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  1. UNLV Scarlet/Gray Showcase

    He's definitely not the sharpest tool in the shed.
  2. MLB Playoff Schedule

    We'll see. DC needs to be fired. If that doesn't happen then Sanchez is just sinking his ship.
  3. MLB Playoff Schedule

    Stupidity? no. Painful? yes.
  4. MLB Playoff Schedule

    Just reading through this thread from the beginning and had to point out your stupidity. Nice try tho.
  5. MLB Playoff Schedule

    Best of 5 series, dumbass.
  6. The Rebels Need a New Image/Mascot

    You can change your mascot to that after you lose to San Jose this week.
  7. OT: New Star Wars Trailer

    Pretty sure there is a ton of misdirection in that trailer. Looks great tho.
  8. The Rebels Need a New Image/Mascot

    Stunner, is that you?
  9. Jay Norvell has never...

  10. Assistant Basketball Coaches Being Arrested

    Well you don't know what really happened. The NCAA is a stand-up institution that is blessing the lives of all these student athletes. They would never do anything corrupt or be looking out for their own interests and gain! They are completely and wholly equal and fair with every single college and university they are over! I'm clearly smarter than you and know the facts better, so don't try to tell me otherwise. -Stanford Aggie
  11. Assistant Basketball Coaches Being Arrested

    Lol is all i can say. Do you work for the ncaa? You seem really threatened by all this talk.
  12. Assistant Basketball Coaches Being Arrested

    Some entertaining thoughts from the dumbasses over on cyclone fanatic: - "Those aren't the guys that are guilty, or at least the most guilty. It's places like OSU, UNLV, Louisville, that aren't those typical blue bloods, yet seem to come in and grab a bunch of those highly recruited guys." - "Where in the heck are the UNLV coaches at on the list?" - "When does UNLV get looked at?" - "Schools that come to mind that punch above their weight in recruiting or really improved recruiting the last few years: UNLV, NC State, Miami, Florida St, USC, Auburn, Missouri, Arizona, Washington." (because Iowa State isn't 'punching above their weight' lel) - "The fact that Prohm refused to play ball with Juiston's handlers, and UNLV likely wrote him a check, does make me rather hopeful we will stay out of this nonsense." - "That will be the interesting part to me is if UNLV is listed because it makes no sense that they pull in the recruits they have with out shady business going on." - "By taking money they can't be eligible per NCAA rules, or is there some kind of exemption for UNLV?" - "UNLV gets a break. They figure the players will just go blow it on the slots...funnel the money back to the local economy."
  13. Assistant Basketball Coaches Being Arrested

    I so hope that the NCAA is involved with this somehow and ends up getting raped and pillaged.
  14. OT: Atlanta's Stadium

    Idk. I think chik-fil-a is so overrated. Overpriced, don't get enough food for what you pay for. You get their fries and get like 5 fries in the cup. And the food is just okay. I'll take Canes any day over chik-fil-a.
  15. Does Reno win a game this year?

    I thought they had already entered it?