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  1. So when USU play's @ Wisconsin on ESPN this season those numbers will show that USU is a great T.V. draw ?
  2. So you think that Idaho and Montana should have been part of the WAC when it was first formed, my goodness it is a good thing you were not the one making the decision. Many schools with much more to offer were left out of that conference to begin with. I have no problem with either school, but they have made the decision to be FCS schools, which should tell us a lot about where they are and where they want to be. New Mexico state is making a effort to be a FBS school I think that shows a commitment the other two do not have.
  3. Season Ticket Sales

    Well the CSU game in Logan 2015 had 22,059 in attendance, which was when the stadium was under construction, and 22,059 was the capacity at the time. The student section held 7,500 at the time.
  4. Season Ticket Sales

    I understand, but when was the last time someone got put in a lower division because of attendance ? I think fans like us worry about it a lot more than we should, I fall in the same group as everyone else, but it is only important if you do not gain enough revenue to continue.
  5. Season Ticket Sales

    You are correct, most schools count season ticket holders as attendance. That is why I have no trouble with someone if they counted their student section as sold out if the school charges them a fee for athletic events, plus what the hell difference does it make, a number is not that important what counts is how much money is taken in.
  6. I went to the University of Utah, now live in Cache Valley, and support USU. a 3-9 USU team. Why does my profile bother you ? USU beat BSU the year before last, we lost again this last season, in 2016 we only beat a FCS school, plus the last place team in the MWC, but we did beat Arkansas State the SBC champ which has won 16 of the last 17 SBC games
  7. Did not Arkansas state win the 2016 Sun Belt title, and have they not won 16 of the last 17 games in the Sun Belt conference ? This is the same school that lost to USU last season we were a 3-9 school that finished last in the Mountain division of the Mountain West.
  8. USU has record year

    Much of the increase is because of luxury seating at the stadium, however every donation area had increase including the Olsen fund as well as scholarship monies. We have a long way to go but the budget is up around $13 million since we got in the MWC.
  9. USU has record year

    USU athletics had the largest donor drive in school history, they received $6.4 million which is a 69% increase from last year, we have a long way to go, but despite a poor year on the field donors are coming forward.
  10. Airport meeting 1/1/2018

    Two schools scheduled for this new conference do not have on campus football stadiums, one is ranked 117th for wins against FBS schools over the last 5 seasons. BYU will never join this upstart conference, they have little to gain. I did see Boise Bob having dinner with our new lady president, with others at the Elements some time ago, so perhaps something is up. Perhaps the Mountain division is looking to join the AAC and form a mountain time zone branch. Wyoming, CSU, AFA,USU, BSU,and New Mexico just might make a good division.
  11. Oregon State Transfer QB McMaryion Selects Fresno State

    The kid from USU was a good Q.B. he beat BYU in Provo had a winning record, won his bowl in San Diego against a ranked school, he was a real loss to the program.
  12. Oregon State at Colorado State

    Congrats on the sell out it is a good day to be a Ram fan.
  13. Season tickets sold out at CSU.

    I can not answer for CSU, but USU will never be invited to the Pac-14.
  14. That is a big if as far as those folks leaving, message board talk is far from reality in many cases. Many see the grass as greener, but may be not be what they think when they arrive. If say SDS and UNLV were to leave that would not be all that hard to over come, and I very much doubt that the AAC wants to add four schools from the MWC.
  15. 15 or so post's about a ranking that shows a small sample of 2018 recruits and yet you are making a judgement about recruiting, perhaps wait until recruiting is done.