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  1. Was that the ultimate choke?

    I can think of a certain game in Reno that had much more on the line when it was choked away.
  2. Toledo at Nevada

    I obviously don't know his progression on each play but he's not seeing open reads early and then missing open receivers late. On the post game radio show they mentioned how our receivers have been much faster than the DB's in both games. Just lots of missed opportunities. I noticed on TV during the NW game it looked like he was aiming the ball not throwing the ball. Seeing him live from a sideline angle then from the end zone it looks really bad. The ball is almost leaving from his ear when he misses. I don't know the solution, but 51% completions is not the answer. On a positive note Mannix and Nephi Sewell are the real deal as true freshman. Mannix is jaw dropping fast. Suck it Vandy. Edit: Pardon me, 47% completions after 2 games.
  3. Legally smart folks

    Yes 1 child, but not ours together.
  4. Legally smart folks

    Yep I'm actually way too nice it seems.
  5. Legally smart folks

    This scale comes to mind here...
  6. Legally smart folks

    Yes all paid from my bank account after she transferd me her half from Venmo. Yes half of everything included in the mortgage cost.
  7. Legally smart folks

    Yeah I'd never just kick her out, I figured an eviction notice would eventually be the way to go. How do restraining orders work? You need some kind of cause right? I'm not violent, don't raise my voice and did not cheat on her. I'm actually quite a nice person from what I hear. Yes all bills are in my name. Including her cell bill.
  8. Legally smart folks

    Who's to say that's not how this all happened to begin with.
  9. Legally smart folks

    Thanks for responding everyone. No we're not married and there is no written agreement for joint ownership. I just want to be sure that when I call her bluff I'm the one who holds the upper hand. I figure even with the 15 months of rent. It's still not equal to the cost of the down payment and move in costs. There's no way she'd be able to buy it from me herself at this point. There is actually a decent amount of equity so far if I do decide to just sell and start over.
  10. Gotta love the Hawaii board

    Must have hurt @Hugh Jiddump to type in 5'6 @dr... never mind
  11. MWC Early/Current Lines...week 2

    Jesus, apparently I should just sell my house and bet on Idaho. Problem solved.
  12. Legally smart folks

    I live in Nevada and have been with my girl for 7 years. Bought a house in my name only, using my 401k and credit. We've lived in this house together since May of last year. She pays half the mortgage and I cover the other half plus all the bills. She wants to kick me out now... so before I say GTFO and GFYS... what rights do we both have? Thanks in advance.
  13. New Air Force Helmets

  14. Nevada @ Northwestern

    Thank you