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  1. I'd like to see a Raising Canes stand. They definitely need to bring in some new food though.
  2. I don't know. I thought Mike was finished at runrebs. Maybe he is still writing here and there? I haven't really checked. And I agree. Tyler loves to bash on UNLV and be really negative.
  3. Mike moved over to the Las Vegas Sun. Tyler Bischoff is now at runrebs.
  4. I honestly don't think he was ever respected. I don't know how he sold UNLV. But, I imagine it was the vision of coming in playing "fast and loose" (never happened), showcasing their skill and leaving for the NBA. I think kids looked at this as a great chance to come in and do whatever, act however, and enjoy Vegas for a short stop on their way to the "Pros." All the while they knew that Rice could be walked all over. Edit: Anyone know where to find that video of Cornish interrupting Rice during a timeout in one of his last games? Perfect example of the type of "respect" the players had for Rice. I want to say it was on a highlight for Channel 8... @4UNLV @BestintheWest @SharkTanked @just_chris @UNLV2001
  5. That's a glass half empty attitude.
  6. Who cares about form when you can have more $$$ ?
  7. He's just so awkward. Probably why PH loves him so much. Two peas in a pod.
  8. Do I give a shit that he is an alumni or a good person? No. I hope he gets that Reno job though. I'm wishing him the best of luck with that.
  9. Oh stfu. You know that isn't true. Dave Rice couldn't even run the offense here at UNLV. Bunch of 5* athletic kids and they just stood around and ball watched. Offense was always stagnant.
  10. What a dweeb. I can't wait to see him as Reno's HC. He would fit in perfectly.
  11. I've gotta say though; I can't wait to see Dave Rice as the HC of Reno. That will be a great day.
  12. Yeah if you want to see UNLV get back into this game and have a shot to win it.
  13. Yet Dave Rice couldn't even make it out of the first round against much lower seeds. And he failed to make it back to the NCAAs. Great argument
  14. I haven't deflected anything.
  15. He gets about as much "respect" as Dave Rice did while he was HC at UNLV.