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  1. Kawhi was unbelievable the end of that game.
  2. If he has learned the art of not fouling.
  3. Go ahead and post your receipt @ph90702
  4. All of it*. Going to a whore house. Telling a board of strangers. Telling your parents. You're a freak. *still think it's all fake.
  5. Absolutely disgusting if this is true. I agree that you need help. The Dave Rice comments are hilarious though. I can believe those.
  6. Can you please expound?
  7. #fakenews
  8. Anyone got anymore information on this this? Seems like a decent hire, but I have no idea.
  9. Shut up ph. No one cares. We already all knew you were a dumb ass throwing out crap.
  10. So they had to pay the 500k buyout for Weir. What was the buyout for Noodles? Was it the 1 million or did it lower?
  11. So did Dave Rice his first year (maybe two). But we all know how that went. Joking aside. I think this will end up being a good hire.
  12. Well, this certainly is like the unlv search. Lol
  13. So he died?
  14. this is starting to reach unlv's level of search. will still take quite a bit to match that clown show though.
  15. Or somehow all the socially retarded ppl managed to band together and survive. Just a bunch of @ph90702's