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  1. Are we still talking about Hawaii to the PAC-16? I'm all for that. I'm bored. Can't wait for the season.
  2. I'd like a Seattle area school too. Might as well be in the PAC. That way we can make some money from the traveling fan bases to the islands. MW teams sometimes have good traveling fan bases who make the trip but not so much as P5 schools.
  3. It might have the shitty basketball gym similar to other CSUs and a football stadium that got rid of this most redeeming feature (their beer garden), but location location location. Bay Area/NorCal presence still can't hurt even if it's not Cal/Stanford. Our QB is from Los Gatos, previous starting QB from Richmond. OL from East Palo Alto. We get a lot of City College of SF JCs. Sacramento/Folsom area we do well. The other great areas for us is the Inland Empire in SoCal. An LA school would be great, but SDSU and Fresno are prob close enough. Our players like having their family and friends attend games. Next Vegas. So yes, grateful to have THAT school in the MW. Plus Hawaii has a great tailgate party sponsored by the Hawaii Chamber of Commerce at the SJSU games.
  4. I knew a board of regents for SJSU during the time of SJSU joining the MW and the regent told me there was a really good presentation about it. Wish I could have seen. I like having a Bay Area school in the conference.
  5. Seems to corroborate with my sources that there were some conference members were down right pricks about Hawaii behind closed doors. Can feelings change? Can a re-evaluation of value, relationship happen over the course of several years? I hope so. Why the hate Boise State?
  6. It was 110 degrees in Livermore, CA (East Bay, NorCal) last week. 120 degrees in PHX with Bay Area 100+ degrees for a West Coast heat wave sounds about right. Global Warming my friends.
  7. Two guys working landscaping on my property had signs of heat stroke in PHX. Too hot.
  8. It's Friday. I'm not bitter. Just it infuriates me the justification for an all expenses paid trip all on our dime.
  9. What happened to time is money? Also, going to Hawaii is pretty awesome, but it's more expensive. I guess our conference rather just all play in small towns a bus ride away from a big town. That's what's best for all. End.
  10. Roger Ailes dies today. Temporary distraction on Fox News from Trump stories.
  11. Yup
  12. 7 years ago was ok. The club that got shot up a year ago, my friend would have guaranteed been there had he been visiting. Having fun always seems better in the past.
  13. Remember what happened in Turkey (the country). See my post in the other Trump thread.
  14. Picked up friend today from airport. She went to Europe for vacation, including Paris during the election. French proud not to make same mistake as US
  15. In high school in Hawaii I read the biography of Jefferson Davis. I like history and thought the biography taught me that war is terrible and the Civil War was very devastating. Some or many of the soldiers and commanders of the South had their reasons other than to preserve slavery to fight for the South. I have no family history that was affected by slavery so it's not my place to dictate what is appropriate. However, I don't think removing history even the defeated from public view in a great tragedy of our civil war is going to make the lives of folks better today. Again I don't know anything but the actor playing General Lee in the movie Gettysburg had him deplicted as a decent man on the wrong side. I'm a liberal questioning this move.