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  1. define respectful, fanhood regularly calls us delusional and undermines every single team in the AAC and regularly mocks...but i dont think the poster there mind ....but everytime sdsu losses we make threads trash talking sdsu becuase of him lol but we actually have quite some sdsu posters SDSU-Alum2003 , dshawfan, Badfish, SteveAztec they dont post often and mostly only on sdsu related stuff (like the trash taking sdsu threads)
  2. preseason ranking matter...usf has montain leads there...and before you say they dont in the cfp, look at the first cfp poll its mirrored trends of preseason expectations
  3. thats a lie, the aac fans have always been supportive of sdsu when sdsu was invited...they never felt we were too good...if anything tilll this very day it is sdsu fans who come to the AAC forums to trash tulane as being too good for them some Cincy fans were like that but they are like that with everyone .. im not gonna lie we talked about how we didnt think sdsu football was gonna be good versus us, but not to the point we thought they shouldnt be invited, more of a glad you are here but you are going to be our bottom feeders..ive been on that forum forever and on the old espn blog and when sdsu was expected to join you are flat out making out how we treated ya'll we joke about being too good for sdsu "now" becuase of fanhood (who stirs things up), the stadium situation and our love of trolling the g4, but if an actual invite was given most aac would be happy... lastly you guys post more there than we post here...why are you acting like we just came here to tournament you, me and fanhood have made a frienemy situation and thats mostly from him trash talking on the AAC forums
  4. how did i move the goal post..nowhere in this thread, nowhere in this forum have i claimed houston was the best aac team last year you claimed houston was the best AAC last year (not me) and then claimed the mwc was better becuase the mwc beat them...you inflated houston to make the win more prized, and then ignored any details of the game...i never moved any goal posts 2) no one ever claimed that our #6 or #7 teams were better than g5 champs..no one in the AAC ever claimed that kind of dominance..if the acc #7 was pinned against the mwc#1, acc #8 was pinned against c-usa #1 , acc #9 was pinned against the #1 AAC..i dont expect the acc to have a winning record with that, but that doesnt mean the acc isnt better 3) and you can call it equal second rate bowls. but playing 10-2 wku (with top 25 votes) isnt the same as playing 6-6 utsa which is the disparity in our bowl games 4) the big 10 the most power p5 conference has only had 1 winning bowl record the last 10 year..ONE!! bad bowl records means tougher bowls
  5. every year?? AAC has drawn atleast 2 g5 champions every year, 3 Last year, plus at-least 2 other p5...the mwc champion played the #6 aac 2 years in a row..if the pac12 doesnt qualify enough for vegas itll be 3 years in a row in hawaii and Houston also finished 4th in its division!! we also lost to smu...atleast smu beat us when offensive genius tom herman was still head coach, derek warehime still oline coach, meekins was still assistant head coach..Craig Naivar was still co-dc/special teams coach, Oscar Giles was still the D-line coach..herman cleaned house when he left because he wanted to get a head start on recruiting.. they beat a team ran by grad assistants even applewhite ran the offense through a press box, from a vantage point of view for those games, for sdsu it was the first time he called an offense from the field ...they didn't beat the houston that beat Louisville and Oklahoma stop hyping it like sdsu beat the #1 AAC team, houston finished #6 last year
  6. i never said or even asserted that an offer was out there..i said we are likely to resign with espn...in all those interview he also said the negotiations havent started yet, so why would i say an offer would be made..(literally in all the posts on this thread i has also said, only if the money is right, clearly insinuating there was no formal offer) bruin said the aac will sign with cbs and nbc (and said espn doesnt want the AAC)..And the MWC would be going mostly ESPN and FOX (fs1)..i said you realize the AAC will likely resign with ESPN.. he says the mwc will get more the next tv deal because espn wants sports bar licenses that only the mwc can give,that the fs1 wants all of the mwc because foxsports san diago has some sdsu rights...he says espn doesnt want to get the AAC becuase we compete with the sec/acc network, and espn will get rid of espnu/news..and the only people that will want the AAC is cbssports....since you are defending him im guessing you think all of this too????
  7. lol what reason??? you didnt add any reason to the debate, you simply just told me to agree with your point of view. you just said to admit the leagues are equal, when no legitimate measuring stick says so if you had said the aac has been competitively better than the mwc the last 4 years but im going to need a few more years before i can say the league is better and not a cycle ..that's reason, accepting the reality of situation but adding causation for doubt of the conclusion yeah but facts..
  8. you are comparing 3 games a year to the entire of league play the last 4 years which is over 400 games (130 games a year). i didnt argue the time length but the amount of games.. relatively equal competitively is laughable. you have had 1 team in the last 4 years crack the cfp poll top 25..6 different aac, 3 simultaneously at numerous points have been ranked..the composite computer ranking over a 130 computers says thers been a hge gap the last 2 years and so we are clear i havent solely based the aac superiority on field results only...facilities, amount of investments, recruiting average (by every recruiting site), fanbase size, locations, depth the funny thing is i know you and SleepingGiantsFan knows this, you just dont want to admit your home is worse than someone you consider a rival, something you had a chance to join at somepoint
  9. like it would matter???? ive had like 3 debates here, in which i provided links..you guys just simply ignore it and jump to sarcastic remarks.. im not going to waste my time searching for something you guys are just going to ignore and i also noted he said it in every interview, i literally googled aresco interview and literally i found him saying espn is the target and likely partner in all of them if they pay us. heres one http://www.tulsaworld.com/sportsextra/tusportsextra/guerin-emig-mike-aresco-presses-the-fight-to-make-the/article_2b0006c6-011b-5cc2-b097-fabaa8b49742.html you guys says we are delusional over in the AAC side but most of our beliefs are back with facts, data, results..you guys have based your entire counter on a head to head record,, based on less than 3 games a year (tiny sample size) where 2 teams (tulsa and navy) make up most of the games played. and a bowl record based on mismatched bowls..that is literally it. the big 10 has had 1 winning bowl record the last 10 years (the league with the most resources) ..losing bowl record means you can get better bowls if you asked me to put a middling 8-4 aac team versus 6-6 utsa (likely win)..or vs a 10-2 c-usa champ borderline top 25 wku (likely loss)..im taking wku, i want competition not meaningless bragging rights about bowl records
  10. yes extend their deal aka keep the deal exactly as is, where espn just wants boise games ..while cbs sports wants the majority...and he never said he thinks he the mwc will sign with espn and google, he actually said he has no clue who they will sign with or who is interested, "who knows it could be espn and google" (it was a random example)..thompson didnt even state any other networks just an extension from current partners or digital..also noting the boise sweetheart deal requires the mwc to sell boises rights to espn (and that deal is eternal), which might be the reason he said espn and aresco has said numerous times that our deal will almost certainly be redone with espn as long as the money is right, that even if espn doesnt offer enough money espn will still get a package of some sort..that since the origin of the league, dating back to the big east..this league has always partnered with espn, and aresco and espn in the presser said they want that to last. this is in almost every aresco interview, he has never wavered from saying as long as the money i right we are re-signing with espn
  11. 1) that isnt Massey's rankings...its every single computer than ranks college football, over a 130 computers, it's a composite..the first line was massey but the next 129 lines are other computers, the last line in the average....the conference average is at the bottom http://www.masseyratings.com/cf/compare.htm 2) applewhite didnt even know he would be coaching that game till 2 weeks prior, we had an interim who wasnt applewhite, but when we hired applewhite, the interim was downgraded..and again he wasnt doing it singlehandedly..we lost MOST coaches, our o-line coach for the game was 24year old..and secondly applewhite called plays for every game except sdsu from the booth..sdsu was his first game on the field in YEARS 3) sdsu's offense is predictable.. for alittle over 2 quarters they only had 1 run of any worth...sdsu didnt score a touchdown till 3 mins left in the 3rd quarter after UH's 3rd team turnovers...sdsu only scored 20 in the first 3 quarters including a pick 6...the only reason sdsu started scoring like crazy late in the game was becuase the team got demoralized because the offense keep turning the ball over and the team quit...if houstons offense had stepped up sdsu wouldnt have score more than 14 all game...the offense let them down as for why sdsu shut us down on offense, ill give sdsu defense credit it came prepared and blitzed every play and we couldt stop it...the play calling was also basic and obvious but with grad assistant coaches i doubt they were ever going to get creative 4) the only network that has shown interest in the mwc is cbssports, thompson already confirmed cbs wants to exend their deal..and aresco already said espn wants to extend, the issue is getting the price we want...i have no clue where you keep getting your theories of who signs where
  12. ps i rewatched the A&M game and the ASU game because you were using that as reason they were going to beat us because they were kinda close scores...(i also rewatched the UNM game)..did you actually watch any of those games..or simply going by the scores being close?? i thought id be more nervous about utsa after watching but i actually felt more confidence..utsa scored 28 on asu but 14 came from muffed punts, utsa had to change qbs midway vs A&M because they had zero offensive production for most of the game..the games werent anywhere as close as the scores
  13. no you cant, if you could youd be playing the mac champ in idaho potato bowl, but you are just playing a middling mac team, youd be playing the c-usa champ in the new mexico bowl instead of a middling c-usa team.....do you really think mwc prefered to have 6-6 utsa vs 8-4 new mexico in a bowl???? you dont even have enough bowls..your commish said so himself....you have 5 bowls for 12 teams ..and is trying to talk the aac into letting you into the frisco...
  14. qualifying for bowls is bad logic...that just means the other division is extremely weak...90% of computer polls and human polls say the aac west is way better than the mountain...the pac 12 has less bowl teams in both division than the mw mountain, is the mountain better than every pac 12 division? also i dont get why you keep making definite arguments on the uh/sdsu game like houstons wasnt without its coach, herman left and took most of his staff (to recruit) before our bowl game, grad assistants coached the game literally throughout the game the announcers kept saying this game is a "test", can you win a game of pure talent alone or does coaching matter, rocky with the deep coaching tenure and houston all talent and no coaches ..rewatch the game also you realize cincy averages 9 wins a season the last 10 years, including 5 top 25, one of which was top 10..temple has had top success the last 2 years, even ecu has had 6 8+win seasons the last 10 years, i dont get how ucf and usf are the only east teams that have had success bias isnt in computers, perception isnt in computers, here is a composite over 130 computers saying the AAC is better on field results, and not only better but with a big gap http://www.masseyratings.com/cf/compare.htm