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  1. Sad that it even has to be that way.
  2. Luther is a great show (Netflix). It's a BBC show based on a detective, Idris Elba. All seasons are really good. The first two seasons of The Killing are really good (Netflix). The Fall (Netflix) is also really good. Another British murder show. Broadchurch (Netflix) another BBC show with detectives and murder is decent.
  3. Yeah, he can't handle criticism in the least. Then you get the perma-ban. Not even a warning or a soft ban. Immediately to the perma-ban.
  4. Mark saying he was wrong? yeahhh that will never happen lol. And if anyone calls him out for it or disagrees with him, the ban hammer is waiting.
  5. Honestly all i said was that what goes around comes around and i noted how Mark constantly made different comments, jabs, etc. at UNLV when Rice was HC (a lot of stuff that is starting to happen now with Noodles). And that I was enjoying seeing all the smack that Mark talked, come back on him in the form of Noodles' failings. And i called noodles dave rice 2.0. And that got me banned.
  6. he probably deleted my post by now, but it was in the "it seems like" or something like that. It's an old thread from like 2013 that someone brought back up. Someone mentioned the old culture thread and Mark got super defensive and started posting a ton of quotes and stuff from different basketball people about how culture is "so important".
  7. Just got banned from TLL. Mark being one of the biggest baby bitches = confirmed.
  8. I still love how he made the biggest deal about how he was going to sell the lair and went through all that ish and then decided last minute to keep it. Everyone patting his back and thanking him for keeping it up. Dude probably just wanted to get some more attention and love from the people. He's a joke.
  9. Dave Rice 2.0
  10. Shiet
  11. No doubt.
  12. Keep in mind that AB wasn't playing basketball for that long either before college. He is a really good dude. I follow him on twitter and it seems like he does a lot for different youth groups up in Toronto. Good for him to get the payout. Unfortunate that he has to be dragged through the mud with the expectations of being #1 pick.
  13. Mark is a little sensitive. No outside thoughts allowed. It's fun to troll them though. Haven't done it for about a year now. Mark is pretty fast to use that ban hammer. Even over little things. Big reason why this board is so great. Heil @mugtang!
  14. Dave Rice 2.0 lel
  15. Dave Rice 2.0
  16. Yeah, the glasses just hurt my eyes after a little while and I usually will have to take them off for a minute or two a couple times during the movie.
  17. The one thing i disklike about IMAX is that they are all only in 3D now. I don't care to wear the glasses that much. It's okay, but it wouldn't be my first choice.
  18. Reserved seating is the way to go. Especially nice when the seats are more luxurious and recline. There is another theater in Henderson, Galaxy Theaters, that are reserved seating and those chairs recline almost all the way. Their projectors aren't as nice though.
  19. Yeah, I think it is fairly new; along with the IMAX theater that they put in there. It is reserved seating, so you don't have to worry about showing up early. Honestly after 30 minutes of previews, I would probably just show up late to the movie if I were to see it again. One thing, if you do see it at Town Square, there isn't much room to get by people when the seats are reclined. So if you think you'll need to get up during the movie, you probably will want to sit closer to the aisle. If you don't want to deal with anyone climbing over you, I'd shoot for the middle.
  20. I don't think we will lose as badly as we did to Duke, however it will still prob be about a 30+ point loss.
  21. Saw it the other night at the Dolby Atmos screening at Town Square. Pretty awesome. And the seats recline a little bit and you can't see anyone in front or behind you. And the sound was just awesome. I would highly recommend it.
  22. What's sad is your inability to talk to the female gender.
  23. I love Negan. I think he is hilarious. And I've really enjoyed this season so far. Some ppl don't like that it's slower, but there is so much going on between all the different "groups". It's so much better than them sitting in the prison and not doing jack squat. I mean when you have 3 episodes about how ppl are getting sick and dying, and a group has to go out and find meds... That was retarded. Then they build up the whole governor thing and nothing happened. At least these episodes have a lot of suspense, action (for the most part) and gore. I'm excited for the second half. And I think Negan will be a 2 season story. At least I hope so. I love the acting.
  24. What did he say?
  25. I would love Nights. Pretty sweet name. But no, have to be knights! Because it is "Fierce and a protector and blah blah blah"