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  1. the inaugural Beehive classic ...

    I thought upper bowl was $30 for two games in a NBA arena. I believe student tickets were $20. Perhaps I'm wrong. I did not go because USU basketball is garbage.
  2. the inaugural Beehive classic ...

    The Utes are ok, BYU is below average, USU is gawd awful, Weber had both of their front line starters not playing
  3. MWC and Future Bowl Game Contracts

    The biggest block to getting better bowls is the lack of attendance MWC school bring to the table. I think we should see what can be done with the Arizona Bowl, it has a great location, perhaps that could become a better bowl in the future.
  4. utah state at air force

    Keep in mid that with a contract extension USU could redo the contract so that what ever school hires Wells his earning come off of what USU owes. The existing contract calls for a complete payout with no reduction from future employment that was as dumb as any contract I have ever seen.
  5. Boise Pushed Championship Game Site Criteria On MWC

    I guess the president of FSU, and the rest should have gone against the idea. It was not so bad when USU played at Fresno a few years back. I do not think it is that big of a deal. Just like playing the basketball championship on UNLV's home floor is.
  6. GoFundMe for Hal

    Sorry for your Loss
  7. Boise State- Worst Stadium Experience Ever

    The question I have is the University of Utah talking about beer sales in RES ? What we have now contributes to real problems as far as drunks go, which is something the government does not understand at all.
  8. I believe you are correct on the holding call, ball is spotted from where the hold begins.
  9. Utah State at UNLV (Homecoming)

    Oh my even running it a slow motion it was not targeting not even close. This is a contact sport. USU has two players with concussions was that also targeting ?
  10. Maybe one should worry about his school not what goes on at another.
  11. Wyoming vs Utah State

    You are correct, maybe if you are going to call a football game you should know a little about the rules, those announcers do not.
  12. Wyoming vs Utah State

    Congrats to the cowboys good win
  13. How is This Conference Being Hurt?

    San Jose could be told to invest or risk getting left out. I see no reason to entertain any FCS school. If we need to expand there are several schools that have made the investment to be FBS. Montana or MSU does not move the needle for me, plus their leadership has shown no desire to move up. Check the number of flights from your schools airport to Montana, that is a problem for most minor sports.
  14. How to make the Conference better

    I never hurts to tell a recruit that we will be playing game in your home state while you play here. I'm not pushing any school as a member unless someone leaves there is no need to add anyone to this conference, if the schools have chosen to be FCS there is even less of a reason to add them. I feel for Idaho they have fought a good fight, and with quality leadership they could have remained, you needed to build facilities and increase revenue if FBS was the goal.