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  1. Of course MWC football teams charter to the small towns like Logan and Laramie.
  2. My bad. I thought if SDS was to leave you would follow.
  3. I believe that CSU has a chance for a membership in the B-12 in the future if you do what you have posted. Going indy will not help in that goal
  4. I do not view the BWC or Wac as a lateral move with current membership, if membership in the B-12 or AAC is offered perhaps that maybe a improvement depending on their membership at the time. The best way to P-5 membership is to do what Utah and Tcu did. I think a P-5 membership for SDS is possible if your school builds a stadium, and wins a lot in the future, going indy will not help to reach those goals.
  5. Indy is not that great for a school like CSU, your schedule will be full of schools no better than what the MWC offer's. your T.V. exposure and revenue will not increase. CSU has a chance to move up if you follow the Utah blue print.
  6. The truth is the T.V. contract is not that good because the conference is not that good those posters that think they are to good for the conference are part of the problem because they do not move the needle enough to bring revenue into the league. If you believe that going indy will somehow make your school that much better is a little hard to see, playing basketball in the BWC or the WAC is hardly a big step up. The B-12 did not want any member of the MWC as a new member for a reason. If any member of this league wants G-5 membership then earn it Do what Utah and TCU did.
  7. We should be able to do better than ESPNU. I also wold like to see some football played between the two conference's in the future. That is where P-6 membership could be determined.
  8. Lets hope the new arena can be expanded, and needs to be expanded in the future.
  9. I guess you have been to Stillwater, Morgantown, Manhatten, Ames and thought they were cool, I have been to them all, and they aint all that.
  10. That is like a bunch of B-12 cities, Manhatten, Lubbuck, Stillwater, Ames, Waco Morgantown. etc. Hell they are as bad or worse than Logan and Laramie.
  11. I'm going to a game in Laramie this fall I shall stop in Ft. Collins and have a beer in the stadium on my way up. What hours will the beer garden be open ? Planning on coming thru on Sept. 15th.
  12. It looks great, can not wait to catch a game in the new digs.
  13. A scholarship reduction of 4 or 5 plus a year out of coaching for slick Rick would do the trick.
  14. If the pac-12 votes to expand to 14 it will not be Hawaii and UNLV.
  15. I could care less about either school, and rather they play or not, but it is naive to think that this special audit was anything but a pressure tacit to force a state school to play a private school, and to claim that they were concerned about Weber and USU getting games is as silly as it gets. I'm still waiting for the home and home with the Utes. If Utah does not want to play USU in Logan in football or basketball that is their decision, and the government should not force them to play. Utah does not want to play BYU but somehow the games get scheduled.