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  1. Fixed it for ya.
  2. The Apple Pan is likely the best burgers in America.
  3. Seriously, I grew with a ton of Mormons in my community and lived right next to a Mormon temple. Nor Cal has no shortage of Mormons.
  4. I was actually just in Park City and had a great time. I visited SLC about 6 months ago and it wasn't bad. Lots of ice cream shops and hardly any Starbucks.
  5. Yes, the MWC is better off with SJSU. No doubt Hair made the correct choice to bring SJSU into the fold. Save for SDSU and a few others, we class the joint up from truckers and brass polish appliers to high-tech and billionaire alums. The MWC would be in shambles if we decided to go independent. The MWC would rely on truck stops and trailer parks for eyeballs on sporting events. Please, focus on your issues with farm animals before you come here and talk smack.
  6. You are right... Please, place a "trigger warning" note when ever are going to make a terrible post
  7. So no budget for powerpoint, is what you are saying?
  8. How are you in the troll derby finals? Your post is straight garbage.
  9. Correction... That IS a shitty powerpoint slide.
  10. Didn't realize there was another highway except the 80 in Laramie.
  11. SJSU did the exact same thing. The earthquakes wanted a small stadium and some other gimmicks and we said no.
  12. So I worked in Real Estate investment banking at Wells Fargo, I financed billions of dollars of real estate development and we never did business with the Trump. Wells Fargo stayed away mainly because he was so litigious. The people in the industry I met and believe to be "in the know" all commented that his wealth was mostly debt financings.
  13. He is definitely coming in to shore-up the defense. He was signed out of high school to De Paul, if that means anything to anyone.
  14. There was media present, a camera man I believe. So, not surprising there is a recording.
  15. Honestly, it made no sense to fire Comey. He would have probably been cleared by Comey in the Russian investigation. Now he just opened a huge mess by firing him.