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  1. Mountain West Basketball Week 2: 11/13 -11/19

    Yeah, pretty pointless to draw anything from the RPI until at least the start of December...this time of year you see teams like South Dakota at #7 and Gonzaga at #221. SDSU, Fresno, CSU and UNM aren't going to stay in the 200's and Wyo isn't staying in the 20's (although I'm sure they will take offense to me saying that). Everyone else looks like they might be at least somewhat close now to where they will actual end up though.
  2. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    Oh I'm sorry, we "roll here" by calling out all-MWC POTY candidates and calling them mentally weak "since they've arrived" at BSU? We "roll" by disparaging our other players and the head coach after winning games? We "roll here" by calling our bball team mediocre for having one of the best winning percentages in the league the last 5 years...and I'm being "petty" for calling that guy out? I guess I better reevaluate my poor petty self.
  3. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    You are a huge frickin tool. How anyone can espouse on what is going to occur later in a season based off a 3 game body of work at the start of a season is beyond me. We played in an east coast tourney early last year and look like dogshet the first two games. Did we look and/or play like that same team when we were beating Utah on the road in the NIT to get to 20 wins for the 5th consecutive season? Not sure what your definition of mediocrity is but I'm fairly certain no other team in the MWC can say they've won 20 games five years in a row and no other team has finished top-3 in the league 3 years in a row other than us either...also, "fan" is a derivative of fanatic and fanatical. Not sure what the phuck you are but you're definitely not a "fan" of BSU apparently.
  4. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    Dude, just admit that you are the actual idiot and move on. Were you whining just as bad or worse when BSU was down 14 to CSU with 2 minutes left?
  5. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    Also, note to all BSU athletic teams: every game doesn't need to be a miracle comeback!
  6. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    UTEP started terrible last year (2-13) but went 12-6 in CUSA to finish third. Like most teams, hard to tell right now where they will stack up.
  7. Boise State vs UTEP BB Thread

    Man, talk about stealing one. That was not expected. Lots of work to do though.
  8. How Boise State can miss the MWC Championship Game

    Nice, reverse juju/karma thread...I like it. AFA owns BSU again winning their 4th in a row and then a desperate Fresno, who needs to win to take the West Division after losing to Wyo, rises up and upsets BSU at home..Wyo then beats Hoser to claim the Mountain Division.
  9. Rank em basketball edition

    That looks good and sounds good...but in reality MWC teams are beating up on some serious cupcakes so far, with a couple exceptions. The good news is we are straight up destroying most of these weaker teams (as we should). I'm not going to get too geeked up until we can start beating some better teams consistently though...but it is a lot better start than last year in the OOC.
  10. Question for Air Force

    Probably a little bit of both. As another aside, the Canadian military is really small, especially compared to the U.S., but they are legit bad-ass. If the Canadian military was as big as ours they could kick our teeth in.
  11. Can I brag?

    That's good work Pokes, definitely wouldn't have thought Wyo was the largest--would have probably guessed UNM or CSU. I wonder if there is a list anywhere that shows all MWC booster club numbers? I would be curious to see how everyone else compares.
  12. Question for Air Force

    It will get you into Canada but you will also need to have a NATO order...not sure if that applies to all NATO countries though. I've gotten into Kuwait, Iraq and Afghanistan at least 10 times and never needed a passport either....lucky me. Also, as an aside, I'm pretty sure the damn AF has been flying illicit spy plane missions over our practice facilities the last three years...they probably have a bazillion dollar x-ray thingy to see inside the indoor practice facility too....only reasonable way to explain the zoomies beating us 3 straight.
  13. The State of MW hoops programs

    Don't sleep on BSU as an at-large possibility, I think they will probably be better this year than last. Not sure how that will translate if the whole league takes a step up, but Leon knows what it takes to actually get an at-large bid. This weekend will probably tell a lot as to whether they have a realistic shot this year. Really hope at least one MWC team gets an at-large though.
  14. I know this sounds ridiculous, but hear me out

    8-2 baby, not 7-2! I'll concede that UCF does deserve credit for winning handily if you acknowledge that UConn also "gave up" pretty early in the 4th quarter and enabled UCF to RUTS.
  15. I know this sounds ridiculous, but hear me out

    Classic apples to oranges comparison/flawed logic here. UConn most definitely gave up in that game like most 3-7 teams do when the get down late. Did you even watch the game? I suspect you were likely in your mom's basement during that time violently masturbating to some mock draft that had Joshy going #1 overall.