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  1. Those cities have a lot more going on than just weather, as far as conference championships go. Never got beat up in SLC. You like SLC good for you. I do not like it at all.
  2. I went to Laramie for the conference championship, so cold weather does not bother me, but it might for the fans from California. I do no like Salt Lake City, lived there, done that, but not again. It does not come close to Vegas, San Diego, Phoenix, as a place to hold the the championship.
  3. Yes, I did get dumped, but I found a way out, happy to be gone. Right now it is 30 degrees, and snowing, give me Vegas, San Diego, most anywhere but there.
  4. Salt Lake would be the last place I would want as a host city for the MWC. trust me I have lived there. I would not attend the games if they are held in Shit Lake city.
  5. Overly simplistic or not that has happened already.
  6. If the A.D.'s wanted Wichita, and convinced their presidents Wichita would be a member.
  7. Congrats CSU very nice.
  8. I'm sad to say but religion did get involved in schools schedule's here in Utah, and it is wrong.
  9. You do not know what the truth is ? Does it make you feel good that a aggie fan said BYU spends millions more on athletics than what USU does ?
  10. That is my point we do not have the budget to compete with the Y, the last victory in Provo was the first one there since 1976
  11. If USU fans want P-5 schools to come to Logan then they need to be able to have a much bigger budget, attendance, and stadium then what is in place now 25,500 does not get it done. I know many USU fans want to play BYU they just do not want to pay what is needed to compete, given the location and budget we are over scheduled as it is. I will promise everyone that USU will continue to play BYU, It is not lost on me that many"aggie" fans want to watch their church team play. I just do not think it is wise to play so many game with schools with bigger budgets. If USU had a $45 million dollar budget, did not play a money game, and could average 35,000 in a 40,000 seat stadium perhaps it would be a good thing.
  12. I guess I'm doing that because of the increase quality of conference schools since we joined the league. My goodness BSU, AFA, CSU, Wyoming, New Mexico every year plus folks like San Diego st. from the other division, as well as a money game, add in Wake Forest, as well as Washington State. That is asking a lot given the location and budget of USU. How the hell can the sophisticated fans at USU expect to win if we schedule 8-11 schools that out spends us. As a sophisticated BYU fan you should see that as well. If BYU gets a membership in a P-5 conference the series will end real quick. I do not understand why that has not happened, it is a real shame.
  13. I do not think it is terrible to play them however fans judge the program on wins, and 3 wins every ten year's is not that many, also we are now in a conference filled with schools that we as fans should focus on, the conference also spend several schools that spend more money than USU just how hard do we need to schedule ? We have poor fan support which makes us play a money game on the road as it is. I think we have put the coach's in a tough place when we over schedule like we do.
  14. Utah will not play USU in Logan in either football or basketball. We have improved the schedule a bunch will membership in the MWC, and that is where we need to be focused. I'm not sure that playing another school which spend's double what we do is all that important, if we where more competitive, perhaps it would be a better deal. The fans need to understand that we are no longer a indy where the Utah and BYU games where all that mattered not the case any longer
  15. Maybe perhaps the moral of the story is be a person of honor live up to your commitments. That's is what I was brought up to do.