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  1. I lived in South Korea while my dad worked for the US Army. He used to keep at least 1/2 tank of gas in the car just in case we had to flee south of Seoul. I think POTUS is sabber rattling. North Korea aside from making bold statements and what not, does not want a war which they will lose. They are though the guy you just keep poking, will do something. Our POTUS is poking maybe hoping for a war. That's my opinion. We've been spying on and containing NK for decades with some occasional flare ups now and then. A war here will kill many people.
  2. Was part of the plan to weaken the US. I think Vlad thinks the gig is up. Meaning the grand scheme will be revealed soon per the investigations. Unfortunately who knows what damage and deaths are result of this already. This assumes that there is a Russia connection in the WH. I guess we will see.
  3. Exactly!!!!
  4. If the PAC-12 has fewer bowl eligible teams again this year, more chance for the MWC teams. Being in Northern California, would like the Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl. A bowl in the Bay Area should attract a good crowd esp from (Boise, Fresno, Reno, Hawaii, SJSU, and SDSU)
  5. I have been supportive of Hawaii's association with the MWC even though I know second hand that things said about my alma mater by some members behind our backs were de-meaning. I want to believe that we can go beyond the "airport meeting" attitude and work together and help the member schools. If not, our conference deserves to be second rate. Hope we are moving in the right direction, and the Conference's help with the Week Zero exemption and scheduling were positive signs. I disagree with the world of college sports/media comment that Hawaii athletics is threatened long term. Hawaii loves its athletic programs and being geographically isolated from the rest of the US makes the programs even more important. Our athletics are now getting more funding from the state, including funds that were earmarked for sports tourism marketing (like the Pro Bowl). We have some top Olympic sports and we are a football crazed state. What we don't yet have figured out is the media and revenue model for football. Is it PPV or free TV with commercials or tape delay? I can imagine for a state like Wyoming, successful athletics brings out fans from all over, in a region with low population density. We all have our unique challenges. Aloha.
  6. Hey my spelling sucks, never been strong at that. Hawaii fans have been paying this pay-per-view for over a decade. Yes, there are ways around geo-fencing. Even Netflix has not figured it out. The real issue isn't the AD or other MWC school ADs. The issue is fewer fans not paying PPV and the cable company wants its pound of flesh. The losers are the fans like myself who live outside Hawaii and the opposing team fans, who relied on the live stream. We are to suffer. Therefore, we need to bitch and complain (and the Hawaii folks threaten to switch cable providers en masse) or else our suffering will become reality. What might happen is a renegotiation of our media contract (to a lower $$$) and we might be coming to make up some of the loss proceeds via our MWC media welfare checks (partial welfare). If we did away with PPV all together, we would ask for our full allotment of welfare. So you should care that Hawaii figures out its media deal, or else we will be asking for our share. I personally hate blocking off our football games from casual fans via the PPV model. Even tape delayed would be fine to protect attendance.
  7. Well, this is my tread. Trailer Park Conference banter can occur on other treads. What I'm talking about is for the grown ups, people who would actually complain to their AD because they want to see their team play on TV (if they could not attend the game live). Mahalo.
  8. What's with the Wyoming butt hurt? Seriously though you won't get to see Hawaii play you guys this season. There is 5 months to do something about that. As far as I know, Wyo and Hawaii nobody gives a shit about us other than ourselves. mental midgets.
  9. Per today's article in the StarAdvertiser, Hawaii football's live streaming situation is still uncertain (excerpts of article below). Please tell your AD that this needs to be fixed before the season starts or else you will not see your game against Hawaii. Hawaii needs the Conference's help. We have 5 months until the season. This affects all of us, particularly MWC teams who play Hawaii this year (home or away, that is not on national TV). Last year, Hawaii games were not shown on the MWC live streaming because of a dispute with our cable company (Charter) about fans in Hawaii circumventing the geo-blocking feature, helping to lead to a decline in PPV subscriptions (also it was Norm Chow's final season and the fanbase declined during his tenure). Charter refused to allow the live stream to be broadcasted outside of Hawaii. The result was for our turnaround 2016 season, fans outside of Hawaii and our opponents could not watch the majority of Hawaii's games, even if they wanted to pay. All live streaming was stopped. Charter was able to sell rights to one opponent's local TV station. Hawaii's home game against UNLV was broadcasted by a local Las Vegas TV provider. Stay tuned regarding what Hawaii should do next. However, for the Conference's sake, fans of Hawaii opponents need to tell their AD folks that this situation needs to be resolved and is unacceptable. I think one direction is to boycott Charter cable in Hawaii. What would you do if this happen to your team? Any suggestions? Mahalo. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------" ... what is less sharply in focus is the future of live streaming of Rainbow Warrior football. After a year of tinkering we might not know even at kickoff of the season opener, five months hence.While live streaming of many of UH’s other Big West Conference-based sports, including Rainbow Wahine volleyball, resumed in late 2016 after a blackout, football in the Mountain West remains a whole other issue. One apparently not easy for a quick solution where technological and varied constituencies are involved.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“I’m optimistic we’re going to figure it out, but I can’t put a percentage on being able to do it (by the Aug. 26 season opener),” said David Matlin, UH athletic director. The technical ability to block internet protocol addresses in Hawaii allowed Oceanic to make the games available on the continent to the families of UH players, alums, potential Rainbow Warrior recruits and fans of other MWC teams without the requirement of pay-per-view purchase. But UH and conference officials have said increasing numbers of technically akamai island-based fans found avenues to circumvent geofencing, as the geographically-based restrictions are known, and access the games without subscribing. Tumbling subscription numbers in 2015, they came to understand, were not solely related to the team’s string of consecutive losing seasons. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Of importance to Oceanic — and by extension UH — was Oceanic’s ability to maintain the exclusivity of PPV content, for which the carrier this year pays the school a minimum of about $2.4 million. For UH, which does not share in the MWC TV rights pot, that up-front money represents about 6 percent of the athletic department’s budget and can grow if additional sales targets are hit. The current contract, which runs through June of 2020, assures Oceanic “full” rights to any and all media including, “TV, online, mobile or on demand …” ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile, as the 2016 season progressed, UH and the MWC got complaints from followers of the Rainbow Warriors’ opponents who suddenly found themselves blacked out. “There was definitely some feedback,” a UH spokesman said. A Las Vegas TV station cut a deal to bring the Oceanic feed into its market but time zone differences made that less attractive in other areas. ... The MWC contracts with the networks, from whom UH does not share in the revenue, run through the 2019-20 school year.As for UH’s 2017 season, “It is still early in the process and we’re trying to find way to get it done correctly,” said Dan Schmidt, general manager and executive producer of UH sports on Oceanic.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------staradvertiser.com/2017/03/26/sports/ferds-words/future-of-live-streaming-uh-football-in-question
  10. Basketball gyms of the Big West (sans Hawaii) seem to be designed by the same architect.
  11. Am I only allowed to be proud of being in one conference? Could you be proud of your college but later in life proud of where you work? I'm more than happy to be in the MWC today. Isn't it better to show success at every level in a progression? If the MWC could be a P6 (or consistent BCS game participant) that would be great.
  12. I coined the term Trailer Park Conference for Warbow. TPC. I do agree that Mountain West Conference is pretty unimaginative. The AAC, despite their meteoric decline from a power conference, sounds more like a power conference. Until we stop trying to all exit for the P5, we should invest in our conference to make it better. My experience with the PAC-12: - equal revenue share from media contract (same $ for USC as with Wazzu). This is the biggest benefit by far. - management consulting for schools for sales and marketing - better branding (Conference of Champions) - better markets for our tourism industry (major MSAs that have fanbases who can afford to travel to Hawaii; advertising value which would better align UH athletics with our largest industry). I'm a Hawaii fan who thinks we could be a PAC school, but I'm very proud to be a MWC member. I want to make this conference better and if in another lifetime we go to another conference, so be it. But I think it is better to make the MWC a contender.
  13. In the 2000's we would go clubbing on Thursday, Friday and after the UH games on Saturday night (or pass out drunk by the 3rd quarter). Kids these days are just different. House music and everyone dancing facing the DJ. Junk.
  14. Con-Con getting crushed: https://www.thenewamerican.com/usnews/constitution/item/25524-john-birch-society-sees-victories-in-stopping-con-con-applications After a fast start, looks like no Con-Con this year. That's a good thing.
  15. Kompromat galore. One day I'll learn how to pronounce that word.