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  1. Absolutely horrendous. I don't know how you could come up with such an ugly sweater.
  2. Eragon. Great book series. Terrible adaptation.
  3. @BestintheWest @HoosierRebel @4UNLV my apologies ladies and gents. Just made a comment and ph wanted to pursue it.
  4. You can go back and read through it. I'm happily married. I don't need to worry about competition. And I disagree with your assessment. People have choices. Yours sounds like you just choose to take the easy road and make excuses for the relationship(s), or lack thereof, that you have with the opposite sex.
  5. No. It was covered pretty well in your whore house thread by quite a few ppl.
  6. You are disgusting.
  7. So, girlfriend, fiance, wife? Are you just going to continue going to whore houses for the rest of your life?
  8. Lebron?
  9. So, now that you have been separated; is the divorce going through? You must be devastated. All those years of being his cuck...
  10. "Hey Dave, it's Dave! I'm not sure if my tie is long enough. I'm sending you a picture now. Can you let me know if I need to make it longer? Thanks pal!"
  11. Lel. Cyclones can't catch a break. Meltdown after meltdown.
  12. They are even more entertaining when engaging with rebel fans. Good job @Las Vegas Reb and cyclone reb. It's funny how you go and provide information to them and try to straighten out some of their ideas and they turn around and go into attack mode. They can't have a simple conversation. I'm guessing they will still be bitter about this for quite a while. What other recruits are they going after?
  13. Obviously not what I meant. But no worries, you'll be losing that bet this next season. UNLV won't be finishing 10th or 11th.
  14. "These guys (UNLV) are bringing in a Kansas/Kentucky type recruiting class. I'm guessing they will have just as much success right? NOT. It's tough to be good when all you bring in are a bunch of guys that want to party every night on the strip, get wasted, and not care about basketball at all."
  15. Here's a gem: "When Avon Barksdale recruited the JC kid to play ball for the West Side projects on The Wire, the handler got only $5000. I guess that was for just one game so 6 figures seems about right." Comparing real life recruiting to a tv show
  16. Man, cyclone fanatic is just too good. Most of the comments refer to hookers and blow being the reason he chose unlv. Then of course there are the money accusations being thrown out. Then the individuals who don't know the facts about mccoy signing and the relationship that is there. "They are cheating to be able to land a 5* and best juco." There are a couple sensible people on there. But I'd guess about 90-95% of them are complete retards stuck in their little bubble. I think @ph90702 would fit in perfectly over there. How about it ph? why don't you switch message boards and go be with people that are like you? Please and thank you.
  17. My enthusiasm for unlv basketball is finally starting to return after Dave Rice killed it. Last season, was the first season I had almost no interest in the team. I didn't even know who all the players were. There just wasn't much desire there to get into it. Now, however, I'm starting to feel like my old self. The last ~ 36 hours have been great with the excitement of landing these kids. Here's to hoping Marvin can put it all together. He surely can't do worse than Rice (I don't think he will come close to Rice's failings even if it is worst case scenario).
  18. This. And is coupet gone yet? I think he will also leave if he hasn't yet.
  19. If @ph90702 posts something it must be true.
  20. Looks like Rafus is on board.
  21. @Las Vegas Reb must work for the marketing department or something. In all seriousness though @Las Vegas Reb; he's just passing along what he heard. Not need to try to crucify him.