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  1. Whoever does the turd of the week ...

    We have a way to make teams look good. Let's see!
  2. Stanford at San Diego State

    Nice win
  3. Former Frog's thoughts on the MWC - 2017 edition

    Huge and insurmountable
  4. Hawaii at Umass

    Go Warriors! Great win.
  5. Hawaii

    Ho right on. Thought I was going to sleep early. Now you changed the calculus.
  6. It was announced on 8/12/17 that Hawaii MWC games to be live streamed on the MWC App. Apparently, it is harder to jump the geo-fencing and thus protects better the rights of our PPV. Anyone have experience using this app? - Is it only available for Apple iPhone, iPad, Apple TV? - Can you Chromecast it to your big screen tv? - Anything else we should know? I'm happy that we can watch UH games again! I want to be able to provide instructions for the Hawaii fans outside Hawaii to download and use the app. Some of them are not that technically savvy.
  7. Hawaii

    Hawaii football games to be available live streaming via the MWC app for viewers outside of Hawaii for free.
  8. Live streaming games through the board

    Talk on Hawaii social media that hawaii football games to be available on mwc app this season. Live streaming to outside hawaii. Positive news. More details to come
  9. Hawaii

    Let's go Warriors!!!! Cheeheee returning QB, OL looking good, Senior RB coming off a 1k yd season, first team MWC LB, WR/slots lots of returnees. lost some DL, lost Kemp (WR) and secondary is reloading. Looking forward to a great season. Going to @UCLA and maybe @Reno.
  10. Hey, San Diego Fans

    I was in SD last weekend. Took the family to LegoLand and SeaWorld. Loved it. North County is very nice, chill with some great employers. SeaWorld when I first walked in thought infrastructure wise a bit past its prime but they surprised with great shows and different takes on watching marine mammals perform. Very impressive and we stayed until 10pm closing. San Diego is a great city and area. Even the hotels we stayed in Vista and Serrento Mesa the areas were great areas.
  11. Right on CSU! Maybe I'll travel to one of the Mountain schools for a road game, and it'd prob be you guys. Why are you guys called Fort Fart? Smell like Univ of Northern Colorado area (my friend went to school there)?
  12. PAC 16 -- 2020

    Are we still talking about Hawaii to the PAC-16? I'm all for that. I'm bored. Can't wait for the season.
  13. Hawaii: just curious....

    I'd like a Seattle area school too. Might as well be in the PAC. That way we can make some money from the traveling fan bases to the islands. MW teams sometimes have good traveling fan bases who make the trip but not so much as P5 schools.
  14. Hawaii: just curious....

    It might have the shitty basketball gym similar to other CSUs and a football stadium that got rid of this most redeeming feature (their beer garden), but location location location. Bay Area/NorCal presence still can't hurt even if it's not Cal/Stanford. Our QB is from Los Gatos, previous starting QB from Richmond. OL from East Palo Alto. We get a lot of City College of SF JCs. Sacramento/Folsom area we do well. The other great areas for us is the Inland Empire in SoCal. An LA school would be great, but SDSU and Fresno are prob close enough. Our players like having their family and friends attend games. Next Vegas. So yes, grateful to have THAT school in the MW. Plus Hawaii has a great tailgate party sponsored by the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce at the SJSU games.
  15. Hawaii: just curious....

    I knew a board of regents for SJSU during the time of SJSU joining the MW and the regent told me there was a really good presentation about it. Wish I could have seen. I like having a Bay Area school in the conference.