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  1. Maybe one should worry about his school not what goes on at another.
  2. Wyoming vs Utah State

    You are correct, maybe if you are going to call a football game you should know a little about the rules, those announcers do not.
  3. Wyoming vs Utah State

    Congrats to the cowboys good win
  4. How is This Conference Being Hurt?

    San Jose could be told to invest or risk getting left out. I see no reason to entertain any FCS school. If we need to expand there are several schools that have made the investment to be FBS. Montana or MSU does not move the needle for me, plus their leadership has shown no desire to move up. Check the number of flights from your schools airport to Montana, that is a problem for most minor sports.
  5. How to make the Conference better

    I never hurts to tell a recruit that we will be playing game in your home state while you play here. I'm not pushing any school as a member unless someone leaves there is no need to add anyone to this conference, if the schools have chosen to be FCS there is even less of a reason to add them. I feel for Idaho they have fought a good fight, and with quality leadership they could have remained, you needed to build facilities and increase revenue if FBS was the goal.
  6. How to make the Conference better

    USU has had some good success with kids from Texas, Chuckie Keeton springs to mind, the best O lineman we have is from Texas as well as the current starting Q.B. plus a very good nose tackle, back up tight end, and free safety also are Texas kids, so as far as USU goes Texas has been very good for us. I feel your pain with the drop down.
  7. How to make the Conference better

    A big problem is many of the schools that some favor, are FCS schools that have never shown any interest to move to the big boy's table, also many have a very small state population, not to mention very few flights into the airports which can be a problem for sports other than football. We have no reason to expand, but if we do lets look at schools that have already made the committment to be FBS. I would like to see the MWC expand into Texas if or when it is needed, schools like UNT, SMU, Texas state, UTSA would be of interest to me.
  8. How to make the Conference better

    Lets look at the record between USU and NMS from 2000-2012. we had a 9-3 record in the span USU had some horrible teams. If NMS had some good years in football and someone leaves the conference then at least you could be considered, but honestly with no bowl since 1960. Montana draws fans because they win a lot of games put them in this conference, and that will change, plus they are located in a small state with limited access for minor sports travel.
  9. How to make the Conference better

    I looked at the overall football record between NMS and USU it stands at 30- 7 for USU, we are not a historically tough football program that makes NMS a terrible program. Without a bowl game since 1960 much may be one of the longest drought's in the country, what does NMS add for football ? When you average less than 20,000 for football having a reported 30,000 seat stadium means little. I will give you good basketball.
  10. How to make the Conference better

    My Lord New Mexico State has not been to a bowl game since 1960, why would any conference add them. They could not even buy a membership in the Sun Belt.
  11. whoa Oregon State pulls the trigger

    I got my info from USA today which lists pay from other sources as well as school funds. It has Wells at about the same as what the MWC story has him at, but G.A. never got a bonus in his final year so his final salary was $415,000. The University increased football salaries when USU got into the MWC. Wells did have a salary of $500,000 in his first year, but he is now at $800,00 and change.
  12. whoa Oregon State pulls the trigger

    Where did you get those numbers ?
  13. whoa Oregon State pulls the trigger

    Gary was paid $412,000 at USU he made over $2 million at Wisconsin, of course he left. USU is now paying Wells $800,000 and change, I believe they could pay over $1 million for the right coach, if Wells is fired.
  14. whoa Oregon State pulls the trigger

    I'm not sure that he wants to return to Logan. USU is not a easy job, it is hard to recruit here, there are many thinks the community lacks that help to build a program.
  15. whoa Oregon State pulls the trigger

    Some aggie fans are pissed that he left a $412,000 job for one that payed over $2 million. It would be insane not to take him back at USU.