounds awful. If you're not paying $500 for a bottle booze you're doing it wrong.
  4. Just imagine if Brotzman could have had just one shot bank in off those high school goalposts.
  5. Reno and Chandler Az. Crawdad and mountain lion are factors for Reno I believe. Drive through liquor store triggered AZ. I forgot there are none in Reno, those are south in Carson valley.
  6. There are so many variables that could have lead to that call being left alone. To call it blatant cheating is lazy and irresponsible. How much time have you spent in a FBS/D-1 replay booth? And I can't stand BYU.
  7. 75 UNLV 20 Boise St 5 Fresno St When Nevada loses a game to UNLV I'm palpably agitated for at least a week. BSU is lopsided but our history of close and meaningful games is noteworthy. FSU starts with a battle for recruits and a nice back and forth in conference play.
  8. team lavender springtime blossom

    GTFO. The game can't change just for you. You can MWCboard better than that.
  9. team lavender springtime blossom

    Jesus I see chaos has erupted. I was going to use my whole 48x2 hour limit. Guess it can change during the waiting period. Apparently there are no hot Northwestern coeds so you get an Alumni Then since our dear overlord stole the fighting Josh Chuck Norris Allen's from me.
  10. team lavender springtime blossom

    Sweet I can drag my pics out 4 damn days now! Suck it nerds!
  11. Will Hawaii be subsidizing this gem?
  12. Fresno math is more like this