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  1. Gear Report: India

    SJSU has cornered the Indian market. Chennai airport is awash in SJSU gear.
  2. Biggest blow-out of a MWC team in week 2?

    Where is UNM vs. NMSU? I just need to deflect for a bit.
  3. USF @ SJSU

    Just basic photography really. You can see crazy flares when every time they show the home crowd.
  4. USF @ SJSU

    The problem is the cameras will be shooting into the sun if you shot from the visitor side. It will blow everything out.
  5. Watches in School Colors

  6. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    I am truly not a fan. My jam lately is Mezcal. I encourage all of you with Tequila on your selves to throw it in the trash and get a bottle of Mezcal.
  7. OT: Sophisticated men drink cocktails

    being we are in the Bay. Anything Fernet related is pretty popular. Don't ask me why, but they sell more fernet in the Bay than they do in Italy.
  8. SJSU Basketball Coach Resigns

    Yes. Patrick from TCU
  9. SJSU Basketball Coach Resigns

    Likely a big improvement over Wojick. Of whom I am big fan. Also look for recruiting to pickup, especially in Australia.
  10. SJSU Basketball Coach Resigns

    SJSU holding a press conference on Monday at 10:30am PDT to announce new basketball coach. All signs pointing to Patrick. Let's hope that holds true.
  11. SJSU Basketball Coach Resigns

    High potential that it may be TCU assistant coach http://www.gofrogs.com/sports/m-baskbl/mtt/david_patrick_1012990.html
  12. The Real Reason Woj Left SJSU

    Figures an FSU fan would equates diction with highfalutin society types. Yes sir, SJSU is not for uncouth layabouts... SJSU is for gentlemen.
  13. The Real Reason Woj Left SJSU

    I am glad at least one Fresno fan is proofreading. Is a Fresno A a community college C?
  14. The Real Reason Woj Left SJSU

    Sort of like how you couldn't afford to proofread your post's title? #sad
  15. OT: MWC school towns dining and entertainment options

    The Apple Pan is likely the best burgers in America.