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  1. Pick 10 Results Thread

    If you have teams in the conference championship games then you get extra games. If next week counts then the bowls should too.
  2. Pick 10 Results Thread

    Is this the last week or does next week count too?
  3. Pick 10 Results Thread

    what do the winners of these things get again?
  4. Hannity fans vs. Keurig machines

    When they find out bad they are for the environment they'll go buy more.
  5. Top 3 Most Embarrassing Incidents For You.

    Oh it was definitely a too-much-booze-at-a-child's-birthday-party situation.
  6. Top 3 Most Embarrassing Incidents For You.

    Spilled water all over a woman's lap when I was a waiter in college. Taught an entire class with my fly down last summer. Took a horrifying dump in a public restroom at a local park - shaking, sweating, the whole deal. When I finally emerged from the stall and saw a woman washing her hands, I realized with horror that I had gone into the wrong bathroom.
  7. SJSU should join the Big Sky

    You didn't ask me, but since they took the risk with him, I think you have to be willing to ride it out for at least one more season and see if he can generate some improvement. It can't get much worse. They are playing a lot of freshmen and he is still getting his feet wet as a head coach. He's on a short leash. I could accept a 1-win season if the team looked competitive and motivated and like they were improving from week to week (like in 2010), but if anything, this team is getting worse. Week 1 next year will probably be a home game against an fcs team, and if they don't dominate that game, then the leash gets shorter. Tough roadies vs wazzu and Oregon will be difficult to judge, but after that, conference play starts, and if we're still getting blown out at home by 51 by mid-tier mwc teams like Utah state, his ass should be gone before November.
  8. How F*cking Dumb Can You Be

    Steals really are an undervalued statistic
  9. I Pray

    You compared them. All I'm saying is that there has not been a single meaningful, actionable response to any of these mass shootings, despite that we are the only country that routinely suffers them and that the solution (not, fwiw, banning all guns) has already been modeled by numerous other countries. Every single person who has died in a mass shooting since columbine has died needlessly, and the Republican Party and those who vote for them are squarely to blame. Their thoughts and prayers, however well-intended, mean shit. The nra too, but they're a soulless corporate entity whose sole motive is profit, so idk why we would expect anything different. Lawmakers are supposed to not let them get away with it.
  10. I Pray

    But cars are constantly being made safer. Auto accident deaths have decreased dramatically precisely because people care. We did not just accept that dying in auto accidents was a consequence of freedom. Same with construction accidents like @I am Ram mentioned above. I worked for a construction company for awhile and the resources poured into safety are unbelievable. It goes way beyond hard hats and harnesses. Injuries and deaths are way, way, way down as a result of people caring enough to do something. Also, I'm not telling people what they feel. I'm explaining how empty gestures come across. And yes, if you thought-and-prayer me and then turn around and vote for representatives who won't stand up to the NRA, then it's an empty gesture.
  11. I Pray

    If people weren't okay with it, didn't just accept it as a consequence of American life, then columbine would have been our port Arthur. It wasn't, we learned nothing, and we keep thoughtting-and-prayering our way to more tragedy. It's an ugly conclusion, but it's the only one I can draw.
  12. I Pray

    "Thoughts and prayers" translates to "we are all okay with this." I don't care if people pray, and i certainly wouldn't call it a waste nor begrudge anyone their faith, but using it as a substitute for meaningful action is gutless and cowardly. It's just a way for people absolve themselves of complicity.