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  1. New Mexico state is not in the MWC because of terrible football, but for stunner to make light of SJS basketball arena is rich given the temples that make up the WCC.
  2. Hell of a story, great player.
  3. The NFL will be good for the city, it will not be all that great for UNLV. SDS will do much better when they build a on campus 50,000 seat stadium, that might make them attractive to a P-5 conference. UNLV should do the same thing. If the Vegas bowl is going to grow it needs MWC schools to sell out the stadium not like what happened this year.
  4. The conference seems to have many schools investing in better stadiums, congrats to all those moving forward, new stadium for CSU, SDS, Hawaii, as well as remodels at others show's real commitment.
  5. It would make no sense for SDS to build a 30,000 seat stadium they average more than that now. I would expect at least a 40,000 seat stadium with easy expansion to 50,000 possible.
  6. Hard to see a pac-12 MWC challenge when the Utes will not even go to Logan to play basketball.
  7. Wichita is one that I want added as the 12th team in the MWC.
  8. With Boise and SDSU we are basically the MAC with better basketball and slightly better football attendance.
  9. You should have no trouble in Logan this is not a good aggie team. I hope your team is able to get here safe the weather is not good.
  10. He gave the bird to the few students in attendance while walking off the floor, he also get a T for shooting off his mouth after he jumped 4" to block a shot. No big deal just a college kid not yet grown up.
  11. Congrats to AFA.
  12. Now that is a great post. He is a interesting player for sure, he is a great shooter.
  13. The spud bowl has a payout of $325,000 for each team so with a espn t.v. contract they can not lose money so why not. I hope the Arizona game takes off that would help the MWC.
  14. I guess USU should have gotten a invite to the pac-12 after beating the Utes in Logan in 2012, after all that was the last time they will play in Logan and USU was a member of the lowly WAC. That type of logic always leaves me amazed.