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  1. Death of a partner

    I am very sorry for your loss. May she live on in your heart and in your wonderful children.
  2. Streaming Sports

    Yes, but I wasn't trying to justify anything. I just wanted to kick start this inevitable discussion. It was that or posting something inflammatory in one of the gun control threads. I don't think it's "okay" to use illegal streams. I just don't care enough for the content providers to have a problem with people doing it. You have an artificially expensive product that can be stolen easily, so people steal it. Big +++++ing surprise. The sports TV industry should take a look at the video games industry. They have never been able to stop people from pirating content. When they finally understood that and adapted, that's when things started to go really well for them. The "baker" is probably a dude with eczema at Safeway, who gets paid regardless of whether the donut is stolen or not. I don't think donut theft is a big issue in mom and pop bakeries with a counter.
  3. Streaming Sports

    Who here is doing that?
  4. Streaming Sports

    You won't hear any such stories from me. I am a huge fan of making more money than other people.
  5. Streaming Sports

    You can't claim the moral high ground here after just admitting you use a VPN to bypass country restrictions. You violate your provider's ToS, and the ToS probably exist to protect the provider's revenue.
  6. Counter-counterpoint: 90% of those claiming to enjoy "a beer/a glass of wine" with dinner actually drink a lot more than that. You point is still correct, of course. There is nothing wrong with enjoying the psychoactive effects of alcohol to varying degrees (i.e. getting buzzed or sloshed) as long as your actions don't hurt anyone.
  7. Oopsie daisy! The Keystone is leaky-leaky

    Yes, farming and industrial runoff are indeed a much bigger problem. Very few people are aware how much crap we are still pumping into the oceans, intentionally and unintentionally. Thanks for those links!
  8. Trump's newest Twitter feud...

    "Should have gotten his son out during my next trip to China." Gotta admit that's really funny.
  9. I don't think Franken ever claimed to be a religious or moral authority.
  10. Streaming Sports

    Sorry, I hit submit too quick. Added a sentence.
  11. Streaming Sports

    Especially when you can get it for free. Not sure about the situation in the UK, but no one I know on the mainland waits e.g. for a shitty German or French translation to air on regular TV; they all stream the US versions.
  12. Streaming Sports

    Yes, that would be a good summary. As this board never tires to point out, they are always free to quit and find a better job.
  13. Streaming Sports

    The working class people can thank their bosses for driving up the prices of televised sports year after year. They can thank the cable companies and their bitches in Congress, the TV bosses, the team owners, the coaches, and the army of lobbyists, strategists, and administrators in every sport. Look at it this way: For every dude who steals an EPSN stream, there are probably 3 grannies who pay the ESPN fees with their cable bill without ever watching a single game.
  14. Oopsie daisy! The Keystone is leaky-leaky

    The pipeline piece that spilled is beneath the surface, though. What we are seeing on those pictures is probably just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. 200,000 gallons of oil have to go somewhere. https://www.nytimes.com/2017/11/17/us/keystone-pipeline-transcanada-leak.html
  15. Oopsie daisy! The Keystone is leaky-leaky

    I'm not so sure about that. This is from two years ago: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-bp-spill-anniversary/five-years-after-bp-oil-spill-some-gulf-oystermen-are-losing-hope-idUSKBN0NA0YE20150419 There is a theory that the spill has had a major negative impact on the microorganisms that filter feeders like oysters depend on. I just started reading about the topic, so I don't really know a lot about it. But I'll share what I find. It's important to understand the big picture of these disasters because the BP spill was probably not the last we have seen. The Gulf of Mexico is pretty +++++ed up as it is.