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  1. Android Aggie is no longer allowed to use the gym

    Of course this happened in Germany
  2. Rank Em

    I agree but I always use my "rank ems" to project ahead. Nevada has a chance to win 3 games despite how bad they looked Saturday. Sjsu has already achieved the highlight of their season by beating cal poly.
  3. Pick 10 Results Thread

    I can't believe I thought picking byu in the second round was a good idea. That has to be the slowest d1 football team I've ever seen.
  4. OT: Atlanta's Stadium

    They more than make up for it by hammering the taxpayers
  5. Rank Em

    1. San Diego state - y'all are hosting thanksgiving this year because you've got the table runner 2. Colorado state - solid performance in a loss to Alabama 3. boise state - ugly win on a Thursday night. 4. Fresno state - I hate myself 5. Air Force - moral victories abound this week 6. Wyoming - the average allens 7. Unlv - the old bye-week come-up 8. new Mexico - bob Davie must have really lit into his players after Thursday's performance 9. Utah state/Nevada - losing to Idaho state is horrifically embarrassing, but Nevada will find a way to win 3 games in this pillowfight of a division 11. Hawaii - I'm fully prepared to get a misspelled death threat written in crayon from warbow for this 12. Sjsu - an absolute mess. Brennan is either wondering wtf he got himself into or following the macintyre blueprint to turn this thing around. Let's hope it's the latter.
  6. Turd of the Week- Week 3

    I don't see how it's anyone but nevada.
  7. They have a pretty good strong safety I think
  8. New Mexico at Boise State

    Me too. 59-24 broncos.
  9. New Mexico at Boise State


    I look forward to the day when unlv-csu is a big 12 conference game
  11. Nice Job Wyoming

    I think Oregon fell off last year because prospects looked at future schedules and went, "+++++ that, I'm not +++++ing going to Laramie. I think I'll sign with Washington state instead."
  12. Are You Winning??

    That's a lot of chicken gizzards
  13. OK Sparta...

    I second what @SF-SJSU02 said and would just add that I'm not sure any of the games we've played so far are good barometers for the rest of the season. We're breaking in a freshman quarterback and it's anyone's guess whether and how much he'll improve week to week. The defense is better than the stats against them show, but the offense just isn't helping them out. That said, my homer pick is 33-22 utes. You'll keep us at arms length all night before giving up some late garbage time points. I thought something similar about the Texas game though, so take it for what it's worth.
  14. Infamous UNLV-Baylor ending video

    I remember seeing this on Espn. An all time wtfer
  15. No SJSU vs Texas Thread?

    You can't judge Brennan off of this year. Caragher left the program in shambles. I wouldn't be surprised at all if we go 1-12, but not even zombie Vince Lombardi could win with this current team. Year 2 is the telltale year imo. You have to see improvement, even if it doesn't translate to the scoreboard, and it's fairly easy to determine. With Caragher, you could tell right away in 2014 that he was not worthy of an fbs coaching job. His players were unmotivated and he refused to adjust his game plans. An AD worth his salt would have fired him after that 13-0 debacle against Hawaii. Anyway, point being, you have to let a coach do his thing for at least 2 seasons. After that, calling for his head is fair game.