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  1. memphis would be 11-2 with wins versus a top 10 ucf or usf/ucla/navy....memphis would still comfortably get it..smu is 4-2 and a win vs memphis would get them top 25 votes, it wouldnt even be seen as a bad loss (in the g5 perspective)
  2. CSU vs Colorado Game Thread

    you always tell me to be reasonable but you never are with the mwc.. lsa is out for losing to a top 10 but csu is still in despite losing to an unranked colorado ..are you hying point differential that losing but 25 and losing by 14 are that much a difference i dont mind baas people..we all have a little bias, but what bothers me is that you constantly go after people saying they are biased often using the words homer or deluional, when you have clear bias ps im just in this thread because someone told me Colorado state was going to atleast be 3-1 in OOC...i cant wait for them to beat bama
  3. Tulsa removed from NYD Bowl race

    The best Colorado team in a decade lost to okstate 38-8 it's last game before this one..You have to compare teams to their competition Their defense wasn't as bad as the score..Watch the highlight on YouTube Tulsa Cbs went stride for stride with okstate WR. Okstats WR just made huge plays.. most teams Tulsa will play won't have qb who can throw such a good deep ball and we who can make such big plays ..It wasnt like the SJSU game where wr were running free Tulsa lost 48-3 last year versus a top 10 team but still finished with 10 wins.. Including the bowl, 8 or 9 is definitely possible
  4. Tulsa removed from NYD Bowl race

    It was the first game of the season.. no one cares about bad losses in the first game of the year ...Remember when Ohio state won a title after losing to a bad virginia tech...Louisville finished top 25 despite being down 31-0 at halftime to an unranked UH You can say you don't think Tulsa is good enough and that's a fair debate, but Tulsa isn't eliminate or close .. if they win out they will get it And did you actually watched the game?Or just going by the score ...Tulsa showed a lot of great things..Tulsa was moving the ball,but they werent scoring and if you watch all the okstate TDs not a single one was open.. it was a ton a great plays by ok state WR (they are argued as the best qb/wr combo in all college football especially on the deep ball) New Mexico, Toledo arent okstate ...And Tulsa will get better, this was the first start for all their offense ....Despite the beat down, I saw a 8/9 win team .. I compare to the competition not the score..
  5. Tulsa removed from NYD Bowl race

    how does losing to a top 10 team eliminate anyone???
  6. MW Board consensus: Upcoming tv contract value

    cbs sports openly admits it doesnt want and cant compete with espn networks....my cbs projections were generous as the AAC is their highest profiled content they own, they are in 15 million less homes than espnnews and espnu, and online joined online 2 months ago....the reason their ratings arent posted is becuase they are too small for neilsen to track, my 80k projection for cbs sports is generous.. note fs2 is in more homes than cbsports and does about 15-30k a games (they released their ratings) and in that very link you posted, espnu had over 13 games 500k+, 2 over 800k... you ca keep pretending puting our second tier game on espnu is bad but any sensible person/g5 would take it....our top 25 or so games go on espn/espn2/abc if you think our tv deals are equal in exposure, sure believe that, i hope your administration agrees and goes for similar exposure next time
  7. MW Board consensus: Upcoming tv contract value

    its defintely not black and white...espnu has lots of games over 400k viewers....cbsports doesnt touch that amount or even close...i wont acknowledge that 300k/400k is the same as 70/80k. which is around where cbssports gets ... the sec has numerous games on espnu. but wont put any on cbssports that should let you know and last year the AAC had 5 abc games, the mwc had zero broadcast games ..the AAC had 7 espn games...the mwc had 2.....the aac was way more espn2 game, and drastically more if you remove boise, instead of looking for specifics weak look at the whole season: this is what a top team in the AAC's tv schedule will look like http://www.fbschedules.com/ncaa-16/2016-houston-cougars-football-schedule.php this is what boise will looks like (different from the rest of the mwc) http://www.fbschedules.com/ncaa-16/2016-boise-state-broncos-football-schedule.php this is what the top in mwc not Boise will look like: http://www.fbschedules.com/ncaa-16/2016-san-diego-state-aztecs-football-schedule.php one of these is drastically better than the others, one is drastically worse than the others
  8. MW Board consensus: Upcoming tv contract value

    look at the ACC tv deal, look at AAC tv deal and then look at the MWC....you saying its minor is completely inaccurate....65% of mwc games are on cbssn, 10% on a espn tv netwrok (never on abc, almost never on espn),15% on espn3, and 10% on whatever digital platform will air it the AAC is 75% on an espntv network (with minimum guarantees on every channel) 15% on cbssn, 10% on espn3/ASN dualcast... also noting that cbssn has similar ratings to espnnews, even though espnnews is marginally better (but not by much), but espnu completely dominates cbssn in ratings its not even close ...cbssn averages around 40-80k viewers a games, espnu is 180-400k per game..their is reason sec put it in contract that no sec game can ever be put on cbssn i just checked the acc ..they have 2 Saturday games that are ACC controlled (acc home team) that air on a espn2 or higher network, both are Clemson in the same 2 weeks you are showcasing for the AAC..2 others in general, but those are weekday games. the vast majority is on the ACC syndicate network (air on local channels in the ACC footprint)..there are more nationally broadcast aac controlled games than acc controlled ..talking pure exposure our deal is very similar to p5 deal, that why aresco has said he doesnt want to change a single thing about our espn deal except for money you know little about tv deals..you assume its only good exposure if ever single team is on espn, when most p5 dont even get that..
  9. MW Board consensus: Upcoming tv contract value

    you know little about the AAC tv deal if you think this we have guaranteed minimums on every channel...we just dont get to choose when it used...the first 3 weeks of the season college football has tons of crazy matchups based on these "kickoff classics"...there are a ton better games to air that AAC vs bad g5/fcs...espn will use our minimums other weeks Michigan/cincy will be on ABC and UH vs arizona will likely be on espn2 or u depending on how we play week 1...what other games here are even note worthy enough to be televised ..ucf v memphis? maybe, but ucf as 6-7 last year comparing tv deals : Broadcast Minimum (ABC/CBS): AAC 4 (abc has done atleast 5 since deal started); MWC 0 ESPN/ESPN2: AAC: 25+, MWC: 7 other notes: 100% of every AAC vs AAC will be televised on some national network (90% of all games)...the 10% not picked will be put on ASN (american sports network. a national syndication network). ASN collectively is in 85million homes, its different because each individual market/channel decides if it wants to air the game..but will also nationally available on espn3 (it isnt just sepn3)...there are mwc games that even espn3 won't even pick up and aired on the mwc website/campus insiders (thats football alone, basketball 107 games will be nationally broadcast, 5 on either abc or cbs...) talking purely exposure the AAC deal is only marginally worse than the ACC..the deal has way more guaranteed minimum than any previous AQ big east..wvu/ecu is Big 12 control, note how wvu is top 22 vs a fbs but playing on fs2 ..the by far worst cfb sports network (except maybe bein)..everyone in the p5 isn't espn/abc every week the exposure in our deals are miles apart.. and a random side note: twitter has been airing college football games since last year (via campus insiders) how many did you randomly just watch ..how many random espn3 games did you watch..im not sure at this point twitter/facebook is better ...
  10. define respectful, fanhood regularly calls us delusional and undermines every single team in the AAC and regularly mocks...but i dont think the poster there mind ....but everytime sdsu losses we make threads trash talking sdsu becuase of him lol but we actually have quite some sdsu posters SDSU-Alum2003 , dshawfan, Badfish, SteveAztec they dont post often and mostly only on sdsu related stuff (like the trash taking sdsu threads)
  11. preseason ranking matter...usf has montain leads there...and before you say they dont in the cfp, look at the first cfp poll its mirrored trends of preseason expectations
  12. thats a lie, the aac fans have always been supportive of sdsu when sdsu was invited...they never felt we were too good...if anything tilll this very day it is sdsu fans who come to the AAC forums to trash tulane as being too good for them some Cincy fans were like that but they are like that with everyone .. im not gonna lie we talked about how we didnt think sdsu football was gonna be good versus us, but not to the point we thought they shouldnt be invited, more of a glad you are here but you are going to be our bottom feeders..ive been on that forum forever and on the old espn blog and when sdsu was expected to join you are flat out making out how we treated ya'll we joke about being too good for sdsu "now" becuase of fanhood (who stirs things up), the stadium situation and our love of trolling the g4, but if an actual invite was given most aac would be happy... lastly you guys post more there than we post here...why are you acting like we just came here to tournament you, me and fanhood have made a frienemy situation and thats mostly from him trash talking on the AAC forums
  13. how did i move the goal post..nowhere in this thread, nowhere in this forum have i claimed houston was the best aac team last year you claimed houston was the best AAC last year (not me) and then claimed the mwc was better becuase the mwc beat them...you inflated houston to make the win more prized, and then ignored any details of the game...i never moved any goal posts 2) no one ever claimed that our #6 or #7 teams were better than g5 champs..no one in the AAC ever claimed that kind of dominance..if the acc #7 was pinned against the mwc#1, acc #8 was pinned against c-usa #1 , acc #9 was pinned against the #1 AAC..i dont expect the acc to have a winning record with that, but that doesnt mean the acc isnt better 3) and you can call it equal second rate bowls. but playing 10-2 wku (with top 25 votes) isnt the same as playing 6-6 utsa which is the disparity in our bowl games 4) the big 10 the most power p5 conference has only had 1 winning bowl record the last 10 year..ONE!! bad bowl records means tougher bowls
  14. every year?? AAC has drawn atleast 2 g5 champions every year, 3 Last year, plus at-least 2 other p5...the mwc champion played the #6 aac 2 years in a row..if the pac12 doesnt qualify enough for vegas itll be 3 years in a row in hawaii and Houston also finished 4th in its division!! we also lost to smu...atleast smu beat us when offensive genius tom herman was still head coach, derek warehime still oline coach, meekins was still assistant head coach..Craig Naivar was still co-dc/special teams coach, Oscar Giles was still the D-line coach..herman cleaned house when he left because he wanted to get a head start on recruiting.. they beat a team ran by grad assistants even applewhite ran the offense through a press box, from a vantage point of view for those games, for sdsu it was the first time he called an offense from the field ...they didn't beat the houston that beat Louisville and Oklahoma stop hyping it like sdsu beat the #1 AAC team, houston finished #6 last year
  15. i never said or even asserted that an offer was out there..i said we are likely to resign with espn...in all those interview he also said the negotiations havent started yet, so why would i say an offer would be made..(literally in all the posts on this thread i has also said, only if the money is right, clearly insinuating there was no formal offer) bruin said the aac will sign with cbs and nbc (and said espn doesnt want the AAC)..And the MWC would be going mostly ESPN and FOX (fs1)..i said you realize the AAC will likely resign with ESPN.. he says the mwc will get more the next tv deal because espn wants sports bar licenses that only the mwc can give,that the fs1 wants all of the mwc because foxsports san diago has some sdsu rights...he says espn doesnt want to get the AAC becuase we compete with the sec/acc network, and espn will get rid of espnu/news..and the only people that will want the AAC is cbssports....since you are defending him im guessing you think all of this too????