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  1. SJSU provides you with and
  2. Cincy sounds like he polishing the brass on the titanic.
  3. Thank you. Somehow the least offensive tweet was removed...
  4. Fresno has an exclusive with the Power Rangers. Luckily, I think we can get in on the leprechaun uniform look.
  5. Baaa means No!
  6. Where is "san jose" in the Mercury News' title?
  7. Uh oh... Looks like Fresno is deleting these horrendous tweets. Catch 'em at the link below. It looks like we are not the only people to notice how embarrassing these tweets are.
  8. Low bar tho.
  9. Isn't this their line coach?
  10. Stockton is smarter than Fresno? #sad
  11. With TV negotiations coming up, you could make the argument that Wichita could increase our leverage in those talks...
  12. Whoops... I better go fix it..... Back on topic. Fresno hasn't finished ranked in a long time and your highest ever recent rank was lost because of us... #sad! I don't want to lose sight of the fact that you post the 2013 season as a point of pride. LOL
  13. Embarrassed myself... Like how Fresno lost that 14th ranked spot in 2013 and didn't even finished ranked? LOLZ. Here is a reminder: When was the last time you finished a season ranked?
  14. That's rich. Your lurker status is most certainly the biggest embarrassment... just after Fresno's W/L record.
  15. You mean our 4 out of 5 wins over you? Or being higher ranked in recent memory than you. Oh, I know the fact that we in our bowl games?