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  1. @Las Vegas Reb must work for the marketing department or something. In all seriousness though @Las Vegas Reb; he's just passing along what he heard. Not need to try to crucify him.
  2. Kawhi was unbelievable the end of that game.
  3. If he has learned the art of not fouling.
  4. Go ahead and post your receipt @ph90702
  5. All of it*. Going to a whore house. Telling a board of strangers. Telling your parents. You're a freak. *still think it's all fake.
  6. Absolutely disgusting if this is true. I agree that you need help. The Dave Rice comments are hilarious though. I can believe those.
  7. Can you please expound?
  8. #fakenews
  9. Anyone got anymore information on this this? Seems like a decent hire, but I have no idea.
  10. Shut up ph. No one cares. We already all knew you were a dumb ass throwing out crap.
  11. So they had to pay the 500k buyout for Weir. What was the buyout for Noodles? Was it the 1 million or did it lower?
  12. So did Dave Rice his first year (maybe two). But we all know how that went. Joking aside. I think this will end up being a good hire.
  13. Well, this certainly is like the unlv search. Lol
  14. So he died?
  15. this is starting to reach unlv's level of search. will still take quite a bit to match that clown show though.
  16. Or somehow all the socially retarded ppl managed to band together and survive. Just a bunch of @ph90702's
  17. When is Mccoy supposed to announce?
  18. Is today the day?
  19. Maybe he is wrong about the gender he is pursuing?
  20. .500 for the season
  21. All* sorry
  22. I think you're retarded...but, so do most people here.
  23. Definitely. Tolkien is amazing. He is the father of fantasy. I did a big report on him in my Brit Lit class and it was amazing to see everything that he has done/created. Just the amount of detail that he put into everything; maps, time, etc. And he created a bunch of different languages. He's awesome. His universe is awesome. The books are great. The movies are great. Middle Earth all the way.
  24. Las Vegas Raiders baby!
  25. Ph is related to Dave Rice.