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  1. Whoa Weber's head coach is 3-10 against USU, and the school is 27-42 all time. USU is not the best basketball program in zion, neither is Weber.
  2. I hate to say it but I kind of wish that USU was in Ogden, much bigger population in the area.
  3. You can get heavy beer at the state stores, but 3.2 beer it is a travesty, Utah has regular liquor buy the drink bars, you do not need to order food at those places. Franklin Idaho is a small town with about 400 people that sells heavy beer and lottery tickets they have two large stores that have huge beer coolers, which makes 3.2 beer a real joke in Logan which is only 15 to 20 minutes from Franklin, they make a fortune off of silly Utah laws.
  4. Let the dude know when you come to town I will make sure you get to the right place, there is a nice bar located by the Marriot hotel downtown. It is not a easy place to find what you want unless you know the ropes, but it is possible. I noticed that the BSU starts at 8:00 so given that the bars close at 1:00 we got a problem thanks to the MWC T.V. package
  5. There is the bull head which is a good bar less than 50 yards from the stadium, if you are coming to town let me know and I will tell you where to go. The culture is bit of a problem. I like Boise it is a great town.
  6. Yup he became a victim of stunners never ending troll machine. You have to love the fans of the Orem cougars.
  7. What can any USU fan say ? The kid wanted to leave, he was a good player, given his small size, good luck to him.
  8. Congrats on the new building it is cool to see conference members build new on campus facilities.
  9. All trolling aside, as I understand it many members did not want BYU as a non football member when they first left. I do not know what the present membership would do as far as BYU goes. I would have liked a Wichita State membership, if there was a requirement for them to become a FBS school after a certain time limit.
  10. Could you provide a link to your information on basketball budgets ?
  11. You have very good points, we do need to be more forward looking in the future.
  12. I think our chance's would be better if we would have added the shockers, that was a no brainer imho.
  13. I have no idea, but they are not content. They do not like the lack of effort by some schools in the WCC. I would think the ACC is possible with them being wise enough the shockers, perhaps that is possible.
  14. Gonzaga is not content, they have made that known.