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  1. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    You make it easy.
  2. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    Hope you enjoyed your session. I don't know how anyone could possibly get off to TKM. But hey...some people have really low standards (I guess you have to take what you can get).
  3. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    Without hesitation.
  4. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    You're an arrogant sob and the majority of ppl on here don't give two shits about what you have to say. Go wank off to your picture of tkm again.
  5. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    Speaking truth. TKM was and still is a dumb bitch. Look how she handled all the coaches. Extending then firing. Wasting university money. The whole Dave Rice thing was an utter joke and embarrassment. Fires mid season then doesn't have anything lined up when the season ends. Tries to bring Cronin out and then bad mouths him to the media after he supposedly retreads. Beard fiasco, and then she finally lands with Menzies (which she lucked into). Albeit the second time around for Menzies she had to boost the salary. She is an utter embarrassment to UNLV and should have nothing to do with the university. And before you go on about Livingood, he sucked too. But TKM should NEVER have been made full time AD. But thanks for confirming your infatuation with her (as if it wasn't already obvious).
  6. Baer is fired as DC at UNLV

    Why do you hate on DRF so much? Yet, you set out to protect the dumb bitch, TKM? Doesn’t make any sense. She must be your neighbor, relative or former crush. Maybe current crush? Who knows.
  7. Arizona at UNLV

    Great atmosphere tonight at the Mack. Really enjoyed the game and had fun. Too bad it ended the way it did. Still excited with what I saw. We can hang with every remaining team on our schedule.
  8. We didn’t hire anyone. Our incompetent AD at the time hired him. So stfu.
  9. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    Yeah we’ve played by shit. But there is no excuse for bullshit calls at the very end of a game that changes the outcome.
  10. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    Game over.
  11. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    Bullshit game. Bullshit play. Bullshit calls. Screw mooring.
  12. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    Of course. Another missed 3 from the dumbass
  13. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    Why is mooring in the game still? Get that idiot out.
  14. UNLV at Northern Iowa

  15. UNLV at Northern Iowa

    I hate mooring. He’s straight up retarded.