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  1. Turd of the Week! -week 7

    Well, this was a blowout. Kinda of like what we did to our conceited brothers from down south on Saturday.
  2. Best QB in the MW?

    As long as you know who he is, champ.
  3. Independence Seems to be a good fit for the Borg

    I totally missed this score. Isn't ECU one of the worst FBS teams? SJSU is going to destroy BYU
  4. Best QB in the MW?

    Just checking back. The guy who had an 81.9 QBR in our game vs Chapmans 13.1 k, bye
  5. Love the passion, but as Halfman already pointed out..."infrastructure" incorporates a lot more than a stadium.
  6. Turd of the Week! -week 7

  7. But, but, .....why would some old, tired, retread (insert some joke about his stroke) coach have huge money offers to coach bigger conferences? [Creeper logic]. It was a bad hire for Fresno to begin with, right? The amount of utter stupidity that travels from your ass to the keyboard isn't even worth addressing anymore. Your act is over. You've been exposed. Bye, loser.
  8. Fresno vs BYU

    Gametime changed to later time for ESPN. BYU fans may have to wild out and have 2 or 3 Mountain Dews to stay up for this one.
  9. Speaking of not caring about academics.... SJSU was the original Cal State. UCLA was once a satellite campus of SJSU. SJSU fans like to use that as some point of pride, but it's truly a point of embarrassment. They were lapped by their satellite campus. Then Fresno came around decades later as some small teacher school and has now surpassed SJSU in academic rankings. Just a stagnant and sad situation there. No vision by your "leaders".
  10. Bowl Projections: Week 8

    Any bowl > New Mexico Bowl
  11. The original backstabbers are omitted from this convo.
  12. Lol. The possibility of Tedford leaving is still completely possible and a reality every successful G5 team must face. But sometimes you hire a coach with strong local ties that is less likely to leave. And that coach was Tedford for Fresno State.
  13. I hear Norvell's bags are still packed. I can hook you up with her number. There's a few nice properties in Reno in his price range.
  14. Creeps knows his football coaches. His opinion is one the board should always think highly of...
  15. It's a lot more than that, but you knew that. I just love that we're speaking about this halfway through his first season. A sign of sweet, sweet success.