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  1. Roger Ailes dies today. Temporary distraction on Fox News from Trump stories.
  2. Yup
  3. 7 years ago was ok. The club that got shot up a year ago, my friend would have guaranteed been there had he been visiting. Having fun always seems better in the past.
  4. Remember what happened in Turkey (the country). See my post in the other Trump thread.
  5. Picked up friend today from airport. She went to Europe for vacation, including Paris during the election. French proud not to make same mistake as US
  6. In high school in Hawaii I read the biography of Jefferson Davis. I like history and thought the biography taught me that war is terrible and the Civil War was very devastating. Some or many of the soldiers and commanders of the South had their reasons other than to preserve slavery to fight for the South. I have no family history that was affected by slavery so it's not my place to dictate what is appropriate. However, I don't think removing history even the defeated from public view in a great tragedy of our civil war is going to make the lives of folks better today. Again I don't know anything but the actor playing General Lee in the movie Gettysburg had him deplicted as a decent man on the wrong side. I'm a liberal questioning this move.
  7. I think this is plausible succession planning. I've been reading the Palmer Report and so far they have been 2-3 weeks ahead of the mainstream media via sources. I have not heard anything on Hatch yet but I've heard that Ryan is compromised. My bet is UFO's are less likely than this. Hawaii winning the MWC West is about the same probability IMHO for this to happen in 2017.
  8. I forgot, also crack down on free press and independent judiciary. Yes Turkey is an extreme example, but that's what can happen even if the president holds a narrow majority even to this day. A slow motion train wreck. The reason why you think it can't happen in the US is because of our democratic tradition and dedication of many in the government to do the right thing. What we are seeing is the Comey's that are protecting us are replaceable over time. And with it goes that institutional knowledge.
  9. Thanks See the history of Turkey the past 10 years. Could be us. You first cater only to your supporters, ignore the other half, then replace the non-partisan (in Turkey's case the non-secular) government with loyalists. Enrich your inner circle. Seek power not just for powers sake but to cover up crimes. Change the Constitution.
  10. You already know cuz
  11. I lived in South Korea while my dad worked for the US Army. He used to keep at least 1/2 tank of gas in the car just in case we had to flee south of Seoul. I think POTUS is sabber rattling. North Korea aside from making bold statements and what not, does not want a war which they will lose. They are though the guy you just keep poking, will do something. Our POTUS is poking maybe hoping for a war. That's my opinion. We've been spying on and containing NK for decades with some occasional flare ups now and then. A war here will kill many people.
  12. Was part of the plan to weaken the US. I think Vlad thinks the gig is up. Meaning the grand scheme will be revealed soon per the investigations. Unfortunately who knows what damage and deaths are result of this already. This assumes that there is a Russia connection in the WH. I guess we will see.
  13. Exactly!!!!
  14. If the PAC-12 has fewer bowl eligible teams again this year, more chance for the MWC teams. Being in Northern California, would like the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. A bowl in the Bay Area should attract a good crowd esp from (Boise, Fresno, Reno, Hawaii, SJSU, and SDSU)
  15. I have been supportive of Hawaii's association with the MWC even though I know second hand that things said about my alma mater by some members behind our backs were de-meaning. I want to believe that we can go beyond the "airport meeting" attitude and work together and help the member schools. If not, our conference deserves to be second rate. Hope we are moving in the right direction, and the Conference's help with the Week Zero exemption and scheduling were positive signs. I disagree with the world of college sports/media comment that Hawaii athletics is threatened long term. Hawaii loves its athletic programs and being geographically isolated from the rest of the US makes the programs even more important. Our athletics are now getting more funding from the state, including funds that were earmarked for sports tourism marketing (like the Pro Bowl). We have some top Olympic sports and we are a football crazed state. What we don't yet have figured out is the media and revenue model for football. Is it PPV or free TV with commercials or tape delay? I can imagine for a state like Wyoming, successful athletics brings out fans from all over, in a region with low population density. We all have our unique challenges. Aloha.