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  1. @ph90702
  2. Congrats.
  3. He'll be busy coaching Reno
  4. rumor

    "With great power...comes great responsibility"
  5. Interesting... Think we'll find out in the next day or two?
  6. I doubt they would pay that much, but that's what they are willing to pay
  7. That's what i typed. Some reading comprehension would be nice. It's cause and effect. You can deny it all you want. It seems like you are pretty good with the denial part in general.
  8. I'm not defending UNLV lol. All I did was point out the facts. UNLV was garbage this year. There is no denying that. It's just cute how you have to resort to bringing up other programs failings' to make yourself feel better.
  9. It's being reported that Washington is willing to pay $3 million/year. Reno can't compete with that.
  10. lol. Someone's salty. If you didn't live in a bubble, you would know that there aren't any more 5 star recruits at UNLV. After Dave Rice last year, the whole team either graduated, declared for the NBA, or transferred (except for 2 schollie players and a walk on). But hey, bring up UNLV some more to try to make yourself feel better.
  11. Or is that this weekend?
  12. Is muss on a plane to Berkeley tonight?
  13. Who's the dude crying?