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  1. It game week!

  2. It game week!

  3. Week 0 TV

    I tried Hulu live and its actually not that bad, only thing is that i can only use my xbox one to stream live tv, unfortunately it still isn't available on roku yet, but it will be soon. other then the occasional lag sometimes it's a decent service. might subscribe again for the season.
  4. Considering Going to USF @ SJSU

    "It's about to be a wild night, here in the WAC in san jose state"
  5. MWC FB Coaches Rankings

    interesting to see if Hawaii takes a step forward or back this year
  6. MWC FB Coaches Rankings

    I have no problem with tedford at 10 right now. His last years at Cal weren't exactly steller in any sense. one year in the college ranks after being in the CFL also hurts his stock.
  7. OT: Kellen Moore sucks

    the Ram's uniforms are atrocious. why not just stick with the damn blue and yellow.
  8. Season Ticket Sales

    haven't seen anything related to FS sales in the Fresno bee.
  9. we're at rock bottom, and i really i don't see a repeat of last season. something like 5 games we loss by 7 points or less, and we were pretty terrible.
  10. Hey, San Diego Fans

    Hard to believe that the 8th largest city in the U.S and 2nd in California has only one of the big 4 major sports.
  11. Fresno St

    isn't it FSU??
  12. Fresno St

    the best time of the year.
  13. OT: Saw Dunkirk this weekend

    looking forwared to seeing it. might have to do it in imax. hasn't been a good war movie in awhile, last one that comes to mind is fury and that was decent at best.
  14. Fresno State 2018 Recruiting

    hopefully tedford has a decent year, gotta believe most will stay as long as we get back in the upper half of the division and conference.
  15. Fresno State 2018 Recruiting

    hope he stays, it's a long way till February.